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					Scotland Quiz

1)Who is the patron saint of Scotland?

A) St George B) St David      C) St Andrew D) St Patrick

2)Who is Scotland’s national poet?

A) Edwin Morgan        B) Liz Lochhead           C) Robert Burns   D) Walter Scott

3) What is the name of the Scottish flag?

A) The saltire B) The Union Jack       C) The Lion Rampant         D) The tartan

4)Why is the thistle the national flower of Scotland?

A) The Queen likes it B) It’s the most poular Scottish flower C) There is a legend
that it helped save Scotland

5)How many official languages are there in Scotland?

A) 1   B) 2    C)3     D)4

6)What is the biggest industry in Scotland?

A) Oil B) Whisky C) Ship-building C) Tourism D) Mining

7)How long has Scotland been part of the United Kingdom?

A) 400 years B) 1100 years C) 300 years D) 60 years

8)Who is the head of the Scottish government?

A) Alex Salmond B) Ed Milliband C) Ian Gray D) David Cameron

9) Who is head of state in Scotland?

A) Alex Salmond B) the Duke of Rothesay C) David Cameron D) The Queen

10) What is the biggest city in Scotland?

A) Manchester B) Edinburgh C) Aberdeen D) Glasgow

11) What is Scotland's National Dish?

A) Chicken Tikka Massala B) Deep fried Mars Bars C) Haggis D) Fish and Chips

12) What is the official religion of Scotland?

A) Sikhism B) Anglicanism C) Presbyterianism D) Roman Catholicism

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