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					Volume 2011, Number 06                                                                       June 2011

                                      4th Tuesday, June 27, 2011
   Date Change!                                                Photo Round Table
  Due to the use of the                       Dick Marx & Jane Quinn will head up a
   Library’s room by                        round table discussion about how to share
  others, we will have
                                           your photos while on vacation, giving exam-
     our meeting on
    Monday, June 27                        ples of programs and on-line sources to use
                                              while on the go wherever you are. And
        at 6 pm.
                                            the audience is encouraged to join in with
     Put it on your
       calendar!                             their own experiences and/or questions.

          Door Prizes                                    CUGR                               In This Issue ...
                                                                                 SEVENTH SON OF WINDOWS - DESKTOP
   1. 16 Gig USB Data Stick                                                          Lee Reynolds ................................ 2
                                                                                 CLUB PICS
       Pro Jump Drive                              CUGR Board Meeting                May Meeting .................................. 3
                                                     1 PM Monday, July 5         REGISTRY FIRST AID
   2. Logitech Wireless                              at Redding Library in the
                                                    Foundation Reading Room
                                                                                     Herb Goldstein .............................. 4
                                                                                 BITS AND PIECES
      Mouse                                             MULTI-MEDIA
                                                                                     Rush Blodget ................................ 5
                                                                                 CARRY YOUR ENTIRE PHOTO…
                                                   10 AM, Saturday, June 25          NAPSA ........................................... 5
                                                                                 MULTI-MEDIA SIG UPDATE
   3. 8 Gig USB ScanDisk                            WINDOWS & MORE                   Jane Quinn .................................... 6
      Jump Drive                                       and DTP SIG
                                                                                     Wil Wakely ..................................... 6
                                                       No Meetings Until         MORE ABOUT TOOLBARS
              One free ticket to each                   Further Notice               Judi Ball ......................................... 6
              member at the door!                       See back page            UPDATES! UPDATES! UPDATES!
                                                                                     Penny Cano ................................... 7
                                                   for more SIG information
     6 PM Club Business
                                                                                 DON’T PANIC!
                                                                                     Berry F. Phillips ............................. 7
                                                  GENERAL MEETINGS ARE
       & Presentation                             at the Redding Library
                                                                                 7 LITTLE WORD ANNOYANCES
                                                                                     Nancy DeMarte ............................. 8
    Sign in at the Greeting Table and pick up        100 Parkview Ave,           EBOOK READERS COMPARED
   your name tag and please leave it in the             off Cypress.                 Constance Brown ......................... 9
   Tag Box when the meeting is over. Also                                        ART ON YOUR LAPTOP
   please stay and help reset the tables to
                                                    OFFICIAL WEBSITE IS              NAPSA ......................................... 10
      the Library’s original arrangement.        ELIMINATE STRESS
                   Thank you.                       For more information             NAPSA ......................................... 10
                     July 26                       call any Board member         FUTURISTIC PRINTER DESIGN WINS
              Annual Social Meeting                   listed on Page 2.              NAPSA ......................................... 10
 Members volunteering
                             Club Information                          Club Website:                  Seventh Son of
  to help members!
 Club Mentors & Sponsors
 New Users                         Bob Rice      DTP                        Judi Ball                 Desktop Gadgets
                        357-2143, Anytime        Graphic Prgs               275-4632             by Lee Reynolds, Contributing Editor,
                   Photo Editing            Boca Raton Computer Society, FL
 MS Windows                 Darold Wright        MS Word, PowerPoint,     Jane Quinn
 Photo Delux                       222-1781                                                           April 2011 issue, Boca Bits
                                                 Movie Maker 2, DVD Prgs.    365-0825
                Digital Image Pro             
 New Users                        Fred Skill                                             
 Free Library PC Classes           243-3557      Sponsors
 Spread Sheets        Electronic Recycling For Charitable              INTRODUCTION
                                                Situations:                                         Windows Vista introduced a new
 MS Windows                         Bill Ball
 Hardware, Software               275-4632      Darold Wright                                    feature called the Sidebar, which was
