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									North Seattle Community College

        NSCC Food Services Overview

 Comprised of Cafeteria, Espresso, Sandwich Bar,
  and Vending Machines
 Espresso Bar and Vending are profitable
 Cafeteria and Sandwich Bar lose money
 Since FY05-06 $838,057 used to cover losses
 Current cash deficit of $180,000
         Reason for Consultant Review

 Current Food Services model is not sustainable

 With future budget cuts predicted, college can’t
 continue to subsidize food services

 Architect’s original concept: Build Student Center
 with food service component  Students voted “NO”

 Need to look at alternate solutions
              Food Consultant’s Findings:
 Current Cafeteria:
   Dated equipment

   Not central to campus, poor location/access

   1960’s design concept; too large/ elementary school cafeteria design

   Cafeteria and espresso lack secure storage

   Old and energy inefficient dishwashing equipment drives use of
    disposable tableware  doesn’t meet standards for sustainability in
    food service .
   Annual sales/far below average for similar size colleges

   Food cost is twice the industry standard for same size operations

 Espresso Bar :
   Current location has poor security for retail products

 Sandwich Bar:
   Improvised design with poor location and workflow
              Food Consultant’s Findings:

Food Service operations
     Inventory controls/security difficult with current layout
    Inefficient layout dictates staffing strategy w/high turnover of PT
     staff; only 3 permanent FT employees for entire FS operations
    Outdated service area and kitchen equipment make it difficult to
     maintain food quality
    Poor layout leads to congestion at peak demand times; service
     extremely slow - Sales increase possible just by increasing
    Limited service in evening hours
                  Food Service Goals

 Attain financial and operational efficiency
 Provide a broad variety of consistently high quality foods
 Optimize the ability for customers to purchase food quickly
 Expand service to evening students without substantially
  increasing labor costs
 Increase the overall security of food products in both
  retail and production areas.
 Develop a food services operation that is economically
                       Scenarios Considered

 Keep all food service in Campus Center
 Divide the food service locations
    Close the cafeteria, replace it with an Emporium in the Tech Building.
           a. Espresso stays where it is
           b. Espresso is expanded to include the sandwich bar/deli and takes
               over the “Green Room”
 Move all, combined foodservice to the Tech Building
           a. Campus Center kitchen is decommissioned
           b. Campus Center kitchen continues to operate as the support kitchen
               for the Tech emporium
 Close Cafeteria and expand Espresso
 Hire outside management
 Vendors with mobile units
 Do nothing (not really an option)
                                  Scenario Costs

 Scenario            College $    Capital $        Total Cost       Life       Notes
Keep in CC +         $1,530,000   $0           $1,530,000       5 yrs      Not central;
Renovate kitchen                                                           tied to Library/IB
Tech Bldg +          $400,000     $530,000     $930,000         20 yrs     Smaller kitchen;
Espresso as is                                                             less food variety
Food in Tech Bldg    $400,000     $770,000     $1,170,000       20 yrs     Smaller kitchen;
Expand Espresso                                                            less food variety;
                                                                           No meeting room
All in Tech Bldg +   $0           $1,015,000   $1,015,000       30 yrs     No room in tech
New kitchen                                                                bldg for kitchen
All in Tech Bldg +   $400,000     $555,000     $955,000         30 yrs     Smaller kitchen;
Renv. CC kitchen                                                           less food variety
             Recommended Scenario

 Completely replace Campus Center Food Service with
 an expanded Emporium in the Tech Building supported by
 the existing Campus Center kitchen
 Offers advantage of consolidating food service into one
  location near the center of campus traffic flow
 Maintains the current kitchen which eliminates many
  design challenges inherent in building support kitchen in
  the Tech Building
 Supported with a modest kitchen upgrade in Campus
  Center including developing secure dry and refrigerated
  storage and upgrading kitchen equipment
                   Next Steps

 E-Team will make final decision based on College
 Council input and survey results
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