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Sheep Will Be Shorn: Page 5
                                                WEST news
                                                                                  OCTOBER 5, 2011

                                                 An Independent Newspaper Serving ASU’s West campus Community
                                                                                                                VOLUME 2 ISSUE NO. 4

Speak up or bleat!

Kosovo: It’s Personal?: Page 4
A shooting in a far away country means a lot.

Zombie Apocalypse: Page 11
How to survive with your brains intact.

ASU: Down and Dirty: Page 14
It was messy, but the Devils still win.

 No Way!
                                    Page 2

2                                                                                                www.atwestnews.com              OCTOBER 5 th 2011          @ WEST NEWS

Petition Circulated
Against Math Program
    By Robert R. Gehl                           program is unreliable. “It will tell me that I
    @west news                                  am ‘off track’ for the semester when in real-
                                                ity I am almost done with the course,” she
   A petition against a computer-driven         said. “I believe a traditional math course
learning system in ASU’s core math cours-       should be an option for students.”
es is circulating on West campus, asking           Earlier this year, in an article titled
administration to reinstate the traditional     “The Rise of the Teaching Machines,” the
classroom method from years past.               “Chronicle of Higher Education,” quotes
   West student government senator How-         ASU administrators and faculty as being
ard Waldie, who is vice chairman of the         completely on board and in support of this
academic board, said that many students in      program.
the MAT194, MAT142 and MAT117 class                Reiger said that the traditional method of
are failing – or close to failing. Waldie is    learning has failed some students and that
spearheading the petition drive.                Knewton’s “adaptive learning” program –
   And while ASU Online Dean Philip             while seemingly obstinate – is better able
Reiger encouraged patience with the pro-        to educate students.
gram, Waldie said, “we’re halfway through          He said that the targeting method that
the semester. Some students are going to        Knewton uses overcomes obstacles that a
fail. There’s no way to make that up.”          lecture-driven class might encounter. Pro-
   Reiger said there’s very little that any     fessors are not banned from lecturing in
petition or student-led initiative would        the Knewton-based classes
accomplish. But his motivation – and the           Waldie said while the semester is half-
motivation of ASU institutionally – is to       over, there are students that can not pos-
increase retention and help the students        sibly pass the course.
succeed.                                           Reiger said that “in two or three years,”
   “We’re concerned about student success,”     officials will know if the Knewton program
he said. “It’s hard being a first-semester      is paying off – both in academic levels and
student at a big university. We’re trying to    retention rates. Changing strategies is an
overcome that.”                                 option, but giving up on “online learning”
   Kawika Nunenkamp, a freshman po-             is not an option.
litical science major, said that the Knewton

Supreme Court Justice Impeached;
Senator Turning to USG for Help
    By Jenna Jullius                            essary processes.
    @west news                                     The removal of Kitchen makes three va-                                                        Photo By Jenna Jullius | @west news
                                                cant Supreme Court Justice positions.
   Student Government Supreme Court                                                                At a recent pep rally on West campus, Sparky the Sun Devil was caught showing
                                                     Charges brought forward by Taylor-          his support for your student newspaper
Chief Justice Matthew Kitchen was both          Couchman are in the air; according to
impeached and removed from office at            President Tucker, the case is effectively re-
the last Senate meeting. The decision was       solved as the executive orders were essen-
made after senators said Kitchen ignored        tially codified by a change in the bylaws – a
several attempts at communication by the        change approved by the Senate. The execu-
Executive Council to review a case that was     tive orders and subsequent bylaw changes
brought forward by Senator Ross Taylor-         transfer some budgeting authority from the
Couhcman’s to have President Tucker re-         Senate to the President’s office.
moved from office for violations including           However, Taylor-Couchman said he
usurping funding powers from the Senate.        is going to talk to administration officials
    During the meeting, senators discussed      about getting the case reviewed by USG in
at length whether or not there should be        Tempe. “I’m still going to fight the issue,”
a period of time between impeachment            he said. I’m done waiting on the Supreme
charges and actual removal from office.         Court here at the West campus. They are
They determined that the removal from of-       lacking professionalism and therefore le-
fice should move forward immediately due        gitimacy.”
to Undergraduate Student Government                 Students interested in serving on the
- West’s numerous and failed attempts at        Student Government Supreme Court, send
prior contact and to expedite the case’s nec-   an e-mail to USGW@asu.edu.
@ WEST NEWS                  OCTOBER 5 th 2011              www.atwestnews.com                                                                                                          3

The Most Interesting Man
on Campus                                                                                                4205 W. Thunderbird Rd.			•			602-843-6490

  By Jaime Novotny                              Over 50 students attended Maturino’s              NEED A BIKE FOR THE
  @west news                                 most recent tailgating event in the Com-
                                             munity Center of Las Casas last Friday. The            NEW SEMESTER?
  When he does “The Rep Step,” a stomp       party-goers enjoyed subs, chips, drinks,
dance the representatives do, he causes an   cookies and entertainment to get excited
earthquake on Mars. When he accepts on-      for Saturday night’s ASU football game.                 WE’VE GOT THAT,
campus missions, he hunts zombies. When         In addition to his full-time class schedule            PLUS MORE.
he throws a tailgate party, the Sun Devils   and full-time job representing the student
win.                                         body of the West campus, Maturino man-
  He is Edwin Maturino, sophomore edu-       ages to find time to support and participate     	          •	Mountain	Bikes
cation major, and is the new ASU West Sun    in events and programs sponsored by Las
                                             Casas residential life.
                                                                                              	          •	Road	Bikes
Devil Representative.
  Sun Devil Representatives, SDR’s, are a       Maturino said the “hardest part of his        	          •	Beach	Cruisers
new kind of student leaders strategically    job” is being the only SDR on the West           	          •	3-Wheel	Trikes
placed throughout the campuses to pro-       campus and commuting to meetings.                	          •	Riding	Apparel
mote student engagement and spirit.             Other ASU campuses such as Tempe and
  “My favorite part of being a Sun Devil     Phoenix have multiple Sun Devil Repre-           	          •	BMX	Tees
Rep is the programming,” Maturino said.      sentatives to divide the heavy responsibili-     	          •	Shoes
This semester, ASU West has seen pro-        ties of work and programming and plan-           	          •	Sunglasses
grams organized by Maturino ranging          ning events but Maturino is the only SDR
from academic success strategies such as     at the West campus.
time management, to raging football tail-       Despite the challenges, Maturino said he                     Shop Hours:
gates complete with food, karaoke, and       enjoys his job and promoting spirit around                  Mon-	Thurs:	10am	-	7pm
games.                                       campus.                                              Fri:		10am	-	6pm				Sat:	10am	-	5pm
                                                                                                            Sun:	11am	-	3pm

                                                                                                          $8.99 Tube Change

                                                                                                         10% off any purchase

                                                                                              Moral Panics of Sexuality Conference
                                                                                                On Friday October 7th, 2011, ASU West will be hosting a conference called “The
                                                                                              Moral Panics of Sexuality.”
                                                                                                In keynote lectures, panels, and an exciting roundtable discussions, scholars and
                                                                                              students will interrogate sexual practices, representations, and philosophies that are
                                                                                              constructed as the source of anxious unease, if not full-blown disgust.
                                                                                                The presenters will discuss a range of topics that include male circumcision debates,
                                                                                              menstrual activism, body hair, erotic Iranian poetry, and the sexuality of colonialism.
                                                                                                The conference will end with a reception and the world premiere of a live perfor-
                                                                                              mance and installation called The Wendy House.
                                                                                                Registration is free.
                                                  Photo By Jamie Novotny | @west news           Please register by October 6th by emailing MoralPanics@gmail.com
      Edwin Maturino, Arizona State University West Sun Devil Representative
4                                                                                                      www.atwestnews.com                     OCTOBER 5 th 2011             @ WEST NEWS

