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									Sat. Dec. 1/07
First day of December! Still no sign of our aerial. Very calm and hot. Cameron has been
writing in the mornings which is wonderful. Linda is trying to keep the diary up. Decided
to take a spin in the dinghy to make sure that the motor still worked and it DIDN’T and
then it DID. We got so far and then it died again. Linda rowed back to “Gypsy Moon”.
Luckily there was no wind so she just had the current to figh. Cameron was fit to be tied.
We took the motor off and put it on the saw horse (Jim’s at Pro Valor) so we wouldn’t
lose any parts overboard and Cameron went to work taking it apart AGAIN! This time
Cameron dislodged a piece of something near the vent needle so he thinks he may at last
have solved it. We then went for a ride and it worked beautifully. Tried to change the oil
on the diesel engine but the pump that came with the boat was rotten so back to square
one. Cecilia from Pro Valor gave us some groceries (people who charter always have
groceries left over so they give them to Pro Valor and Cecilia keeps some and gives some

Sun. Dec. 2/07
We are feeling dock bound and sure would like to get out on anchor. Can hardly wait for
our battery charger to come. Managed to get the owner of the Harbourview Marine Store
to open and sell us an oil pump. Took the dinghy for another spin and the motor is still
working so there is hope in the old girl yet. Cameron found Linda a Tilley hat on e-bay
and bought it. Hopefully it arrives in Canada before Gaea and Paul come.

Mon. Dec. 3/07
Decided to change the oil. Cameron couldn’t get the old oil filter off so he punched a hole
in it with a screw driver. MESSY!! Still couldn’t get it off so Jim from Pro Valor loaned
us his big wrench which he uses for the difficult jobs. It did the job. Just shows
sometimes you have to call on the big guns. Linda took the mess to the dump and cleaned
everything while Cameron pumped the rest of the oil out. When Linda got back Cameron
was still pumping. The directions with the pump said 40 strokes to empty an oil tank.
Cameron must have done at least 1000 strokes (can’t believe that advertising all the time)
with Linda holding the other end going into a litre can. WHAT A MESS!!! By the time
we finished and cleaned up we were exhausted. Definitely time for a Rum and Ginger!
There is 1598 hrs. on the motor. Put 4 litres in but needed more. Cameron says you have
to do this every 50 hrs. ugh!

Tues. Dec. 4/07
Took a dinghy ride and motor is still doing fine. This could become a habit and its
something we look forward to every afternoon. Went to the Gas Station and got more oil.
While traversing the pumps Linda’s foot didn’t quite make it over one of the hoses and
she went down like a ton of bricks and pulled a muscle in her buttocks. The good thing is
that she didn’t break anything. She will live. Cameron put another 1 ½ litres in so that
makes 5 ½ litres and they said it took 4. Can’t always believe everything you read.

Wed. Dec. 5/07
Really feeling dock bound. Need to get away. Cameron wrote and Linda worked on the
Christmas letter. Took our daily dinghy ride and the motor works on the first pull so I
guess Cameron licked the problem. Linda has yet to be able to pull the cord properly but
she says she will practice in a calm anchorage instead of at the dock with all the
docklines to contend with. Cameron says “sure, sure”. Now all we need is our battery
charger and we’re all set to go.

Thurs. Dec. 6/07
Betty (Cameron’s mom who is 83 years old) has her operation today for her bowel
cancer. She is very nervous and I don’t blame her. Sally (Cameron’s brother Malcolm’s
wife) called about 3:00 p.m. to let us know that Betty came through with flying colors.
They even found a ruptured hernia that they fixed while they were at it. We knew she was
tough. Linda printed off the Xmas letter and put it in cards and sent them off. Who knows
if everyone will receive them before Christmas? Linda took them to the post office to
mail and even though she told him that they all weighed the same he weighed each one
separately. Go figure. After writing in the morning Cameron started to work on the
seacocks. They were seized up again and as he loosened them up he greased them so they
would not seize up again hopefully, one never knows as it is a fighting battle living on the
ocean. Took our daily dinghy ride which we have come to really look forward to each
day (one way of getting off the dock onto the water). Still no aerial.

