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Chris Isaak


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									CD | DMD

Chris Isaak
Mr. Lucky

r                                        Chris Isaak, the epitome of modern                             BAND

                                                                                                        S I LV E R T O N E :
                                         musical cool, is back with Mr. Lucky,                          Kenney Dale Johnson, drums, vocals
                                         his first non-holiday studio album                             Rowland Salley, bass, vocals
We Let Her Down                          since 2002. Filled with his distinctive,                       Hershel Yatovitz, guitar, vocals
                                         sweetly moody, slyly sexy retro-pop,                           Scott Plunkett, keyboards
Cheater’s Town                           Mr. Lucky debuts alongside the tele-                           Rafael Padilla, percussion
We Let Her Down                          vision premiere of “The Chris Isaak                            HOMETOWN

You Don’t Cry Like I Do                  Hour,” a weekly music-and-talk series                          Stockton, CA
We’ve Got Tomorrow                       on A&E’s Bio Channel. Isaak’s fans will                        GUEST ARTISTS
Breaking Apart (duet with                consider themselves fortunate that                             Trisha Yearwood
    Trisha Yearwood)                     new music from their Mr. Lucky has                             Michelle Branch
Baby Baby                                finally arrived.
Mr. Lonely Man
I Lose My Heart (with Michelle Branch)                                                                  Eric Rosse
                                         I F O C U S T R A C K : “We Let Her Down” impacts
Summer Holiday                           February 17 at AAA, Hot AC and AC.
                                                                                                        Chris Isaak
Best I Ever Had                                                                                         Mark Needham
                                         I T O U R : Isaak performs February 13-15 at the
We Lost Our Way                                                                                         John Shanks
                                         Orleans in Las Vegas, with other dates throughout the
Very Pretty Girl                         year to be announced.                                          FILE UNDER

Take My Heart                                                                                           Rock
                                         I T E L E V I S I O N : “The Chris Isaak Hour” debuts
Big Wide Wonderful World                 February 26. Guests on various shows will include              R A D I O F O R M AT S

                                         Trisha Yearwood, Michael Bublé, Stevie Nicks, Smash-           AAA/Hot AC/AC
                                         ing Pumpkins, Chicago, and Glen Campbell. Expect
Always Got Tonight (2-48016)                                                                            ON THE WEB
                                         heavy cross promotion on A&E.
Baja Sessions (2-46325)                                                                                 chrisisaak.com
Best Of Chris Isaak (2-49418)            I P U B L I C I T Y : A critical favorite, the multi-Grammy®
                                         nominated Isaak will receive significant notice in the
Best Of Chris Isaak (2-49981) (CD+DVD)
                                         entertainment press and on talk shows.                         S T R E E T DAT E
Chris Isaak (2-25536)
                                         I H I S T O R Y : With the Top 20 Modern Rock “Don’t
Chris Isaak Christmas (2-48899)
                                         Make Me Dream About You” and gold Top 10 Pop
Forever Blue (2-45845)
                                         “Wicked Game” (featured in David Lynch’s Wild At
Heart Shaped World (2/4-25837)
                                         Heart), 1989’s Top 10 Heart Shaped World (Isaak’s third
San Francisco Days (2-45116)             album) went double platinum. 1993’s Top 40 San Fran-
Silvertone (2-25156)                     cisco Days was gold (Top 10 Modern Rock “Can’t Do A
Speak Of The Devil (2-46849)             Thing (To Stop Me)”), followed by 1995’s platinum Top 40
                                         Forever Blue (Top 40 Modern Rock “Somebody’s
                                         Crying”). After the gold Top 40 Baja Sessions in 1996
                                         and 1998’s Speak Of The Devil, 2002’s Top 30 Always Got
                                         Tonight appeared during the second of three seasons of         CD 2-518008
                                         Showtime’s comedy-plus-music series “The Chris Isaak
                                         Show.” A 2004 Christmas album and 2006 “best of”
                                         compilation followed.
                                                                                                        0    9362-49788-3        1
                                         I D O W N L O A D : This album is also available as a
                                         digital music download (DMD).
                                                                                                         Digital Music Download Available

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