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All Roads Lead to France


									                                                            Tamkang Times
All Roads Lead to France

   A romantic French atmosphere has enveloped the TKU Tamsui Campus of
late. On March 21, Alex Nevsky – a major Canadian singing sensation –
performed a variety of French songs in a concert held at TKU’s Tamsui

   Also, at 6:30 pm on Thursday March 24, the TKU Department of French,
along with one other local university, is set to jointly hold a stage
performance of Alfred de Musset’s classical stage play “Seuls, l’autre
soir”. The play’s script was selected by well-known French theatre
director and the director of the Les Cinoches a Ris Orangis Film Centre,
Mr. Guy Magen. To help the cast and crew gain a better grasp of the play,
Mr. Magen recorded dialogue from the script while in France, and came to
Taiwan specifically to give the actors last-minute tips and guidance. The
Chairman of the TKU Department of French, Dr. Yang Shu-Chuen, said that
the joint performance will not only promote inter-university exchange and
cooperation, but will also help to improve students’ French speaking

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