The Mulligan School of Irish Step Dance by LA4c64


									                                                   The Mulligan School of Irish Dance
                                                         The Tara Dance Company

                                                         Feis Na Tara
                                                                          Member, N.A.F.C.
                                                                         Pat Watkins, President

                                                                    Friday and Saturday
                                                                   October 1st & 2nd, 2010

                                                         Website and Syllabus at
                                                        Chairperson: Eileen Mulligan Evans, T.C.R.G.,
                                                Co-Chairpersons: Danny Iassogna & Susan Prestwich
                                               Entries limited to 600 dancers
                                                                     Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 @ 8:00 am
      Friday, October 1st, 2010 @ 7:00 pm                                      Dance Competitions
          Gaelic and Music Competitions                                  Dancing begins at 8:00 am sharp
       Adult and Parent/Child Competitions                              Stage Schedule to be posted online
    ―Devil Went Down to Georgia‖ Treble Reels
                                                                                       Register online
                Same Great Location                                                   At
                   Marriott Atlanta Airport                                     or download the complete syllabus
                        4711 Best Road                                                at
                  College Park, GA 30337                                                   Feis Na Tara
                        (404) 766-7900                                                    c/o Jen McLeer
      Feis Rate: $92 if booked by September 24th, 2010                               2802 Hitchcock Mill Run
                                                                                        Marietta, GA 30068

                            Judges                                                          Musicians
                     Ann Richens, ADCRG
                     Karyn Oster, ADCRG                                                    Brian Boyce
                  Kerry Kelly Oster, ADCRG                                                 Brian Glenn
                    Maureen Doyle, ADCRG                                                   Sandy Jones
                     Bill Maple, ADCRG
                 Michael Fitzpatrick, ADCRG
             N.A.F.C. National Championships                          Syllabus Approved by IDTANA Southern Region,
―The North American Senior Irish Dance Championship‖ for              Judy McCafferty, A.D.C.R.G., Regional Directory,
               the Gerry Campbell Perpetual Belt                                      August 10, 2010
 Feile Samhain, Portland, Oregon, USA November 7, 2010
―The North American Junior Irish Dance Championships‖ for
              the Robert Gabor Perpetual Trophy
Feile Baile Ros, Windsor, Ontario. Canada August 14, 2010
―The North American Minor Irish Dance Championships‖ for
           the George Sweetnam Memorial Trophy
Chicago Autumn Feis, Lynwood, Illinois, USA November 6,
                       Entry Fees
   Championships (Prelim. and Open)           $25.00

   Solos (per dance)                            8.00

   Team Competitions (per dancer)               8.00

   Trophy Specials (Treble Reel, Trad. Set)    10.00

   Music, Art, Baking                           5.00

   Immediate Family Maximum                   110.00

  There will be no charge for changes made online through
 September 17th, 2010. There will be an $8.00 per dancer
 fee for changes made to paper entries.
  No changes will be made after September 24th, 2010.

                        Entry Closing Date
                       September 15th, 2010

                  Late Entry Fee $10.00
                 after September 17th, 2010

                         Program Book

                       Family Entry Fee
    (in addition to all entry fees and/or family maximum)

  Results, including judges comments, will be available at
 no charge to all dancers who register on-line.

                                              Friday Night Competitions
                         (See Rule 19)                                                Family Figure Dance
          Reel          Jig Slip Jig HP TJ Tr Set                                            99FF
Beginner 95R            95J 95SJ 95HP 95TJ 95TS                                 Irish Music and Spoken Gaelic
Nov/Prize 96R           96J 96SJ 96HP 96TJ 96TS                                          Under 13 Under 16 16 & over
                                                                    Instrumental Solo      100M       101M    102M
Figures                                                             Instrumental Group     103M       104M    105M
   4 hand      8 hand                                               Vocal Music Solo       106M       107M    108M
     93          94                                                 Vocal Music Group      109M       110M    111M
Dances must be official book dances                                 Spoken Gaelic          112G       113G    114G