Strife in Kosovo Takes
A Very Personal Turn
 By Marina Kovacevic                                rifles, tanks, and helicopters ready to fire
 @west news                                         at anyone who could cause trouble. This
                                                    seems to be a little excessive for a protest of
  Peace, democracy, the right to protest—           20 or so people.
these are all American values that have sadly          BBC also says that NATO claims “that
been broken last Wednesday in Northern              troops had used tear gas and rubber bullets
Kosovo, a country on the southern border            after pipe bombs were fired at positions in
of Serbia in Europe, when American and              northern Kosovo.” However, the director of
German peacekeeping soldiers fired on               a hospital that the protesters were taken to
unarmed citizen protesters.                         said that some of the people were shot with
  Kosovo has recently been recognized by            live ammunition.
about 80 countries as independent from                 Moreover, Reuters magazine and Serbian
Serbia, even though Serbia and more than            news N92 and RTS, say that the protesters
80 countries never recognized it. Therefore,        didn’t have any weapons except stones
Kosovo was essentially illegally given              from the barricades around which they
independence. With a present Serbian                were protesting.
minority still living in Kosovo after a                The barricades are actually there, set
600 year history of violence between the            up by the Kosovar government at borders
Serbian and Albanian ethnic groups in               between Serbia and Kosovo and were                                                                                    Brittany West | @westnews

                                                                                                      To Do Better or Not to Do Better,
the region, the European community and              supposed to be moved by the border
Serbia are trying to have peaceful talks            patrol police. The Kosovar government has
about a solution to the ever present unrest         terminated all the Serbian border patrol

                                                                                                      That is the Question?
between the two ethnic groups as well as            policemen in that area under the claim that
the recognition of Kosovo’s independence.           they were taking too much time to move
  However, Serbia has backed out of the             the border barricades. The people protested
peace talks that were supposed to happen            under that claim that those terminations           By Natalie June Reilly                           always do better, even if we absolutely
this week because of this recent incident           were an act of discrimination as well as the       @west news                                       know better. I suppose if we did do better
in Kosovo and demands that some action              general refusal to accept the recognition of                                                        overweight people wouldn’t continue to
be taken to ensure the safety of the Serbian        Kosovo’s independence.                               I believe it was Maya Angelou who wisely       overeat and the rehabilitated wouldn’t
minority in Kosovo. According to the BBC               As a person who was born and raised            quipped, “When you know better you do             “use” ever again. Children wouldn’t climb
news, 16 unarmed protesters and 4 armed             in that area and an ASU West student, I           better.” Sage words, wouldn’t you say? I’ve       into cars with strangers. Smart people
KFOR (the NATO Kosovo Force) soldiers               believe that a definite democratic value has      been thinking a lot about those particular        wouldn’t do dumb things. Abused women
were harmed in “clashes in an ongoing               been broken here. The United States always        words lately, especially as I exhaust all of my   wouldn’t stay in abusive relationships. And
dispute over border crossings.”                     preaches that part of democracy is for the        resources, physical, mental and material,         Healthcare workers wouldn’t smoke outside
  The BBC shows a photo of about a dozen            people to be able to protest any issue they       attempting to raise two teenage boys while        of the hospital on their lunch break. Cell
KFOR soldiers in full uniform armed with            wish, as long as it is done peacefully and        returning to university (midlife) to increase     phone users wouldn’t text while driving.

                                                    without harming anyone. This is what we           the capacity of my so called “know better”.       Pharmaceutical companies, a billion dollar
                                                                            Continued on page 5       I mean, it’s got to be true what they say,        enterprise, wouldn’t put questionable

                WEST                                                                                  right? Knowledge is power. Isn’t that why         business practices into practice. And
                                                                                                      we’re all here?                                   the prudent Joe Public wouldn’t vote
                                          An independent, non-profit newspaper                           Just so I wouldn’t forget I went so far as     Republican – but I jest.
                                          supported by - and serving - ASU’s West                     to write those clever words  down on the             I just can’t help but wonder if the
                                          campus community.                                           giant whiteboard in my office – “When you         missing piece in this perplexing puzzle,
                             Editor-In-Chief: Robert R. Gehl                                          know better you do better.” It seemed like        the proverbial filter from not always doing
                              Managing Editor: Jenna Julius                                           the motivational thing to do on a Monday          better when we know better, isn’t a simple
                Copy Editor: Lilia Ortiz | News Editor: Marina Kovacevic                              morning. The ink barely had time to dry           case of having character. I suppose if a
          Opinion Editor: Natalie Reilly | Photo Editor: Layne Baumgardener                           when the words of another wise woman,             person of character knows better, they have
             Sports Editor: Brandon Riddle | Outreach Editor: Gary Brewer                             a gal I work with, ambled into my office.         it in them to do better, therefore, faring
            A&E Editor: Sergio Gonzales | Photographer: Jazmin Maldonado                              Upon reading the quote, the woman turned          better on this big blue marble than the
       Writers: Anique John-Carter, Harmon Gale, Teena Manuel, Jaime Novotny,                         to me with a quizzical expression on her          rest of us chumps who still don’t get it. It’s
               Katrina Powell, Taylor Skvarek | Cartoonist: Jeremy Rogers                             face and asked a rather loaded question.          not always easy making the right choices,
                   Ad Designer: Wendy Rogers | Artist: Brittany West                                     “Natalie, do you really believe that if we     not when we are heavily influenced by the
                           Graphic Designer: Jonathan Mann                                            know better we do better?”                        pervading white noise, but it certainly does
         Webmaster: Alaric Trevett | Advertising Director: Brittany Mc Pherson                           “I absolutely do,” I replied confidently.      count for something when we do. We live
       Business Manager: Martin French | Faculty Advisor: Kristin Koptiuch, Ph.D.                        She thoughtfully pursed her lips and           in a world chuck-full of sages and cynics,
                                                                                                      then began to tear down mine and Maya’s           go-getters and couch potatoes, heroes
          Fletcher Library, #117, 4701 W. Thunderbird Rd., Glendale, AZ 85306                         theory, brick by motivational brick. And          and victims, givers and takers. The only
                                      (602) 543-8575                                                  before I knew it I was questioning the            difference between the opposing two of any
                                   atwestnews@asu.edu                                                 whole damn theory myself. I suppose that’s        kind is character, the grass roots of simply
    @west news is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, with the support of the faculty,     what university is all about, putting critical    doing better when we absolutely know
             staff and community of Arizona State University at the West campus.                      thinking into practice. The truth is we don’t     better – food for thought.
@ WEST NEWS                     OCTOBER 5 th 2011               www.atwestnews.com                                                                                                                                5