Fri. Dec. 7/07
Well, Betty is doing really well. She doesn’t even have to take pain killers. The nurses
said that she is the only one to come out of the operation who never took pain killers.
Linda cleaned bathrooms and floors and Cameron greased some more sea cocks. Linda
finished the Christmas cards. Still no battery charger so Jim said to just go and he would
find a battery charger if he needed one. But the weather has turned into a Tropical storm
so I guess we will have to stay here for awhile more.

Sat. Dec. 8/07
Gaea is putting on “The Nutcracker” up in Nova Scotia and our thoughts are with her.
Like her mother she is dancing the “Sugar Plum Fairy”. Very strong N.E. winds so we
won’t be leaving today. No use changing a comfortable anchorage for a uncomfortable
one. Linda bought some fresh pigeon peas from the store and we found them a little hard
so she decided to make a soup with them. They had no ham or pork at the store so she
decided to use sausage. Didn’t turn out too bad. Added barely later and it was even better.
Cameron insisted on having it for lunch because the smell was killing him and he said
anything else would be anti-climatic. Talked to Betty and she sounds great.

Sun. Dec. 9/07
Still windy. They named it Olga. Jim Lockwood (dock neighbour) said that in the 12
years he has lived here this is the first time a name has been put to a Tropical Storm out
of hurricane season. I am sitting here in the cockpit of our boat at the dock watching the
fishermen clean their fish.Then the “Kytes” swoop down and retrieve the tidbits (usually
fish guts but one can fantasize). They are such a graceful bird. I don’t know where the
seagulls went as we haven’t seen a one since we have come back. Must have flown south.

Mon. Dec. 10/07
It is a good thing we didn’t leave yesterday because it really blew in the night. Jim says it
is going to 40 knot winds tonight so maybe we should put out another line which we did.
Cameron is writing, working on seacocks and Linda is reading. Just waiting for the
weather to clear.

Tues. Dec. 11/07
Woke up to gale force winds and rain and a sea that was really churning. We sat in the
cockpit (thanks to our awning) and watched all the boats flailing around. The ones on the
Harbourview dock apparently are fraying the ¾ inch docklines right off. We are quite
comfortable on “Gypsy Moon” while on other boats the people are having really rough
nights, we are just lulled to sleep with the motion. Mind you we have been in some
anchorages where that is not the case. Cameron couldn’t write in the aft cabin because
when the boat yanked at the dockline it gave him whiplash. Surely we will be getting our
battery charger soon. Mind you we still have no sign of our aerial we mailed on Oct.
19/07. Marty is back! We can now have him to dinner.

Wed. Dec. 12/07
Still windy. They say this will be like this until Dec. 19/07. Hopefully they are wrong.
However, I would like the weather to be nice when Gaea and Paul are here so if we have
to put up with this another few days then so be it. Found out they made a mixup in
ordering the battery charger so it didn’t come. Go figure!!!! Also, Linda went over to
wash and there was lots of water coming out when she started but when she went back
found only a few inches of water in the bottom (apparently they turned the water off and
who knows when they will turn it back on). Leaves me with a real problem. Can’t take
the clothes out and don’t know when they will turn the water on. One time it was off for 5
days. This does not look good. May have to bring out the old wash board or go beat them
on the rocks. Had one uplifting thing happen, however. I called Golden Hin and they are
giving us full credit for our faulty battery charger. We will probably go to town tomorrow
and take it back and do the other errands. We sure would like to find a marine battery
charger. Marty e-mailed and he will be down to see us tomorrow about having dinner.

Thurs. Dec. 13/07
Still no water! We had to go to town to get a new battery charger. Cameron ordered one
from Golden Hin. We also got an adjustable boat hook for $18.00 and a trolley for
$20.00. Now that we have a trolley to carry it we picked up some wine.. Also found a
battery charger at the Hardware store that could be a back up. Now Jim can have his
back. Brittany came over and bailed all the rain water out our dinghy. Marty dropped by
to let us know where to anchor at Anegada and he will be back for dinner. He is a
vegetarian so we will have Greek Pizza and Caesar salad for dinner. Wind is really strong
and we get rain off and on all the time. Marty really enjoyed the dinner. Had a maple
syrup Sunday for dessert. My clothes are still in the washer. They should smell really
good by now.

