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KRCS. Dedicated to Education since 1983.
                                                          Who are KRCS?
                                                          KRCS is one of the UK’s leading Apple            standalone labs of Macs and improve
                                                          Solutions Experts in Education.                  existing Mac installations.
                                                          Established in 1983 we are trusted by            Using the skills and experience of our
                                                          hundreds of schools and colleges in the          service team we also offer extra support
                                                          Midlands and the North.                          and hardware repairs to schools via our
                                                          We are passionate about Apple products           ‘Managed Services for Schools’
                                                          from the mobile learning platform                (see page 5).
                                                          offered by the iPad & iPod, to portable          We offer free face-to-face consultancy
                                                          and desktop Macs through to Mac OS X             with our dedicated account managers
                                                          servers.                                         and we are in partnership with Apple
                                                          Our team of Apple-qualified engineers            Regional Training Centres to deliver free
                                                          regularly integrate Macs with Windows            curriculum training on Macs.
    KRCS Showroom & Store Locations
                                                          Active Directory networks, install

    Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs)
    An ADE is usually an in-service teacher with experience of transforming and adapting learning through constructivism,
    collaborative work, research and projects. KRCS can liase with the ADE’s to provide you with ad-hoc and curriculum based
    training for your institution with a real teacher focused approach.

    • Barbara Ainscough is an experienced ICT education                                 • Nigel Humberstone is an experienced film music
      consultant with a background inprimary teaching, working                            composer and digital media trainer whospecialises
      with children and young people at all Key Stages. She also has                      in creative projects that involve music, film and
      extensive experience in professional teacher development                            photography. As a professional musician he also has
      with a focus on the use of digital media.                       extensive music industry knowledge and experience.
    • David Baugh is well known for his writing on digital media
      in the classroom for Guardian Education and other major                           • Paul Letchworth is an experienced art teacher in
      publications, and has devised a number of tools to help                             secondary education using Final Cut Studio, animation,
      improve digital media understanding and delivery. http://                           motion graphics and computer graphics in his teaching.                                                                   He is involved in running teacher training with secondary
                                                                                          and primary teachers committed to making life easy
    • Julian Coultas is a former teacher who has also worked within
                                                                                          for students and teachers wanting to use digital media.
      Apple. He has an intimate knowledge of how digital m e d i a
      - especially iLife - can facilitate learning delivery. His main
      focus is on music and creative media.                         • Chris Smith is an Advisory Teacher for ICT, D&T
      juliancoultas/Site/Home.html                                                        and SEN within Coventry City Council. He is also
                                                                                          an experienced musician with his own home studio
    • Andy Parton holds a first class Masters in Interactive Media
                                                                                          and Education Through Music is his own business.
      and has a real passion fordigital technology. He is an active
      entrepreneur and digital media adviser.

                                                                                                                                      Photo Booth
                                                                                                                                      helpful how-to guide for teachers

    Digital know-how: KRCS’s how-to guides!                                                                                           by Barbara Ainscough

    KRCS - in conjunction with leading ADEs - produce a series of                       Pick them up at your nearest CLC - or get
    FREE easy digital delivery skills guides for teachers. Each guide                   in touch with our education team for a PDF
    covers a single topic in a simple to follow style.                                  version.

2      All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated • Education pricing only • E&OE
All kinds of training
                                     In a world where technologies are changing everyday it is more important than ever to make
                                     sure that when purchasing these technologies, they are understood.
                                     Training and Continued Professional Development are extremely important in supporting
                                     new technologies and allows for those using them to gain a level of expertise when delivering
                                     in the classroom and beyond.
                                     With the significant increase of Apple technologies within education, KRCS has teamed up
                                     with award winning Apple Authorised Training Provider NTI.
                                     NTI offers a diverse range of Apple training, ranging from server- and application-based
                                     training and certification, to workshops specifically designed to aid teachers in the classroom,
                                     all of which can now be ordered direct with KRCS.
                                     Having recently won the accolade of UK IT training venue of the year, as well as being a
                                     Skillset Media Academy, NTI has an established network of centres through which they
                                     deliver their training.
                                     Please call our education team for more information.

Apple Workshop for Teachers
Apple Workshop for Teachers are constructed to enliven               experiments, producing historical documentaries or creating
lessons, meet instructional standards and show teachers how          digital stories with iLife, every subject can come to life and
to guide students towards more productive futures.                   there is no limit to what students can create.
Whether students are making visual records of science                Call us to arrange a workshop at your school.

Server based Apple training
NTI offers training and certification courses that prepare your IT
staff to troubleshoot and Support Mac OS X or to implement a Mac
OS X Server-based system.

Courses currently offered are:
• OS X User Overview - Non Certified
• Mac OS X 10.6 Help Desk Essentials -Apple Certified Support
• Mac OS X 10.6 Server Essentials -
  Apple Certified Technical Coordinator

Application based Apple training
Apples professional applications have become the industry            Courses currently offered are:
standards for filmmakers, editors, photographers, sound              • NTIFCP An Overview of Final Cut Pro 7 - Non Certified
designers, music producers, and multimedia artists.
                                                                     • FCP101 An Introduction to Final Cut Pro 7 - Level 1 Final Cut
With access to these applications, students at your school can         Pro Certification
master the same amazing tools used daily by professionals in         • NTI Logic An overview of Logic Pro 9 - Non Certified
the creative fields. Also students and educators alike can give
                                                                     • Logic 101 An Introduction to Logic Express and Logic Pro 9 -
their careers a boost by earning Apple certification in these
                                                                       Level 1 Logic Pro Certification
Meet the KRCS Education Team, our experienced and friendly,
helpful Mac experts. Dealing with schools and colleges on a
daily basis they are available for a free appointment at your
site to discuss your needs and to help you succeed. Take a look
at the dedicated education section of our website to read their
blogs or read about the events happening near you.
Contact details are on the back page of this guide or follow the
team on Twitter @krcs_education

    Regional Training Centres (RTCs)
                                                     Apple, together with Apple Solutions Experts KRCS, has set up a series of Regional Training
                                                     Centres to help teachers and lecturers develop their digital media skills.

                                                     The RTCs - which are based within City Learning Centres and other similar institutions -
                                                     deliver courses demonstrating the potential of digital media for effective learning delivery,
                                                     and which enable educators to become confident in its use. These courses are open to all
                                                     teachers from all LEAS, but early booking is recommended as interest is always high.
    RTCs in this area:
    For the latest course details in the following areas please contact us.

    Coventry:                         Doncaster:                          Leicester:                 Nottingham:                                                                              Sheffield:
    Courthouse Green                  South CLC                           Crown Hills CLC            E-Learning Centres                                                                       City Learning Centres
    Primary School                                                        Beaumont Leys CLC

    Derbyshire:                       Leeds:                              Northamptonshire:          Rotherham:                                                                               Walsall:
    Ilkeston School                   North & West CLCs                   Silverstone Study          Rawmarsh City                                                                            Barr Beacon RTC
                                                                          Centre                     Learning Centre

    Taming the Mac
    Taming the Mac (TM) Courses are aimed at technical staff in your school, and compliment the installation services offered by
    KRCS. Prices vary of number of attendees.

    TM1: Installing/upgrading and configuring                                           TM4: Active Directory Integration
    This course will enable anyone who needs to handle                                  This course looks at the advantages and differences of
    elementary operating system maintenance to do so with                               integrating Mac’s with Active Directory via OS X Server and
    confidence and understanding.                                                       Open Directory.

    TM2: Security                                                                       TM5: Networking
    This course provides an introduction to the security features                       Delegates will be guided through networking basics, on to
    of the Mac OS and how to use them, as well as a consideration                       configuring the Network Preference panes.
    of third party security software.
                                                                                        Please call our education team for more information.
    TM3: Standard Profiling
    A walk through the whys and hows of creating an Apple
    Software Restore disk image and the methods - and benefits -
    of deploying it.