Speak Up or Sheep
be Shorn
 By Natalie June Reilly
 @west news
                                                 Anyway, it didn’t matter. My words quickly
                                                 pounded into the sand that was sadly fill-
                                                                                                       Do  YOUR newspaper, your school and
                                                                                                   your fellow students a favor and get in-
                                                                                                                                                                 Else Is
                                                                                                                                                                Doing It
                                                 ing students’ ears. My imploring eyes roved       volved. Be silent no more!  It is the power
   We’ve all heard the old philosophical         through the small crowd of young students         of YOUR pen that makes this paper work.
phrase, “If a tree falls in a forest and no      that had gathered, each appearing more            And, please, don’t bore me with the same
one is around to hear it, does it make a         sheepishly than the next.                         old “I’m too busy with school” bull-spit.
sound?” This simple, yet profound ques-             “Isn’t it your job to write about that         The fact of the matter is we’re college stu-
tion is a clever experiment of thought, rais-    stuff?” One young, female student asked.          dents. We’re all too busy, but that’s no rea-
ing questions concerning observation and            “My job is to see to it that you have a        son to let our voices fall by the wayside.
                                                 voice. All you have to do is write about that     Write me today at westopinions@asu.edu.
one’s perception of reality. It also brings to
mind the issue that, as the Opinions Editor,     stuff and turn it into me. Tell us what’s got     It’s bad enough our student government
concerns me more than does ignorance it-         your goat and I’ll do the rest.”                  doesn’t have a voice on this campus. Not
self – campus issues that fall on blind eyes.         Again, I found I was surrounded by a         you too, Brutus?                                   Check us out on your favorite networking website.   @news

   As I was distributing the school newspa-      herd of sheepish expressions.
per last week, a job that, quite frankly, is a      There is an old proverb that reads: “He
strange mix of both pleasure and penance         who makes himself a sheep will be eaten by        KFOR Soldiers Continued from page 5
for having the chance to write for this awe-     wolves.” Too many students are settling for       learn in any democracy class on campus.         definitely be questioned. This is all setting
some little rag of ours, I was approached        the status quo, forgetting they have a voice         In this case, NATO is claiming that their    aside the fact that KFOR is a troop created
by many a student with an equal share of         in the matter. And so long as there are           soldiers fired in self defense when they        by NATO, the very institution that gave
both compliments and complaints about            wolves out there — and believe me there           themselves were attacked by the protesters      Kosovo illegal independence in the first
the work we’re doing at @West News. The          are — penning sheep into a corner for meal        with shell bombs. On the other hand, the        place. How can they expect that no protests
biggest and best compliment was directed         time will never be easier, so long as we keep     other party claims that they only used the      will take place?
toward our recent editorial regarding stu-       silent. Truth: It just takes one rogue sheep      stones that were on the barricades. In either      But, I won’t go into those legal and
dent government’s actions or, better yet,        to create a diversion. Somewhere it is writ-      case, someone is trying to protect someone.     historical complex issues. Peace is
lack thereof. Because our student govern-        ten that it is harder to herd one sheep than         Whichever is true, the mere existence of     something that is preached all over the
ment has been officially listed as missing in    it is an entire flock — I’m just saying.          tanks, rifles, and helicopters on the scene     world by many governments and activist
action, students seemed to applaud the fact             Listen people, I’d love to keep you all    before any attacks were made is ridiculous      groups alike. I’m sure that most individuals
that their shenanigans had been brought to       entertained with my own personal opinion          and unnecessary. Why weren’t tear gas,          believe that the spreading of peace is more
light.                                           issue after issue. If given the opportunity,      Tazers, and other less sever weapons used       important and better than violence.
   “It’s about time someone say some-            eleven times out of ten, I’ll take it. However,   when a sign of violence became apparent,           The whole of Europe and much of the
thing,” one anonymous bloke chanted, his         that’s not my job as the Opinions Editor of       before those bombs were supposedly              rest of the world has wanted Serbians and
fist pumping in the air.  It  was also agreed    this paper. My job, as it was once told to me     thrown?                                         Albanians to get along for centuries. In
upon by a handful of surrounding students        years ago, is to comfort the disturbed and           Competing news are showing and               recent years, there seems to be progress.
that the paper  bring even more student          disturb the comfortable. So with that said,       saying different things, so that the public     People just want to move on, exhausted
issues to light. I, being the  consummate        consider this call-to-action a hot poking         is further confused and manipulated by          with fighting with each other, with being
Opinions Editor, begged (a shameless act         iron aimed for your precious fleece, dear         them. Because of this, it is unclear what       pulled in all directions by bigger countries
I’m far from above) with them to get in-         sheep. If you take issue with student gov-        even happened.                                  with self interest, and with much more.
volved with the paper, even if it was a sim-     ernment, the rising cost of parking, this            For example, there is a video of this           What KFOR has done in Kosovo on that
ple Letter to the Editor.                        newspaper, administration or any other af-        circulating on major European news of           day has set this movement backwards. The
   “You have a voice. Use it!” I cried, chan-    filiation – good, bad or ugly – it is your ob-    KFOR firing at the protesters even after        very thing that the protesters were trying
neling Jimmy Stewart’s passion in the 1939       ligation to both your school and your com-        they started running from them, some are        to do, protesting an idea instead of fighting
“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. “Write in        munity to write into the Opinions page of         even shown as falling down after being          with a perceived enemy, is what democracy
with these issues. It’s your paper, your plat-   your school newspaper. Heck, if you take          shot. KFOR still kept shooting. And, who        is all about.
form.”                                           offense to how the chef in the school caf-        knows what other deadly weapons they               It is what NATO and others hoped would
   My call-to-action boldly resounded            eteria beats your morning eggs, give us a         would use if the protesters didn’t run for      happen in the area and when they finally
against the brick walls of our very own          shout. Believe me; this paper wasn’t born         their lives. Why wasn’t this shown on any       get it, they show up with tanks, rifles and
Sands building like a true leader of the         to be a one-person platform. However, it          western news?                                   helicopters, already assuming that they
common people. Great appeals to the peo-         will be if you let it. Martin Luther King, Jr.,      No matter what forms of weapons the          will cause violence. Where in another
ple like Mel Gibson’s William Wallace in         a civil rights activist who needs very little     protesters used, the fact that their weapons    democratic, western country do soldiers
“Brave Heart” and Russell Crowe’s General        introduction, once said: “The ultimate trag-      were inferior to those that KFOR had ready      from another country show up with such
Maximus Decimus Meridius in “Gladia-             edy is not the oppression and cruelty by the      to use before any violence even broke out       extreme weapons to “ensure peace” and are
tor” come to mind – not that lives were at       bad people, but the silence over that by the      is not fair at all, and not very democratic     ready to fire at protesters with questionable
stake or anything like that. Or aren’t they?     good people.”                                     either. In fact, it’s something that should     reason?
6                                                                                              www.atwestnews.com                                             OCTOBER 5 th 2011                                  @ WEST NEWS

                                                                                              The Fletcher Corner
                                                                                                By Dennis Isbell
                                                                                                Director of The Fletcher Library