                              Trophy Special “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” Treble Reel
                 Open to any registered competitor. One step of a Treble Reel, danced to ―The Devil Went
                 Down to Georgia‖ played at 113. Traditional dance dress is not required.
                                                      U 11          210
                                                      U 14          211
                                                     14 & O         212

                                               Saturday Competitions
                                                       Trophy Specials
                        Traditional Set                                                    Treble Reel
               Age           Prelim.        Open                           Non-Champs (Beg. -- Open/PW)               U11           201TR
                U8            250           360                            Non-Champs                                 U14           202TR
               U10            251           361                            Non-Champs                                14 & O         203TR
               U12            252           362                            Champions (Preliminary & Open)             U12           204TR
               U14            253           363                            Champions                                  U15           205TR
               U16            254           364                            Champions                                 15 & O         206TR
               U18            255           365
              18 & O          256           366

              Under        Under   Under   Under   Under   Under   Under   Under   Under   Under   Under   Under    Under   Under        18
                5            6       7       8       9       10      11      12      13      14      15      16       17      18       & Over
Birth Year 2005 or later   2004    2003    2002    2001    2000    1999    1998    1997    1996    1995    1994     1993    1992     before 1992
Age Group      U5           U6      U7      U8      U9      U10     U11     U12     U13     U14     U15     U16      U17     U18       18 & O

                                                   Saturday Competitions

                 Beginner (See Rule 19)                                                                Slip     Single Horn- Treble
            Age      Reel      Jig     Slip Jig                             Age   Reel        Jig      Jig        Jig  pipe   Jig
             U5       1R       1J       1SJ                                  U7   30R         30J      30S       30N   30H    30T
             U6       2R       2J       2SJ                                  U8   31R         31J      31S       31N   31H    31T
             U7       3R       3J       3SJ                                  U9   32R         32J      32S       32N   32H    32T
             U8       4R       4J       4SJ                                 U10   33R         33J      33S       33N   33H    33T
             U9       5R       5J       5SJ                                 U11   34R         34J      34S       34N   34H    34T
            U10       6R       6J       6SJ                                 U12   35R         35J      35S       35N   35H    35T
            U11       7R       7J       7SJ                                 U13   36R         36J      36S       36N   36H    36T
            U12       8R       8J       8SJ                                 U14   37R         37J      37S       37N   37H    37T
            U13       9R       9J       9SJ                                 U15   38R         38J      38S       38N   38H    38T
            U14      10R       10J      10SJ                               15 & O 39R         39J      39S       39N   39H    39T
            U15      11R       11J      11SJ
           15 & O    12R       12J      12SJ
                                                                                           Prizewinner (See Rule 19)
        Advanced Beginner (See Rule 19)                                      Age           Reel      Slip Jig      Hornpipe Treble Jig
  u5   14R 14J 14S 14N             14H                     14T                U7           40R        40S            40H       40T
  U6   15R 15J 15S 15N             15H                     15T                U8           41R        41S            41H       41T
  U7   16R 16J 16S 16N             16H                     16T                U9           42R        42S            42H       42T
  U8   17R 17J 17S 17N             17H                     17T               U10           43R        43S            43H       43T
  U9   18R 18J 18S 18N             18H                     18T               U11           44R        44S            44H       44T
 U10   19R 19J 19S 19N             19H                     19T               U12           45R        45S            45H       45T
 U11   20R 20J 20S 20N             20H                     20T               U13           46R        46S            46H       46T
 U12   21R 21J 21S 21N             21H                     21T               U14           47R        47S            47H       47T
 U13   22R 22J 22S 22N             22H                     22T               U15           48R        48S            48H       48T
 U14   23R 23J 23S 23N             23H                     23T              15 & O         49R        49S            49H       49T
 U15   24R 24J 24S 24N             24H                     24T
15 & O 25R 25J 25S 25N             25H                     25T                     Preliminary Championship (See Rule 15)
             Novice (See Rule 19)                                                     Open Championship (See Rule 13)
                    Age             Prelim.            Open                                                   A- Beginner/Advanced Beginner
                     U8               50                60                                                             B-All others
                    U10               51                61                                                     * Must be official book dances
                    U12               52                62
                    U14               53                63                                                     Celtic/Irish Art Competitions
                    U16               54                64                                                      Soda Bread Competitions
                    U18               55                65                                                    Age              Art           Soda Bread
                   18 & O             56                66                                                 Under 16           120A             122B
  Preliminary competition will include light shoe (Reel 48 bars or Slip Jig 40                             16 & Over          121A             123B
  bars) and heavy shoe (Treble Jig 48 bars or Hornpipe 40 bars).
  Open competition will include light shoe (Reel 48 bars or Slip Jig 40 bars)
  and set dance.
                      2 hand          3 hand 4 hand* 8 hand*
        U7           70A/70B         71A/71B
       U9            80A/80B         72A/72B    73      74
       U 12          81A/81B            82      75      76
       U 15          84A/84B             --     83      85
      15 & O         87A/87B            88      89      86
                 Under      Under         Under     Under     Under     Under      Under    Under     Under     Under     Under      Under     Under     Under          18
                   5          6             7         8         9         10         11       12        13        14        15         16        17        18        & Over
   Birth Year 2005 or later 2004          2003      2002      2001      2000       1999     1998      1997      1996      1995       1994      1993      1992      before 1992
   Age Group      U5         U6            U7        U8        U9        U10        U11      U12       U13       U14       U15        U16       U17       U18        18 & O

