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					 50,000-Watt AM Stations

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                                                                                       50,000-Watt AM stations
This list includes AM stations in the United States and Canada that broadcast with a power of 50,000 Watts day and night. Some of
these stations are what was once known as the "clear channel" stations; others are not. The fourth column shows the station's
antenna pattern:

                                                                Day           Night      Patterns same?
                                                        U1 Nondirectional Nondirectional        --
                                                        U2 Nondirectional Directional           --
                                                        U3 Directional    Directional          Yes
                                                        U4 Directional    Directional          No

Most of the original "clear channel" stations are nondirectional 24 hours. Some stations, such as WBZ, could operate as
nondirectional, but instead use a directional pattern to avoid sending large amounts of signal into the ocean. The formats and call
letters on this list are probably not 100% up-to-date, so send any updates to

 540       CBK          Regina, SK                                U1           CBC Radio One
 540       WFLF         Pine Hills, FL                            U4           News/Talk
 590       CJCL         Toronto, ON                               U3           Sports
 630       CHED         Edmonton, AB                              U4           AC/Talk
 640       KFI          Los Angeles, CA                           U1           News/Talk
 640       CFYI         Richmond Hill, ON                         U4           News/Talk
 650       WSM          Nashville, TN                             U1           Classic Country
 650       KENI         Anchorage, AK                             U1           News/Talk
 660       WFAN         New York City, NY                         U1           Sports
 660       KTNN         Window Rock, AZ                           U2           Navajo/Country
 660       CFFR         Calgary, AB                               U4           News
 670       WSCR         Chicago, IL                               U1           Sports
 670       KBOI         Boise, ID                                 U2           News/Talk
 680       KNBR         San Francisco, CA                         U1           Sports
 680       WRKO         Boston, MA                                U4           News/Talk
 680       WPTF         Raleigh, NC                               U2           News/Talk
 680       CJOB         Winnipeg, MB                              U4           News/Talk
 680       CFTR         Toronto, ON                               U4           News
 690       CBU          Vancouver, BC                             U3           CBC Radio One
 690       CINF         Montreal, PQ                              U1           News/Talk
 700       WLW          Cincinnati, OH                            U1           News/Talk
 710       KIRO         Seattle, WA                               U2           News/Talk
 710       WAQI         Miami, FL                                 U1           Spanish News/Talk
 710       WOR          New York City, NY                         U3           News/Talk
 720       WGN          Chicago, IL                               U1           News/Talk
 720       KDWN         Las Vegas, NV                             U2           News/Talk
 730       CJNW         Vancouver, BC                             U4           News/Talk
 730       CKAC         Montreal, PQ                              U3           French News/Talk
 740       KCBS         San Francisco, CA                         U4           News/Talk
 740       KTRH         Houston, TX                               U4           News/Talk
 740       CBX          Edmonton, AB                              U4           CBC Radio One
 740       CHWO         Toronto, ON                               U1           Big Band/Soft Oldies
 740       WQTM         Orlando, FL                               U4           Sports
 750       WSB          Atlanta, GA                               U1           News/Talk
 750       KFQD         Anchorage, AK                             U1           News/Talk
 760       WJR          Detroit, MI                               U1           News/Talk (1 of 4)3/18/2007 4:31:56 PM
 50,000-Watt AM Stations

 770       WABC         New York City, NY                         U1           News/Talk
 770       KKOB         Albuquerque, NM                           U2           News/Talk
 770       CHQR         Calgary, AB                               U2           News/Talk
 780       WBBM         Chicago, IL                               U1           News
 780       KKOH         Reno, NV                                  U2           News/Talk
 790       CFCW         Camrose, AB                               U4           Country
 790       CIGM         Sudbury, ON                               U4           Country
 800       CKLW         Windsor, ON                               U4           News/Talk
 800       CHRC         Quebec, PQ                                U3           French News/Talk
 810       KGO          San Francisco, CA                         U3           News/Talk
 810       WGY          Schenectady, NY                           U1           News/Talk
 820       WBAP         Fort Worth, TX                            U1           News/Talk
 820       KCBF         Fairbanks, AK                             U1           Sports
 830       WCCO         Minneapolis, MN                           U1           News/Talk
 840       WHAS         Louisville, KY                            U1           News/Talk
 850       KOA          Denver, CO                                U1           News/Talk
 850       WEEI         Boston, MA                                U4           Sports
 860       CJBC         Toronto, ON                               U1           La Première Chaîne
 870       WWL          New Orleans, LA                           U3           News/Talk
 880       WCBS         New York City, NY                         U1           News
 880       KRVN         Lexington, NE                             U2           News/Farm/Country
 880       CHQT         Edmonton, AB                              U2           Easy Listening
 890       WLS          Chicago, IL                               U1           News/Talk
 900       CHML         Hamilton, ON                              U4           Talk/Oldies
 910       CKDQ         Drumheller, AB                            U4           Country
 930       CJCA         Edmonton, AB                              U2           Christian
 930       CFBC         St. John, NB                              U4           Oldies
 930       CJYQ         St. John's, NF                            U2           Oldies
 940       KWRU         Fresno, CA                                U4           Spanish
 940       CINW         Montreal, PQ                              U4           News
 950       KJR          Seattle, WA                               U2           Sports
 950       WWJ          Detroit, MI                               U4           News
 960       CFAC         Calgary, AB                               U2           Country
 980       CKNW         Vancouver, BC                             U3           News/Talk/AC
 990       CBW*         Winnipeg, MB                              U1           CBC Radio One
 990       CKGM         Montreal, PQ                              U4           Oldies
1000       WMVP         Chicago, IL                               U2           Sports
1000       KOMO         Seattle, WA                               U2           News/Talk
1010       WINS         New York City, NY                         U3           News
1010       CBR          Calgary, AB                               U4           CBC Radio One
1010       CFRB         Toronto, ON                               U4           News/Talk
1020       KDKA         Pittsburgh, PA                            U1           News/Talk
1020       KTNQ         Los Angeles, CA                           U4           Spanish AC
1020       KINF         Roswell, NM                               U4           News/Oldies
1030       WBZ          Boston, MA                                U3           News/Talk
1030       KTWO         Casper, WY                                U2           News/Talk
1040       WHO          Des Moines, IA                            U1           News/Talk
1050       WEPN         New York City, NY                         U3           Sports
1050       CHUM         Toronto, ON                               U4           Oldies, Talk
1060       KYW          Philadelphia, PA                          U3           News
1060       CKMX         Calgary, AB                               U2           AC
1070       KNX          Los Angeles, CA                           U1           News
1070       CBA          Moncton, NB                               U1           CBC Radio One
1080       WTIC         Hartford, CT                              U2           AC/Talk
1080       KRLD         Dallas, TX                                U2           News/Talk (2 of 4)3/18/2007 4:31:56 PM
 50,000-Watt AM Stations