 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7        3300 Veda Street, Rdg. 245-0500                  a narrow section of your Desktop where
                                                 (no microwaves or large appliances)             you could have small applications
 Board of Officers and Directors                                                                 running called Gadgets. These Gadgets
                                                 Anna Lee Horton     Mail Manager, Dir.          could be moved out of the Sidebar and
                                               222-5521          anchored somewhere else on your
 Mike Doyle                      President       Bill Ball                SIG Leader, Dir.       Desktop, if you wished, but still the               524-0774             275-4632
                                                                                                 Sidebar application had to be running.
 Richard Marx               Vice President       Judi Ball        Editor, SIG Leader, Dir.                365-7773             275-4632             In Windows 7, there is no longer any
                                                                                                 Sidebar, but Desktop Gadgets are still
 Belva Sullivent      Past President, Dir.       Darold L. Wright            Dir.
                                              222-1781          present, and you set them up in a new            241-9926
                                                 Lyle VanNorman               Dir.               Control Panel applet of the same name.
 Mario Quinn                  Treasurer             365-0825            242-0925         (In Windows Vista, the Sidebar was on
 Margaret Martinovich     Secretary, Dir.        Colly Lord            Website Manager           by default, whereas in Windows 7 there      241-6378          224-1633         is no Sidebar and any Gadgets you want
 Jane Quinn       SIG Lder, Vendor, Dir.,        Ginny Wall            Name Tag Manager          must be configured in Control Panel.)        365-0825                               WINDOWS 7 GADGETS
 Eugenia Goodman Membership Chair                Jean Richardson               Dir.                 The Gadgets present in Windows 7 are 221-7723     
                                                                                                 the same as those provided by Vista,
                                                 Fred Skill                   Dir.
                                                     243-3557         with an additional one that is connected
                                                                                                 to Windows Media Center. These Gad-
                                                                                                 gets are mini-applications designed to
 Motherboard Newsletter Staff
                                                                                                 use web technology so as to provide
 Judith E. Ball                Editor           Mary Montague            Proofreader          275-4632      365-6414             real-time access to information of one
                                                                                                 type or another available through the
 Rush Blodget        Bits And Pieces            Anna Lee Horton           Proofreader        241-4754         222-5521            internet. The built-in Gadgets are these:
 Jeanie Richardson Occasional Articles                                                           · a Calendar application which shows                                                                                the month, day, year, and day of
 Motherboard Newsletter Policies and Deadlines                                                      week. If you click it, you will see the
                                                newsletter where the article is reprinted to
                                                                                                    entire month.
 The Motherboard newsletter is published
 monthly by the Computer Users Group of         the Editor at the address in the first           · a Clock which can be configured to
 Redding, PO Box 494778, Redding, CA            paragraph of this text.                             show one of 8 different clock faces
 96049-4778. The CUG is a 501(c)(3) non-        Personal Ads For Members:                           and any time zone.
 profit corporation. Subscriptions are          Requirements are:                                · a CPU meter which shows two analog
 included in the $25 annual membership          1. Advertiser must be a member.
                                                2. The item must be computer-related.
                                                                                                    style dials measuring current memory
 fee. The purpose of the newsletter is to
 inform members of upcoming events and          3. The ad must be received by editor J. Ball        usage and CPU utilization.
 provide information about the use of IBM       by the monthly date of the board meeting.        · a Currency converter.
 compatible computers.                          Sorry, no exceptions.                            · a Headline Feed of RSS feeds that
 Disclaimer: Neither the CUG, its Offi-         Other terms must be approved by the club’s          you are subscribed to via Internet
 cers, the Editor, nor the newsletter           Board of Officers and Directors.
                                                Article Submissions: All articles and
 contributors assume any liability for
 damages incurred due to the use of             reviews must be submitted to J. Ball by the      · a Media Center gadget that shows a
 information provided in this publication.      Monday of the monthly Board meeting                 revolving set of links to various parts
 Reprints: Articles from this newsletter        (see Page 1 for date.) Sorry, no exceptions.        of Windows Media Center.
 may be reprinted by other user groups if       Motherboard Editor reserves the right to
 credit is given to both the author, CUG        make corrections and deletions in all articles
 and the Motherboard. Mail a copy of the        in the interest of grammar, style, and space.
                                                                                                                    Continued on Page 5

