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									                    JFCOM “LITTLE C” UPDATE

                     JI&E ENTERPRISE CONFERENCE
                              9-12 Jan 2007

                                                    Col Kelly Mayes
                                                    Campaign Design
                                                       USJFCOM, J9

               United States Joint Forces Command
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                             Why We Do It

                JFCOM Transformational Objectives

        1. Enable Achievement of Unified Action

        2. Integrate Operations with Intelligence

        3. Enhance Joint Command and Control

        4. Improve Joint Force Deployment and Sustainment

        5. Develop Joint Concepts

        6. Enable Strategic Communications

        7. Develop & Support JI&E Community Processes

               United States Joint Forces Command
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                                    How We Do It

     Dimensions of                                                    J9 Business
   Organizational Design
                                                                    Joint Concepts
                                                                     (ways of operating)

                                                                   Joint Capabilities
                                                                    (means of operating)

         Cultures                                                for transformation activities

                                   JFCOM J9 organization:
               Deployment &       Futures     Innovation    Experimentation
               Logistics Unit      Unit          Unit             Unit

                      United States Joint Forces Command
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            Develop Joint Concepts
                Capstone Concept for Joint Operations

                         Global        Global
                       Deterrence      Strike

                       Major Combat                         Military Support to
                        Operations                        Stabilization. Security,
                                                              Transition and
                                                        Reconstruction Operations

            Joint Theater


                                                                       Joint Urban

                         What We‟re Doing in „07

    Warfighter             Futures Exploration                    Concepts                     JFCOM
    challenges,            CWMD SLR                                                        Transformational
  requests, tasks                                                                             Objectives
                                 JxDS           Enabled J4

          Real-World        AFRICOM
           Support            Global
                            Reachback                                Angel Fire        CDCIE

                          ISAF-X Support
                          S-CRS Support                 SEAS                                              JCIDS
                          Sub-Saharan Norfolk           MNE5        Shaping JOC
                             Africa  Scenario                       SSTRO JOC
         JSAF               Scenario                     MDA         CCJO JOC
          JAS                                             IBC        MCO JOC
= M&S                            Unified
          G2                                            JIOC-X       Urban CBA
                                 Action                                             Joint Urban Fires
        IO Range                                        JCPOF         Adaptive          Prototype
                                                                                  Theater Effects-Based
         Experimentation                                                            Operations ACTD
                                                     Predictive                       Joint Force
        Unified Engagement 06                                                       Projection ACTD
                                   Trident            Analysis
           Unified Quest 07
                                   Warrior            JURSS                              GCSS
             Noble Resolve                              CSB
                                   JEFX 08                                          JCPOF Transition
        Joint Urban Warrior 07                       I-CBRND
            Urban Resolve
              Unified View                                                                       3 Jan 07
                 Enable Achievement of Unified Action

        Unified Action                                       Noble Resolve                                           Multinational
            Series                                              Series                                               Experiment 5
Objective: Test the structures,                       Objective: Investigate and                             Objective: Investigate and
  processes, and capabilities                         identify capability gaps,                              develop and agreed method
  necessary to improve USG                            develop recommendations,                                 by which multinational
whole-of-government capacity                          DOTMLPF proposals and                                  Partners can plan, execute
    to plan for and execute                           new tactics, techniques and                                   and assess a
 integrated conflict and crisis                       procedures to measurably                               comprehensive approach to
   prevention, mitigation or                          improve the COCOMs and                                    crisis prevention and
     response operations                              homeland security partners’                                      response
                                                      mission effectiveness
                                      Noble Resolve 2
                                          Aug 07
                                                                                                                         MNE5 Info Exchange
                  Noble Resolve 1 &
                                                                                                                               Fall 08
                  Associated Events
                     Mar-Jun 07                       MNE5 Shared                    MNE5
                                                     Understanding              Comprehensive
                                                    Integrating Event              Approach
             MNE5 Foundation Event                       Fall 07                   Main Event
                   Spring 07                                                   18 Feb – 21 Mar 08

