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A A AA Radio Television Program Mission Program Mission Statement The


									       A. AA Radio-Television Program Mission
   Program Mission Statement

             The mission of the AA Radio-Television is to emphasis among its students

   competence in oral and written communication, theory, research, and critical thinking

   skills as well as provide active and innovative learning resources and activities for the

   student’s development of knowledge and skills regarding radio and television as a career


       A. Program Goals – Student Outcomes
   The intended outcomes for the AA Radio-Television degree plan are:

       1. Students will be able to demonstrate the academic skills necessary to address the

             increasingly complex requirements for careers in radio-television and mass


       2. Students will be able to demonstrate their preparation for more advanced study in

             radio-television and mass communication.

       3. Students will demonstrate a level of competence in the functions required to

             successfully compete for jobs in the world of radio-television and mass


       4. A majority of the students completing the degree will be satisfied AA degree


       5. Program graduates can demonstrate the practical application of “hands-on”

             experience in and basic exposure to radio and television production skills.

       B. Presence of a Planning Process
             The Associate of Arts Radio-Television Degree is part of an ongoing planning

process that takes place on several levels. Not only is the degree included in the overall

university planning, but it is also an integral part of the planning for the School of Liberal
Arts as well as the Department of Communications and Fine Arts. Through the planning

process in place, modifications to the AA program have been instituted. For example, all

course prefixes within the degree program have been changed to “COMM” to keep with

common national practices in the field. With the planning process that is in place, the current

Radio-Television AA has been reduced from two different associate degrees in broadcasting

and two certificate options prior to the fall of 2002 to just one AA Radio-Television degree


           Radio-television faculty review and discuss all data for the previous academic

year at an initial meeting in the fall semester. Program faculty determine how data applies to

such things as class sizes, class times, faculty needs, facilities, and curriculum, with the goal

of maximizing student achievement.

   B. Assessment Plan, Associate in Arts in Radio-Television

   Program Outcome/Goal:
   Students completing an Associate Degree in Radio-Television will demonstrate progress
   in their written and oral communication skills as well as the ability to think creatively and
      Objective:               Measure                              Criteria
           1a.         ENGL 1213                 All program students will receive a passing
           1b.         ENGL 1113                 All program students will receive a passing
           1c.         SPCH 1113                 All program students will receive a passing

   Program Outcome/Goal:
   AA Radio-Television graduates will be satisfied with the learning opportunities afforded
   them by the department and be prepared for their post-graduation plans.
      Objective             Measure                               Criteria
         2a.           Graduation Survey       80% will indicate satisfaction with
         2b.           Graduation Survey       80% will agree with the statement, I feel
                                               that my program has prepared me well for
                                               post-graduation plans.”
Program Outcome/Goal:
Graduates will have practical “hands-on” experience, develop visual communication
skills, and basic exposure to radio and television broadcasting equipment.
   Objective               Measure                                Criteria
        3a.         COMM 1003,                 75% will earn a “C” or higher.
                    Broadcast Equipment &
                    Operation, Written
        3b.         Successful completion      All program students will receive a passing
                    of Audio, Video, and       grade in all three areas.
                    Mass Media Practicums

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