    Training Diary
    Throughout the Academic year RTC’s run a number of valuable
    courses. The courses range from 1 - 5 days and cover a number                           Looking for courses?          2010 courses (continued)
                                                                                                                          Motion 101
                                                                                                                          An Introduction to Motion 4
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       education training diary

    of topics including Introductions to Mac OS X, Logic Pro and                            You can also view all the courses and
                                                                                                                          3 days • £750 per delegate + VAT
                                                                                                                          This three-day Apple Motion training course will familiarise clients with Apple’s
                                                                                                                          revolutionary software for motion graphics design and includes behaviour-based
                                                                                                                          animation, parameter behaviours, blend modes, advanced particle system design,
                                                                                                                          advanced title animation, working with templates, chroma key techniques, masking
                                                                                                                          methods, advanced 3D features, working with audio, key framing, and integration.
                                                                                                                          • The Level 1 Apple Pro Certification Exam can be taken at the end of this course •
                                                                                                                          Birmingham nti

    Motion as well as advanced courses.                                                     events taking place near you on our
                                                                                                                          • 2nd to 4th August 2010
                                                                                                                          Leeds nti (VAT not applicable)
                                                                                                                          • 13th to 15th September 2010
                                                                                                                          Yorkshire & Humber Support Staff, Train to Gain Fund available.
                                                                                                                          Benefit from 60% off list price, please call for more info.
                                                                                                                          Creative Exchange Derby
                                                                                                                          • 15th to 17th September 2010

                                                                                            education website at
    All course details are now available in the KRCS Training Diary
                                                                                                                             For more information about training in your area, please call us.

                                                                                                                             Your KRCS education contacts:
                                                                                                                                           Craig Lewis

                                                                                                                                           Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire
                                                                                                                                           t: 07970 455 027 • e:

    brochure. Please ask a member of the education team if you
                                                                                                                                           Glyn Rozier
                                                                                                                                           Northamptonshire, Leicestershire & Warwickshire
                                                                                                                                           t: 07970 455 021 • e:

                                                                                                                                           Michael Chamberlain
                                                                                                                                           Hull, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & East Anglia
                                                                                                                                           t: 07970 455 016 • e:                       KRCS head office:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                t: 0115 985 1797

    would like a copy.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                f: 0115 986 0744
                                                                                                                                           Sean O’Connor                                              
                                                                                                                                           West Midlands including Birmingham                                   KRCS Apple Solutions
                                                                                                                                           t: 07970 455 023 • e:                           Expert in Education
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           KRCS: Apple Solutions Expert in Education
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Summer 2010

4      All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated • Education pricing only • E&OE
KRCS Managed Service for Schools
                                      At KRCS we recognise that even though Apple computers are easy to maintain, you will need
                                      support and hardware repairs from time to time. Plus we know that you don’t always have
                                      resource or technical expertise to look at those problems.
                                      The KRCS Managed Service for Schools includes five call outs per year to on-site incidents.
                                      We define a single incident as a new problem requiring an on-site engineer, dealt with until
                                      resolution by KRCS.

It also includes;                                                        Exclusively for Schools who have the KRCS Managed Service
• unlimited telephone support direct to our Apple trained                we also provide
  helpdesk staff.                                                        • a fixed low-price labour fee if an out-of-warranty machine
• Remote Diagnosis - KRCS is able to access the school network             needs a hardware repair.
  and diagnose your problems remotely (where permitted).                 • recovery of data from backups can be purchased on an ad-hoc
• on-site or off-site repair of Macs covered by warranty or                basis, again for a low-fee.
  AppleCare                                                              • an add-on module is available to cover a Mac OS X Server.
• where machines have been repaired we include re-installation           • if you need more than five call outs then additional call outs
  of Mac OS X, re-installation of your application software                can be purchased on an ad-hoc basis.
  and re-establishment of connection to the school network if
  needed.                                                                KRCS Managed Service for Schools
• covers an unlimited number of computers (non-server) on one            Including 5 callouts                          £495.00 ex VAT per year
  school site.                                                           Bolt-on module per Mac OS X Server            £100.00 ex VAT per year
Discounts are available for multiple years please ask for further details or download our PDF at

The following AppleCare pricing is available to schools only and can be bought to compliment our managed service, or on its own.

                                          2 years                     3 years                     4 years                     5 years
                                   from date of Mac Purchase   from date of Mac Purchase   from date of Mac Purchase   from date of Mac Purchase

  iMac                                   £54.00                      £83.00                     £122.00                     £155.00
  Mac Pro                                £71.00                     £126.00                     £181.00                     £237.00
  MacBook/MacBook Pro 13”                £71.00                     £126.00                     £181.00                     £237.00
  MacBook Pro 15” & 17”                 £106.00                     £177.00                     £248.00                     £318.00
  iPad                                   £45.00                      £79.00                         n/a                         n/a

Network integration
KRCS are a specialist in providing Apple solutions into                   ask exactly how often that company gets involved with Macs
education environments.                                                   on complex education networks, and whether they can honestly
                                                                          point at large scale, recent installations they have successfully
We are accredited as an Apple Solutions Expert in Education by
Apple, a qualification that few companies have, and even fewer
can really live up to.                                                    At KRCS we will always be happy to provide references. The
                                                                          nature of complex installations is that challenges can occur at all
We regularly install Macs onto networks managed by Windows
                                                                          phases, but we always overcome those, and leave the customer
Active Directory Services, and we understand how it’s
                                                                          with a system that works exactly as required.
configured, and how to make it work for you and your students.
Very often our engineers actually improve the underlying Active           Macs are easy to use, intuitive and great fun, but don’t forget
Directory installation whilst installing the Macs by improving            that network installation and integration, especially with
the adherence to common standards. When selecting a partner               Windows networks, is a whole different challenge!!
to provide Macs for your institution we strongly urge you to

“Our Apple studio is working brilliantly now. Its now set up the way I had it imagined it would be, and works so sweetly. Usage
has taken off, with lots of quality creativity going on in it.” Dr Nigel Carrick - Astley Community High School, Northumberland.
    iPod family
                                          iPod shuffle                      Colours                                    Price ex VAT
                                          2GB                                                                          £33.00

                                          iPod nano                         Colours                                    Price ex VAT

                                          8GB                                                                          £96.00
                                          16GB                                                                         £107.00

                                          iPod classic                      Colours                                    Price ex VAT

                                          160GB                                                                        £166.00

                                          iPod touch                        Colours                                    Price ex VAT

                                          8GB                                                                          £141.00
                                          32GB                                                                         £207.00
                                          64GB                                                                         £274.00

                                              Buy itunes vouchers to avoid using credit cards

    iPod accessories

    Jivo Jacket                               Blue Mic Snowball                        Blue • Mikey                    Griffin iShred
    This high-quality durable TPU             Finally, a USB mic that’s not            Mikey      features    Blue’s   GuitarConnect Cable turns
    case protects the iPod Touch              only easy to use, but sounds             stereo condenser capsules,      your iPhone, iPod or iPad into
    from bumps and scratches,                 as good on your desktop                  3-position user selectable      the most portable guitar rig/
    dirt and dust. Scroll through             as it does in a professional             gain settings and a unique      practice room/studio you’ve
    your photos with a flick,                 recording studio.                        user-positionable head.         ever used. Connect the 1/4”
    and enjoy your music, the                 Meet the Snowball; the                   For the iPod touch 2G, iPod     cable to your guitar, bass, or
    internet and videos knowing               world’s first professional USB           5G, iPod nano 2G, 3G & 4G as    keyboard; then open iShred
    your iPod Touch is safe from              mic.                                     well as the iPod classic.       LIVE or other instrument
    surface damage.                                                                                                    effects apps.
    £12.00 ex VAT                             £74.00 ex VAT                            £49.00 ex VAT                   £16.00 ex VAT
    Ask us about our range of protective cases and headphones.