Fri. Dec. 14/07
We were hoping the wind would have died down by now but it blew so hard last night
Linda thought the boat was going to be picked up and hurled. Still no water so Linda
went and wrung out the clothes and put them in her trolley and walked down the road to
the next nearest Laundromat. Cost $4.25 for a wash and I only paid $1.75 at the other
place. However, it was a nice front loader and did a wonderful job of washing. Dryers
also worked really well and the laundry was dry in ½ an hour. Linda got rid of the old
dirty liners in the cupboards and drawers and put new clean liners in. She also read a
book. Cameron wrote and worked on the computer.

Sat. Dec. 15/07
Gaea’s 30th Birthday. Imagine! Makes one feel old. Water still not on. We were getting a
dribble so decided to fill the water tank. You never know when it will be turned off again.
Thought we might get away today but the wind just won’t abate. I guess this is the
Christmas winds everyone is talking about. Brittany came over and told us there was a
toy sale on at the hardware store. Hint hint!! Linda went off to take a shower (yes the
water is back on) and when she came back Cameron, his wallet and Brittany were
missing. You guessed it, they were over at the toy sale! She knows what men are for.
Anyway, Cameron got her a toy and said it was a Christmas gift from us. She was
worried what she would get us but Cameron said “just give us a kiss on the cheek at
Christmas time”. Hopefully that won’t be misinterpreted by her parents.

Sun. Dec. 16/07
Winds have died down somewhat but we have Ted arriving tomorrow to work with
Cameron on the motor so we pretty well have to stay at the marina. Linda did washing
etc. Cameron wrote and got everything ready for Ted. Jim lost a $150.00 fender off one
of his boats so we put the motor on the dinghy and went searching it. We did not find
Jim’s but we did find a fender that was equally nice. Jim was really pleased. Our little
adventure and good deed for the day.

Mon. Dec. 17/07
Linda went to Road Town to get a fishing license and groceries for Gaea and Paul’s
arrival. Cameron worked with Ted on the motor and they accomplished great things.
Cameron was very pleased. Apparently the air filter was clogged so that could be why the
motor is heating up. When Linda got back from town she was too tired to set off sailing
so she took a nap (going to town always tires her out) and Cameron worked on various
projects on the boat. It cools down in the evening so we took the awning down and got
the boat ready so we could get off early in the morning.

Tues. Dec. 18/07
Up bright and early and got ourselves launched. Nice sail to Little Harbour. We tied
ourselves to the shore but Cameron decided we weren’t anchored out far enough so we
took up the andchor and put it out further. It was quite an operation but we were finally
satisfied. Went snorkeling to see if the anchor was set and it was great! Saw all sorts of
different fish. It is fun swimming in amongst the fish. There are so many snorklers that
the fish just get used to them. We scrubbed the bottom of the boat and then Linda made
bread (for Gaea and Paul’s arrival) and Cameron took the dinghy to shore and scrubbed
its bottom. Had an easy supper and then watched the sunset as we sat on deck and drank
our coffee.
Wed. Dec. 19/07
We would like to have stayed at our nice quiet anchorage but Gaea and Paul arrive later
this afternoon so we need to head back. Had a really nice sail. Had to tack but it was so
pleasant out on the Sir Francis Drake Channel that we didn’t care. Arrived back in our
slip at Fat Hog’s Bay at 12:30 p.m. Linda tried washing her hair at the marina’s
washrooms but surprise! surprise! there was no water so she used the shower on the boat.
The fishing boat arrived with a load of lobster and Rudyard, our next door neighbour,
said we should get some for Gaea’s 30th birthday so Linda went over and negotiated and
got it for $8.00 a lb. Just small ones as she only has one large pot and can only cook one
at a time. Cameron was teasing Rudyard by saying these were crayfish and the real
lobster came from Nova Scotia. Linda spent the next 1 ½ hours cooking 4 lobster. They
do not have claws which was a good thing or Linda would not have been able to get them
in the pot. Lobster all cooked and potatoes and eggs cooked for potato salad with little
time to spare as along came Gaea and Paul ravishingly hungry without their luggage
which was a bit of a downer for them. Linda quickly put the salad together and they
enjoyed a great lobster meal. There is a lot of meat in the tails!!! Jim and Cecilia came
over for a drink to meet Gaea and Paul. Gaea & Paul had been up since 3:30 a.m. so we
decided to call it an early evening. Cecilia was going to call a taxi driver whom they
knew to ask if he would retrieve Gaea and Paul’s lost luggage.

