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                                                  Life Science---First Grade
                                                     I.    Characteristics of Organisms
                                                        II. Life Cycles of Organisms
                                                   III. Organisms and Their Environments

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                         Students will            Senses       The five senses are       Explain how your senses help you learn.
***SC–E- 3.1.1           understand that                       sight, touch, hearing,    (Our senses give us information about the
Things in the            organisms have           Living       smell, and taste.         world around us. They tell us how things look,
environment              basic needs (e.g.,                                              feel, sound, taste, and smell.)
are classified as        air, water,              Nonliving    You can use your five
living, nonliving        nutrients, light)                     senses to find out        Compare a living thing to a nonliving thing.
and once living.         and can only             Roots        about the world           (A living thing can be a plant, animal, or
Living things            survive when                          around you.               person. It needs food, water, and air to live
differ from              these needs are          Stem                                   and grow. A nonliving thing does not need
nonliving                met.                                  Living things need        food, water, and air. It does not grow.)
things.                                           Leaves       food, water, and air to
Organisms are            Students will                         live and grow.            Explain where new plants come from.
classified into          understand that          Flowers                                (Seeds are planted. As the seed grows, the seed
groups by using          behavior of                           Nonliving things do       coat falls away. Roots grow down, and a stem
various                  individual               Seed         not need food, water,     with leaves grows up and out.)
characteristics          organisms is                          and air. They do not
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   12/11/2011                                                              2

(e.g., body         influenced by          Seed coat    grow.                     Describe what the plant that grows from a
coverings, body     stimuli (e.g.,                                                seed will look like.
structures).        touch, hunger).        Sunlight     A seed needs water,       (I will look like the plant that it came from.)
                                                        warmth, soil, and air
SC–E- 3.1.2         ***Students will       Gills        to grow.                  Identify what plants need to live and grow.
Organisms have      understand that                                               (Plants need light, air, soil, and water.
basic needs. For    organisms have         Mammal       A seed loses its seed
example, animals    different                           coat as it begins to      Compare the way plant parts work to the way
need air, water,    structures that        Reptile      grow. Its roots grow      the human body works.
and food; plants    serve different                     down into the soil.       (People take in water through their mouths by
need air, water,    functions. These       Amphibian    The stem and leaves       drinking it, while plants take in water through
nutrients, and      structures are                      grow up and out           their roots. Water in a person’s body usually
light. Organisms    used to sort           Insect       through the soil.         first travels down. In a plant, water travels
can survive only    organisms into                                                up, into, and through the stem. Our skeleton
in environments     groups.                Hatch        A seed grow to look       helps us stand up, while the stem and some
in which their                                          like the plant it came    thicker roots (taproot) of a plant help it stand
needs can be        Students will          Lava         from.                     up.)
met.                understand that
                    organisms              Pupa         A plant needs light,      Identify what animals need to live and grow.
SC–E- 3.1.3         resemble their                      air, soil, and water to   (Animals need food, water, air, and a place to
Each plant or       parents.               Tadpoles     grow and live.            live in order to live and grow.)
animal has
structures that     Students will          Shelter      Parts of a plant          Discuss some way animals meet their needs.
serve different     understand that                     include the roots,        (Animals have different body parts that help
functions in        organisms have         Enrich       stem, and leaves.         them get food, water, and air. They live in
growth, survival,   life cycles that are                Many plants also have     places where they can find shelter from harsh
and                 different for          Pollen       flowers.                  weather, keep safe from enemies, and raise
reproduction.       different                                                     their young.)
For example,        organisms.             Product      All animals need food,
humans have                                             water, air, and a place List some different kinds of animals.
distinct body       Students will          Forest       to live.                (Some different kinds of animals are
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum    12/11/2011                                                           3