                                                                                                 We are making progress on the third                                          line resources and finding quality informa-
                                                                                              floor!                                                                          tion. The quality of your information con-
                                                                                                 The quiet study area has some additional                                     tributes to the quality of your work, and
                                                                                              furniture in it for temporary use until the                                     finding quality info is our specialty.
                                                                                              new furniture arrives. The bad news is the                                         We have Librarians here to help.
                                                                                              new furniture will take six to eight weeks to                                      Dennis Isbell (yours truly) is the Hu-
                                                                                              arrive. I know, unbelievable but true.                                          manities and Arts librarian, this includes
                                                                                                 At least the area is usable now and we                                       English, Art, Religion and Philosophy.
                                                                                              hope the wait for new furniture will be                                            Dr. Lisa Kammerlocher is the librarian
                                                                                              worth it. For you Education majors on                                           for the Social Sciences and Communica-
                                                                                              campus, the ASU Libraries has a new da-                                         tion, which includes Psychology, Political
                                                                                              tabase of interest, “Education in Video”. It                                    Science and Sociology.
                                                                                              is an online collection of videos developed                                        Bee Gallegos is the History and Educa-
                                                                                              for training teachers, the first of its kind.                                   tion librarian (lucky Bee gets Education all
                                                                                              There is nothing like watching a real teach-                                    to herself!)
                                                                                              er in action!                                                                      Rene Tanner is our Sciences librarian,
                                                                                                 From your Blackboard page use the                                            who we have borrowed from the Tempe
                                                                                              link to the ASU Libraries at the top left                                       Libraries.
                                                                                              (“Tools”), then look for “Research Data-                                           For Business, another Tempe/Poly librar-
                                                                                              bases”. There is an alphabetical list you can                                   ian on loan is Jenny Mueller-Alexander.
                                                                                              use to find “Education in Video”.                                                  Find our contact information at: http://
                                                                                                 Midterms are almost here (or are they                                        lib.asu.edu/librarians.
                                                                                              here?) If you have research papers to do,                                          Really, we do want to hear from you, es-
                                                                                              keep the Librarians in mind. We can help                                        pecially if you are struggling to find infor-
                                                                                              you with navigating the ASU Libraries’ on-                                      mation.

                                                                                                  Enjoy Seeing Your Name In Print?
                                                                                                                                                                                                               We Do Too!
                                                                                                  Come work with us at @west news and be known by everyone on campus.

Positive or Negative:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      @news
                                                                                                   If you would like to join our team email us at atwestnews@asu.edu or stop by the newsroom located inside Fletcher Library, room #117.    WEST

                                                                                              copa County Public Health to organize this                                      something that can happen to anyone, re-
                                                                                              event for students.                                                             gardless of whether they have one or two

That is the Question
 By: Marina Kovacevic                          unfortunate side effect is the reluctance of
                                                                                                Many times an STD cannot be detected
                                                                                              by the person affected because the body of-
                                                                                              ten doesn’t show symptoms of it, but it can
                                                                                              be spread to partners. Such STD’s like Chla-
                                                                                                                                                                              sexual partners or many more.
                                                                                                                                                                                 The event will encourage discussion of
                                                                                                                                                                              STD’s and safe sex in general, featuring in-
                                                                                                                                                                              formation provided by the health officials
 @west news                                    participants to get themselves tested, for     mydia can cause “sterility, pelvic inflamma-                                    of Maricopa County for students and fac-
                                               many different reasons. Because of this,       tory disease, and other serious health prob-                                    ulty who have misconceptions about STD’s
   In recent years, it has become apparent     ASU West is sponsoring a free event at the     lems if left untreated,” Ortega said.                                           or just want to know how to prevent or
in our society that the existence of sexu-     Student Health Center on October 11 to           Chlamydia is easy to treat, but even                                          treat them. It is an easy and cost effective
ally transmitted diseases, STD’s, has caused   encourage any sexually active student to       STD’s that are not easy to treat could still                                    way for interested persons to find out what
alarm within many communities. Al-             get tested, confidentially and for free.       be prevented or life with such an STD can                                       they want to know.
though STD’s are not a recent occurrence,         The main purpose is to encourage people     be prolonged if one takes the time to find                                         Ortega says that partners that think they
medical advancement has only begun ex-         who are sexually active to get themselves      out about its existence and then makes the                                      might have an STD should get tested and
ploring and treating such cases as the HIV     tested so that they can get proper treatment   decision to treat it.                                                           even go with their partners to get tested to-
(Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and             after their diagnosis and so they could warn     The general topic of Sex and STD’s is                                         gether because it builds a sense of trust in
AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syn-           any potential sexual partner they may have     often embarrassing, but students would                                          their relationship. Furthermore, this is an
drome).                                        in the future. Dr. Omayra Ortega, assistant    be surprised if they knew just how many                                         effective way to bring up that uneasy con-
   Sexual relations have become more open      professor in the Natural Mathematical and      people have some sort of STD, and so                                            versation about Sex and STD’s.
and free in the last few decades, and an       Sciences Division, is working with Mari-       they shouldn’t be embarrassed. This is just
@ WEST NEWS                    OCTOBER 5 th 2011              www.atwestnews.com                                                                                                             7