  Local Rules and Important information
  31) Absolutely no refunds!
  32) Art entries are to be of a Celtic theme and/or technique. All entries remain the property and responsibility of the competitor. he Irish baking competition may
  be divided by category (white, wheat, brown, fruit, caraway, etc.) based on the number of entries. Music can be from any Celtic nation. Instrumentalists will play a
  traditional folk song or dance tune. Vocalists will sing a tradition folk song. Music is limited to one song, no more than 3 verses. Gaelic can be prayers, poetry or
  33) The Feis Committee has the right to cancel the Feis, reject entries, or, having received an entry, cancel it for any cause at any time prior to competition start. It
  also has the right, as needed, to combine any competitions, or to split any competitions into two or more groups. If more than 5 boys are entered in one competition
  or 2 adjacent age categories in the same competition, a separate ―boys only‖ competition will be held.
  34) Results are provided free of charge at by email only to those competitors who provide an email address at registration.
  35) Where discrepancies are noted between the ―on-line‖ syllabus and the ―hard copy‖ syllabus, the ―hard copy‖ shall take precedence.
  36) Entry in Feis na Tara conveys to the Feis the permission to publish the competitor’s name, dance school, scores, placement and photos in any Feis na Tara
  related publication, whether on the internet or on paper.
  37) Perpetual award trophies are to be held for one year, and then returned to be replaced with an award.

