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									                                Sitting Bull Middle School
                                        2008 - 2009

Dear Parents,
         Congratulations! Your child has been selected for AVID, a program dedicated to
helping students achieve their goal of going to college The AVID class provides support,
academic monitoring, and tutoring The core strategies taught include the writing process,
Socratic questioning, collaborative learning, and reading. Students will also learn study
skills, test preparation, and time management.
         Each AVID student is required to carry a binder in which materials from all
academic classes are kept. The binder is graded for content and organization. The AVID
student binder consists of:
              Good quality 3-ring binder with a 2” spine
              Five colored tab subject dividers
              Zipper pouch to store supplies
              Two or more pencils
              Two or more pens
              Filler paper
              Additional 3-ring binder with a 1” spine to be used as an AVID portfolio,
                 which will remain housed in the AVID elective classroom until June.
Other suggested supplies
     Highlighter pens
     Ruler
     Calculator
     Trapper pouches
     Clear plastic sleeves

   I am asking the students to have the above supplies by Monday, August 14th, as we
   will spend part of the period organizing the binder properly. If you are unable to
   complete the list by this day, please let me know.

   Communication between the teacher, the AVID student, and his/her parent is
   essential. I will stay in contact with you on a regular basis. Please, plan to attend the
   Back to School Night scheduled for the end of August. At this time I will present
   more information about this exceptional program and opportunity for your child.

   The attached sheet represents the commitment necessary in order to experience
   success in the AVID program. Please read, sign, and have your son/daughter return it
   by Friday, August 8th.

   Mrs. Ann Taylor
   AVID Elective Teacher

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