6     All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated • Education pricing only • E&OE
iPad 2 is here
Come and see why it’s even better the second time round
iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and faster, yet it has the same 10-hour battery life.1 With two cameras, you can make FaceTime video
calls2 and record HD movies. And the iPad Smart Cover attaches magnetically and aligns perfectly to your iPad 2.3

iPad 2 with Wi-Fi                                                                           iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G
All models come in black or white.                                                          All models come in black or white. 3G data plan sold separately.4

16GB5                       32GB5                      64GB5                                16GB5                        32GB5                        64GB5
£332                        £399                       £466                                 £416                         £482                         £549

 iPad 2 features
• 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology
• Dual-core A5 chip
• Front and back cameras
• Up to 10 hours of battery life6
• 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology
• 3G data service on Wi-Fi + 3G models
AppleCare • £45 (2 years) • £79 (3 years)

  Compared with previous iPad. Battery life varies by use and configuration. See for more information. 2 Requires a FaceTime-enabled Mac with an Internet connection or a
FaceTime-enabled iOS device with a Wi-Fi connection. Not available in all areas. See for more details. 3 iPad Smart Cover sold separately. Some colour may rub off leather
covers during use.4 Check with your carrier for compatibility and 3G data plan availability. 51GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less. 6 Testing conducted using pre-production iPad 2 units and
software performing each of the following tasks: video playback, audio playback and Internet browsing using Wi-Fi. Battery life depends on device settings, usage and many other factors. Actual results
may vary.

       Buy itunes vouchers to avoid using credit cards

iPad accessories

   Smart Cover                        Apple                               iPad 2 Dock                         Apple Digital                        iPad 10W USB                     iPad camera
   Grey, Pink, Blue,                  iPad VGA Adapter.                   iPad 2 only.                        AV Adapter                           Power Adapter                    connection kit
   iPad 2 only.

   £29.00 ex VAT                      £21.00 ex VAT                       £21.00 ex VAT                       £29.00 ex VAT                        £21.00 ex VAT                    £21.00 ex VAT

“A short note to thank you for today’s input on iPads. I found the few hours we had most rewarding. My desire to go on and
ask more questions, particularly about using this device to enhance existing teaching and learning strategies, continues to grow.”
Carl Goodey, Head of Year / Teacher of ICT, Cottenham Village College

    Top 5 iPad apps
    As well as the built-in software provided by Apple, iPads and iPods have access
    to a wealth of software from the App Store.
    Because they work on mobile devices, apps enable learning both inside and
    outside the classroom. From maths games to vocabulary flash cards to anatomy
    visualisers, there’s an app for every subject and every level of instruction — from
    preschool to higher education.

    Pages (£5.99)                     Keynote (£5.99)                     Numbers (£5.99)                iMovie (£2.99)            GarageBand (£2.99)
    Powerful word                     Create presentations                Build compelling,              Record HD video on        Turn your iPad into
    processor, simple-to-             with stunning                       attractive                     iPad, then edit on the    a musical instrument
    use layout tools and              animations and                      spreadsheets in                large, Multi-Touch        and recording studio.
    onscreen keyboard.                effects.                            minutes.                       display.

    Apple wireless

    Apple TV                                    Time Capsule                               AirPort Extreme                   AirPort Express
    If you have a HD display in                 Wireless base station with                 Wireless base station             Mobile wi-fi station
    your school and would like                  automatic back-up                          • 802.11n wi-fi (also             • home & travel, Mac & PC
    to showcase some of your                    • 802.11n wi-fi (also                        802.11a/b/g)                    • up to 10 users
    school work, Apple TV will                    802.11a/b/g)                             • for home & institutions         • works through walls
    stream your iTunes content                  • gigabit ethernet & USB port              • Mac and PC - up to 50           • wireless printer sharing
    wirelessly from your Mac,
                                                • works with Time Machine                    users                           • AirTunes shares your
    PC or iOS device (iPod Touch,
                                                • Mac & PC, dual-band                      • transmits through walls           music: connect a stereo
    iPhone or iPad).
                                                1TB         £183 ex VAT                    • works with Apple TV               or powered speakers.
    • Wi-Fi 802.11n wireless
    • Apple Remote                              2TB         £303 ex VAT                    £111 ex VAT                       £63 ex VAT
    *HDMI cable required please ask
    for details.
                                                  Have your class send information direct from the sports field or the school
    £84 ex VAT                                    trip. Create your own Wifi Hotspot with enough data transfer to last your
                                                  school year! An ideal compliment to your iPods or iPads.
                                                  Mifi with 3GB Data Transfer ‘Ready to Go’             Mifi with 12GB Data ‘Ready to Go’
                                                  £59.99 ex VAT                                         £102.49 ex VAT

    Wacom tablets

      Bamboo                       Price ex vat       Intuos4               Price ex vat     PL-Range         Price ex vat    Cintiq            Price ex vat

      Bamboo Pen                   £39.99             small                 £159.99          PL-2200          £1,439.99       Cintiq 12WX       POA
      Bamboo Fun S                 £71.99             medium                £263.99          PL-720           £989.99         Cintiq 21UX       POA
      Bamboo Fun M                 £135.99            large                 £343.99          PL-1600          £881.99
      Bamboo Special
                                   £87.99             wireless              £99.99
      Edition S
      Bamboo Special
      Edition M

8      All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated • Education pricing only • E&OE
Mobile media solutions
ParaSync Charging & Synchronization Dock
Charge and synchronize content to as many as 20 iPod and iPhone devices from a
single iTunes library. This durable, attractive and lightweight docking solution makes
managing and sharing large quantities of devices easier than ever.

Podcast Case                      Training Case                     iPod Case                           iPad Charge & Sync
The ultimate mobile solution      Take your IT equipment on         A resiliant ABS synthetic           Manage multiple numbers of
for     digital   multimedia      the road with this ultra-         case that includes a built-         iPads. This mobile version
productions.     The    case      mobile transport system. It’s     in trolley. Secure storage,         allows 16 iPads to be Charged
accommodates a MacBook,           the ideal solution for on-site    transport and quick access          & Synchronised, stored and
digital      camera,    DVD       training. The dustproof case      to iPods for a variety of           protected in a waterproof
camcorder, iPod and their         accommodates 6 MacBooks,          applications in schools. The        lockable case.
associated connection cables.     power supplies, accessories       iPod Case accommodates one          No Wires to handle; simply
Recorded media can be             and an AirPort Extreme            MacBook (up to 17”) and up          place the iPad into the profile
transferred and immediately       access point.     Simply use      to 20 iPods (Nano, Classic          slot and connection is made -
edited on the included            one wall outlet to charge all     or Touch) along with their          it’s as simple as that.
MacBook.                          equipment.                        power supplies and headsets.

For a demonstration of these amazing mobile solutions, please call us.

iPad charging trolley
The Leba Innovations NoteCart for iPads holds 12, 16, 24 &          • Secure charging and synchronizing of
32 iPads and has the NoteSync unit integrated. This allows            all iPads with the built in NoteSync.
the iPads to be stored, charged and synchronized whilst being       • Effective maintenance of software and
stored in the NoteCart.                                               data – all iPads can be synchronized
This solution offers easy software updates, and general               against one master Laptop or Mac
maintenance of the iPads becomes a quick and simple task,             whilst stored in the NoteCart.
saving time and space.                                              Please call our education team for more
NoteCart for iPads offers;                                          information.
• Secure storage – iPads is securely protected in NoteCart
• Secure transport – with integrated wheels and a handle that
  enables easy transport

Apple Learning Lab
S   ecure storage, wireless connectivity, and a computer lab
    wherever you need it.
                                                                     Bretford cart (you can also configure your own system).
                                                                     To this you then add money-saving bundles of MacBooks:
An ideal solution for schools that need an affordable way to
increase student access to technology. Ready to roll into any
                                                                     20 bay trolley • 1 teacher MacBook
classroom, these customisable labs bring innovative digital
                                                                     (Pro) • 15 student MacBooks...
tools to wherever learning is taking place, providing a cost-
effective way to share technology among classrooms.         you the option to add:
                                                                     • Time Capsule
There are two components to the wireless classroom: the
                                                                     • mini Display Port -VGA adaptor
teacher’s system and the student pack. The teacher’s system
contains a unibody MacBook or MacBook Pro, an AirPort Base           • Apple Remote Desktop
Station, Apple Remote Desktop 3, an Ethernet cable and the

Talk to us about Learning Lab configurations

“Because they’re mobile, we can take them easily to any classroom at any time, which means that all children can get access,
 and for longer.”
Wen Williams, headteacher, Dovedale Infants, Liverpool

 iMac slimline powerful desktop                                                                    try before you buy

