1st Grade Math by HC111211104255


1 Grade Math                                     1                                  2                                   3                                   4
Problem Solving                    Needs support to direct model    Attempts to solve real world       Independently uses strategies      Independently uses strategies
Uses a problem-solving model        a solution using pictures or      problems using strategies and       and tools to solve a wide           and tools to solve more
                                    tools                             tools with assistance               variety of real world problems      complex real world problems
                                                                     Attempts a variety of problem      Understands the problem,
                                                                      types                               makes the plan and carries out
                                                                                                          the plan.
                                                                                                         Evaluates the solution for
Selects a strategy to solve        Needs support to direct model    Independently selects a            Selects or develops an             Independently solves a
problems                            a solution using pictures or      strategy                            appropriate problem-solving         problem in more than one way
                                    tools                            Records a strategy solution         strategy including drawing a       Independently selects most
                                                                      with help                           picture, looking for a pattern,     efficient strategy
                                                                                                          guess and check or acting it
                                                                                                         Communicates strategy

Communicates explanation of        Needs support to explain         Explains solution to teacher or    Communicates the                   Explains and records
strategy and solution               solution                          classmate                           mathematical reasoning and          observations using objects,
                                                                     Records observations using          justification of appropriate        words, pictures, numbers and
                                                                      pictures, numbers, and              strategies and tools used to        technology
                                                                      technology with assistance          solve a wide variety of real
                                                                                                          world problems

Probability & Statistics           Needs support to collect and     Uses organized data to             Collects and sorts data in real    Interprets graphs and makes
Collects, sorts, organizes, and     sort data                         construct real object graphs,       life situations in an organized     connections, predictions, and
uses data to answer questions.                                        picture graphs, and bar-type        way                                 generalizations
                                                                      graphs with assistance             Uses the information from
                                                                     Collects and sorts data in real     organized data
                                                                      life situations in an organized    Draws conclusions and
                                                                      way with assistance                 answers questions using
                                                                     Uses the information from           information organized in real-
                                                                      organized data with assistance      object graphs, picture graphs
                                                                     Draws conclusions and               and bar-type graphs
                                                                      answers questions using            Identifies events as certain or
                                                                      information organized in real-      impossible such as drawing a
                                                                      object graphs, picture graphs       red crayon from a bag of green
                                                                      and bar-type graphs with
                                                                     Identifies events as certain or
                                                                      impossible such as drawing a
                                                                      red crayon from a bag of green
                                                                      with assistance
Patterns                             Needs support to explore             Explores numerical patterns       Identifies patterns in number,    Uses more complex
Identifies, creates, and extends      patterns                             Recognize pattern in numbers       including odd and even              patterns
patterns                             Needs support to extend a 2           and operations                    Creates and extends patterns
                                      part pattern                                                            Uses pattern as a problem-
                                     Needs support to use pattern to                                          solving tool
                                      make a prediction
Measurement                          Measures length, height using        Uses non-standard                 Uses nonstandard units to         Independently chooses correct
Uses standard units for time, and     nonstandard units, such as,           measurement for linear,            describe length, weight, and       measuring tool
non-standard units for length,        unifix cubes, yarn or other tools     capacity, temperature and time     capacity                          Uses standard and non-
weight and capacity                  Recognizes temperature as             with assistance                   Describes the relationship         standard units for
                                      hot/cold                             Recognizes that a clock            between the size of the unit       measurement
                                     Understands that a clock              measures time                      and the number of units           Measures with necessary tools
                                      measures time                                                            needed in a measurement            – ruler, scale, thermometer,
                                                                                                              Describes time on a clock          clock
                                                                                                               using hours and half hours        Records time and temperature
                                                                                                              Orders three or more events by
                                                                                                               how much time they take
                                                                                                              Estimates and measures
                                                                                                               length, capacity and weight of
                                                                                                               objects using nonstandard

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