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					                              GLENDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE

                                         October 13, 2009

Faculty Coordinator:              Poorna Pal          Faculty Senate Reps:   Pat Zayas
Instructional Services Manager:   Jill Lewis                                 Elizabeth Fremgen
Director, Research & Planning:    Ed Karpp            Faculty Guild Reps:    Monette Tiernan
Administrator:                    Elmira Nazaryan                            Vacancy
Student Support Services:         Kevin Meza         CSEA Rep:               Abe Barakat
ITS Rep:                          Jan Freemyer       V.P Appointment:        Carol Paxton

Absent: Ed Karpp, Elmira Nazaryan, Monette Tiernan, Pat Zayas

Minutes: The minutes of the September 22, 2009 meeting were approved.

Poorna announced that he will be leaving his position as Program Review Coordinator at the end
of the semester. Poorna’s primary objective has been to develop and refine the new online
document. He intends to wrap up the project and the committee will follow through with the
programs piloting the process. Data issues and the inability to find a way to “populate” the data
automatically in conjunction with IT programs have been an ongoing problem. Poorna will
assist the “pilot” programs to wrap up their reports and the committee will follow through with
the lessons learned and making improvements to the process.

Plans for 2009-2010
Poorna and Jill shared the Accrediting Commission’s latest newsletter with the committee. The
consensus of the group is that we are at a crossroads of acceptance within the campus community
for the future of program review and linkage with planning, SLOs and decision-making for
resource allocation. The committee agreed that we have developed a quality process and that
further improvements to the linkage process not under our control. We don’t currently have the
manpower to support the annual reporting of programs and our attempts at reducing the reporting
schedule to every three years have not been supported by the Academic Senate. Jill stated that
the results of the accreditation site visit may be the catalyst for change that we have been waiting
for. It was suggested that perhaps Alice Mecom (SLOs) and Peggy Renner (Planning) be asked
to attend a PRC meeting in the coming months to discuss improvements to the process and
improvement of the document in their respective areas.

Poorna and Jill will work on compiling the results of the last reporting cycle and bring the
Resource Needs and Plans of all the instructional programs back to the committee for review and

The meeting was adjourned.

Our next meeting will be on October 27, 2009 from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.


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