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									                         CREATING A COMMUNITY OF WRITERS
                            THE FIRST MONTH OF SCHOOL

      MINI LESSON                KEY CONCEPTS                   LEARNING                RESOURCES
Students fill out survey form Student attitudes and       Use information to          Guiding Readers
regarding writing             knowledge about             instruction                 and Writers
                              writing                     Learn student attitudes     Appendix
                                                          towards writing             LA Curriculum
Share a letter to students      Pre assessment of         Inform instruction          Use six trait scoring
Share your goals, hopes of      student writing           Begin creating a            guides to determine
the year                                                  community of writers        group and
Students write a similar                                  by sharing your writing     individual strengths
letter to you                                                                         and weaknesses. DO
OR                                                                                    NOT ASSIGN A
Students write: definition of                                                         GRADE TO THIS
a great school, my goals for                                                          WRITING.
the school year, or my
favorite place.
Share your writing life.        List and explain the      Students realize the
Ask students to interview       writing you do on a       importance of writing
other adults to discover how    weekly basis              in adult world. Begin to
writing is important in daily   Model our own literate    understand the
world.                          lives                     importance of effective
Writing Process                 Students brainstorm in    Observe group
                                small groups or pairs.    processes. Note who
                                Can use their survey      appears to be leaders,
                                Encourage non-linear      who cooperates well,
                                representation.           etc.
                                Present to class.
                                Identify similarities
                                and differences
Share favorite writers          Students bring in their   Review ―talking‖ about
                                favorite picture book     effective writing
                                and discuss why           Begin creating a
                                writing is effective      community of writers.
What makes writing              Students work in small    Review importance of        Chart Paper
effective?                      groups and brainstorm     developing an               Organize and share
                                the question.             individual writing          chart with students.
                                Chart student             process, recognizing
                                responses.                own strengths and
                                                          weaknesses, and
                                                          identifying audience
                                                          and purpose.

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                         THE FIRST MONTH OF SCHOOL

      MINI LESSON               KEY CONCEPTS                    LEARNING                 RESOURCES
Review Traits                  Students work in           Inform instruction.
                               groups to define the       Use to determine which
                               traits.                    traits to begin teaching.
                               Assign different
                               groups a trait OR
                               Identify two or three
                               traits and all groups
                               Share with whole class
Think Aloud Ideas Lesson       Review generating          Review effective          Data base of texts
Picture book for think aloud   ideas.                     writing through six trait available with
                               Students begin listing     Inform instruction        lessons
                               ideas for writing. This
                               list should be available
                               to them throughout the
IF WRITER’S                    Continue list of ideas     Writers use notebooks        Guiding Readers
NOTEBOOK IS                                               to gather ideas.             and Writers, pg 82
EXPECTED BEGIN                                                                         Writing Workshop,
                                                                                       Ralph Fletcher
                                                                                       Lessons that Change
                                                                                       Writers, Atwell
Setting Norms for              Writers know               Time available daily
Independent Writing Time       expectations during        for writing
                               daily writing time
Ideas lesson – Generic one     Writers have several       Writers use notebooks        On line curriculum
                               tools for generating       to gather ideas.             guide
                               ideas. Students            Developing                   Jan Chappuis binder
                               continue to add to         independent writers.
                               their ideas list.

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                         THE FIRST MONTH OF SCHOOL

      MINI LESSON              KEY CONCEPTS                    LEARNING                 RESOURCES
Procedures for Writing a      Writers have a process     Writers date writing,        Draft Paper
Draft                         for using draft            label it, skip lines, and
                              effectively                cross out instead of
                              While students are         erasing
                              writing, conference /
                              interview using
                              information from
                              survey; discuss
                              individual goals with
Organizing Your Writing       Writers use a writing      Students learn how to        Writing folder with
Work                          folder to organize         keep drafts of their         guessets for
                              work in progress           current writing project      resource material
                                                         in sequential order in       and pockets for
                                                         their writing folder.        current draft.
What do I do when I’m         Review Process of          Develop independent          Chart paper
done?                         Writing chart. For         writers
                              each step in process,
                              explain expectations.
Revision Strategies Review    In small groups,           Writers set goals for        Chart paper
                              students brainstorm        focused revision;
                              revision strategies they   revision different from
                              are familiar with.         editing.
                              Begin a chart with
Model Revision Strategy       Explicitly teach a         Students begin revising      Six Traits binder
Model one revision strategy   revision skill and the     their draft                  Craft of Writing
based on student needs        thinking a writer uses
Use your own writing or a     to revise.
sample student writing.       My own goals
Make take several days        My own weaknesses
                              Purpose and audience
Peer Conferences              1. Generate with           Students understand the      Norm setting chart.
Grades K – 2 or 3             students purpose           purpose for                  Peer conference
Expectations for Author’s     Writer reads piece to      conferences and that         forms available in
Chair                         others; ask for specific   the student writer needs     Writing Workshop
                              help, or develop a list    to know areas for            by Ralph Fletcher.
Grades 3 – 8                  of helpful questions       improvement, not ―It’s
Setting norms for peer        for the writer.            good!‖
conference—who, when,         2. Fishbowl
how often                     3. Model peer
                              conference with me or
                              your IS

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                       CREATING A COMMUNITY OF WRITERS
                          THE FIRST MONTH OF SCHOOL

      MINI LESSON                KEY CONCEPTS               LEARNING               RESOURCES
Revision Strategy               Readers practice peer  Students begin           Great Source grade
Students work together to       conference             practicing the work of a level kits
conference on an                                       writer.                  District 102 grade
―anonymous‖ paper.                                                              level papers
                                                                                Papers you saved
Setting norms for teacher       Writers know how you Develop independent        LA curriculum
conference—routines, how        will specifically help writers.                 guide
students prepare, how to        them
sign up
Editing                         Develop independent       Student responsibility    Three before me
How you will help.              writers who edit to the   for editing, not the      form
Resources—writer’s              best of their ability.    teacher or a parent.
express, other students.        One who holds the
                                pen, learns how to
No Excuse Word List             Papers will be            Students will learn       No excuse word
Share list with students;       returned if any of the    individual process to     lists from LA
emphasize that al the words     words are spelled         edit for these words.     curriculum guide on
on the list must be spelled     incorrectly.                                        web.
correctly on published          Setting expectations.
Expectations for turning in a   Writers begin to learn    Develop independent
piece. How, when,               routine.                  writers.
supporting evidence, i.e,
drafts, conference forms,
published piece

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