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									                                                                                        No. 950

                                                      SECTION:        COMMUNITY

                                                      TITLE:          NEWS MEDIA RELATIONS
                                                      ADOPTED:        October 4, 1995
                                                      REVISED:        December 20, 2010

                                             950. NEWS MEDIA RELATIONS

1. Purpose          Representatives of the media including local press, radio and TV are an important
                    link in the communications chain between school and community. The maintenance
                    of good working relationships with media representatives is essential to meeting
                    those objectives of the school/community relations program which require the
                    support and cooperation of the news media.

2. Authority        The Board shall have the final approval for all basic policies concerning relations
                    between the media and the District.

                    The Board reserves the right to negotiate for radio broadcasting, televising, filming,
                    sound recording or Internet streaming of any school event by an outside agency.
                    These rights, if sold, shall be contracted under conditions that bring the most
                    favorable terms to the District.

3. Delegation of    The chief communication representative for the Board shall be the Superintendent
   Responsibility   and/or his/her designee.

                    The chief communication representative of the Board shall:

                    1. Be available to media representatives.

                    2. Without violating confidentiality guidelines, provide media representatives, upon
                       their request, with all facts that give a true picture to the best of his/her

                    3. Keep media representatives fully informed of all aspects of the District so that
                       reporting will be done on the basis of a complete and valid overview.

                    4. Submit or suggest feature stories or articles of interest or relevance.

                    5. Assist various school related groups in their relations with the media.

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                6. Assist the Board in the preparation of regular and special publications to the

                7. Make presentations about the District to various community, civic and governing

                8. Serve as the initial district contact so as to disseminate information that is as
                    accurate as possible.

4. Guidelines   The District will provide copies of moving pictures or videotapes of any District
                sports contest to any person, school or other organization with the expressed, written
                consent of the Director of Extracurricular Activities.

                Submission of photographs to media or permission for media representatives to
                photograph District subjects, personnel, or students during the school day shall be
                authorized by the District’s chief communication representative and/or his/her
                designee which would include the staff member supervising the event. This does not
                apply to news media who are taking photos at extracurricular events.

                Photographs, moving pictures or videotapes of a controversial nature, or that are
                questionable with regard to individual rights of privacy, shall not be sanctioned.


                School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 510

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