Delivering_Sustainable_Projects by panniuniu


									Delivering Sustainable Projects

    JMU’s Estate Development Strategy is committed to delivering sustainable projects
    and reducing its impact on the environment. The new Art and Design Academy
    building was awarded a “very good” British Research Establishment Environmental
    Assessment Method (BREEAM) rating. The building includes the following
    environmental benefits:

          eco roof (grass roof over lecture theatre)
          bio mass boiler,
          automatic lighting controls,
          thermal wheel heat recovery ventilation
          automatic window controls.
          flexible occupation and shared services.
          travel plans
          community activity

    Other recent sustainability projects that have been implemented are:

          Refurbishment of toilets and wash rooms – Water, lighting and ventilation
          “Green IT” – The introduction of “Night Watchman” IT switch off controls
           and virtual servers
          Travel Plans
          Heat recovery ventilation schemes
          Waste recycling initiatives – Bin less offices, battery recycling, waste to
           energy (SITA new waste contract).
          Audit and remedial actions relating to the Trend BMS control strategy
          Lighting upgrades
          High efficiency motor drives
          Environmental Audit

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