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									                             Hastings CDSE Local Committee
                                  Priority Funding listing
                             2011 Priority Issues and Projects

There are a number of generic priority areas which apply across the community including:

 Projects which address areas of disadvantage and benefit people on low incomes.
 Transport options (ie: assisting access to services and events).
 Affordable housing initiatives and projects which seek to address housing issues (ie:
    rentstart program, housing booklets, housing forums, locker projects/ homeless
    persons initiatives).
 Projects which aim to create community connections and positive relationships
    (intergenerational projects, neighbourhood activities, Living library).
 Community projects which celebrate diversity and raise awareness of issues (NAIDOC
    day, Harmony Day, International Day for people with a disability, seniors week, youth
    week, World AIDS day)
 Projects which increase access to services and facilities (cultural awareness training,
    culturally appropriate resources)
 Improvements to local community facilities (playgrounds, halls, mobile library) in
    disadvantaged areas
 Projects which support not-for-profit agencies (committee’s of management training,
    upgrade in equipment, access to resources)
 Projects/program to assist the youth or children with additional needs
 Increase in services and facilities including in the out-lying areas of the Hastings
 Opportunities to contribute to the community through volunteering and community
 Projects which promote community cohesion and vibrancy
 Opportunities to increase skills and abilities of community members
 Projects which impact on social and geographic isolation
 Projects which promote self-help and resilience
 Projects which promote well-being and healthy lifestyles
 Projects which promote awareness of mental health and preventative health issues

Projects which engage the target groups in relation to the Social Plan:
  Children and Families
  Young people
  Women
  Men
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  Older people
  Cultural and Linguistically Diverse people
  People with a disability or special needs
  People who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender

It is important that projects are time-limited, sustainable and provide outcomes for the
community which meet the guidelines as set out in the CDSE Scheme Guidelines for
Category 1.

The Port Macquarie-Hastings Council Social Plan is also another reference tool for groups
as this Plan also addresses the needs of our local community.

For further information or clarification please contact the Chair of the Hastings CDSE Local
Committee, Jenny Edmunds, on 6588 7219.

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