West’s Own Heroes
 By Katrina D. Powell
 @west news
                                                  Nick’s Words of Wisdom: Based on his
                                                own experiences, Nick is clear when giving
                                                his advice to fellow veterans, “Maximize
                                                                                                to ASU. For Ashley, her educational expe-
                                                                                                rience at ASU has been amazing. “I per-
                                                                                                sonally chose ASU because of their history
                                                                                                                                                Navy veteran has used her husband’s ben-
                                                                                                                                                efits “to do something (she) never got to
                                                                                                                                                do when growing up.” Now that the couple
  With ASU recently being named one of          your benefits!...Go to school…Get paid!”        as being military friendly.” Ashley further     has retired, Sharon has started to pursue
the Top 30 Military Friendly schools for the                                                    credits her ability to pursue her education-    her degree full-time. She is extremely ex-
third consecutive year and the tenth anni-        Ashley Verigood                               al goals to having her military benefits. “I    cited about the road that lies ahead of her
versary of 9/11 still fresh in our minds and      Junior, Political Science                     wouldn’t have gotten out (of the military) if   and acknowledges that she “wouldn’t have
hearts, it has come the time to recognize         Using Post 9/11 benefits                      I didn’t have benefits.”                        been able to do this without the benefits.”
students on this campus who have served           Military Background: Senior Airman,              Goals: Ashley is torn between becoming       “There’s no way!,” Sharon declares.
(and continue to serve) in the military and     served 4 years active duty in the USAF          a reporter and returning to the military as a      Goals: Next, Sharon wants to pursue a
are currently pursuing their college degree     (ARMS career field)                             commissioned officer.                           Master’s and then PhD in Cognitive Behav-
with military educational benefits.                                                                                                             ioral research. She would like to one day
  Here are just some of your West campus                                                                                     Dustin Poole       develop a program for functional illiterates.
heroes and their inspirational stories.                                                                                   Junior, Sociol-          Inspirational Story: Sharon admits that
                                                                                                                          ogy                   she was also illiterate for a long time. After
   Alyssa Graves                                                                                                             Military           a friend taught her how to read, she went
   Junior, Elementary Education                                                                                           Background:           on to pursue her Associates at Central Ari-
   Military Background: Although Alyssa                                                                                   Specialist, spent     zona College and graduated with honors in
is currently the only civilian in her family,                                                                             5 years ac-           May of this year.
she is no stranger to the military lifestyle.                                                                             tive duty in the         “I was the second oldest to graduate (in
In fact, you can say Alyssa was born into                                                                                 Army, currently       my class),” said an enthusiastic Sharon.
the military: her parents met while serving                                                                               serves in the Ar-
about 21 years ago and just recently, her                                                                                 izona National           David McColgan
mom retired from the Navy. Also, Alyssa                                                                                   Guard (2 years           Freshman, Business Sustainability
used to be a scholarship recipient in the                                                                                 and counting…)           Military Background: Retired, USMC
ASU Army ROTC program, but left after                                                                                        Even though        Gunnery Sergeant (21 years of service) and
her first year when she and her fiancé (now                                                                               Dustin        still   has worked as a contractor in Iraq.
a Lt. in the Army) contemplated possible                                                                                  works full-time,         Despite having a successful military ca-
issues in both being active duty.                                                                                         he admits the         reer, David admits that it always “ate at
   Despite leaving the ROTC program and                                                                                   extra      money      him” that he did not have his college de-
giving up her scholarship, Alyssa contin-                                                                                 from his mili-        gree. A couple of years after retiring, David
ued her education; this time using her                                                                                    tary education        started taking courses at a local community
mother’s military benefits. She insists that                                                                              benefits has al-      college- finally pursuing his goal of obtain-
she “wouldn’t be here without it (benefits).”                                                                             lowed him to          ing a degree. Finding a major that “interest-
   Goals: While Alyssa’s main goal is to                                                                                  “financially be       ed him,” he is settling nicely into his college
complete her education- it appears that the                                                                               able to relax and     life at West.
military is not completely out of the ques-                                                                               concentrate on           Goals: David’s primary objective right
tion in her future: “I’ve been around it my                                                                               his studies.” “I      now is to earn his degree. In the near fu-
whole life…so maybe I’ll go to OCS one                                                                                    wouldn’t have         ture, he hopes to apply for the Master’s de-
day!”                                                                                                                     been able to go       gree in Accounting. For the time being, Da-
   Alyssa’s Advice: “Research as much as                                                                                  to school if my       vid says his goal is to receive an A in every
possible! There are a lot of benefits out                                                                                 tuition wasn’t        class he takes.
there that people do not know about.”                                                                                     paid for because         David’s Words of Wisdom: “Put 100% ef-
                                                                                                                          I wouldn’t have       fort in everything you do!”
   Nick Bowland                                                                                                           been able to af-         Special thanks to those who were not
   Junior, Psychology                                                                                                     ford it,” says an     profiled, but who have served and continue
   Military Background: Staff Sergeant,                                                                                   appreciative          to serve to fight for our freedom…God
served 6 years active duty in the USAF as a                                                                               Dustin. Dustin        Bless and much success in following your
Civil Engineer Equipment Operator                Ashley Verigood In Uniform             Photo Courtesy of Ashley Verigood added that with-      dreams.
   Today: Nick currently works as an In-                                                                                  out his benefits,
structional Aid for kids with special needs.      Growing up, Ashley was surrounded by he would most likely have had to get a sec-                Cheat Sheet:
He admits his biggest mistake was that he       family members who served in the mili- ond job to cover his school expenses.                      ARMS: Aviation Resource Management
did not obtain his Associate’s degree while     tary, but what set her apart was that she was     Dustin’s Advice: “Don’t let your benefits       Systems
on duty. “I went from being in charge of a      the only member in her generation to enter lapse! Use it while you can!”                          OCS: Officer Candidate School
$5 million AF program to making $12 an          into the AF.                                                                                      ROTC: Reserve Officers’ Training Corps
hour in my current job!”                          After separating from the AF in 2010,           Sharon Maupin                                   USAF: United States Air Force
   What the future holds: Over the next five    Ashley knew she wanted to continue her            Freshman, Psychology (Online)                   USMC: United States Marine Corps
years, Nick wants to pursue his Master’s de-    education. Graduating with her Associ-            Background: Sharon admits that she is
gree and obtain his Board Certified Behav-      ate’s degree before leaving active duty, she finally living her dream of 45 years. For
ioral Analyst (BCBA) certification.             was able to transfer all of her credits over the past 2 ½ years, this wife of a disabled,
8                            www.atwestnews.com   OCTOBER 5 th 2011      @ WEST NEWS


                                                                      By Jeremy Rogers and Liz Kuck

         Answer on page 14
@ WEST NEWS   OCTOBER 5 th 2011   www.atwestnews.com   9
10                                                                                     www.atwestnews.com                   OCTOBER 5 th 2011         @ WEST NEWS
On Campus:
Favorite Zombie Movie?

                                         Humans Versus Zombies
  By Elizabeth Garcia | @west news

                                         A Modern Day Tag-O-War
                                          Harmon Gale                                 starves to death and is out of the game. The
                                                                                                                                Jackal is only out for five minutes at a time.
                                          @west news                                  humans, meanwhile, must survive until        Each day, both teams will be given mis-
                                                                                      all the zombies starve. Humans can “stun” sions to complete for points which equal
                                            Attention all human survivors! There      zombies by tagging them with darts fired  prizes once the game is over. The story will
“Zombieland”                             is still hope. Residence Hall Association’s  from Nerf guns, balled-up socks or marsh- progress differently based upon the out-
- Jamie Hamre, Senior, Accounting        Executive Director/Leader of the Human       mallows.                                  come of the missions. Be sure to “like” the
                                         Resistance, Amanda Butkiewicz, has as-          Once stunned, a zombie is out of the   “Humans vs. Zombies at ASU West” page
                                         sembled a team of brilliant scientists and   game for 15 minutes. Humans are identi-   on Facebook to stay up to date on game
                                         researchers who are on the brink of discov-  fied by bandanas tied around their arms.  developments and receive hints on the mis-
                                         ering a way to stop Jackal and his undead    Zombies will have bandanas tied around    sions.
                                         hordes for good. But they need all the help  their heads, which are then placed around    There are some important rules to follow.
                                         they can get every day from 10 a.m. to 12    their necks when they are stunned. When   The inside of buildings, classrooms, bath-
                                         a.m. from October 3-7.                       tagged, humans must give their ID card    rooms, the Las Casas residence hall, special
                                                                                                                                                              ASU events,
                                                                                                                                                              etc. are “safe
                                                                                                                                                              zones.” Game-
                                                                                                                                                              play       stops
                                                                                                                                                              within these
                                                                                                                                                              areas.      Dart
                                                                                                                                                              guns must be
“28 Days Later”                                                                                                                                               Nerf      brand
- Laura Phrasavath, Sophmore, Psychol-                                                                                                                        only and must
ogy                                                                                                                                                           be colored or-
                                                                                                                                                              ange or yellow
                                                                                                                                                              and must be
                                                                                                                                                              registered with
                                                                                                                                                              the game mod-
                                                                                                                                                              erators. RHA
                                                                                                                                                              has     worked
                                                                                                                                                              closely with
                                                                                                                                                              and campus
                                                                                                                                                              police to get
                                                                                                                                                              this event ap-
                                                                                                                                                              proved, so you
                                                                                                                                                              are asked to
                                                                                                                                                              follow all rules
“Dawn of the Dead”                                                                                                                                            to the letter.
- Amanda Woo, Freshman, Health Sci-                                                                                                                           Visit the RHA
                                                                                                                                                              website for a
                                                                                                                                                              complete list
                                                                                                                                                              of the rules.
                                                                                                                                                                The more
                                                                                                                                                              players      the
                                                                                                                                                              better, so if
                                         Nerf guns ready - a group of humans prepare for the zombie horde         Photo by Layne Baumgardener | @west news you have not
                                         to attack.                                                                                                           registered yet,
                                            Humans vs. Zombies is basically a big — given to them upon registering for the send the RHA office an e-mail at rhaw@
                                         game of tag that has spread across Ameri- game — to the zombie that attacked them asu.edu.
                                         can college campuses like a fluid-borne so the zombie can prove he or she fed that        The game starts Monday, October 3 at 10
                                         virus. It works like this, the zombies must day.                                       a.m. Meet at the Las Casas residence hall.
                                         turn all the humans into members of the       One player will be randomly chosen to Humans vs. Zombies promises to be an in-
                                         walking dead by “eating” (tagging) them. play Jackal, the original zombie. Jackal re- credibly fun and hopefully recurring event
“Friday the13th”                         Each zombie player must eat at least one mains unidentified as a zombie until he at the West campus.
- Masako Sims, Freshman, Psychology      human every 24 hours or that player eats his first victim. When he is stunned,            See you all there!
@ WEST NEWS                    OCTOBER 5 th 2011               www.atwestnews.com                                                                                                            11

