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Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine - admissions Offices


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									                                   Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine - admissions Offices

                   The American Osteopathic Association’s Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA)
                  currently accredits 26 colleges of osteopathic medicine offering instruction at 34 locations in 25 states.
A.T. Still University–Kirksville College         Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine          Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU-KCOM)              Bradenton Campus (LECOM Bradenton)                 (PCOM)
800 West Jefferson Street                        5000 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard                      4170 City Avenue
Kirksville, Missouri 63501                       Bradenton, Florida 34211-4909                      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131
Toll Free: (866) 626-2878 x2237                  (941) 756-0690                                     Toll Free: (800) 999-6998
(660) 626-2237                                   www.lecom.edu                                      (215) 871-6700
www.atsu.edu                                                                                        www.pcom.edu
                                                 Lincoln Memorial University–DeBusk College
A.T. Still University–School of Osteopathic      of Osteopathic Medicine (LMU-DCOM)                 Georgia Campus–Philadelphia College
Medicine in Arizona (ATSU-SOMA)                  6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway                        of Osteopathic Medicine (GA-PCOM)
5850 East Still Circle                           Harrogate, Tennessee 37752                         625 Old Peachtree Road, NW
Mesa, Arizona 85206                              Toll Free: (800) 325-0900 ext. 7090                Suwanee, Georgia 30024
Toll Free: (866) 626-2878 x2237                  (423) 869-7090                                     Toll Free: (866) 282-4544
(660) 626-2237                                   www.lmunet.edu/dcom                                (678) 225-7500
www.atsu.edu                                                                                        www.pcom.edu
                                                 Michigan State University College
Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine          of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM)                   Rocky Vista University College
of Midwestern University (AZCOM/MWU)             Locations: East Lansing, Detroit, Clinton          of Osteopathic Medicine (RVUCOM)
19555 North 59th Avenue                          A136 East Fee Hall                                 8401 S. Chambers Road
Glendale, Arizona 85308                          East Lansing, Michigan 48824                       Parker, Colorado 80134
Toll Free: (888) 247-9277                        (517) 353-7740                                     (303) 373-2008
(623) 572-3215                                   www.com.msu.edu                                    www.rockyvistauniversity.org
                                                 New York College of Osteopathic Medicine of        Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine          New York Institute of Technology (NYCOM/NYIT)      –New York (TouroCOM-NY)
of Midwestern University (CCOM/MWU)              Northern Boulevard                                 2090 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard
555 31st Street                                  Old Westbury, New York 11568-8000                  Suite 519
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515                    (516) 686-3747                                     New York City, New York 10027
Toll Free: (800) 458-6253                        http://nyit.edu/nycom                              (212) 851-1199, ext. 2589
(630) 515-7200                                                                                      www.touro.edu/med
www.midwestern.edu                               Nova Southeastern University College
                                                 of Osteopathic Medicine (NSU-COM)                  Touro University College of Osteopathic
Des Moines University College of                 3301 College Avenue                                Medicine–California (TUCOM-CA)
Osteopathic Medicine (DMU-COM)                   Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33329-9905                1310 Club Drive
3200 Grand Avenue                                Toll Free: (866) 817-4068                          Vallejo, California 94592
Des Moines, Iowa 50312                           http://medicine.nova.edu                           CA Toll Free: (888) 880-7336
Toll Free: (800) 240-2767 x1499                                                                     Outside CA: (888) 887-7336
(515) 271-1499                                   Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic    www.tu.edu
www.dmu.edu/com                                  Medicine (OU-HCOM)
                                                 102 Grosvenor Hall                                 Touro University Nevada College
Kansas City University of Medicine and           Athens, Ohio 45701                                 of Osteopathic Medicine (TUNCOM)
Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine      Toll Free: (800) 345-1560                          874 American Pacific Drive
(KCUMB-COM)                                      (740) 593-4313                                     Henderson, Nevada 89014
1750 Independence Avenue                         www.oucom.ohiou.edu                                (702) 777-1750
Kansas City, Missouri 64106-1453                                                                    www.tun.touro.edu
Toll Free: (800) 234-4847                        Oklahoma State University Center for Health
(816) 283-2351                                   Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine           University of Medicine and Dentistry
www.kcumb.edu                                    (OSU-COM)                                          of New Jersey–School of Osteopathic Medicine
                                                 1111 West 17th Street                              (UMDNJ-SOM)
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine        Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107                              One Medical Center Drive, Suite 210
(LECOM)                                          (918) 582-1972                                     Stratford, New Jersey 08084-1501
Locations: Erie and Seton Hill                   www.healthsciences.okstate.edu/college             (856) 566-7050
1858 West Grandview Boulevard                                                                       www.som.umdnj.edu
Erie, Pennsylvania 16509                         Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences
(814) 866-6641                                   College of Osteopathic Medicine (PNWU-COM)         University of New England College
www.lecom.edu                                    111 University Parkway, Suite 202                  of Osteopathic Medicine (UNECOM)
                                                 Yakima, WA 98901                                   11 Hills Beach Road
                                                 Toll Free: (866) 329-0521                          Biddeford, Maine 04005
                                                 (509) 452-5100                                     (207) 602-2329
                                                 www.pnwu.org                                       www.une.edu/com/admissions

