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									“STEM IN ACTION”

 a comprehensive program
  to deal with what has been
  described by many as a
  critical situation facing our
  Commonwealth and indeed
  the nation.
    “STEM IN ACTION” is presented as a concept
     proposal that will meet the overall goal of “enhancing
     student interest and retention in STEM fields”. This
     proposal builds upon several successful initiatives that
     have been implemented by Springfield College,
     including its “Emerging Scientists” Summer
     Enrichment Camp, “Leaders for Tomorrow”, and the
     “Partners” program. These very successful programs
     have collectively targeted elementary and middle-
     school students who are under-represented minority
     students and are from families with middle to lower
     socio-economic status.

 “STEM     IN ACTION” will pull
  together a number of
  contributors that Springfield
  College believes are essential to
  successfully enhancing student
  interest and retention in STEM

 “Leadersof Tomorrow in
  STEM Fields”-
  A summer program that focuses
  upon leadership skills, self-
  confidence, and personal skills
  that have an impact on life-long
  success in STEM fields.

  “STEM   After School Program”-
  an aggressive after school program that
  is led by STEM sponsors to actively
  engage elementary and middle-school
  students in exciting on-going projects
  developed mutually with students based
  upon their particular interests. This
  program will be offered on the campus
  of Springfield College.

 “STEM   Partners”-
  a program in which elementary and
  middle-school students will be
  partnered with personal mentors
  who are actively engaged in a
  STEM field. These mentors may be
  faculty or undergraduate and
  graduate students at Springfield

 “STEM           Career Days”-
  a series of one-day programs that will take place after
  school and during the summer that will engage elementary
  and middle-school students along with their parents in
  career opportunities in the STEM fields and led by
  successful STEM practitioners who come from similar
  under-represented minorities and backgrounds of similar
  socio-economic status. The Springfield College Career
  Center will aid in the development of this series by seeking
  out these STEM practitioners. We would also like to
  actively engage the Regional Technology Corporation as a
  partner in this endeavor.

  “Academic Success in STEM Fields”-
   a series of one day programs that are designed to
   present to elementary and middle-school students
   those strategies and best practices that lead to
   academic success in STEM fields. These sessions
   will be led by professional staff from Springfield
   College’s Academic Success Center and will be
   held both after school and during the summer

 “STEM           Scholars in Action”-
  a yearly culminating event in which elementary and middle-
  school students who have participated in the “STEM After
  School Program” present their projects in an open arena
  along with their STEM sponsor. Each project will be
  judged by a group of STEM professionals who are
  volunteers from local STEM industries. Various awards
  will be presented. All participating students will receive a
  certificate of achievement for their project. Parents will be
  encouraged to participate in this event as parent mentors.

    Springfield College has a long and
     successful history of community engagement
     and in particular programs that reach out to
     under-represented minorities in the local
     community. Partnerships have been
     established between Springfield College that
     can be used for this proposal. These include
     the DeBerry Elementary School, Brookings
     School, Kensington School, and the
     Renaissance School.

    Overall Budget Estimate:$400K
        Coordination and Assessment
        Transportation and Food Direct Participant Cost
        Activities, curriculum materials
        Staffing
    Budget Estimate by Component:
        Coordination and Assessment of the Entire Project: $40K-
         $45K per year
        "Leaders of Tomorrow in STEM Fields":- $20K
        "STEM After School Program"- $20K
        "STEM Partners"- $10K
        "STEM Career Days"- $10K
        "Academic Success in STEM Fields"- $10K
        "STEM Scholars in Action"- $20K
    Number of New Students per Year:20-30 using a
     model that keeps students from previous years
     engaged in the program, at least as student

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