1090       KAAY         Little Rock, AR                           U2           Christian
1090       KPTK         Seattle, WA                               U4           News/Talk
1090       WBAL         Baltimore, MD                             U2           News/Talk
1100       WTAM         Cleveland, OH                             U1           News/Talk
1100       KFAX         San Francisco, CA                         U3           Christian/Ethnic
1110       KFAB         Omaha, NE                                 U2           News/Talk
1110       WBT          Charlotte, NC                             U2           News/Talk
1120       KMOX         St. Louis, MO                             U1           News/Talk
1120       KPNW         Eugene, OR                                U3           News/Talk
1130       KWKH         Shreveport, LA                            U2           Classic Country
1130       WBBR         New York City, NY                         U2           Business News
1130       CKWX         Vancouver, BC                             U4           News
1140       KHTK         Sacremento, CA                            U4           Sports
1140       WRVA         Richmond, VA                              U3           News/Talk
1140       CFXL         Calgary, AB                               U4           AC
1150       CKOC         Hamilton, ON                              U4           Oldies
1160       KSL          Salt Lake City, UT                        U1           News/Talk/Sports
1160       WYLL         Chicago, IL                               U4           Christian
1170       KFAQ         Tulsa, OK                                 U2           News/Talk
1170       WWVA         Wheeling, WV                              U2           News/Talk
1180       WHAM         Rochester, NY                             U1           News/Talk
1180       VOA          Marathon, FL                              U3           Radio Marti
1190       KEX          Portland, OR                              U2           News/Talk
1200       WOAI         San Antonio, TX                           U1           News/Talk
1200       CKDA         Victoria, BC                              U4           `70s Oldies
1200       CFGO         Ottawa, ON                                U4           Sports
1210       WPHT         Philadelphia, PA                          U1           News/Talk
1220       WHK          Cleveland, OH                             U3           Christian Talk
1260       CFRN         Edmonton, AB                              U2           Nostalgia
1270       WXYT         Detroit, MI                               U4           News/Talk
1280       CFMB         Montreal, PQ                              U4           Ethnic
1310       CIWW         Ottawa, ON                                U4           Oldies
1320       CHMB         Vancouver, BC                             U4           Ethnic
1410       CFUN         Vancouver, BC                             U4           AC/Oldies
1430       CKYC         Toronto, ON                               U4           Country
1470       CJVB         Vancouver, BC                             U4           Ethnic/AC
1500       WTOP         Washington, DC                            U4           News
1500       KSTP         St. Paul, MN                              U2           News/Talk
1510       WWZN         Boston, MA                                U4           Sports
1510       WLAC         Nashville, TN                             U2           News/Talk
1510       KGA          Spokane, WA                               U2           News/Talk
1520       WKBW         Buffalo, NY                               U3           News/Talk
1520       KOKC         Oklahoma City, OK                         U2           News/Talk
1530       KFBK         Sacremento, CA                            U4           News/Talk
1530       WCKY         Cincinnati, OH                            U2           Sports
1540       KXEL         Waterloo, IA                              U2           News/Talk/Christian
1540       WDCD         Albany, NY                                U3           Christian
1560       WQEW         New York City, NY                         U4           Radio Disney
1580       KMIK         Tempe, AZ                                 U2           Radio Disney
1580       KBLA         Santa Monica, CA                          U4           Spanish Christian

*CBW drops to 46kW at night.                                  Close enough! (3 of 4)3/18/2007 4:31:56 PM
50,000-Watt AM Stations

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