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					From: Denise Solomon []
Sent: Friday, May 21, 2010 9:51 AM
To: Deans & Dept Heads 2009; Directors of Graduate Studies
Cc: Brandy Bower; Becky Albitz;
Subject: Electronic Library Access for MA and Ph.D. graduates

Dear Colleagues,

In response to a request earlier this year, I have been in conversations with the University Libraries about the
access to the electronic libraries enjoyed by our MA and Ph.D. graduates. Of particular interest was securing more
complete access to the online journal databases than is currently available. Although I wasn’t able to negotiate
greater access, I did learn information you might find useful.

A graduated student has access to the full array of electronic data bases as a Penn State affiliate for 6 months after
graduation (until their web ID expires). This access is negotiated into Penn State’s contracts with specific providers,
and it already costs about $2.5 million. There aren’t the financial resources to negotiate a longer period of access.

I did learn, however, that members of the Penn State Alumni Association have access to online resources that are
not available to the general public: All of our Ph.D. and MA
graduates are given a one year complementary membership in the Alumni Association, but they may not be aware
of the library privileges that accrue from this membership. Extending an alumni association membership after the
first complementary year is a way for our graduates to maintain this level of access.

I also learned that the access granted to current Penn State students can be enjoyed by anyone who accesses the
electronic library from a Penn State campus site. In other words, a former student living near a Penn State campus
can have full access by going to the library on that campus. This isn’t feasible for all our graduates, of course, but it
might help some of our former students.

Yet another option is the digital repository being developed by the Hathi Trust. This is a collaboration among CIC
institutions and the University of California to create on online repository for the libraries of research institutions.
There are over 700,000 full-text books and journals available, and the collection is growing:

Finally, graduates at other institutions are advised to work through their librarians to gain access to particular
resources. Penn State librarians (contact Becky Albitz: are willing to help librarians at other
institutions work toward gaining access to resources that will help our graduates. This may be especially helpful
when our former students are at institutions where the library personnel lack the expertise in these matters that
we have among the Penn State librarians.

Please share this information with your students as appropriate.



Denise Solomon
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Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
College of the Liberal Arts
Penn State University

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