 The iMac features big, beautiful displays in 21.5” and 27” size. The all in one design saves
 space in your classroom with display, processor, hard drive and more inside one simple
 enclosure. You choose either wired or wireless mouse and keyboard. The 27-inch iMac
 gives you not just one but two Thunderbolt ports (one port on 21.5” models) so you can
 connect high speed peripherals for ultra fast data transfer.
 AppleCare • £83

     iMac                  Processor                              Memory               Hard Disk       AMD Radeon HD Graphics Card   Price ex VAT

     21.5-inch             2.5GHz Quad-Core i5                    4GB                  500GB           6750M 512MB                   £783
     21.5-inch             2.7GHz Quad-Core i5                    4GB                  1TB             6770M 512MB                   £978
     27-inch               2.7GHz Quad-Core i5                    4GB                  1TB             6770M 512MB                   £1,096
     27-inch               3.1GHz Quad-Core i5                    4GB                  1TB             6970M 1GB                     £1,292

 Education only

     iMac                  Processor                              Memory               Hard Disk       AMD Radeon HD Graphics Card   Price ex VAT

     21.5-inch             3.1GHz Dual-Core i3                    2GB                  250GB           6750M 256MB                   £707

 “I have a set of 14 Mac’s purchased from KRCS over a number years. They offer not only competitive prices but advice
 you can trust and rely upon on. Whenever I have had a technical query (for example advice on memory) I received a swift
 response and nothing has ever been too much trouble. Large Items have always been delivered to the school in person and I
 have even had e-mails whilst on holiday letting me know when deliveries have been made in my absence. In the modern age of
 automated e-mails it’s refreshing to find a company that still has the personal touch”
 Stewart Gardner, Cardinal Wiseman Catholic Technology College Birmingham

 Mac mini compact, portable desktop
 The new Thunderbolt technology in Mac mini is phenomenally fast. You can daisy-chain
 as many as six Thunderbolt peripherals, and since it’s is based on DisplayPort technology,
 your Mini DisplayPort devices can plug straight in too. Mac mini when idling consumes
 less than 13 watts of electricity and its casing is highly recyclable. Add a MacBook Air
 SuperDrive if you require an optical drive.
 AppleCare • £64

     Mac mini             Processor                               Memory               Hard Disk       Graphics Card                 Price ex VAT

     standard             2.3GHz Intel Core i5                    2GB                  500GB           Intel HD Graphics 3000        £414
     standard             2.5GHz Intel Core i5                    4GB                  500GB           AMD Radeon HD 6630M           £548

 LED Cinema Display
 A 27” widescreen display with LED backlight technology for use with Mac mini, Mac Pro,
 MacBook or MacBook Pro. Ideal for students who need to see the bigger picture on their
 movie, art or music assignments. Includes 49 watt stereo speakers, iSight camera and
 AppleCare • £49

     LED Cinema           Resolution                              Connectivity                                                       Price ex VAT

                                                                  Three Powered USB 2.0 Ports, connects to computer with Mini        £689
     27-inch              2560 x 1440

10    All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated • Education pricing only • E&OE
MacBook just the right amount of everything
The MacBook is a durable laptop with rugged polycarbonate enclosure. The ideal laptop
for classrooms looking for affordable, powerful portable computers. 13.3” glossy screen,
multi-touch trackpad and a wide range of connection ports complete the MacBook spec.
AppleCare • £126

 MacBook           Processor                Memory           Hard Disk            Graphics Card            Price ex VAT

 13-inch           2.4GHz Core 2 Duo        2GB              250GB                NVIDIA GeForce 320M      £650

MacBook Pro power for creativity                                                      try before you buy

The MacBook Pro is available in 13”, 15” and 17” screen sizes, and is ready for rich multimedia
assignments with high-end video, audio and graphics capabilities. It’s aluminium unibody
case is strong, durable and engineered to last, and the battery can run for 7 hours of
wireless general use. The MacBook Pro now features a Thunderbolt port and up to 2.4GHz
Quad Core i7 processor for blazing speed.
AppleCare • £126 (13-inch) • £177 (15 & 17-inch)

 MacBook Pro Processor                      Memory           Hard Disk            Graphics Card            Price ex VAT
 13-inch           2.4GHz                   4GB              500GB                Intel HD Graphics 3000   £783
                   Intel dual Core i5
 13-inch           2.8GHz                   4GB              750GB                Intel HD Graphics 3000   £1018
                   Intel dual Core i7
 15-inch           2.2GHz                   4GB              500GB                AMD Radeon HD 6750M      £1,213
                   Intel quad Core i7                                             512MB GDDR5
 15-inch           2.4GHz                   4GB              750GB                AMD Radeon HD 6770M      £1,418
                   Intel quad Core i7                                             1GB GDDR5
 17-inch           2.4GHz                   4GB              750GB                AMD Radeon HD 6770M      £1,609
                   Intel quad Core i7                                             1GB GDDR5

MacBook Air the ultimate everyday notebook                                                                 try before
                                                                                                            you buy

The MacBook Air is available in 11” and 13” screen sizes, and is Apple’s lightest and most
mobile laptop. Inspired by the iPad, it has no moving internal parts such as spinning hard
drive or optical drive, instead using Flash memory for storage. It springs to life instantly
from sleep and has up to 5 hours battery life. USB, Thunderbolt port and Multi-Touch
trackpad give you complete control.
AppleCare • £126

 MacBook Air       Processor                Memory           Flash Storage        Graphics Card            Price ex VAT
 11-inch           1.6GHz Core 2 Duo        2GB              64GB                 Intel HD Graphics 3000   £665
 11-inch           1.6GHz Core 2 Duo        4GB              128GB                Intel HD Graphics 3000   £783
 13-inch           1.7GHz Core 2 Duo        4GB              128GB                Intel HD Graphics 3000   £861
 13-inch           1.7GHz Core 2 Duo        4GB              256GB                Intel HD Graphics 3000   £1,057

“KRCS are one of those rare companies that doesn’t just sell products, but actively encourages using their products to maximum
 effectiveness. It’s rare to find a supplier so genuinely passionate and knowledgable about their business, and I can heartily
 recommend them.”
Mike Connell, ICT Consultant, Coventry Primary Consortium

 iPod & iPad classroom solutions
 With a class set of iPads or iPods you will have the ability and                     The thousands of apps available also mean there will always
 freedom of instant internet on desks without need for students                       be something new and interesting for each lesson whether a
 to go to computers, log in and start work and then sit facing a                      3D brain or a quick 5 minute competition to see who who can
 screen for the rest of the lesson.                                                   guess the location cities.
 Mobile devices mean you can talk to students face to face but                        For information of how you can use, deploy and manage IOS
 dip in and out of technology while still keeping them engaged.                       devices in the classroom please speak to us.

     20 iPod Class Set                        16 iPad Class Set
     • 20 bay ParaSync                        • Parat iPad Charge n Sync
     • 20 x new iPod touch 8GB                • 16 x 16GB iPads Wi-Fi
     • MacBook 13-inch 2.4GHz                 • MacBook Air 11”

     £3,999 ex VAT                            £6,959 ex VAT

 Audio classroom solutions
 This complete audio solution comprises;
 21.5 inch 3.06Ghz iMac with 4GB of Ram and 500GB hard disk                           M-Audio Fast Track II Interface - gives you additional audio
 includes Garageband as part of iLife 11 which is your starting                       inputs into the iMac for the rest of your band to use their
 point to creating great music tunes on the iMac                                      guitars, microphones or headphones.
 M-Audio KeyRig 49 USB Keyboard - With 49 note velocity                               AppleCare - Covers the iMac for service and support for up to
 sensitive keys and instant installation there are no drivers or                      three years for complete piece of mind
 software to install to be up and running and creating tunes
 straight away

     Audio Class Set
     • 21.5 iMac
     • M-Audio KeyRig 49 USB
     • M-Audio Fast Track II
     £910 ex VAT (per station)

12   All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated • Education pricing only • E&OE
I Can Animate & I Can Present classroom solutions
Two fun packages for building on teamwork, collaboration,
speaking & listening and creative writing:
I Can Animate bundle:                                          I Can Present bundle:
Bring your creative writing ideas to life with a mini studio   Bring students presentations to life with backgrounds from
for stop frame animation with the advanced features such as    the built in library or import your own. Create authentic news
chroma key backgrounds and foregrounds. Make your desktop      broadcasts with news ticker tape or weather forecasts with the
animations appear in your superimposed landscapes and then     built in maps. The tele-prompt feature gives students confidence
edit and export them all in one program, giving professional   to deliver a flawless broadcast in front of the camera.

