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					                          Frankenstein Projects

   Eyewitness News
    Imagine that a TV news reporter is interviewing people who knew Victor
    Frankenstein. Each student should choose a different minor character from the
    novel – Alphonse Frankenstein, Caroline Frankenstein, Ernest Frankenstein,
    William Frankenstein, Elizabeht Lavenza, Justine Moritz, Henry Clerval,
    M.Krempe, M. Waldman, M. De Lacey, Felix De Lacey, Agatha Ed Lacey, Safie,
    Mr. Kirwin, Margaret Saville – and different students enacting the parts of the
    reporter and the interviewees. Submit a written script.

   ‘Net Results
    Design an Internet web page for fans of Frankenstein. The web page might
    include a time line of the novel’s key events, a map showing the places where
    these events occur, profiles of the main characters and of some of the minor ones,
    intriguing facts about Mary Shelley, likns to other web pages, and a bulletin board
    for visitor comments. Submit the printed web page.

   Talk Show
    Take the roles of various characters in the novel. Sit in a group at the front of the
    class with one student as the moderator. Then, with the rest of the class as your
    studio audience, conduct a talk show discussion of the topic, “What do you do
    when a science experiment goes wrong.” And/or “The ethics of science research,
    including cloning, stem cell research, and face transplants.” Make sure you have
    research stating current practices and controversies to back up your arguments.
    Submit research and a written script/framework.

   All the World’s a Stage
    Choose scenes from the novel that contain little or no dialogue, such as the
    creation of the creature or the creature watching the De Lacey’s and learning how
    to read, talk, etc. Imagine what the characters may have said in the situation and
    then act out the dramatic scenes for the class. Submit a written script.

   You’re a Rap Star
    Write and perform your own original rap song tell Frankenstein’s story. Make
    sure you have the lyrics ready for the class to read along. Also include a poster of
    the creature labeling strategic details described in the novel.

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