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					                                   TERMS OF REFERENCE
                               AREA TRAINING OFFICER (ATO)
1.    The Area Training Officer (ATO) is appointed by the Area Officer (AO). The ATO will
hold the SCC rank of Lt Cdr or Maj. The term of appointment will be will normally be for 5
years but may be extended to a maximum of 10.
Primary Role
2.    Your role as ATO is to encourage, support, develop and where appropriate deliver
safely all training through ASOs and other external organisations.
Secondary Role
3.   Your secondary purposes are:
     a.   To provide nominations to the AO for the appointment of a successor.
     b.   To provide nominations to the AO for the appointment of DATO.
     c.   To assist DOs with their appointments of District Training Officers (DTO).
4.   You are accountable to the AO through the Senior Staff Officer (SSO).
5.    You are functionally responsible to DoT for the application of national training policy and
for the management of national training programmes delivered at area level.
6.   You are authorised to:
     a. Liaise with organisations and individuals, both internal and external to the SCC as
     necessary in connection with Area training.
     b.   Represent the AO at meetings as requested.
     c. Collect, hold and spend money, and control a bank account for the purpose, subject
     to approval by AO.
7.    The principal tasks which you undertake may include, but are not limited to, the
     a.   Manage all area training.
     b.   Make site visits of venues/possible venues, as necessary.
     c.   Provide support and advice to units and districts on area and national training.
     d.   Advise area staff.
     e.   Represent the Area at national functions, as necessary.
     f.   Remain up to date with area and national training policy.
     g. Produce an Area Training Manual, including all forms, information, programmes
     and duty lists, for distribution in November each year.

        h.   Ensure that each event complies with Health & Safety policy.
        i.  Be a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT) and attend meetings when
        j.  Work closely with the Area Recreation Officer (ARO) to produce an annual area
        k. Monitor the performance of Area Staff Officers (ASOs) and conduct an annual
        l.   Manage and authorise all T17s for all ASOs.
        m. Produce an area asset training register and submit a copy to Area Office.
        n. Monitor the intake of new adult volunteers to the Corps and ensure that they attend
        the Adult Induction Course.
        o.   Chair an annual training meeting of ASOs.
7.      You are to:
        p. Review annually the management of training events with the SSO and identify
        issues which need to be addressed.
        q.   Review annually the training performance of DATO and ASOs.
8.     These terms of reference will be reviewed by the AO annually and proposals for change
will be submitted to CSC for consideration as amendments to the generic TOR.

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