  I Can Animate                  I Can Present
  Class Set                      Class Set
  • MacBook 13” 2.4GHz           • MacBook 13” 2.4GHz
  • Kudlian I Can Animate        • Kudlian I Can Present
    Studio (green screen,          Studio (green screen,
    ICA, Agent HD & tripod)        ICP, Agent HD & tripod)

  £749 ex VAT (per station)      £749 ex VAT (per station)

Broadcast classroom solutions
                                                               With student output from schools becoming far more media
                                                               rich than before, many schools are now offering their students
  Mobile Broadcast Set
                                                               an onsite (or mobile) Broadcast suite. Not only is it a great
  • MacBook Pro 13-inch 2.3GHz Dual Core i5                    asset for any school, it doesn’t have to break the budget either.
  • Sony HVR-HD1000 Video Camera                               With just a few key pieces of equipment it is now possible to set
  • Audio Technika Condenser shotgun mic. 1m cable             up your own broadcast suite, offering students the chance to
  • Audio Technika stereo condenser hand held mic.             work within and feel part of a high end media creative centre,
                                                               outputting streaming video live or to disc for manipulation in
  • Audio Technika Omnidirectional tie clip mic. 6m cable
                                                               medium to high end post production editing software.
  • Sony MDR-V150 Headphones
                                                               Take your camera crew and reporters or actors on the road as
  • Chroma Key Green Screen 3m x 1.85m Looped                  a mobile broadcast unit, gather footage and edit in situ as it
  • BoinxTV Broadcasting Software                              happens to create high quality video footage, or save to disc
                                                               for additional editing back at base.
                                                               A perfect addition to
  £2,500 ex VAT                                                enhance your many
                                                               curriculum areas, as well
                                                               as ideal for community
  Upgrade to the Desktop Broadcast Set, ask us for details.    projects, for output to
                                                               your school signage
                                                               boards or website.

 Mac Pro the ultimate build-your-own desktop
 The Mac Pro comes with four 3.5-inch drive bays for an enormous amount of internal
 storage — up to 8TB.* For faster access to your data, you can also configure your Mac Pro
 with up to four solid-state drives. The bays are direct-attach and cable free, so it’s easy
 to add or remove drives. Just attach the drive carrier to a drive and slide the drive into
 place. There are no connectors or cables to contend with. Lock the drives with the side
 door latch, and you’re done.

     Processor                             Memory             Hard Disk           ATI Radeon Graphics Card                       Price ex VAT

     2.8GHz Quad-Core Xeon                 3GB                1TB                 HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR5                         £1,565

     2.4GHz 8-Core Xeon                    6GB                1TB                 HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR5                         £2,192

     Options           Processor             Memory             Drives                            Expansion Cards                Connectivity

     Ask for           up to 12-Core         up to 32GB         4 bays with up to                 Mac Pro RAID Card              AirPort
     pricing           2.66GHz                                  2TB HD or 512MB SSD in            Multiple Graphics Cards        Extreme Wi-Fi
                                                                each                              Fibre Channel Card
                                                                up to two SuperDrive
                                                                optical drives

 Mac OS X Server the server for everyone                                                                                NEW

 OS X Lion Server includes a host of enhancements that give you more control of your Mac
 server and the users who access it.
 You can remotely manage computers running Lion and iOS devices such as iPad and
 iPhone. You can even send updates to your users wirelessly. Lion Server adds file-sharing
 capabilities for iPad; includes improvements to Wiki Server, iCal Server and Mail Server;
 and comes with Xsan built in.

                                         Processor                      Memory          Hard Disk       Graphics Card                   Price ex VAT

     Mac mini with Mac OSX               2.0GHz intel Core i7           4GB             dual 500GB      Intel HD Graphics 3000          £665

     Mac Pro with Mac OSX                2.8GHz Quad-                   8GB             two 1TB         ATI Radeon HD 5770 with         £1,878
     server                              Core Intel Xeon                                                1GB GDDR5
                                         “Nehalem” processor

     OSX Lion Server                                                                                                                    Ask for
     Unlimited Client Edition                                                                                                           details
     (software only)

     Rack MiniLock™
     The 19” Rack MiniLock™ has been specifically developed                            secured in a purpose made 1U high
     to fulfil the need for a secure 19” rack mount system for                         racking enclosure.
     the Mac mini and Mac mini Server. One or two units can be                         Please ask for more information.

 Apple Remote Desktop
 Apple Remote Desktop is the best way to manage the Mac                                The screen-sharing features of Apple Remote Desktop allow
 computers on your network.                                                            you to provide immediate help to remote users, saving time for
 Remote Desktop allows you to distribute software, provide                             both of you. If you need to move files or folders
 real-time online help to end users, create detailed software                          to a single computer, the Remote Drag-and-Drop
 and hardware reports, and automate routine management                                 copy function makes the job simple. You can also
 tasks - without leaving your desk. Remote Desktop will alert                          copy and paste between local and remote systems
 your system’s users to upgrades and even restart machines                             - no extra steps necessary.

14    All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated • Education pricing only • E&OE
United Digital RAID systems
A high performance range of storage products, HyperStar            Options for SCSI, ISCSI and PCle are available, please ask for
offers the best of everything, making it the obvious choice for    more information.
professionals demanding unique performance and reliability.

                             Bays                    Hard Disk                                               Price ex VAT

  Hyperstar Lite             12 Bay                  6TB - 12TB                                              POA
  Hyperstar 6116RM           16 Bay                  8TB - 32TB                                              POA
  Hyperstar 6124RM           24 Bay                  12TB - 48TB                                             POA

Active Storage RAID
The ActiveRAID delivers high-performance, high-availability,       The system is fully configured and ready to use out of the
massive capacity, and the first native Mac OS X storage            box. Simply install it into your equipment rack, attach power,
management suite.                                                  Ethernet, and Fibre Channel cables. Power it on and walk to
Developed with one goal in mind, to deliver the best overall       your Mac or PC. Insert the Active Admin CD and discover the
performance, reliability, capacity, and out of the box ease of     newly installed RAID through Bonjour on your Mac or select the
use. The ActiveRAID represents an evolution in storage.            ID on your Windows PC.

Whether deployed in a direct-attached server environment           Call our education team for
or a complex Media SAN configuration, the Active Storage           more information.
ActiveRAID is the ideal solution to your storage needs.

 Maximise your storage

 Desktop hard drives                           Portable hard drives                         Professional Network attached
 LaCie D2 Quadra Hard Disk                     LaCie Rugged Hard Disk                       storage
 • Quadruple interface for full PC/Mac         • Maximum speed: up to 800Mbits/s            LaCie Ethernet Disk
   compatibility                                 with FireWire 800                          • 1U 19” rack-mounted backup solution
 • Fast burst transfer rates: up to            • Ideal for backup, video storage, and       • Most comprehensive data backup
   115MB/s** (eSATA)                             large data volume exchange on the            and protection software suite
 • Perfect for, audio/video editing, DVD                                                    • Powered by Windows® XP Embedded
   authoring, Web animation, etc               • Triple interface, bus powered, plug &
                                                                                            • Instantly store and share files with
 • Sturdy aluminum d2 heat sink design                                                        Mac®, PC, Linux, or Unix users
                                               • Rated shock-proof up to 2.2 meters
 • Genie and Intego Backup Assistant                                                        • Genie and Intego Backup Manager
   included                                    • Mac: Time Machine® compatible                Pro incl.
 • Mac: Time Machine® compatible               • Design by Neil Poulton                     • Apple® Time Machine™ compatible

 from £51 ex vat                               from £51 ex vat                              POA

 Learning with Apple
                                                     The award-winning iLife suite of applications engages students with easy to use
                                                     It enables them to create media-rich projects such as historical documentaries,
                                                     poetry photo books, foreign language podcasts, science project websites and
                                                     more. Best of all, iLife is included with every new Mac.