Thurs. Dec. 20/07
Paul had gone to sleep on deck and Linda heard him exclaim “Oh God!!” and she thought
he had gone overboard. Cameron jumped out of bed to check but said he was in the aft
cabin with Gaea and they were talking. In the morning we discovered that he had been
sleepwalking and decided he needed to go to the bathroom so he took what he thought
was the quickest way to the head which happened to be right down the open hatch to their
stateroom. Gaea woke up to see him falling from the ceiling and she thought he had
broken a leg. Luckily he had grabbed on with his arms so it softened his landing albeit
leaving him with huge bruises and scrapes (why didn’t just go over the side like all the
other males out here). Gaea had quite a time to get him to wake up. Quite a way to start
your vacation. We left around 9:30 a.m. and there was NO WIND at all so we ended up
having to motor to Little Harbour on Peter Island. Cameron put the first anchor down and
Linda was backing up to the spot they had been previously but this time the anchor was
further out so he lost the anchor rode. So, Cameron put down anchor number two which
held. Paul rowed ashore and attached a line to a tree. Gaea and Paul then went out to
retrieve the other anchor. Gaea said she had never been in such buoyant water and it
affected your ears when you dove down, but she did retrieve the anchor line and Paul
pulled it up. We all went snorkeling with the fishes and although the water was cooler
than in the summer it was very pleasant. After lunch we decided to take an excursion to
the ruins. Paul felt he shouldn’t go because there were so many wasps. Linda and
Cameron had never noticed them but sure enough there were wasps. Gaea, Cameron and
Linda went and Paul tried to fix the dinghy motor because it had hit the ground and now
wouldn’t propel you forward. Took a lot of pictures and then went back to the dinghy.
Cameron and Paul put a new shear pin in the dinghy motor and it worked like a charm.
Paul tried his hand at line fishing, no luck. Had a hamburger barbeque dinner which was
delicious. Not enough for Paul and Gaea though as they are hungry all the time. Cameron
and Linda just don’t eat that much. Paul seems to be food for quite a few biting insects.
We have never seen anyone swell like he does. Looks like he has a case of the measles.

Fri. Dec. 21/07
Paul was up bright and early and caught 3 squirrel fish. He tried for a fourth but it
wouldn’t cooperate. We headed out to Cay Cay on the other side of Peter Island. There
was wind so we could sail. Anchored and Paul cooked the fish for lunch. It was delicious.
Took the dinghy into shore to take pictures and look around. The sea was very lively and
one wouldn’t want to get caught in the undercurrent. Then went snorkeling. Certainly
wasn’t nice and calm like Little Harbour but it was different. Took off for “The Bight” on
Norman Island. Arrived around 3:30 p.m. and anchored quite near the shore. Lots of flies.
Ugh!! Paul and Gaea were off in the dinghy to investigate. Gaea was quite intrigued with
the Pelicans. Had dinner and then dinghied over to the Willy “T” for key lime pie for
dessert which was really good. We then dinghied over to Pirates to check it out. There
were lots of people. Apparently chartering a boat for Christmas vacation is very popular.
We then went to “Pirates” where we tried some conch fritters which were quite nice.
Back to “Gypsy Moon” and then to bed listening to the music from shore.

