38th IFToMM Executive Council Meeting April 1_ 2005_ Besancon_ France

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					               41th IFToMM Executive Council Meeting July 5, 2008, Tokyo, Japan
Meeting room:       Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science Center (TWins), Common Conference Room, Building No. 50
(2nd Floor), Kawada-cho Campus,Waseda University, 2-2, Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjuku-ku; time:            9.00 h.

    1.  Opening of the Meeting and Agreement of Agenda                                                                  9.00
    2.  Apologies for absence                                                                                           9.05
    3.  Approval of the Minutes of the 40th Executive Council Meeting                                                   9.10
    4.  Report of the President                                                                                         9.15
    5.  Report of the Secretary General                                                                                 9.20
    6.  Report of the EC members                                                                                        9.30
    7.  Reports of the Chairs of Permanent Commissions for
        - Communications                            Prof. Leila Notash                                                  9.40
        - Education                                 Prof. Pietro Fanghella                                              9.50
        - History of MMS                            Prof. Hanfried Kerle                                                10.00
        - Publications                              Prof. Vincenzo Parenti-Castelli                                     10.10
        - Standardization of Terminology            Prof. Antonius J Klein-Breteler                                     10.20
    8. Reports of the Chairs of Technical Committees for
        - Computational Kinematics                  Prof. Manfred Husty                                                10.30
        - Gearing                                   Prof. Adam Dobroczeny                                              10.40
        - Human-Machine Systems                     Prof. Konstanty Skalski,                                           10.50
        - Linkages and Cams                         Prof. Burkhard Corves                                              11.00
        - Mechatronics                              Prof. Shinichi Yokota                                              11.10
        - Micromachines                             Prof. G.K. Ananthasuresh                                           11.20
        - Multibody Dynamics                        Prof. Javier Cuadrado                                              11.30
        - Nonlinear Oscillations                    Prof. Jan Awrejcewicz                                              11.40
        - Reliability                               Prof. Irina V. Demiyanushko                                        11.50
        - Robotics                                  Prof. Bodo Heimann                                                 12.00
        - Rotor dynamics                            Prof. Rainer Nordmann                                              12.10
        - Transportation Machinery                  Prof. Madu Raghavan                                                12.20
        - Tribology                                 Prof Jianbin Luo                                                   12.30
    9. Appointment of members of Permanent Commissions                                                                 12.40
    10. Appointment of members of Technical Committees                                                                 12.50
    11. Chairs of PCs and TCs                                                                                          13.00
    12. Patronage or support of conferences by IFToMM                                                                 15.00
    13. Report by the President on IFToMM Honors and Awards                                                           15.10
    14. Information from GA Constitution                                                                              15.20
    15. Treasurer’s report and budget for 2008 and 2009                                                               15.30
    16. Report of Working Groups                                                                                      15.50
   (WG for future directions, WG for identification of benefits in IFToMM, WG for revision and evaluation of TCs, WG for template of
   IFToMM conference proceedings, WG for IFToMM flyer and posters, WG for differentiated conference fee, WG for IFToMM
   sponsorship, WG for IFToMM Archive, WG for new IFToMM membership, WG for IFToMM Newsletter, WG for EC Regulations,
   WG for webpage and IFToMM database, WG for IFToMM jnl on gears, WG for material for presentation of IFToMM, WG for new
   conference initiatives, WG for summer schools and tutorials on MMS, WG for records of IFToMM honours and awards).
    17. New Working Groups                                                                                            16.40
    18. Report of Organizing Committee for 13th World Congress in 2011                                                16.50
    19. Candidates for the new Membership in IFToMM – Changes in the Memberships                                      17.10
    20. New and Old Businesses                                                                                        17.20
    21 Place and date of the 42nd Executive Council Meeting                                                           17.30
    21. Closure                                                                                                       17.40

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