                                         2007                                                                2008

  Unified Action              Unified Action               Unified Action Event 3           Unified Action Event 4
       Event 1                   Event 2                   Major Mission Element               Implementation
Conflict Assessment     Strategic/Policy Planning                 Planning                   Planning/Execution
       Feb 07                     Apr 07                         Jul-Aug 07                       Oct-Nov 07
                    Integrate Operations with Intelligence
                        Joint Intelligence Operations Center -
                               Transformation (JIOC-X)
              The JIOC-X is an entity created to address, develop, experiment with and
                 deliver joint operational intelligence solutions to increase the combat
              effectiveness of Combatant Commanders and other related DoD activities
        Focus Areas:
                –    Improving joint intelligence, operations, and plans integration and interoperability;
                –    Expanding information access and sharing;
                –    Improving situational awareness;
                –    Increasing the speed/agility of operations; and,
                –    Incorporating Intelligence Campaign Planning into emerging operational planning
                                                 2007 JIOC-X Related Events
   Intelligence, Operations
    and Plans Integration                       Red Teaming
           Jan 17-18                              May 9-10                            JIOC-X Integrating
                      All-Source Intelligence        Allies/Coalition Integration         Sep 18-21
                             Mar 7-8                           Jun 6-7

                  National            Intelligence                        Reserve
                Intelligence            Mission                         Integration
                  Support             Management                         Jul 11-12
                  Feb 7-8               Apr 4-5

                         United States Joint Forces Command
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                 Enhance Joint Command and Control

       Observe                                                          Orient
                                 Joint Urban Fires Prototype
                              Joint Command Post of the Future
                   Cross-Domain Collaborative Information Environment
                Ways and       Integrated Battle Command

                 Means Theater Effects-Based Operations
                       Geospatial Awareness and Planning System
                  Joint Urban Reconnaissance and Surveillance System
                                        Angel Fire
                                 Predictive Analysis Tools
                                    Global Reachback
               Act                                                      Decide
                            The front-end of the C2 CPM Process

                     United States Joint Forces Command
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          Improve Joint Force Deployment and Sustainment

                            ONE Joint Architecture Operational View

         Unified View           Joint Capabilities         Joint Force                 Joint
      related initiatives       Requirement Tool        Projection ACTD             Experimental
     (near-term solutions)            (JCRT)            related initiatives         Deployment
                                related initiatives         (near-mid-term         Support (JxDS)
                                (near-term solutions)         solutions)       (mid-term solutions)
     •   Requirement &          •   Request for         •   Operations         •    Theater Logistics
         Movement Control           Capabilities            Planning &              Command and          employment
                                                            Execution               Control                effects –
     •   Asset Visibility
                                                        •   Modeling &         •    Joint Force
                                                                                                        Options for the
     •   Force Closure                                                                                        JFC
                                                            Simulation              Support
                                                        •   JRSOI Capability        Component

               Service oriented architecture / Data access services
                         Adaptive Planning & Execution

                      United States Joint Forces Command
Unclassified                                                                                                              9
                Enable Strategic Communications

   • Actions taken to achieve effects in the perception and influence domains, including:
        Traditional Information Operations pillars
        Media operations
        Physical actions to create information effects
        Strategic Messaging
        Public diplomacy
   • Partnership with STRATCOM:
        Direct support to Joint Information Operations Warfare Command
        Initial ideas experimented on in Urban Resolve 2015

                United States Joint Forces Command
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 Linking Joint Concepts and Unified
 Action Through Experimentation

   Support to                     Shaping Joint
   EUCOM to                        Operations
 develop Africa                     Concept
    Unified                                         Partners
   Command                                          • DOS
                 MNE 5        Action                    PM
               Experiment   Experiment
                 Series                                   AF
                                                          CRS
                      Other                         •   USAID
                                                    •   Other IA
             CWID              Resolve              •   NGOs
            Scenario            Future
                                                    •   EUCOM
 SSTRO Joint
  Operations                                                       • Less costly to develop a single scenario
                                   Unified Action                  • No investment for players to learn a fictitious
   Concept                           Concepts                        scenario
                                                                   • Raise awareness of Africa and inform potential
                                                                     future operations

Providing the developmental framework for Unified Action . . .
  . . . While gaining key insight into areas we may operate in the future
                 “Unique joint solutions to the problems our
                       customers are trying to solve”

               United States Joint Forces Command
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Delivering Improved Warfighting Capability

                                     Joint Innovation &

       CJCSI 3170 –                                         JOPSC
       “….identifying,                       CJCSI 3010 – “…provides
       assessing and                         guidance for joint
       prioritizing joint military           concept development
       capability needs as                   and synchronizes the
       specified in title 10…”               efforts of the joint concept
                                             community in the DoD
                                             approach to

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