Page 2                                                 THE MOTHERBOARD                                                      June 2011
                           May Meeting

            Congratulations T Our Winners!
              Phil                           Ted
            Graham                          Hering
             won a                          won a
             DVD                           Computer
            Player                          Video
                       won a

June 2011                THE MOTHERBOARD              Page 3
Welcome Renewals                                                         Registry First Aid
                                               reviewed by Herb Goldstein, Editor, Sarasota PCUG, FL, The Monitor, 4-2011 issue,
     Mary & Joe                                          ,
                                              SOLVING          REGISTRY CLEANING            effectively. It is the only one I trust to do
      Adams                                   DILEMMA
                                                                                            the job! Here’s what it will do:
                                                 Nothing much happens in Windows            1. RFA will search the Registry for errors.
     Herb Quick                               without control by that mysterious archi-        Your first search will undoubtedly come
                                              tecture known as the Registry. It is a hu-       up with an amazing number of errors.
                                              mongous database repository of instruc-          It will present a color coded list of them.
       Motherboard                            tions, commands and framework for the            Those in green can be safely elimin-
       Newsletter                             software, hardware and just about every
                                              other kind of ware that functions in
                                                                                               ated or fixed. For each error, you will
                                                                                               be provided with a reason for its problem
      Contributors…                           Windows. You can also think of it as the         and an indication of what is needed to
                                              Windows brain, and fooling with it is about      either delete or fix it. If, for example, a
     Be sure to checkout our contri-          as welcome as brain surgery self-taught.         software reference is not valid because
  butors on Page 11.                             Unfortunately and as unwelcome as it          it is sitting in the wrong place, RFA will
     These contributors help greatly to       may be, the Registry does require some           discover where it rightfully belongs and
  pay for the functioning of our club. As     basic manipulation by users from time to         offers to put it there. If no fix is possible,
  club members please support their           time. Add or remove software or change           it offers to delete it.
  businesses. Visit or call them and be       the locations of its components, make         Those errors that require caution in
  a patron if possible, remem-bering to       routine changes in Windows, and a whole          fixing are listed in yellow, along with
  tell them you saw their business card       host of other functions in everyday com-         reasons and recommendations. The
  in the club’s newsletter.                   puter usage result in changes in the Reg-        choice will be yours. Those listed in
     Also, if you have (or know of) a local   istry. In time it can easily become bogged       red are also explained and high
  business that would like to advertise       down with errors that can dramatically           caution warned.
  in the Motherboard, please give them        hinder the normal or optimal functioning      In any event, each and every error will
  the editor’s phone number for the           of your computer. It’s little wonder why         be explained, recommendation made,
  details of becoming a Contributor.          keeping the registry clean and error free        and the choice for action will be up to
       Editor, Judi Ball 275-4632             is so important, yet so avoided. It’s even       you. No changes are automatic. You
                   less wonder why the average computer             are in complete control!
                                              user either shuns necessary Registry          2. Registry backup and restore. Before
                                              housekeeping altogether or winds up em-          making any changes, you might want
          Change To                           ploying tools that do considerably more
                                              harm than good.
                                                                                               to back up your current Registry
                                                                                               configuration. RFA stores the backup
         Membership                              A clean, error-free Registry is vital in      and you can at any later time restore
         Cost Break                           keeping your computer working properly,
                                              but finding and fixing Registry errors
                                                                                               the Registry to exactly the way it was
                                                                                               before you modified it. Great safety
  The club is offering a year off of your     indeed poses a dilemma. There is no              feature!
membership dues if you bring a new            shortage of utilities that promise to make    3. Registry search. If you need to find
member to the club.                           your computer function like new by               anything in the Registry, RFA will do
  Just make certain to inform a board         taking out your Registry garbage. Unfor-         a lightning fast keyword search for
member at the entry table if you have a       tunately, you are most often better off          you. A great feature in finding and
new membership sign up.                       living with an error-laden Registry than         eliminating references to software you
                                              one whose key functions have been                have gotten rid of.
                                              impaired by incompetent fixers.               4. Registry management. Set up the Reg-
          CUGR                                   With all these caveats in mind, I spent       istry in your own parameters to function
     MEMBER WEBSITES                          considerable effort, investigation and           according to your preferences.
                                              experimentation years ago to find the         5. Defragment and compress the Reg-
           MEXICAN-TOURS                      Registry cleaning utility that would do an       istry.                honest, safe and effective job. Through          While most Registry utilities offer to
              Lyle VanNorman                  several versions of Windows and most             make your computer work faster and                  recently with Windows 7, I have been             better by cleaning the Registry, they
                                              using Registry First Aid (RFA). It is a          offer no information as to what they or
   Publicize Your WebSite                     well-known, popular, easy to use and             doing or why. It’s a blind faith and trust
      Here for FREE!                          remarkably competent Registry utility            scenario. On the other hand, RFA bends
        (Members Only Please)                 that will find, fix, and prevent Registry
                                              errors and malfunctions safely and                                  Continued on Page 5