    So You Want to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
                                      Here’s a Few Tips You Might Want to Know
  By Taylor Skvarek
                                                                                                 whole “stop, drop and roll” concept, light-      to swollen feet and pain that will make you
  @west news                                      1. Machete.
                                                                                                 ing them on fire really shouldn’t be too         want to throw yourself at the zombies.
                                                   The first absolute necessity you’ll need      much of a problem.
   While the actuality of a zombie apoca-       to make it through the night is a decapita-
                                                                                                                                                    5. Nutella.
lypse may be a sensitive topic for many, it’s   tion weapon, such as a machete. While it’s
                                                                                                   3. Food, water and the basic first aid.           No, I promise that this isn’t some secret
no longer a subject we should easily brush      always in your best interest to remain as far      Just because there’s a zombie trying to        defense strategy against zombies, or any-
off. With our impending doom quickly ap-        from the creatures as possible, it’s not a bad   chew off your face, that is no reason to start   thing of the sort. Rather, it’s simply a neces-
proaching in 2012, it’s time to take a mo-      idea to have one of these bad boys read-         skipping your meals. Pack easy-to-access,        sity for that last hoorah. When you’re just
ment to stop and consider the condition         ily available for those moments where you        non-perishable food and water to keep up         having one of those really difficult nights
of your zombie survival pack. If you’re         happen to turn around and notice a zombie        your energy during those typical evening         where you feel as though everything wants
amongst the majority of humans, you’ve          preparing to take a little nibble out of your    chases. As for the first aid, well, I assume     to eat you alive, it’s kind of nice to be able
probably gone through the motions of            shoulder.                                        that’s pretty obvious. If you get your arm       to crack open a jar of Nutella, you know?
daily life without even considering the pos-                                                     munched off by a zombie, you’re going to
sibility of being devoured by a flesh-eating      2. Matches.                                                                                        In the end, it’s important to remember
                                                                                                 want a pretty big bandage.
monster—which, I assure you, is more of a          Despite the fact that they’re dead, zom-                                                       that zombies are nothing like your typical
possibility than people like to believe. For-   bies are incredibly social creatures. You’ll
                                                                                                   4. Running shoes.                              nightwalker, and cannot simply be warded
tunately, all of you poorly prepared folks      often find them hanging out with a large           Girls, no one is going to care about what      off by some garlic or crosses. The best strat-
out there have the benefit of my help, which    group of friends, where it becomes nearly        you look like in the middle of an apoca-         egy for surviving their attacks is prepara-
will inform you of all the essential necessi-   impossible to fend yourself with only one        lyptic event, so put the stilettos down. If      tion and distance. Get your gear together,
ties that you’ll need in order to avoid being   weapon. You’re no Buffy when it comes to         you actually plan to live past the first few     scout out the safest hideout spot and when
the first one slain in a ferocious zombie at-   slaying, so try using matches instead. Since     hours, then it’s time to invest in a decent      in doubt, run like your life depends on it—
tack.                                           zombies are proven to be incapable of the        pair of running shoes. Otherwise, say hello      because it does.

                  F   ounded in 1982, Plaza Companies is a full-­service                         professionals, investors, tenants, residents and
12                                                                                                  www.atwestnews.com                               OCTOBER 5 th 2011                             @ WEST NEWS

 At the Box Office
  By Sergio “Gonzo” Gonzalez                    at certain theaters. It’s the sequel and “full
                                                                                                         Your Ad +@west news = $$
                                                                                                                                                                                               -enough said
  Arts and Entertainment editor                 sequence” of and stomach turning film
                                                known as “Human Centipede II.” On imdb.             If you would like to advertise with us, e-mail us at atwestnews@asu.edu or go to www.atwestnews.com for details @WEST
   It’s that time again moviegoers. October     com, there is no rating listed yet. It is a very
is upon us as well as Halloween month! The      disturbing film that follows a mentally dis-
films being released these next few weeks       turbed loner, Martin, and his quest to fol-
are not just horror films, but there are a
   This coming weekend horrors and dra-
                                                low the Doctor’s work from the first film.
                                                   The following week, October 14, has a
                                                few big name titles being release. The first
                                                                                                     Happy Birthday Libra!
mas are the main titles being released. Look    of which is “The Thing” starring Mary                By Teena Manuel
for these films in a theater or drive-in near   Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton. The            @west news
you this weekend.                               film is rated R and a Horror-Mystery ac-
                                                cording to imdb.com. It is a remake of the           September 23 to October 22
  Drama                                                                                              Your planet: Venus
                                                classic film that follows researchers whom
   The first batch of movies releasing this     find an alien deep in Antarctica that they           Your Element: Air
weekend are dramas. The first is “Real          think is dead, but is very much alive.               Birthstone: Opal
Steel” starring Hugh Jackman and Evan-            Classic
geline Lily. “Real Steel” is rated PG-13 and                                                            Happy birthday Libra! You are the seventh sign of the zodiac, where there is a focus
is considered an Action-Drama according            The other major movie being released is           on the outside world. Strengths: You are all about communicating with others, and
to imdb.com. The film follows the world of      also a remake of a popular 80’s movie and            feel more fulfilled in life when you have a lot of friends or a romantic partner. You
boxing in the future where 2000 lb. robots      that is “Footloose.” “Footloose” stars Kenny         like to find balance between people, bringing them together and solving disagree-
do the fighting. The second is “The Ides of     Wormold and Dennis Quaid and follows                 ments. You also like to pursue subjects that will make you more balanced, playing a
March” starring Paul Giamatti and George        the similar story of the original in a city kid      sport as well as playing an instrument and creating art, the more involved you are,
Clooney. “The Ides of March” is rated R         moving to a city where dancing has been              the better. You are very good at becoming a well-rounded, cultured person. (iVillage,
and listed as a Drama according to imdb.        banned. He then rebels and “shakes things            2010-2011)
com. The film’s plot includes a presidential    up”, all according to imdb.com.                         Weaknesses: Some may call you superficial, or even vain. You can be lazy and apa-
candidate getting a crash course in dirty          The horror element is starting to show            thetic. On the opposite end, you may be too involved. Try to slow down sometimes
politics.                                       with the Halloween season coming up. Yet             and smell the roses (or look at the cacti). You might also use people sometimes, but
                                                there are also movies out there coming out           that’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you pay them back. (Hyde, 2004)
  Horror                                        for all types of viewers. As always, grab that          Compatibility: Gemini and you may share a wavelength, so you would make a
  The one horror film being released this       loved one, head to the theater and enjoy the         good match. Aquarius is somewhat of your opposite, and their cool collected energy
weekend (October 7) is only being released      show!                                                calms you down. Sagittarius and Pisces also make good matches as they all possess
                                                                                                     different temperaments than you and opposites attract.

