Fall and Winter

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					FALL IS HERE!                                              Sick/illness reminders
…..with it comes the cooler weather and the cold           Staff will send children home if they exhibit signs and
season. Please make sure your child is sent with a
warm sweater or jacket as the weather changes              symptoms of illness, parents are given 30 minutes to pick
quickly as we do play outside daily. In addition           up and are asked to keep them home until they are
please dress children appropriately for the ever-          symptom free for 24 hours. You may not return the next
changing weather. Please also check their change of        day if your child is sent home ill unless you have a doctor
clothes in their cubby to make sure it still fits and is
                                                           note stating they are fine to return. Please do not use
appropriate for the weather. Remember Child Care
Licensure requires a full change of clothes (pants,        Tylenol or Motrin to mask fevers. Please call if you will be
top, undies, and socks). As winter weather is fast         keeping your child home by 9am. I do not always get to
approaching…..Please read your handbook for our            check my email first thing in the morning – so it is not a
policies and check the website for           reliable mode of communication. Thank you for your
info on Snow Schedules and closures or you can call
the FUSD info line 527-6000, 527-6012. We are on           support and cooperation in this area.
the same schedule as FUSD public schools.

Please ignore the FUSD preschool announcement of
closures, as that applies to the ½ day programs. We
will not remain open later on snow delay schedules
(excluding aftercare); we will be open 9:30-4:30 (9am
for before care only). We will be closed on Snow
Days. Just a reminder, please dress your children in
winter wear on snowy days or when there is snow
present on the playground. Your child may not go
onto the playground when snow is present without
waterproof snow boots, jackets, and gloves.

              Outdoor Checklist
             -snow suit/-pants

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