 Top ten reasons for iLife in Education
 1    Tools that engage and motivate today’s learners. With
      digital movies, music, and photography in the classroom,
 amazing things can happen. Engaged through the tools of their
                                                                                      6     All learning styles are supported. iLife provides an
                                                                                            opportunity for all students to succeed and demonstrate
                                                                                      their individual strengths. When a project includes writing
 generation, students are more motivated to learn and feel a                          scripts, creating storyboards, and integrating images, students
 stronger connection to the subject matter.                                           jump right in.

 2    Ideal    applications    for    addressing    standards.
      iLife provides applications to support the ISTE National
 Educational Technology Standards for Students. When they
                                                                                      7    Motivation to inspire excellence. Knowing that their
                                                                                           photo books, video documentaries and podcasts can be
                                                                                      shared easily with peers, parents and others, inspires students
 produce projects with iLife, students are empowered to be                            to produce higher-quality work, increasing confidence.
 innovative and creative.

 3    Learning in depth. Students gain a deeper understanding
      when they can experience subject matter in more
 than one mode and then communicate what they’ve learned
                                                                                      8    Easy-to-use applications keep the focus on learning.
                                                                                           iLife is so intuitive that students can create and publish
                                                                                      podcasts in minutes, import photos or music with one click and
 through a variety of media.                                                          edit video clips as easily as if they were editing text.

 4     Students are prepared with 21st-century skills. With
       iLife, students can express themselves with images,
 movies, music, and their own spoken words, which opens up
                                                                                      9     Inspiring teaching with new possibilities. Educators
                                                                                            have found that iLife provides them with powerful tools
                                                                                      for teaching and communicating. They use iMovie to create
 more opportunities for them to discover their talents, and                           movies to introduce a new topic, iPhoto to produce photo
 build the skills that will prepare them for higher education or                      books of class events, and GarageBand to create podcasts
 entry into the workforce.                                                            reinforcement of key concepts.

 5    Powerful tools make project based learning easy. Digital
      projects lend themselves to students working in teams,
 with roles divided based on interests and skills. Students
                                                                                      10         A wealth of professional development resources
                                                                                                 are available. To make it easy to get started with
                                                                                      iLife, free tutorials are available on the Apple website. For
 can explore real-world problems with an interdisciplinary                            more in-depth learning and classroom integration ideas, Apple
 approach, and work together to publish their work.                                   Professional Development is available.

 Kingswood specialist arts college
 “Once you get a Mac into the school it seeps into the whole system”
 Paul Munro, Senior Systems Manager

 Kingswood School in Corby started with one eMac four years                           integrate seemlessly. The pupils share their files easily and the
 ago. They now boast 200 Macs which have been successfully                            teachers can take the children through a project from step 1-5
 integrated into the school and are being used by all departments                     without having to do any firefighting. The Mac provides both
 on a daily basis. They have plans to expand their Mac Suite to                       teacher and pupil with a simple system and a nice environment
 350 installations in the future.                                                     to work in.
 Kingswood has 800 PC’s and laptops all hooked up to their                            KRCS     have    played     an
 network which runs from 12 servers, 2 of which are Apple                             integral part during the
 Xserve’s and an Xserve Raid. The Xserve’s are great for the                          Mac integration process at
 school because they practically run themselves, all that’s                           Kingswood, by supplying
 needed is to perform updates which they do by Apple Remote                           Macs (iMacs and MacBooks),
 Desktop. All their network testing is handled by a MacBook Pro                       servers, video equipment and
 running virtual PC.                                                                  software, as well as providing
                                                                                      on going technical support
 The teachers find that the pupils are more creative on Macs
                                                                                      and a good quality service
 than PCs and since moving to Mac their productivity has
                                                                                      over the years.
 increased. The work flow is better as iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD

16   All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated • Education pricing only • E&OE
OS X Lion
the new king of the desktop
     OS X Lion                         Multi-Touch Gestures              Full-Screen Apps               Mission Control
      OS X works with your              Multi-Touch gestures             OS X Lion gives you           Mission Control gives
Mac to deliver the best           transform the way you           System-wide support for         you a bird’s-eye view of
possible performance. OS          interact with your Mac.         full-screen apps that use       everything on your system.
X gives you long battery          Enjoy more fluid and            every inch of your Mac          With a single swipe on the
life by dimming the screen        realistic gesture responses,    display, you can have           trackpad, your desktop
in low-light conditions and       including rubber-band           multiple full-screen apps       zooms out to Mission
even regulating processor         scrolling, page and image       open at once — along with       Control. It’s the hub of your
activity between keystrokes.      zoom and full-screen            multiple standard-size apps.    system: view everything and
                                  swiping.                                                        go anywhere with a click.

     Mac App Store                     Launchpad                         Auto Save                      Mail
      Just like the App                 Launchpad is a new,             It’s time to stop                OS X Lion introduces
Store on iPad, the Mac App        full-screen home for all the    worrying about saving your      a whole new take on email.
Store lets you browse and         apps on your Mac. Just click    work. Because now your          Mail puts your entire display
download thousands of free        the Launchpad icon in your      Mac automatically saves         to work with a gorgeous
and paid apps that you can        Dock. Your open windows         what you’re working on so       widescreen view featuring
start using straightaway          fade away, replaced by a        you don’t have to.              a full-height message and
on all your Mac computers         full-screen display of all                                      a message list that includes
authorised for personal use.      your apps.                                                      snippets.

Call our Education team for volume licensing.

iLife ‘11                                                         iWork
iMovie ’11 Go from indie filmmaker to master sound editor with    Pages A word-processing and publishing package with a
new audio editing tools in iMovie. Sound effects, voiceover and   wide range of templates that allow students to create stylish
music — you control them all.                                     documents with ease.

GarageBand ’11 Flex Time and Groove Matching are powerful         Add charts, tables, photos or graphics with a single click.
tools that help you improve the rhythm and feel of your           Mail-merging from Numbers files allows for document
recordings.                                                       personalisation!

iPhoto ’11 Full-screen views take advantage of every inch of      Keynote Simple-to-use but innovative presentation software
your display. So your Faces corkboard and Places map stretch      with a range of transition effection, animations, and record-
from edge to edge.                                                your-own-voiceover facility

iDVD Store/share projects on pro-looking DVDs                     Numbers A spreadsheet that can automatically generate 3D
                                                                  presentations of statistics, from simple pocket-money accounts
iWeb ’11 Easy, terrific-looking websites. Add Widgets to          up to complex science experiment results.
websites; instantly inform Facebook friends when your website
changes.                                                           Pg21 SAVE
                                                                   on iWork with site licences


 Canon                            Canon                                               Canon                            Sanyo
 EOS 1100D                        PSA800                                              HFM31 Camcorder                  Xacti CG20
 The Canon EOS 1100D has          Affordable, easy and fun,                           The HFM31 has a whole            The CG20 is capable of
 superior 12 megapixel image      the    PowerShot   PSA800                           range of features that make      shooting      high-definition
 quality as well as stunning      uses Canon know-how to                              creating videos effortless fun   1080p     video   and     the
 HD video at 25 or 30fps, with    let everyone take great 10                          including;                       camera’s    wide,   2.7-inch,
 automatic exposure control.      Megapixel photos.                                   • 32GB internal memory           230,000-pixel LCD monitor
 • 18-55mm lens                                                                       • SD/SDHC card slot              can be positioned at your
                                                                                                                       preferred angle.
                                                                                      • microphone input

 £369 ex VAT                      £65 ex VAT                                          £599 ex VAT                      £129 ex VAT

 aGent HD Webcam                  Animation Webcam                                    Vanguard VS-53                   Lindy USB Guitar Cable
 The aGent V5 can capture Full    If you have experienced                             Compact table top tripod         With this USB guitar cable
 HD quality video at 1920 x       problems with light flickering                      with ball pan head. Height       you can connect your guitar,
 1080 and up to 8-megapixel       in your animation films, we                         adjusts from 10-20cm - ideal     or other electric musical
 stillshot images. Take the       think we’ve found a solution.                       for animation.                   instrument with a 1/4” jack,
 aGent where ever you want.       This USB webcam has a                                                                to your computer for home
                                                                                      Please ask about our range of
 Clip it on your notebook or      hooded lens, which cuts                                                              recording. It’s ideal for use
 flat screen or use the desktop   out access light and has a                                                           with Garageband and other
 stand. You’ve got 3 included     noticeable impact on finished                                                        audio recording applications.
 clips/stands to choose from.     films. (As recommended by Oscar Stringer, Apple
                                  Distinguished Educator specialising in Animation)

