Lamesa Trade Days Vendors Rental Application by lL4X730


									 Lamesa Trade Days Vendors Rental Application
     Held on every 2nd Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the month


Company, Business Name, DBA:__________________________________

Sales Tax Number:__________________________________________

Drivers License Number:_________________________________________

Address 1:_____________________________________________________

Address 2:_____________________________________________________

City__________           State:__________          Zip:__________

Daytime Phone:_______________               Other Phone:_______________


Brief Description of Merchandise:__________________________________

Inside Booths: 10’10 Booth Space is a total of $75 per show

Food Vendors (Outside Spaces)
Full Menu Items…..$150.00            Single Menu Item…..$100.00

Signature_______________________ Date_____________________

Please send to                  Lamesa Trade Days Show Events are held at
Lamesa Trade Days               Lamesa Civic Center
310 S Main                      2412 Lubbock Hwy US 87 North
Lamesa, TX 79331                Lamesa, TX 79331
806-872-7891                    Owners: Bobby G & Mary Gonzales
                                Cell Phone: 806-759-9100

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