Sat. Dec. 22/07
After everyone was up and we had breakfast we took the dinghy over to “The Caves”
which are just at the entrance to The Bight. Did some snorkeling with fishes. Tried to go
in the caves but they were too dark and we didn’t have a flashlight. It didn’t hurt Linda’s
feelings at all. Dinghied back and then headed for Trellis Bay on Beef Island right by the
airport. Had lunch while sailing and arrived at Trellis Bay around 2:00 p.m. Gaea and
Paul took turns steering. Nice sailing. Paul and Gaea took the dinghy ashore to do some
exploring and to see when the “Full Moon Party” would be. Linda and Cameron put the
boat to order and went snorkeling to check on the status of the anchor. Always a good
thing. Paul and Gaea got back and announced the “Full Moon Party” would be tomorrow
night so it was decided to stay for that. Linda and Cameron took Paul ashore so he could
walk over to the airport to get some money and then they scouted around for Geno and
Connie’s boat. They found them and they had company from the States. Linda and Gaea
went ashore to get Paul and Linda was attacked by sand fleas which didn’t make her too
happy. After dinner Paul went ashore to soak up the atmosphere.

Sun. Dec. 23/07
Ran the generator and then took the dinghy over to Marina Cay (no wind so it was ideal)
where we managed to break another shear pin just before we reached the dock. The boys
rowed the girls in and then Paul made a new shear pin as we had already used the spare.
We explored the island and had lunch at Pusser’s and then went snorkeling at a very dead
reef. Gaea and Paul saw a huge sea turtle and a huge Ray. We dinghied back to Trellis
Bay and got ready for the “Full Moon Party”. Paul had made friends with the owner of
the Cyber Café so he and Gaea went in for awhile before the “Full Moon Party” started. It
started out with a smorgasbord which included Curried Goat. Cameron and I had wanted
to try goat so here was our chance. Not a good idea. It was very fatty and I’m sure it was
not the way to try goat. Cameron literally got sick so ended up being taken back to the
boat. There was stilt dancing which was really interesting. It was a father and his sons.
Apparently sometimes his daughter also comes. They lit the fires in the water (iron
sculpted square, triangle and round) during the stilt dancing. The wind was blowing
onshore so all the smoke and ashes headed into the audience. Not very pleasant. The Fire
Marshall would have a field day here. Met Ceclia and Jim and had a nice long chat. Gaea
and Linda danced a couple of dances and then a BVIer corralled Linda and had a dance
with her. He tried to slow her down. Back to the boat and bed. Paul and Gaea took lots of
pictures and really enjoyed themselves.

Mon. Dec. 24/07
We were heading out to “Anegada” today but the wind is against us and as we can’t rely
on the motor we decided to go to the “Baths” on Virgin Gorda. We couldn’t get a
mooring ball so we anchored some distance away and Cameron stayed with the boat to
make sure it was okay and Paul, Gaea and Linda took off to the “Baths”. The rollers were
really coming in so it was hard to land the dinghy. We managed however and started our
tour. There was a cruise ship in at Spanish Town and as a result there were lots of people
and we had to stand in line to get through (sort of like Disney World) and Paul was not a
happy camper. We did get through though and took a lot of pictures and the crowd
thinned out so we had a much better trek back. We then took our lives in our hands trying
to get back in the dinghy with all the swells. This can be very dangerous because the
undertow can pull you out. They give constant warnings about this on the weather
channel. Gaea and I couldn’t believe the little children playing in the surf by themselves.
Returned to the rocking boat and decided to head back to “Fat Hogs Bay” and our slip.
Good thing we did as we were almost out of water. Linda and Gaea did two washes. We
got rid of all our garbage. Had tacos for dinner which were enjoyed by all. Paul went to
the store 5 times which made him a happy camper. Also everyone took a shower in the
marina showers and we saw the most beautiful double rainbow.

