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					AIESEC Vietnam GCDP
Projects overview
                    Intern Realisation timeline
                                  Sep   OCt        Nov     Dec       Jan   feb   Mar    Apr
             Living w HIV
 FTU Hanoi

                                                  10             5                     10
             citizen                                                          5
                                     10              5                               5
             Environment                                                   intern           5
                                   interns        intern10                      15 inter intern

                                                     s                        s
             Career                                                                  ns     s
             Orientation                                10                       5
             Living w HIV
                                        3          10

             Hope for
             Children                   2          5
                                             5               2
RMIT         I -Think
GCDP details
All detailed information can be found in the pages below including

            Project details
            Job descriptions
            Costs and benefits
            Endorsements

GCDP Projects Contacts – please contact us for any questions
MCVP Projects/ICX: Le Hoang Long -
LCVPs – as below
Project Based on Exchange - AIESEC Foreign Trade University Hanoi Local Chapter
                                                 Contact us:

                        Vice President of Project Management:

Living w th HIV Project
        Raise awareness about HIV/AIDS among students to prevent an increasing number
         of Vietnamese people infected with HIV
        Change people’s negative attitudes towards HIV-infected individuals and guide them
         to form positive lifestyle choices
        Create a global learning environment for young people in Vietnam


                                  HIV workshops                Interactive trips

       Intern Job Description
              Build content for workshops and interactive trip (quizzes, games,, dramas,
               presentation) and host workshops as trainers
              Facilitate interactive trips
              Communicate and negotiate with NGOs to set partnerships on HIV-AIDS
              Evaluate quality and quantity of workshops and interactive trips
              Involve in LC’s activities and integrate with Vietnamese culture

             Accommodation provided (homestay program)
             Meals support (40$/month)

Global Citizen Program
    "My country is the world, my countrymen are mankind."
                                                             [William Lloyd Garrison]

  Inspire the youth to become global citizens
  Provide students fundamental and survival knowledge and skills to adapt to new
   diversified environments as they enter the world
  Bring initial global mindset and emotional intelligence to participants
  Enable international students to approach Vietnamese culture, interact with
   Vietnamese students, and vice-versa.


         Workshops             Debate Contest

Intern Job Description
  Build contents for workshops and competition. Self-research is required to get
   deeper understanding about situation in Vietnam in general and in Hanoi to align
   with global issues.
     Plan, design, deliver workshops by presentations and facilitating activities
     “Challenge your world view” debate competition - Give training for students
      before the final round- Facilitating in holding the competition
     Communicate and negotiate with NGOs to set partnerships
     Evaluate quality and quantity of workshops and competition
     Involve in LC’s activities and integrate with Vietnamese culture

      Accommodation provided (homestay program)
      Meals support (40$/month)

SUMMER          CAMP

     Bring to student global perspectives in a diversified environment through
      exchanging ideas among those who take part in the project
     Provide friendly and global environment for the school children to explore and
      develop their skill and knowledge to become a Global Citizen
     Enable international students to approach Vietnamese culture, interact with
      Vietnamese children and have an insight into children’ world

    10-day camp with different activities (outdoor activities, skill courses, arts and
    science classes, interactive trip, competition). Each day will have particular topic
    which supports the main theme of camp

   Intern Job Description
       Define main theme for summer camp and building content for 10 days camp
       Organize activities and delivering content of camps
       Facilitate in interactive trips
       Evaluate effectiveness of camp
       Involve in LC’s activities and integrate with Vietnamese culture

     Accommodation provided (homestay program)
     Meals support (40$/month)

Timeline of realization

           Sep     OCt     Nov      Dec       Jan    feb     Mar     Apr     May      Jun
                     10 interns           5                     10
Global                                                       interni
citizen                                                  5
               10           5                                 5 5
             intern       inte                         inte
Camp                                                        inte inte               20
                s          rns                          rns
                                                             rns rns

Endorsement from interns

For Global Citizen Team:
If there's 1 memorable thing I got from Global Citizen: it's VIRUS :). It's the CHANGE
VIRUS. While we were giving workshops to students for 2 months, I didn't realize that I
was also opening myself to new things and changing for the better. I was learning from
the workshop content and from my interaction with my fellow team members and the
students as well. But just like any other virus in hunger for a new prey, you gotta pass it
on. Once you know you've changed, you got to pay it forward. And that's the advocacy of
the entire GC team which it wants to instill to the students: by awareness creation through
the workshops, the individual's desire to change and to create a positive impact to society
should be formed. And basing with the feedback and experience I had with the students, I
think we've asserted that advocacy strong enough.

Infecting Lieu Giai High School, Newton Grammar School and FPT University with the
CHANGE VIRUS isn't enough. I believe we have to create an EPIDEMIC of CHANGE
in all of Vietnam's youth. We have to reach out to a greater mass of young people and let
them know that if only everyone learns to adopt a global citizen mindset, there's a big
potential to transform the country and the world into a better place. GC Team's there to
provide the tools, you just gotta make good use of it and spread the virus :)

Jarl Marie Therese F. Gamonez

Intern GC 2011- batch 1- Philippines

For more information:
                                Project Based on Exchange
           AIESEC in Foreign Trade University HCMC LC
                                               Contact us:

                Vice President of Project Management –

HIV/AIDS                             LIVING WITH HIV Project

       Raise the awareness of HIV/AIDS among the youth.
       Create environment for Vietnamese students to apply skills and knowledge from
       workshop into reality.
       Create creative environment for Vietnamese students to share skills, knowledge and
       experience to achieve highest impact to society.

