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					Lesson 2                                                                                    1

                                           Lesson Plan
                                      For Communication Unit

Lesson Number: 2                                   Unit Title: Communication

Lesson Title: Personal Hygiene                     Duration of Lesson: Ongoing

Objectives of the Lesson

Upon continued implementation of this lesson, Drew should be able to

    1. Know the sign language symbol for toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, lotion,
       soap, shampoo, toothpaste and razor.
    2. Based on the continued teaching of the sign language symbols with object and
       picture, Drew will be able to match the sign with the object and picture.
    3. Prepare a vocabulary board using the pictures of the objects introduced in this
    4. Communicate using sign language his understanding of the objects and relate
       the objects to the environment in which the objects are natural (home/school

Materials Needed

    1.    One average sized plastic container.
    2.    Toothbrush.
    3.    Toothpaste.
    4.    Hairbrush.
    5.    Deodorant.
    6.    Lotion.
    7.    Soap.
    8.    Shampoo.
    9.    Razor (no blade).
    10.   Digital Camera.
    11.   Picture cards of items.
    12.   Poster Board or wallboard.

Instructional Procedure with Approximate Timeline

Anticipatory Set (time is flexible)

Begin the lesson by having the container of items already prepared for the lesson.
Communicate to Drew the lesson concept by signing ____________. Introduce and
teach one item at a time. After introducing an object, the teacher will offer Drew a choice
to play with a favorite item (see functional behavioral plan). When teaching Drew the
sign for each item, the teacher must pair the sign with object and picture. Introduce the
sign within his visual space and use a tactile sign (sign in his hand or on body when
appropriate). After introducing the sign, object and picture have Drew manipulate the
sign with his hands and body, whichever is appropriate. Do this for each item.

In order to encourage longer attention span, the teacher can determine when Drew is
ready to do two items (three, four, five etc.) before offering a choice of favorite item.
Lesson 2                                                                                    2

Related Meaningful Activity

Drew will relate the Personal Hygiene lesson objects, signs and pictures to a meaningful
activity. Drew will integrate his learning during toileting and at home when bathing and
getting dressed. When toileting, Drew will wash his hands with soap and brush his hair.
When directing Drew to wash hands with soap and to brush his hair the teacher and staff
will communicate through sign language (paired with an object and picture). The teacher
can assign homework for Drew’s parents to use the sign, picture and object of the
vocabulary items listed in this lesson. When Drew has mastered the sign, the object and
picture will no longer be used. This will be determined through a formative assessment.
(Drew knows the signs for toilet, wash hands and wash hair).

Interdisciplinary Activity

Drew will relate the School Items lesson objects to community access experiences of
purchasing items at the store with money. During the community access activity (grocery
store event), Drew will place the objects decided by the teacher from the lesson
vocabulary list (2 or 3 items) in a hand held basket. Drew will be given the sign and
picture of the item. Staff will need to guide Drew to the area where the object is stored,
and then allow him time to find the object to place in his basket (in the beginning staff will
need to point to the item). Drew will be required to pay for the items by giving the cashier
the money and waiting for his change. Drew will hold the bag containing the items and
return to the bus or other District vehicle. When returning to class, Drew will place items
in their appropriate area (teacher designated).

Lesson Closure

When Drew is finished with the lesson in the classroom and community access activity,
his teacher and paraprofessionals need to reward him with praise by patting his back
and signing finished.


   1. Connecting objects to signs and pictures to build vocabulary.
   2. Sign language and objects relate to meaningful activities.
   3. Communication connects objects with understanding and experience.

Evaluation, Reflection, and Revision of Lesson

Throughout the process of implementation of this lesson and unit, revision in this lesson
may be made based on teacher observations and student achievement.

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