Tues. Dec. 25/07
Chirstmas Day! but it does not feel like it. Paul and Gaea made us Christmas breakfast
(omlet, sausage, toast, champagne, orange juice and coffee). It was really nice. We then
called Malcom, Sally and Betty; Holden & Meghan and Adrian was there so Gaea and
Paul found out how their dog and cats were doing; and Morely. Paul called his parents
and brother. We then headed out to “Little Harbour” on Peter Island (our favourite
anchorage). Paul steered and he said it was a real workout. Arrived about 1:30 p.m. In
this harbour only, you anchor and then tie yourself to a tree on shore. Paul tied us to a
tree and then he built a fire on shore and we had a hot dog roast. While on the island
Linda sat on a cactus which stuck into her posterior and as she yelled Cameron tried
coming to her rescue but he fell and hit his arm and thought he might have broken
something but luckily that was not the case. Went snorkeling after lunch. It is so quiet
and peaceful here. We had a great Xmas dinner (barbequed shrimp, rice, peas, Rose wine
and Linda made peachy crepes for dessert). We all enjoyed eating while sitting in the
cockpit looking at the stars. We saw another magnificent rainbow. It rained off and on all
day. Paul tried his hand at fishing but only caught 3 little fish which he threw back. All in
all it was a good Christmas day.
Wed. Dec. 26/07
Ran the generator for 2 hours and then were headed off to Jost Van Dyke. Had a great
sail to Sopers Hole which is at the west end of Tortola. Cameron and Paul decided to sail
through the dog leg passage (reefs on either side). Linda was against it as she is always
the cautious one. However, everything went well and we sailed right through. Paul kept
exclaiming that we were the only ones with sails, everyone else was motoring through.
The boys felt really good about themselves. It was a quick sail from there to “Great
Harbour”, home of the famous “Foxies”, on Jost Van Dyke. Anchored about 1:30 p.m.
and Paul and Gaea took the dinghy ashore to check out the lay of the land. Cameron and
Linda made the boat shipshape. Linda and Cameron thought that Gaea and Paul had been
highjacked because it was almost 5:00 p.m. and they still hadn’t returned but eventually
they did and they said they had met “Foxy” and another couple who kept buying them
drinks and didn’t want them to leave. Had dinner and then we all headed off to “Foxies”.
We had a drink and then did some dancing and then came back to the boat. “Foxy” was
not there in the evening. He has another “Foxies” on the island so maybe he was there.

Thurs. Dec. 27/07
Linda, Gaea and Paul went ashore to get some groceries and do some sightseeing and
picture taking. Were looking for a place for Holden and Meghan’s honeymoon. It rained
off and on. We could hardly go from one shop to the next between rain squalls. Didn’t
get back to the boat until noon so after having smoothies for lunch we decided to sail to
Cane Garden Bay. When we left the anchorage the weather totally changed. We had all
the sails up but the wind was so strong Cameron took down the main and reefed the
genoa. Gaea steered. We had to wear the foul weather gear because we kept getting rain
squalls. We arrived in Cane Garden Bay amidst a squall so we decided to take a mooring
ball. We took the dinghy ashore and went for a walk on the beach. The locals were
hauling in a weir so we watched that. They got some sea bass but not a lot. There was a
person in the water telling them when to pull and where until they got it in. Paul took a
picture and a big protest went up. They did not want their pictures taken! Had a drink at
one of the bars on the beach and then headed back to the boat. After dinner Gaea and
Paul went into shore for a short time.
Nice quiet anchorage.