 The Dead Walk in Water
                                                                                                        Famous Libras: Sailor Venus, Hilary Duff, John Lennon, Zac Efron.

                                                                                                                                                                           Want To Get
                                                                                                                                                                           Your Voice
  By Sergio “Gonzo” Gonzalez                    choose one at the start) and their journey to      done with knives, blunt objects, etc. The
  Arts and Entertainment editor                 find a way off the fictional island of Banoi.      game allows you to modify and upgrade
                                                The character is trying to find a man’s voice      your weapons and character for a unique
   For starters, let me say happy October       on a radio. In doing so, you take on many          experience. The graphics are HD quality
                                                different missions and side missions as            and the game’s sounds are great. You’ll be                              Come write for us at @west news
and WATCH OUT, ZOMBIES!! Phew.                                                                                                                                             and gain an experience that lasts a
Okay. Now, as a fellow student I know how       well. It’s not a quick short game; it is long      able to hear zombies from afar and from
                                                                                                   which side they’re coming from.                                         lifetime. Positions open for:
stressful school can be and how much you        and actually gives you many options on
feel like a zombie. Yet, what if I told you     what to do.                                           This game is definitely one of its kind.                               -Reporters
there’s an outlet to kill them, and lots of        The game’s free-roam aspect deserves its        Many have said it’s like putting “Dead Ris-                               -Photographers
them?                                           own recognition. This means that once you          ing” and “Left for Dead” together. I would
                                                                                                   agree, but feel that this game has its own                                -Editors
   There is a video game for that. Recently     fully get started, you get to roam around
released, “Dead Island”, allows gamers to       the maps and complete whichever missions           category. So, if you’re in the mood to pos-                               -Editorial Cartoonists
interact with many different types of zom-      you accept, whenever you like. Another in-         sibly release some stress and kill quite a
bies.                                           teresting aspect is that it’s a                    few zombies — all while playing through a
   Developed by Techland, and published
by Deep Silver, “Dead Island” is a game
                                                   first person shooter, yet it is rare and
                                                takes quite awhile before you encounter
                                                                                                   great story — pick up “Dead Island.”                                    If you would like to join our team email us at
                                                                                                                                                                           atwestnews@asu.edu or stop by the newsroom
                                                                                                                                                                           located inside Fletcher Library, room #117.

that follows four different characters (you     any guns. The majority of the “killings” are
@ WEST NEWS                      OCTOBER 5 th 2011               www.atwestnews.com                                                                                                    13

Local Events
  By Sergio “Gonzo” Gonzalez
  Arts and Entertainment editor
                                                  and get a feel for the art community. Most
                                                  of the events held during the time period
                                                  are free and open to the public. Yet, word
   Well West campus, it’s October. The se-        to the wise, be careful when parking and
mester is rolling along and there are new         driving there. It’s a little rough sometimes
and exciting events coming up for all to do.      to get around.
This month holds many different activities           West is also offering some events for you
in Phoenix as well as here on your West           to enjoy. The following are a few events and
campus.                                           their dates around our campus: On Octo-
   This week, we’re taking a different ap-        ber 8, Sun Devils Serve is an event where
proach. To some who know the city of              you get to become a change maker and help
Phoenix, First Friday is nothing new. Yet,        out a non-profit agency and on October 15,
to others, it has the opportunity to become       the MU in Tempe is holding the Fall For-
a great experience.                               ward Leadership and Social Change event
   Friday October 7 will be the first Friday      at 9:30 a.m.
of the month. Each first Friday, down-               ThinK series is also holding a few more
town Phoenix holds an event to welcome            events. Wednesday, October 12, Wes
the community into their arts district. The       Moore will discuss “One Name, Two Fates:
event is from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and includes      The Consequences of Personal Respon-
artists posting their artwork in galleries,       sibility” and on October 18 New College
along with music and food along the streets       alumnus Nova Hall will discuss the exhibit
of downtown. There will also be free or dis-      “Flying Over Time: The Spirit of St. Louis.”
counted entrances to some museums in the          You can contact your student engagement
downtown area as well. The last First Fri-        office if you have any questions.
day I attended allowed free admittance to            This beginning of October has many new
the art museum. Then over by Central and          and different events to offer. There’s some-
Roosevelt there’s a walk that allows people       thing out there for everyone. So enjoy the
to hear live performers (poetry, music, etc.)     start of Halloween month and also, don’t
as well as enter houses that may have gal-        forget to take some time to vote for your
leries of different artists hung up. It’s a way   “Best of West” so they can be featured in an
for people to enjoy the inner city culture        upcoming issue.

 Harmon Gale
 @west news
                                                  animated husband and joins police officer
                                                  Kenneth (Ving Rhames), a Best-Buy sales-         Native Connections
                                                  man named Michael (Jake Weber), An-
  I first saw Zach Snyder’s “Dawn of the                                                           At ASU Event
                                                  dre (Mekhi Phifer) and his pregnant girl-
Dead” (the 2004 remake) on YouTube.               friend. The group heads to a nearby mall            On Tuesday, Sep-
Despite being broken up into parts and                                                             tember 27, West
                                                  where they find a few other survivors and        campus students,
uploaded (illegally!) in 240p resolution,         plan their escape from the zombie-infested       Krissy Bergen and
my fourteen year-old self saw an awesome          town.                                            Braunwyn      Walsh,
movie. The action was intense and seemed             One really can’t discuss a remake with-       represented the Na-
realistic. The blood and gore was plentiful,      out also addressing the original. Snyder’s       tive American Stu-
yet used effectively.                             “Dawn of the Dead” is a very different           dent Organization
  The acting was convincing and I cared           movie from Romero’s 1978 film. Snyder’s          (NASO) at the ‘Na-
about the characters. Because it’s Zombie         movie is faster paced, more action oriented      tive Connecting at
Week here at @west, I’ve been given an op-        and lacks the observations on human na-          ASU’ event.
portunity to watch this flick again. It’s still   ture and modern consumerism famous                  Diane Humetewa
great fun.                                                                                         who is the Special
                                                  in Romero’s work. Though surprisingly, I         Advisor to the Presi-
  Sarah Polley plays Ana, a nurse who re-         think the acting is better in the 2004 ver-      dent on American                          Photo By Jeston Morris | special to @west news
turns from a long shift at the hospital to en-    sion. In any case, I urge the reader to see      Indian Affairs was
joy a date night with her hubby, and awakes       both and get two very different experiences.     the keynote speaker at the event. The American Indian Student Support Services
the next morning to find the neighbors               “Dawn of the Dead” is probably one of         (AISSS) sponsored the event, which was held at Tempe campus.
nibbling on him. “When there’s no more            the best zombie movies of the 2000s. It’s           Krissy Bergen who is a member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe and the cur-
room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth,”      scary, it’s gory, it’s fun and it should defi-   rent President of NASO spoke about the upcoming events and membership for NASO.
and walk they do. Well, more like Olympic         nitely be on your must-watch list this Hal-      Braunwyn Walsh who is a member of the Navajo Nation and the current Vice President
sprinting, really. Ana flees from her re-         loween.                                          of NASO spoke about the mission of NASO.
14                                                                                                www.atwestnews.com                  OCTOBER 5 th 2011   @ WEST NEWS