 £59 ex VAT                       £30 ex VAT                                          £12 ex VAT                       £16 ex VAT

 M-Audio Keyrig 49                Bose Companion 3                                    M-Audio Fast Track               DigiDesign Mbox 3
 Turn your Mac or PC into         Exceptional      performance                        Fast Track USB is the easiest    USB-powered       audio/MIDI
 a     versatile   keyboard       from your computer. Striking                        way to record your guitar with   production system, featuring
 workstation. Featuring a         clarity and depth from MP3,                         professional results. Input      a wide range of connection
 49-key, synth-action USB         CD, DVDs, podcasts and                              for guitar, bass, keyboards      options, including analogue,
 MIDI keyboard and the            streaming music sources.                            etc plus a microphone input      digital, and MIDI I/O, Mbox
 award-winning    Key    Rig      3-piece    design     features                      for recording vocals or other    3     delivers   professional
 software, KeyRig 49 makes        two      desktop     speakers                       acoustic sounds.                 performance in an incredibly
 it easy to start composing       with stands and hideaway                                                             compact package.
 and performing music with a      ACOUSTIMASS® module.

 £84 ex VAT                       £166 ex VAT                                         £107 ex VAT                      £349 ex VAT

M-Audio Studiophile               Crumpler Bags                    Speck SeeThru                    USB sticks
BX5a                              Crumpler Bags offer the best     Speck SeeThru translucent        Cost-effective quick storage.
5” Kevlar low-frequency           protection for your iPod &       hard shells for MacBook and
drivers give high resilience      iPhone, camera, and laptop.      MacBook Pro click-fit easily
and durability, plus 70 watts                                      to offer protection. Available
of bi-amplified power with                                         in other colours.
crossover    for    dedicated                                                                       4GB -  £6.00 ex VAT
reproduction of high and low                                       13” - £24.00 ex VAT              8GB -  £12.00 ex VAT
frequencies.                      prices from £50.00 ex VAT
                                  Volume discounts available       15” - £24.00 ex VAT              16GB - £25.00 ex VAT
£169 ex VAT                       please ask for further details   17” - £26.00 ex VAT              32GB - £42.00 ex VAT

Apple accessories

Magic Trackpad                     Apple Mouse                     Apple Magic Mouse                 Apple Keyboard
Supports a full set of             USB optical scroll mouse        Multi-Touch Surface Laser         Ultra-slim USB keyboard
gestures                           with assignable buttons         tracking engine.                  with numeric keypad.

£46 ex VAT                         £31 ex VAT                      £44 ex VAT                        £31 ex VAT
                                                                                                     wireless version £44 ex VAT
                                                                                                     (no numeric keypad)

How safe are your Macs?
These tailor made security products from Creation Security
have been designed to mirror Apples ethos on high quality
design and performance.

Not only does the range offer the highest level of security
protection on the market but they have been created
to compliment the aesthetic designs of these desirable

The new MiniLOCK™ lockdown system has been specially               The new iMac SecureStand™ has been specifically developed to
designed to fulfil the need for a discrete and high tech           fulfil the need for a discrete and high-tech security clamp for
security solution that complements the Mac mini.                   iMacs. Patent Pending no. GB1007444.1

• Maximum security for Mac mini                                    • Discrete high security clamp for iMacs
• Discrete high tech security solution                             • Securely fixed to desk or worktop
• Prevents theft of memory                                         • Secures keyboard, mouse and power cables
• Allows full cable access and ventilation                         • Features a high security anti-tamper lock


 Office 2011 for Mac                         Adobe Lightroom                          Cinema 4D                         Logic Express 9
 Powerful and easy to use                    Lightroom     is   a     non-            Intuitive interface and logical   Logic Express is the perfect
 Office 2011 can open, edit                  destructive      professional            workflow make it possible         next step for musicians
 and save Word, Excel and                    photo tool that moves users              for those new to 3D artistry      who use GarageBand to
 PowerPoint files created by                 efficiently through every                to dive in and be productive      compose and create. The
 PC users and PC users can                   step of the workflow, from               quickly. Feedback is smooth       familiar interface makes it
 also open, edit and save                    image capture to client                  and interactive, allowing         easy to edit and enhance
 Word, Excel and PowerPoint                  presentation.                            students to unleash their         your compositions with new
 files created in Office 2011.                                                        creativity.                       options right away.

 from £74 ex VAT                             £69 ex VAT                               £55 ex VAT                        £56.50 ex VAT

 Logic Studio 9                              I Can Animate                            I Can Present                     Comic Life Deluxe
 It’s now easier than ever to                Create an animation from                 I Can Present brings students     Comic Life integrates with
 create compositions. Record                 video captured from a                    presentations to life by          iPhoto and similar software
 and build arrangements from                 camera, hand-drawn pictures              allowing them to create, film     to allow users of any level
 Apple Loops, compose with                   or both together - all in one            and present their work in a       to create their own custom
 standard notation, or focus                 single application.                      new and exciting way using        comic strips, photo albums,
 on any aspect of production.                                                         green-screen technology.          ‘How-to’ instruction sheets
                                             Suitable for Key Stage 1,
                                                                                                                        and more. It helps students to
                                             2 and 3 - including special
 Pg21 SAVE                                   needs secondary and adult.
                                                                                                                        improve their literacy skills
 on Logic with site licences                                                                                            in a fun way.

 £103 ex VAT                                 single copy           £30 ex VAT         single copy      £45 ex VAT
                                             Primary                                  Primary                           single copy       £12 ex VAT
                                             site licence          £390 ex VAT        site licence     £390 ex VAT
                                             Secondary                                Secondary
                                                                                                                        25 user licence   £115 ex VAT
                                             site Licence          £540 ex VAT        site Licence     £540 ex VAT      50 user licence   £165 ex VAT

 Pro Animate                                 Hal Leonard Track Packs
 Designed for Students &                     Loops for use with
 Animation Enthusiasts alike,                GarageBand. Students can
 Pro Animate helps to take                   play along with famous
 3D Stop-Frame Animation to                  tracks or create their own.
 the next level. Multi-user and              Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, R’n’B &
 site licences also available.               Modern Rock

 £69 ex VAT                                  £20 ex VAT

20   All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated • Education pricing only • E&OE
Licencing: save on leading software
Site licencing offers you a more cost-effective way of making     and documentation, together with a group of serial numbers
your software purchases, with savings of up to 75% per            that allows you to install the software on a given number of
seat in some instances. Licencing arrangements vary but           machines.
typically a licence provides you with a master set of disks

Apple Site licences:

iWork                        Logic Studio 9
£169.36 ex VAT               £1,360.85 ex VAT

Photoshop Elements 8              Roxio Toast 10 Titanium         Microsoft Office 2011              Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
10+ seats:                        10+ seats:                                                         Standard
                                                                  £59 ex VAT per seat                up to 250 seats:
£39 ex VAT per seat               £39 ex VAT per seat
media £18 ex VAT                  media £18 ex VAT                                                   £4,799 ex VAT

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 licencing for schools
Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 is a series of digital media creation    Students who become proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,
applications which are creative industry standards. Develop       Dreamweaver and related packages have a head start when
rich interactive apps, design engaging browser content with       entering higher education or the world of work.
cutting-edge HTML5 tools and create innovative digital
magazines. Whether for print, web, film, video, or mobile,
there’s a Creative Suite edition to help realise your vision.

  Site Licencing explained.
  Adobe offers School Site Licenses for all CS5.5 software with   • For 1-9 users, prices are per single box set.
  installation rights for up to 500 school-owned or school-       • For 10 users and above, we recommend Adobe Licences
  leased computers regardless of school enrolment size,
                                                                  • For multiple users, licencing is by far the most cost-
  Mac or PC. School Site Licenses also come with invaluable
                                                                    effective option.
  DVDs of curriculum and training materials to help educators
  implement career and technical education programmes
  around design, web, and video applications.                     Call our Education team for current pricing.

