Operation of EF Johnson VHF-FM Radio

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					Operation of EF Johnson
    VHF-FM Radio

        Texas Wing
       Civil Air Patrol
          VERSION 2.1
•   Radio Specifications
•   Radio Features
•   Display Features
•   Connecting the Microphone
•   Connecting the Radio
•   To Transfer the Radio
•   To Turn in the Radio for Maintenance
        Radio Specifications

• Very High Frequency / Frequency
  Modulation (VHF/FM)
• Designed for Mobile or Fixed Station Use
• 50 Watt / 10 Watt Selectable Power Level
• 256 Programmable Channels
  – 16 Zones of 16 channels each
• 136 – 174 MHz Frequency Coverage
Radio Features
              Display Features

• The value that can be changed by the selection knob is
  indicated by a bar over its number (see Channel and
  Zone values above).
• To change which value is affected by the selection knob,
  press the selection knob.
    Option Button 1 - Backlight

• There are three backlight modes for the EF
  Johnson radio: Off, Dim, and Bright.
• Use the Backlight Button to switch through these
  three modes.
   Option Button 2 – TX Power

• Press to Toggle Transmit Power between 10
  and 50 Watts
• The display will briefly reflect this change by
  displaying “HIGH POWER” or “LOW POWER”
 Option Button 3 – Home Zone

• Press to return to the “Home Zone” CAP
  Zone 1
  – Then adjust channel knob to desired channel.
         Option Button 4 - Scan

• Press to activate Scan function.
   – Press once to activate Scan List 1. Press again to activate Scan
     List 2. If applicable, press again to activate Scan List 3. Press
     again to resume normal operation.
   – During Scan Operation, an animated clock icon will appear
     between the zone and the channel number display.
        Clock Display

• The clock icon is indicated in red.
                Scan List 1
• Scan List 1
  – Scan List 1 consists of the four primary CAP
    VHF/FM frequencies
                Scan List 2
• Scan List 2
  – Scan List 2 consists of interoperability
    frequencies between CAP and organizations
    such as Texas DPS, Fire Service, and
    Medical Service.
  – These stations require an interoperability
    agreement between CAP and the outside
             Scan List 3
• Scan List 3 contains marine (water)
  frequencies for use between CAP and
  water vehicles (Coast Guard)
    Option Button 5 - Monitor

• Press and hold for 2 seconds to engage
  Monitor Function.
  – When using the Monitor Function, Automatic
    Squelch is turned off.
    Option Button 6 - Program

• Press to initiate Front Panel Program
  feature. A password is required to access
  the Front Panel Program.
      Connecting the Radio

• The back of the EF-Johnson VHF-FM Radio
    Connecting the Microphone

• Inserting Microphone
  – To insert microphone, line up the notches in
    the microphone plug to the connector on the
    radio and insert.
• Removing Microphone
  – To remove microphone, pull back on the
    collar around the front of the plug, then
    remove the plug from the connector on the
Connecting the Antenna
           • A. RF Connector and
             Coaxial Cable
             supplied with radio
           • B. Adapter
             – Must remain attached
               to A, with radio
           • C. Coaxial Cable to
             – Type UHF / PL-259
Connecting the Power Supply
              • D. Accessory
                – Do not disconnect
              • E. Black Molex
                – Supplied with Radio
                – Do not disconnect
              • F. White Molex
                – Attached to a power
                  source of 12 V, 10 A
         Transferring Radio
• When transferring the Radio, make sure to
  – All adapters
  – All power cables except cables permanently
    installed in vehicles
  – Microphone
  – Instruction Book
  – Any items originally issued with radio
Turning in Radio for Maintenance
                • When turning in the
                  Radio for maintenance,
                  make sure to include:
                   – A. Adaptor connected
                     to RF connector and
                     Coaxial cable
                   – B. Power cord and
                     accessory connector
                     as shown
                   – Microphone
•   Radio Specifications
•   Radio Features
•   Display Features
•   Connecting the Microphone
•   Connecting the Radio
•   Transferring the Radio
•   Turning in the Radio for Maintenance

• Are there any questions about the EF
  Johnson Radio?

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