  IDTANA Southern Region-Dancing Competition Rules
  These rules were approved by the IDTANA Southern Region on Dec 3, 2008 and are effective January 1, 2009. These rules are
  required to be included in the syllabus for all feiseanna taking place in the IDTANA SouthernRegion.
1) In the case of all solo and team competitions in all grades, the age of a com-           (if offered), Beginners and Advanced Beginner, a.k.a. Beginner I and II must wear
petitor on January 1st of the year in which the competition is held will determine          a class costume or a skirt and blouse. All other categories are excluded from this
the right of entry. For the purpose of this rule a competitor whose birthday occurs         rule. Modest attire is encouraged when a competitor is not dancing.
on January 1st shall be deemed to be under the age attained on that date.                   7) Competitor’s number must be worn and visible to adjudicators when performing
2) Competitions are open to all but those holding a TMRF, TCRG, or ADCRG                    in all competitions, except in Championships. Use of clear reflective plastic
designation. All dancers must be pupils of a person currently registered with An            number covers is discouraged.
Coimisiun as a Dancing Teacher of any category.                                             8) Awards will be determined in proportion to the number of entries in each
3) A competitor may be disqualified for any of the following reasons:                       competition and to the degree of proficiency shown.
a) Conduct unbecoming a lady or gentleman                                                   9) Complaints must be in writing stating names and other factual information and
b) Failure to report on time to compete (Penalty: disqualification from said event)         signed by the complainant. A ten-dollar fee (cash) must be enclosed and presented
c) Falsification of age or other important fact—i.e. teaching, award winning,               to the Feis Chairman within one hour of the occurrence. The fee will be returned if
competing under another competitor’s name or number etc.                                    the complaint is upheld.
Penalty for a) or c): Competitor will be disqualified form the Feis at which the            10) The Feis Committee and any organization affiliated with same, will not be
occurrence happened and from all NAFC-registered Feiseanna for a period of one              held responsible for personal injury, property loss or damage. Destruction of Feis
year beginning at the date of the occurrence.                                               property or rental property will be punishable by law.
4) Competitions may be closed if there are no competitors at the assigned stage             11) The Feis reserves the right to reject any entry for cause, to cancel all or part of
ready to compete when the competition is scheduled or announced. This will not              the Feis and to limit competitor’s performing time. The decision of the Feis
pertain to a situation where competitors are involved in stage conflicts: in that case      Committee is final in all matters connected with the Feis.
the competition(s) will remain open for a reasonable amount of time to allow the            12) Competitors must answer all questions on the entry form as required by the
dancer(s) in question to arrive at the stage and compete.                                   Feis Entry committee, including teacher’s name, and enclose the entry fee when
5) Solo competitors in Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Novice or Open                          mailing. Failure to do so will result in a rejected entry. Entries must be postmarked
(Prizewinner) competitions                                                                  on or before the closing date or they will be subject to a late fee as determined by
a) Must compete in their own age group                                                      the feis committee and published on the syllabus and/or entry form. There will be
b) Must be prepared to perform two steps in each event                                      no refund of entry fees for any reason.
c) Cannot change competition on the day of the Feis.                                        13) Open Championships:
6) Steel taps or ―bubble: heels on dancing shoes, display of awards, wearing of
shorts or other unconventional dress is prohibited. Dancers competing in First Feis
a) Entrants in any Open Championship event may not enter in any other regular            ** A feis committee may only combine two consecutive calendar year age groups
grade solo events, but may enter in Figure Dances and/or special competitions for        (within that grade only) when fewer than five(5) competitors are entered in either
which they are eligible (tradition set, treble reel non-traditional set dance)           age group, with the exception of the oldest age group listed.
b) Entrants in Open Championships should specify on the entry form their choice          20) Musicians and adjudicators cannot be approached during a competition by
of set dance                                                                             anyone except the Feis Committee. No one can approach them while a competitor
c) Open Championship competitions in the minimum required age groups must be             is performing.
offered separately in the syllabus, yet the feis committee may combine an age            21) Musicians employed by the Feis Committee will be solely under the direction
group with the next higher age group if there are fewer than 5 competitors entered       and management of the Feis Committee on Feis day.
in the lower age groups. A feis committee is not permitted to combine dancers            22) Teachers or team captains are responsible that their teams are complete and in
from one open championship age group with any age groups which is more than              positions when the competition is announced. Competitors may compete in their
one age groups higher than the age group in which the dancers are entered                own age group or in the next higher age group, however a competitor may
d) A dancer is required to perform a light shoe dance (reel or slip jig for ladies and   compete in only one age group.