       HIV workshop        Interactive trip     Lead the change contest

       Develop project content for workshop and interactive trip and Lead the change contest
       Implement workshops, interactive trips and contest
       Participate in meetings with NGOs and Schools
       Promote workshop and interactive trip
       Evaluate effectiveness of workshops and interactive trips
       Integrate with Vietnamese culture
       Accommodation provided – free homestay program
       Living cost: 120 USD/month - to cover food and work transport



       Contribute to children development in terms of education (English, General knowledge
       and computer skills), recreation and culture for brighter future
       Acting as a bridge between underprivileged children and our society

       Education           Mid-Autumn            Christmas Party
       Program             Festival

       Develop content for education program: participate in researching the situation of each
       orphanage; working with orphanage teachers and project team to build suitable programs
       (educational programs, language, sports, dancing, drama, out door activities…);prepare
       materials, lessons for each workshop, class, activity
       Implement project: conducting/facilitating educational sessions, outdoor activities for
       children. Interns will talk, play with children to understand them with translation of a
       local AIESECer
        Support external relations for the project: meeting and negotiating with
        NGOs/companies/orphanages to raise partnership or engage them in the project.
        Integrate with Vietnamese culture, especially with AIESEC FTU HCMC:
        participating in local AIESEC integration events and
        also cultural activities and involving in AIESEC activities.
        Intern in professional children NGO: here the intern will work for NGO at the offices
        or teaching English at development centers; help them to organize and participate in their
        events if required.

        Accommodation provided – free homestay program
        Living cost: 120 USD/month – to cover food and work transport


                   Sep        Oct     Nov   Dec     Jan      Feb           Mar   April   May June July

Living with HIV    3              4                                              3

  Hope for                2
  children         2                                                   5         5
                                  5         2                                            5
                                      5                                                         5

        See more at:

        AIESEC FTU HCMC website:
        AIESEC FTU HCMC Fanpage:
        AIESEC FTU HCMC Project Fanpage:
To whom it may concern,                     To Who it may concerns
My name is Anne Charlotte Flobergseter,
                                            ...I can’t believe the internship will be over
and I consider myself lucky to have been
chosen to participate in this project, I    so   soon… in     2 weeks! The time went
applied because the project stood out       so quickly, and I must say that I have
from the rest. It gave me a feeling of
                                            really enjoyed it in some way. I have
professionalism and integrity right
                                            learnt a lot about myself and other
away, and I got a response to my
application    quite    quickly…I    was    people. This was of course thanks to the
presented with the material already         help of the   incredible team that we
before I started, and got to know quite a
few of my team members in advance.          have! So naturally my overall experience

Theirwarmth and dedication,                 has been really   positive...We as a team
curiosity and kindness were felt all        provided over     3500 students          with
the way to Norway, and it got even better
                                            some extremely important information,
when I arrived in Vietnam. They were
more than willing to cooperate,             and I couldn’t have asked for better
exchange experiences and participate in     teammates to share it with! It’s been an
good and interesting discussions. I         amazing 8 weeks, and I hope to see
joined a great team, both in terms of
                                            everyone somewhere down the line…
work and social life…
                         Sep       Oct      Nov        Dec   Jan   Feb        Mar   Apr      May
Environment                                   10 Interns             15 Interns
Career Orientation         5 Interns          10 Interns              5 Interns      15 Interns
Children Education                       6 Interns
Social Enterprise Dev.                   8 Interns

                                 Contact us:

   Vice President of Project Management –


        OBJECTIVE: Raise awareness of the importance of creative
        thinking among Vietnamese students during all the phases in their
        lives by mastering different ways of thinking. Challenge the limit of
        thinking by specialized theories and practices through the event.

        ACTIVITY: Seminar | Workshop | Business Presentation

        REALIZATION: 1st October – 20th November (4 interns)

              Implement workshops
              Run promotion campaign
              Manage and facilitate event
              Support External Relation

                                Personal workspace provided in RMIT campus
                                Homestay program (cost $100/month)

                                   "I truly believe I-Think Project can bring much
                                   benefit to young ambitious people of
                                   Vietnam. It's not enough to be just intelligent
                                   nowadays to build yourself a successful career
                                   in a few years. Such qualities as being able to
                                   step up to a challenge, raise your voice and be
                                   brave to state your opinion, to think out-of-the-
                                   box and be proactive & innovative became
                                   recently highly appreciated by employers.
                                   Wielding them will enable you to be more
                                   competitive in the increasingly demanding
                                   world of modern business. If you're aiming to
                                   take a leadership position someday in your
                                   career - it's your chance to learn and practice
                                   the concept of creative thinking and
                                   change both yourself and the way you literally
                                   think for the better. (…)"

Maria Melnikova, AIESEC RMIT intern from Oulu, Finland

See more at:
I-Think project website: |

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