SPECIFICATION SHEET
MACHINE                  : - Okuma VH40 CNC 5 Axis Vertical Machining Centre

Stock No                 :- 5473

PRICE                    : - £14,500.00

Serial No                : - 00095

Control                  : - Okuma OSP7000M

Date of Manufacture      : - 1997


X axis (saddle left/right)                     560mm                   22.05in
Y axis (table front/back)                      450mm                   17.72in
Z axis (spindlehead up/down)                   450mm                   17.72ib
B axis to spindle nose                         150~600 mm              5.91~23.62in

Table (Pallet)
Size                                           Ø300mm                  11.81in
Load capacity                                  50kg                    110lb
Minimum indexing angle (B axis)                1º, swing: ±90º
Minimum indexing angle (C axis)                1º, rotate: 360º

Speeds                                         50~8,000 minˉ¹ {rpm}
No. of speed ranges                            Infinitely variable
Tapered bore                                   7/24 taper, NT 40
Bearing inner diameter                         65mm                    2.56in

Rapid traverse                                 X-Y-Z: 30,000mm/min     X-Y-Z: 1,181ipm
Cutting feed                                   1~10,000mm/min          0.01~394ipm

Tool shank                                     MAS BT40
Retenton knob                                  MAS 2 (MAS std. [special])

Tool storage capacity                          50 tools
Maximum tool diameter (w/adjacent tools)       80mm                    3.15in
Maximum tool diameter (w/o adjacent tools)     125mm                   4.92in
Maximum tool length                            300mm                   11.81in
Maximum tool weight                            8kg                     17.6lb
Tool selection                                 Memory random
Spindle drive - kW (hp)                      VAC 7.5kw (10hp) [10 min]/5.5 (7.5) [30 min]/3.7 (5) [cont]
Axis feed drives                                    X-Y-Z: AC 4.0kw           X-Y-Z: AC 5.4hp
Pallet indexing motor                               B: AC 2.4kw               B: AC 3.2hp
                                                    C: AC 0.4kw               C: AC 0.53hp
Hydraulic unit                                      2.2kw                     2.9hp

Power Sources
Electrical power supply                               20kVA
Compressed air supply                                 600 [0.5 MPa {5kg/cm² (71 psi)}] L/min

Machine Size
Machine height                                        2,670mm                     105in
Floor space                                           2,025 x 2,620mm             80 x 103in
Machine weight                                        5,500kg                     12,100lb

Complete with:-

Thru spindle coolant
Work washing gun
Shower washing
Tool breakage detection
B axis: auto 1º indexing
Tape storage 320m
Synchronised tapping
Swarf conveyor
Renishaw probe interface (No probe)

Payment terms :- In full prior to collection or delivery
Availability     :- Ex-stock subject to prior sale
Terms of trading :- Please refer to our standard terms and conditions of trading attached.

This machine can be seen under power at our premises in Burgess Hill. Every effort has been made to ensure the
above specification is accurate, however we advise you to check critical criteria.

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