structures for        understand that                                             mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and
walking, holding,     organisms'           Desert        Some animal groups       fish.)
seeing, and           patterns of                        are mammals, birds,
talking.              behavior are         Rain forest   reptiles, amphibians,    Compare and contrast the different kinds of
                      related to the                     and fish.                animals.
                      nature of            Ocean                                  (All different kinds of animals are the same in
SC–E- 3.2.1           organisms'                         An insect is an animal   that they all need food, water, air, and a place
Plants and            environments.        Algae         that has six legs and    to live to survive. They are different in many
animals have life     There are many                     three body parts.        ways, such as body parts, body coverings, and
cycles that           different                                                   how they raise their young.)
include the           environments                       Young animals
beginning of life,    (e.g., deserts,                    change as they get       Identify the characteristics of an insect.
growth and            rainforests) on                    older.                   (An insect has six legs and three body parts.
development,          Earth that support                                          Insects lay eggs. They do not have bones.
reproduction,         different types of                 A butterfly is an        They have hard body coverings that protect
and death. The        organisms.                         insect that changes      their insides. Some insects have wings.)
details of a life                                        many times before it
cycle are             Students will                      becomes a butterfly.     Identify two ways that animals begin life.
different for         understand that                                             (Some animals hatch from eggs, and others
different             all animals                        A frog is an             develop inside the mother before they are
organisms.            depend on plants                   amphibian that           born.)
                      for food.                          changes many times
SC–E- 3.2.2                                              before it becomes a      Describe how a caterpillar changes into a
Plants and                                               frog.                    butterfly.
animals closely                                                                   (A caterpillar eats and grows. Then it stops
resemble their                                           Animals need plants      eating and changes to a pupa that forms a
parents at some                                          for food and shelter     hard covering. Inside the covering, the pupa
time in their life                                       and to make nests for    changes into a butterfly.)
cycle. Some                                              their young.
characteristics                                                                   Discuss some ways wings help butterflies keep
(e.g., the color of                                      People need plants for   safe.
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   12/11/2011                                                             4

flowers, the                                            food and to make          (Wings help keep butterflies safe by having
number of                                               products that give        shapes and colors that look like leaves, flowers,
appendages) are                                         them shelter, clothing,   or animals so butterflies can hide. Or the
passed to                                               and other things they     wings might have shapes and colors that trick
offspring. Other                                        need.                     birds into staying away from them.)
are learned from                                        A forest is a shady,      Explain how a tadpole changes into a frog.
interactions with                                       moist place where         (A tadpole eats and grows a bigger body, plus
the environment                                         many trees grow.          legs and lungs that make it a frog.)
such as the
ability to ride a                                       A desert is a sunny,      Identify the body parts a tadpole has that a
bicycle, and                                            dry place that gets       frog does not have.
these cannot be                                         little rain.              (A tadpole has a tail and gills that a frog does
passed on to the                                                                  not have.)
next generation.                                        A rain forest is a
                                                        forest that gets a lot of Discuss some ways animals need plants.
SC–E- 3.3.1                                             rain and stays wet all (Animals need plants for food and shelter, and
Plants make their                                       year.                     to make nests for their young.)
own food. All
animals depend                                          An ocean is a large,      Explain how small animals make the soil
on plants. Some                                         deep body of salt         better for plants.
animals eat                                             water.                    (Small animals make the soil better for plants
plants for food.                                                                  by enriching it with their wastes. Animals
Other animals                                                                     wastes help plants grow better.)
eat animals that
eat the plants.                                                                   Explain how animals help plants grow new
SC–E- 3.3.2 The                                                                   (Animals help plants grow new plants by
world has many                                                                    carrying their seeds to new places where they
different                                                                         can grow, and by carrying their pollen to other
environments.                                                                     plants so those plants can make seeds.)
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   12/11/2011                                                  5

environments                                                         Discuss some ways people need plants. Also
support the lives                                                    discuss some ways people need animals.
of different types                                                   (People need plants for food and to make
of organisms.                                                        products that give them shelter, clothing, and
When the                                                             other things they need. Plants also add beauty
environment                                                          to people’s lives. People need animals for food
changes, some                                                        and clothing, and as pets and helpers.)
plants and
animals survive                                                      Explain how plants and animals in a forest
and reproduce,                                                       meet their needs.
and others die or                                                    (Plants can find sheltered places to grow where
move to new                                                          they get enough sun and moisture. Animals
locations                                                            can find food in the moist soil and shelter in
                                                                     the trees.)
SC–E- 3.3.3 All
organisms,                                                           Explain how plants and animals live in a
including                                                            desert.
humans, cause                                                        (Some plants can live in a desert because they
changes in the                                                       have thick waxy leaves or stems. Some
environment                                                          animals can live in a desert because they can
where they live.                                                     stay in the shade during the day and eat at
Some of these                                                        night when the desert is cool. They can also
changes are                                                          get enough water from the food they eat.)
detrimental to
the organism or                                                      Explain why plants are found at different
to other                                                             levels in the rain forest.
organisms; other                                                     (Plants live at different levels in a rain forest to
changes are                                                          get the light and water they need.)
beneficial (e.g.,
dams built by                                                        Explain how ocean animals get what they need
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   12/11/2011                                             6

beavers benefit                                                      to live.
some aquatic                                                         (Some ocean animals use ocean plants called
organisms but                                                        algae for food. They have body parts that help
are detrimental                                                      them live in the ocean.)
to others).
                                                                     Also refer to the Open Response Bank of

Harcourt Science,
Earth Science A & B, p. A2-B48.

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