                                                                                 OSTEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE INFORMATION BOOK, 2012                3
University of North Texas Health Science Center               Undergraduate timeline for the Pre-Medical student
at Fort Worth Texas College of Osteopathic                        applying to Osteopathic Medical Colleges
Medicine (UNTHSC/TCOM)
3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard
Fort Worth, Texas 76107-2699                                       This is a general timeline for preparing to apply to medical school.
Toll Free: (800) 535-TCOM (8266)                        Please consult with your pre-health advisor to establish your own personalized schedule.
(817) 735-2204
www.hsc.unt.edu                                   FresHMan Year                                        JUnIOr Year
                                                  •	    Meet with your campus pre-med advisor to       •		   Meet with pre-med advisor.
University of Pikeville Kentucky College                learn the requirements.                        •	 	Maintain competitive GPA.
of Osteopathic Medicine (UP-KCOM)                 •		   Think about a major and minor course of        •		   Volunteer/work in a medical field or setting
147 Sycamore Street                                     academic study.                                      (clinic, ER, hospital).
Pikeville, Kentucky 41501                         •		   Develop study skills. (Form study groups or    •		   Study and register for MCAT.
(606) 218-5406                                          use resources on campus.)                      •		   Take the MCAT.
http://pcsom.pc.edu                               •		   Maintain a competitive GPA.                    •		   Visit schools in which you are interested and
                                                  •		   Begin extracurricular activities.                    attend Open House, recruitment events.
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine–       •		   Volunteer/work in a medical field or setting   •		   Order or review online AACOM’s Osteo-
Carolinas Campus (VCOM-CC)                              (clinic, ER, hospital).                              pathic Medical College Information Book,
350 Howard Street                                 •		   Review medical school admission                      which includes descriptions of all of the
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29303                       requirements.                                        osteopathic medical colleges, admissions
(864) 398-5000                                    •		   Order or review online AACOM’s Osteo-                criteria, minimum entrance requirements,
www.vcom.vt.edu                                         pathic Medical College Information Book,             and more.
                                                        which includes descriptions of all of the      •		   Continue to be involved in pre-health orga-
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine–             osteopathic medical colleges, admissions             nizations, research and community service
Virginia Campus (VCOM-VC)                               criteria, minimum entrance requirements,             activities.
2265 Kraft Drive                                        and more.                                      •		   Look for leadership opportunities.
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060                        •		   Read books on and learn about Osteopathic
(540) 231-6138                                          Medicine.
www.vcom.vt.edu                                                                                        senIOr Year
                                                  •		   Talk to upperclassmen pre-med students.
                                                                                                       •		   Meet with pre-med advisor.
                                                  •		   Get to know an Osteopathic Physician (DO).
West Virginia School of Osteopathic                                                                    •		   Sign up for committee process or letter of
Medicine (WVSOM)                                                                                             evaluation service w/ advisor.
400 North Lee Street                              sOPHOMOre Year                                       •		   Maintain competitive GPA.
Lewisburg, West Virginia 24901                    •		   Meet with pre-med advisor.                     •		   Make list of all medical schools to which you
Toll Free: (800) 356-7836 or (888) 276-7836       •		   Volunteer/work in a medical field or setting         plan to apply.
www.wvsom.edu                                           (clinic, ER, hospital).                        •		   Order or review online AACOM’s Osteo-
                                                  •	    	Select major and minor courses of study.            pathic Medical College Information Book,
Western University of Health Sciences/                  (Fine-tune schedule.)                                which includes descriptions of all of the
College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific    •		   Maintain competitive GPA.                            osteopathic medical colleges, admissions
(Western U/COMP)                                  •		   Research medical school entrance                     criteria, minimum entrance requirements,
Locations: Pomona, CA and Lebanon, OR                   requirements.                                        and more.
309 East Second Street                            •		   Order or review online AACOM’s                 •		   Request official transcripts of all college work
Pomona, California 91766-1854                           Osteopathic Medical College Information              attempted.
(909) 469-5335                                          Book, which includes descriptions of all of    •		   Request letters of recommendation/evalu-
Lebanon: (541) 451-6999                                 the osteopathic medical colleges, admissions         ation. (Begin the summer prior to Senior
www.westernu.edu                                        criteria, minimum entrance requirements,             year.)
                                                        and more.                                      •		   Volunteer/work in a medical field or setting
William Carey University                          •		   Consider participating in research (with a           (clinic, ER, hospital).
College of Osteopathic Medicine (WCU-COM)               faculty member or outside campus).             •		   Continue extracurricular activities and lead-
498 Tuscan Avenue, Box 194                        •		   Learn more about Osteopathic Medicine                ership roles on and off campus.
Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39401                          (shadowing, classmates, advisor, Internet      •		   Complete AACOMAS application. (Begin the
(601) 318-6235                                          research).                                           summer prior to Senior year.)
www.wmcarey.edu/com                                                                                    •		   Confirm that schools have received your
                                                                                                       •		   Complete secondary applications and
                                                                                                             submit letters in timely manner.
                                                                                                       •		   Interview at medical schools. (Make a plan to
                                                                                                             ensure you do not miss classes, assignments,
                                                                                                       •		   Complete FAFSA financial aid application
                                                                                                       •		   Consider what you will do this summer
                                                                                                             (accepted or not accepted).
                                                                                                       •		   Accept offer.
                                                                                                       •		   Write thank-you notes to references and
                                                                                                             medical school admission officers.
                                                                                                       •		   Thank your pre-med advisor for their


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