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After you've purchased your new flat screen television, you will have one more big task in front
of you - buying TV bracket. Today, we all have numerous flat panel TV brackets to choose from.
Unfortunately, most of them won't fit our criteria. That's why we have to pay extra attention to it
and that's why I'm offering you a guide. Keep reading...

Three things to pay attention to when buying flat panel television bracket

First of all of course, you need a wall. Luckily, flat screen TV bracket can be mounted on almost
every wall. Wood, concrete, cinder block... It doesn't matter as long as you have tools needed for
mounting your TV mount to that specific wall. In almost every case, tools will be provided with
your mounts. Another thing you should take a look at is positioning of you flat screen TV
bracket, or better to say, positioning of your flat screen. I know this might sound stupid, but you
should check whether there are obstacles blocking your view or is it safe to put your TV there.
As I've said, it might sound stupid, but you shouldn't overlook those things.

Weight and size of your screen TV also play a big role here. It's obvious that you can't use small
TV screen bracket for big and heavy flat screen. It's unsafe and I'd say irresponsible to do that.
Your flat screen could fall down and hurt somebody. Or if you are lucky, you will only destroy
your new flat screen. So be careful with that. Today, there is wide range of sizes you can choose

Type of screen TV bracket is also important. But unlike other things, this is a personal
preference. There are several types of mounts. For example: fixed, tilting and arm mount. If you
use fixed mount, make sure you choose your mounting place carefully; you won't be able to
move your screen after that. Tilting flat panel TV bracket enables you to rotate screen around 5
degrees up and 15 degrees down. Not much, but it can certainly help. Arm flat panel TV bracket
makes you able to have full control over your flat screen. You will be able to rotate it for 90
degrees or more as well as pull it away from the wall for about foot or so.

Basically, flat panel TV bracket shopping can be quite difficult if you don't educate yourself. But
if you do, then it will become 'walk in the park'.

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