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   Make a list of every family member you have
    back to your grandparents

   This includes, siblings, step siblings, step
    parents, cousins, aunts, uncles etc
            Nature Vs. Nurture
   What is inherited vs. what is acquired

         Why Genograms?
Genograms are a method of identifying and measuring
intergenerational characteristics of families. What you
do with the information is up to you, but the information
can be used to eliminate problems in their life. It will
help you better understand yourself, your family, and you
future relationships.
Generational processes are important to
 all of us because they influence us in
               many ways
             Double Edge Sword
   Good when our genogram shows positive traits
    when it transmits healthy, desirable, and appropriate
    ways of thinking, relating, behaving, living, and

   Tragic when it shows unhealthy patterns in
    relationships, ways of behaving, living, and feeling
     Research has identified many
 specific areas where generational ties
           make a difference
a. Quality of marriage

b. Abusive and Non-abusive relationships

c. Mental Health and Wellness

d. Genetic Disease

e. Education/Occupational Trends
      Respond to the statement
"The potential for becoming free from the
 influence of one's family system, however, is
 much greater in an approach that brings
 one towards the family than in an approach
 that takes one away. I think, therefore, in
 terms of differentiation of self within the
 system rather than independence of it.“
 Dr. and Rabbi Joseph Friedman, genetics specialist
                Add to the list
   Occupations

   Issues (alcoholism, drug abuse, mental issues,
    cancer, diabetes, heart disease, personality
    traits, commitment etc)

   Divorces, separations etc.

   Cause of death etc.
    ?’s please explain your answer
   List 5 positive trends passed through your
    family, do you feel you are on track to possess
    those traits? Do you want to?

   List 5 negative trends, are these something that
    you can avoid? Or, are you on track for the
    same characteristics?

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