Fri. Dec. 28/07
Still really windy and the wind is coming out of the direction we are going so we
motored. Paul slept in so the three of us pulled up anchor and hit the high seas literally.
We were in 6 foot waves at times. Had the motor up to 15000 rpms and we were standing
still because the wind and current were both against us. We ended up going over 2000
rpms just to make some headway. We arrived in “White Beach” right by “Monkey Point”
on Guana Island and anchored. We were going to take a mooring ball at “Monkey Point”
where it is supposed to be good snorkeling but we don’t have a BVI Parks licence and
you are supposed to have one to use the mooring balls and just as we were heading over
there the police boat cruised in so we ended up anchoring at “White Beach”. Linda and
Cameron went snorkeling to check the anchor and Paul and Gaea read. Cameron was
tired so he took a nap. Gaea and Paul went into the beach to do some exploring and were
told that it is a private beach and the likes of them weren’t welcome. No beach is private
in the BVI but they didn’t know that (later we found out that there is an exclusive resort
on Guano Island at “White Beach” so I guess there are private beaches. We were out of
juice and no one seemed to want to go snorkeling so we decided to head over to Trellis
Bay. We had never sailed through the Monkey Point pass and then through the channel
between Little Camanoe and Great Camanoe so it was another first. Had no problems and
were anchored in Trellis Bay by 5:30 p.m. Paul immediately took off to the store to get
the juice. Gaea went in to check the anchor and it wasn’t quite set right so Cameron went
in and tried to reset it but couldn’t so we had to leave it as it was getting too dark to
adjust it. We left the middle hatch up and it rained in the night and unfortunately our
computers were on the table. Cameron’s seemed to get the worst and even though he tried
to dry it out some keys on the keyboard wouldn’t work. Linda’s computer just seems to
go on no matter what. Cameron is not a happy camper.

Sat. Dec. 29/07
Back to “Fat Hog’s Bay” and our slip. Had quite a nice sail even though the seas were
quite high. Arrived back in “Fat Hog’s Bay” around 1:00 p.m. Had quite a time getting
into our slip because we could not get the mooring line because it was wrapped around
the mooring ball line. Cameron and Linda put the boat to bed and Gaea and Paul went to
Emille’s for lunch. We all went to the “Eclipse” for dinner but we weren’t too impressed.
We don’t think we will be going back there for a meal any time soon. Found out that
“Penns Landing” secured their internet so we no longer have easy access to the internet.
This also makes Cameron not a happy camper.

Sun. Dec. 30/07
Gaea and Paul’s last day in the BVI. We had a car coming at noon so Paul and Gaea took
a walking tour of East End. When the car arrived (a standard) we took off to Road Town
where Gaea and Paul bought some gifts and did some souvenir shopping. They saw a
jewelry store so decided to go in and see if they could find an engagement ring for Gaea.
She didn’t want a diamond ring so she tried on numerous rings without diamonds but
they didn’t do a thing for her hand. Finally she tried on a white gold tri-small diamonds
ring which looked just gorgeous on her hand. Simple, but elegant. It was in their price
range so they bought it. Gaea was over the moon and she felt it was very special that it
happened in the BVI while she was with her parents. Paul was very happy also because
they had been trying to find a ring and couldn’t find anything they both liked for under
$4,000.00 which was way above their budget. We then drove up to the Sage Mtn.
National Park and took a hike on the trails. Paul only went part-way because there were
wasps and he didn’t want to chance it (it is not fun being that allergic to something). He
waited for us at the bar at the beginning of the trail. After the hike and a rest at the bar we
headed down to Cane Garden Bay. Gaea said the roads were like being on a roller
coaster. From the road you could see all the boats anchored where we were just a few
days ago. BVI is on such a small scale. Time to head for the “Sky Restaurant” where you
can see 360 degrees. It was fun because you could see all the places that we had sailed
and anchored. Gave you a birds-eye view. This was Linda’s birthday dinner and it was
delicious. Gaea said “well we have been together 12 days and nobody was thrown
overboard”. Drove back to “Gypsy Moon” and had a glass of champagne to bring in the
New Year because Paul and Gaea would be traveling.
Mon. Dec. 31/07
Last day of 2007. Got up early and had breakfast and then Gaea prepared some bagels for
traveling and we were off to the airport. Said our good-byes and then Linda and Cameron
headed for town to do their errands. Took the car back to “Dollar Car Rental” and they
charged us $97.00. Much more than Dede’s so next time we will order a car earlier.
Cameron’s computer still doesn’t work even though he left it out in the sun and he is not
a happy camper. It’s amazing how much water comes in a hatch when you leave it open.
We sent his computer to Egbert’s (works for Pro-Valor) son who fixes computers and
hopefully he will be able to get the keyboard working. As we celebrated our New Years
last night we just went to bed after dinner. Cameron was down and didn’t want to
celebrate anyway. We heard the fireworks go off at Trellis Bay at midnight. And so ends

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