ASU Gets Down and Dirty
  By Brandon Riddle                             run by running back, Cameron Marshall.           rather, Arizona State thought it would be
  @west news Sports Editor                      During the second quarter Burfict zeroed         interesting to wear out the Beaver offense
                                                in on a Barkley pass and intercepted, gain-      by constantly giving them possession.
   ASU (3-1) rebounded from the disap-          ing 36 yards. From there, ASU continued             Every Sun Devil possession in the first
pointing loss at Illinois with two solid wins   its forward momentum, collecting a score         quarter led to a turnover. Two intercep-
at home against Pac-12 rivals, USC (4-1)        of 21-9.                                         tions and a fumble led to two Oregon State
and Oregon State (0-4).                            The second half of the game held an air       field goals and a 0-6 lead heading into the     Sudoku Answers
   USC, a bowl ineligible team, has domi-       of doubt for the Sun Devils. USC marched         second quarter. From there, the Beavers
nated the conference for what seems to be       65 yards down the field for a touchdown,         scored a touchdown to fall behind (0-13).
the past millennium. In fact, the last time     cutting the ASU lead down to just five              Suddenly, the Sun Devils pulled the rug
the Sun Devils defeated the Trojans was         points. Following a punt that landed in the      out from under Oregon State and piled up
over ten years ago in 1999 after suffering      Sun Devil end zone, the Trojans – again -        21 points in the second quarter, going into
defeat five times at home.                      sliced through the Arizona State defense 80      the half with a lead. The Beavers would get
   The week prior to this latest match-up,      yards for a touchdown, giving USC a one-         within one point, but would be met with
USC quarterback Matt Barkley called Ari-        point lead.                                      another Sun Devil touchdown. The final
zona State star, Vontaze Burfict, a “dirty         ASU snatched the lead back with the fol-      score of this one was 35-20.
player”. Barkley’s issues with Burfict are      lowing possession. The fourth quarter was           The stat line for Brock Osweiler sums up
still unknown, but undoubtedly the antics       all ASU, extending their lead to a final score   the bipolar game well: 258 yards, 2 touch-
added to the driving force that achieved a      of 43-22. Coming into last week, Oregon          downs, 2 interceptions and a fumble.
win.                                            State had yet to win a game. ASU’s goal was         Next week, the Sun Devils make their
   On the opening drive, the Sun Devils         to keep it that way. Oregon State battled        way to Utah (2-2) at 1:30 p.m.
ran four plays, highlighted by a 70 yard        to keep the game uneasy for ASU fans or,
@ WEST NEWS                   OCTOBER 5 th 2011              www.atwestnews.com                                                                                                         15

ASU West Flag
Football Tournament
 By Brandon Riddle                            purpose field and will host an atmosphere
 @west news Sports Editor                     rivaling that of a World Cup. Well, maybe
                                              not that intense, ASU West doesn’t have
   Have you watched the Arizona Cardinals     nearly that many vuvuzelas.
and thought to yourself, “I could do a bet-      The three-week league will be a competi-
ter job than that”? While watching ASU’s      tive coed intramural with the winners at-
own Brock Osweiler do his best Brett Favre    tending the Pan-Campus Championship
impersonation by tossing two interceptions    Tournament in Tempe and a chance to
did you have an epiphany that you could       compete at UCLA for Flag Football Re-
just as easily throw picks like that? Well,   gional’s.
ASU West teams are lined up and ready to         If you still haven’t had enough of football
prove that they too can compete in such a     after that, the Homecoming Coed 4 on 4
medium.                                       Flag Football Tournament is right around
   This Wednesday, October 5, marks the       the corner on October 25.
beginning of the 2011 Flag Football League       Homecoming also brings food, music,
here at ASU West. For the next three weeks,   giveaways and a great time to the student
students will compete for glory and induc-    population here at the West campus, so
tion into the immortal hall of champions.     even the less football savvy have something
The games begin at 6 p.m. on the multi-       to look forward to.

                                                                                               Leading Off With Willie
                                                                                                By Brandon Riddle
                                                                                                 @west news Sports Editor                      statistics. In 1999, fellow Sun Devil and
                                                                                                                                               third baseman, Andrew Beinbrink, who
                                                                                                  The Arizona Diamondbacks surprised           after failing to enter the pro-draft as pre-
                                                                                               the nation once again through a presence        viously expected, lost his scholarship to a
                                                                                               in the first round of the 2011 World Series.    freshman in anticipation of his departure.
                                                                                               With three wins necessary for the entry         Bloomquist took note of the situation, giv-
                                                                                               into the next round dramatics are highly        ing Beinbrink his own scholarship and al-
                                                                                               anticipated and players will undoubtedly        lowing him to continue playing at ASU.
                                                                                               step up and lock their spots amongst Dia-          That same year, Bloomquist was awarded
                                                                                               mondbacks lore. Perhaps the only question       the Academic All-American honor while
                                                                                               left to ask is who will take the hypothetical   graduating with a degree in Management.
                                                                                               helm for Arizona?                                  In the 2011 regular season for the Dia-
                                                                                                  One possible contender for October he-       mondbacks, Bloomquist had a batting av-
                                                                                               roics is Arizona State University’s own Wil-    erage of .266, but became invaluable at the
                                                                                               lie Bloomquist.                                 beginning of the season for being a repre-
                                                                                                  During Bloomquist’s three year stint as a    sentation of the hard nose style of baseball
                                                                                               Sun Devil (1997-99) he set an ASU record        manager, Kirk Gibson, wants this team to
                                                                                               by achieving at least 100 hits in back-to-      play.
                                                                                               back seasons. In 1999, he was even named           In the first two games of this playoff se-
                                                                                               Pac-10 player of the year and his lifetime      ries Bloomquist batted in the leadoff spot,
                                                                                               batting average (.394) remains third for the    performing two hits at bat.
                                                                                               school all-time. Bloomquist wasn’t a heavy         With other Sun Devils failing to make
                                                                     Photo Courtesy of ASU     power hitter by any sense of the imagina-       a post-season appearance this year,
                                                                                               tion, with only fifteen career homeruns, but    namely Dustin Pedroia and the Red Sox,
   Wednesday, October 5, marks the beginning of the 2011 Flag Football League here             struck out a mere 83 times in nearly 650 at-    Bloomquist has an opportunity to once
 at ASU West. For the next three weeks, students will compete for glory and induction          bats.                                           again put an Arizona baseball team and
 into the immortal hall of champions.                                                             Bloomquist also holds a reputation as        ASU player on a wild ride to a World Series
                                                                                               a human being beyond his exceptional            championship.
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