Creative Suite 5.5 contents:
Design Premium                     Design Standard                Web Premium                         Production Premium
• Photoshop CS5 Extended           • Photoshop CS5                • Dreamweaver CS5.5                 • Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
• Illustrator CS5                  • Illustrator CS5              • Flash Catalyst CS5.5              • After Effects CS5.5
• InDesign CS5.5                   • InDesign CS5.5               • Flash Professional CS5.5          • Photoshop CS5 Extended
• Flash Catalyst CS5.5             • Acrobat X Pro                • Flash Builder 4.5 Premium         • Illustrator CS5
• Flash Professional CS5.5         • Adobe Bridge CS5             • Photoshop CS5 Extended            • Audition CS5.5
• Dreamweaver CS5.5                • Adobe Device Central CS5.5   • Illustrator CS5                   • Flash Catalyst CS5.5
• Fireworks CS5                                                   • Acrobat X Pro                     • Flash Professional CS5.5
• Acrobat X Pro                                                   • Fireworks CS5                     • Adobe OnLocation CS5
• Adobe Device Central CS5.5                                      • Contribute                        • Encore CS5
• Media Encoder CS5.5                                             • Adobe Bridge CS5                  • Adobe Bridge CS5
                                                                  • Adobe Device Central CS5.5        • Adobe Device Central CS5.5
                                                                                                      • Media Encoder CS5.5

 iStudent prepare your students for the real world
 iStudent at a glance;                                                                More Mac for your money. With iStudent leasing, you are not
 • Option to share costs with parents                                                 limited to acquiring the equipment you can afford to pay for
                                                                                      at the time. Ongoing payments enable you to easily select and
 • Achieve one to one student allocation
                                                                                      obtain the equipment that is most beneficial for your institution
 • iPods, iPads or laptops                                                            and your students.
 • Includes misappropriation cover                                                    AFS provides options that:
 • Includes insurance and accidental                                                  • Increase your purchasing power
   damage cover with no excess                                                        • Put more systems in use more quickly
 • Portal available for parents to manage account                                     • Allow for the whole solution: hardware, software, warranties,
 • Repairs and replacements handled by KRCS                                             infrastructure, installation, aftercare, etc.
                                                                                      • Provide the ability to update new systems annually with
 With iStudent, you lease computers from AFS and charge                                 minimal payment increases
 participating students a monthly or quarterly usage fee. The                         • Meet the budgetary and IT needs of institutions of all sizes
 amount of the fee is up to you, in effect you’re passing along                         and minimise the risk of technology obsolescence.
 low-cost education pricing, and your establishment’s borrowing
                                                                                      • Reduce the risk of damage or loss through provision of
 power, to the entire student population. This can provide your
                                                                                        equipment protection cover
 students with affordable computers and can also easily be
                                                                                      • Enable your Institution to attract elite students with state-of-
 bundled with a range of today’s most popular software & after
                                                                                        the-art facilities & software
 sales services.
 At the end of the lease term - usually 3 years - you can upgrade
 your equipment, allowing improvements on some or all of your
 machines, purchase the equipment, letting you retain property
 of the equipment, and students may be able to purchase their
 leased computers at Fair Market Value. And because iStudent
 can include accidental damage & loss protection, if a machine is
 lost or stolen during the lease period, it’s fully covered.

     How it works*                          Conventional Purchase                                    iStudent Financing
     Annual Budget                          £18,000                                                  £18,000

     Purchasing Power                       £18,000                                                  £50,000

     Purchase                               18 iMacs, 2 printers, digital camera, software & accs.   n/a

     Lease                                  n/a                                                      50 iMacs, 2 printers, digital camera, software & accs.

     Student to computer allocation         2.78 students to every computer                          1 student to every computer

 *Prices are for illustrative purposes only

22   All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated • Education pricing only • E&OE
Apple Finance leasing benefit your school
The increased emphasis on IT and communications by the              Remember the saying ‘finance a depreciating asset, pay cash
Government, together with limited budgets has made it difficult     for an appreciating asset’
for institutions to keep pace with the changes in technology. An
                                                                   • Acquire good quality technology in sufficient quantities.
Apple Financial Services lease can help you overcome some of
                                                                     Students and teaching staff will benefit from being able to
these challenges.
                                                                     afford more high tech equipment in larger quantities from
Key benefits of the Apple Financial Services leasing scheme:         day one.
• Obtain more equipment up-front. Achieve Government               • Finance the total solution. Hardware, software, maintenance
  targets more easily. By taking into account your future            and training can all be included under an AFS lease.
  budget using an AFS lease you will be able to acquire almost
                                                                   • Face the future with confidence. We work closely with Apple
  3 times the cost of equipment that you would be able to
                                                                     to ensure our service reflects the quality and consistency
  afford by paying cash.
                                                                     you have come to expect from the Apple brand. We are your
• Effective planning of your ICT strategy. With an AFS lease         partner for the long term, working hand in hand with you to
  you have the flexibility to add-on, upgrade or refresh your        ensure you maximise the potential of your ICT budget.
  equipment at any point during the period of the lease.

Your Mac in safe hands
KRCS is one of the longest established Apple Authorised Service    proven track record of high customer satisfaction ratings for
Providers (AASPs) in the UK. KRCS are part of a network of         repair services, and exclusive access to genuine Apple parts,
Apple-authorised businesses that provide comprehensive             Apple Authorised Service Providers can deliver quick, efficient
support and repair services for Mac products.                      repairs and an easy, straightforward customer experience.
KRCS employ Apple-certified technicians, who complete regular      KRCS also provide additional services often unavailable
Apple training and assessments, so you can be confident you’re     through other providers, such as data transfer, data recovery,
getting help from qualified, experienced professionals. With a     upgrade services, and onsite deployment and installation.

   As Apple Authorised Service Providers we specialise in:

   • Mac product repairs

   • Data transfer and recovery

   • Product upgrade and support

   • Mac system and software deployment

   • Mac integration in mixed-platform environments

   • High-speed shared storage management

“Over the past 9 years we have supported Nottingham city schools in developing their use of ICT across the curriculum.
Although we use a mixed economy of both Mac and PC platforms to cover a broad range of projects, the intuitive interface
and superb media handling of the Mac enables a greater degree of creativity in the classroom.....Students are therefore more
able to progress seamlessly to industry-standard applications and creativity is placed at the core of all learning activities.”
David, Nottingham City Council

 Windows on a Mac: Boot Camp
 Boot Camp from Apple allows you to run Windows XP, Vista or                and a Windows PC. Once Boot Camp and Windows
 Windows 7 on any Intel-based Mac. The only ‘extras’ you need               are installed, all you have to do to run in Windows
 to add are a full copy of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 and               is hold down the Option key at startup, and you
 any Windows-native applications you require.                               have a native Windows machine. To return to
 Boot Camp is an integral part of Mac OS X and allows you                   Mac, all you have to do is restart.
 to run Windows without sacrificing any of your Mac data. It
 effectively allow one Mac to function as two machines - a Mac

 Windows on a Mac: Parallels & VMware Fusion
 Don’t want to choose between running the Mac OS or Windows?                Parallels allows you to drag-and-drop items from one desktop
 Would it make life easier if you could run both at the same                to another, and burn CDs/DVDs ) from both platforms.
 time? That’s exactly what you get with Parallels Desktop for
                                                                            Fusion creates a secure and isolated virtual machine to protect
 Mac and VMware Fusion.
                                                                            your Mac from any Windows crashes or instability.
 Both products allow you to have both operating systems
                                                                            Parallels education single user (discounted licencing available)
 open on the same desktop simultaneously. Both also support
 a wide range of operating systems, including Mac OS X 10.4
                                                                            £41.00 ex VAT
 Tiger, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard,                  Fusion education single user
 Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Windows XP, Windows Vista and
                                                                            £29.00 ex VAT
 Windows 7. In addition, Fusion also supports Linux.

 Contacts Us: Apple Solutions Expert in Education
 Find out what the team are up to and follow them on twitter @krcs_education
 Your Education contacts.

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 & Warwickshire                       & Derbyshire                          Cambridgeshire & East Anglia          Birmingham

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