reel only for men) and a set dance. A Feis can also opt to require a third dance         23) In matters pertaining to adjudicators, the decision of the adjudicator is final.
(choice of jig/hornpipe)                                                                 24) Adjudicators are to monitor the quality of music at the stage(s) to which they
e) Dancers must qualify for Open Championship via the method now in place for            are assigned.
Preliminary Championship i.e. two 1st place wins.                                        25) First Feis (if offered), Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Adult dancers are
f) Dancers must compete in the Preliminary Championship competition in order to          required to dance at traditional speeds only. Novice and Open (Prizewinner)
qualify for Open Championship.                                                           dancers may choose between traditional and Oireachtas speeds.
14) Girls and Boys competitions in Open Championship may be combined in the              26) Any form of unauthorized photography which has the capability to capture a
syllabus. If three or more boys are entered in a specific age group in a combined        dancer’s image while in motion, using electronic or manual means, i.e. mobile
Open Championship competition, the boys and girls must be split into separate            phone, standard camera, video camera, or commercial film, with or without
competitions. If separate Boys and Girls competitions in Open Championships are          enhancement is expressively forbidden in competition.
offered in the syllabus, they may not be combined under any circumstance on the          27) No block, en Pointe toe walking movements, stationary or moving is allowed
day of the Feis.                                                                         to be performed for all ages up to and including the under 12 age group. However,
15) Preliminary Championships:                                                           after Sept 1st of each year an exception is made for those dancers who are 11
a) Are open to those who at any NAFC recognized Feis:                                    dancing in the under 12 age group.
1. Have placed 1st in both an Open (Prizewinner) light and heavy shoe                    28) Make up is prohibited on a dancer in the first three grades (First Feis [if
competition and                                                                          offered)], Beginner and Advanced Beginner or their equivalent) up to and
2. Have never won 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Open Championship.                                  including the under 12 age group.
b) A dancer who wins two (2) first place preliminary championship awards in one          29) Any competitor found to be using artificial carriage aids and subsequently
calendar year will move on to Open Championship the following year (as of Jan            refuses to remove same, will be subject to disqualification from that particular
1); if the second first-place win does not occur in the same feis year as the first      competition, medically prescribed aids (proof of which may be required) will be
win, as soon as the second win is achieved, in any age category, the dancer must         exempt from this rule.
move up to open championship level immediately. Only in the case of a back to            30) No substance that can become airborne should be used on any dance floor in
back Feiseanna (successive days) the first-place win in the first Feis will not          an attempt to improve traction.
change the dancer’s status for the second Feis
c) A dancer in a preliminary championship is required to perform a light shoe
dance (reel of slip jig for ladies and reel only for men) and a hard shoe dance. A
Feis can opt to offer either (a) a set dance) or (b) a jig/hornpipe or (c) both a set
dance and jig/hornpipe
d) Boys and Girls will be combined in preliminary championships –Please note the
separation policy involving five or more boys
e) Preliminary Championship competitions must be offered separately in the
syllabus for the minimum required age groups, yet the feis committee may
combine an age group with the next higher age groups if there are fewer than 5
competitors entered in the lower age group. A feis committee is not permitted to
combine dancers from one preliminary championship age group with any age
group which is more than one age group higher than the age group in which the
dancers are entered.
16) Open Championships and Preliminary Championships require at least three
17) First place winners in the Open Championship category cannot return to a
Preliminary or Open (Prizewinner) competition. Placing in a Regional or National
Oireachtas does not change the status of a competitor. If after competing for two
full feis years at the Open Championship level, a dancer has not placed first,
second or third, he/she may opt to return to Preliminary Championship status.
18) The status of the dancer does not change unless there are five or more dancers
in a competition.
19) Grade Category Definitions:
Beginner: A beginner is a competitor who has not taken a full year of Irish Dance
lessons, thereby giving beginners a full year with such status. A Beginner must
move into the Advanced Beginner category for the next year.
Advanced Beginner: An Advanced Beginner who wins 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place will
advance to the Novice category in that particular dance.
Novice: A Novice dancer who wins a 1st place in a dance will advance to the
Open (Prizewinner) category in that particular dance.
Open (Prizewinner): A competitor who does not qualify as a Beginner, Advanced
Beginner or Novice.
Adult Beginner: An adult beginner is a competitor who never took Irish dancing
lessons as a juvenile and is over 18 years of age.
Other Adult Grades: will follow the descriptions provided above.
** Competitors have the option to remain in the same category for the remainder
of the Feis year (until the following January 1st)
** The syllabus must contain all grade categories
** Boys and Girls enter the appropriate age group in the appropriate grade for each
dance; after entries have been closed, in any competition where five or more boys
are entered, the feis committee will run a separate competition for these boys.

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