Page 4                                             THE MOTHERBOARD                                                         June 2011
Continued from Page 4
                                                                             Bits And Pieces
  over backwards in every step along the                   by Rush Blodget; IMB/PCUG of Redding,
  way to keep you safe and informed.
  RFA is the recipient of numerous               WINDOWS 8                                     will permit longer
awards as the safest and most effective             There is now a great deal of specu-        battery life for lap-
Registry cleaner available. They are well        lative data on the Internet as to when        tops. It will support
deserved. It has long ago solved the             Windows 8, which will be a radical            facial detection. A
Registry cleaning dilemma for me. It is          change from Windows 7, will be re-            beta version of Win-
compatible with all current versions of          leased. Dates varying from June 2011          dows 8 is currently
Windows including XP, Vista, and                 to December 2011 are cited. Although          stated to be avail-
Windows 7. RFA is published by, and              a pre-order site is available on the          able for download.
available from, Rose City Software               Internet no prices are given.                 Windows 8 is sta-
( for $27.95.                  It will have touch screen technology       ted to come bundled with Internet
                                                 with a nine-tile start screen and all         Explorer version 10. There will be many
          Computer Terms                         programs are linked to the touch screen.      available apps including stock screen
 DISK: What goes out in your back after bend-    It is also reputed to have a “cloud”          and weather apps.
 ing over a keyboard for seventeen hours.        version which will prevent malware              It would seem that Microsoft is
 DUMP: The place all your former hobbies         (viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.) from          becoming more Apple-like. I believe that
 wind up soon after you install your computer.   getting through to a computer.                one should defer purchasing a new
 ERROR: What you made the first time you walk-
                                                    It will have ARM processor chips that      computer until Windows 8 is released...
 ed into a computer showroom to “just look.”
 EXPANSION UNIT: The new room you                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 have to build on to your home to house your
 computer and all its peripherals.
                           - from Fast Forward
                                                  Carry Your Entire Photo Collection With You
Continued from Page 2                                NAPSA
· a Weather gadget which can be                      When you’re traveling for work or
  configured for any location in the world.      taking that well earned vacation, the last
· a Stocks gadget for tracking stocks            thing you want to do is carry a lot of
· a Picture Puzzle where you slide tiles         stuff with you. But how can you be sure
  around against a timer                         you have everything you need while still      digital photos, up to 4.5 hours of video
· a Slide Show gadget for showing the            keeping your load light?                      or even enough business files to fill five
  photos you configure for it                        A recent innovation that lets you carry   Hummers.
OTHER GADGETS                                    numerous files and documents without             Products such as Seagate’s recently
  There are many other Gadgets that              a lot of extra hardware is the flash          introduced USB Pocket Hard Drives
can be downloaded from the internet and          thumb-drive.                                  come in 2.5- and 5-gigabyte capacities,
installed, if you so desire.                         When you’re talking about bringing        great for any size storage needs and
WINDOWS 7 GADGET OPTIONS                         along the complete photo album from           as backup for important files, just in
   If you click on the Show Desktop area         your European tour, however, or several       case your computer crashes. The
of the Taskbar in Windows 7 (a narrow rec-       large presentations and spreadsheets as       Seagate drives feature a retractable
tangular area on the extreme right end),         backup business materials, more               USB cord for easy carrying and are
then you will see the Desktop with its           storage is definitely in order. Until now,    housed in a sleek, round shell.
Gadgets (if any). In Windows Vista, when         it’s been impossible to carry around that        Secure, convenient and compact,
you clicked on the Show Desktop icon of          much data without needing extra disks         these Pocket Drives are compatible with
the Quick Launch Bar, the Gadgets were           or bulky storage drives.                      any PC or Mac computer’s USB port.
not visible.                                         For large amounts of data, the new        Simply plug the drive into the port and
   Gadgets can be shown on your Desktop          pocket disc drive storage devices can         start working, listening or viewing. The
in Windows 7 even if you are not on line         be a terrific alternative. You can carry      computer drives the device, so there’s
with an internet connection, but they will       virtually your entire office with you in a    no need for a separate power source or
in this case feature a time stamp which          device that fits in the palm of your hand.    extra adapter.
shows how out of date the associated             If you’re on vacation, leave the office          Pocket drives aren’t just for pockets.
data is. Some of the Gadgets, e.g., the          behind and instead use the pocket drive       They’re rugged enough to withstand
Calendar, can be toggled between various         to store digital photos, videos, MP3 files    bumping and jostling, so you can throw
sizes. Some of them have Touch capa-             and more. The amount of data that can         your pocket drive in a backpack, purse
bilities for those users who have a touch        be stored on a pocket drive is mind-          or briefcase and hit the road... with a
screen attached to their PC.                     boggling: up to 2,000 five-megapixel          lighter load.

June 2011                                             THE MOTHERBOARD                                                          Page 5
               Multi-Media SIG UpDate                                                      More About Toolbars
          by SIG Leader Jane Quinn,
   Weekly SIG Group meetings are every Thursday at the Anderson                            & Dropdown Menus
 Senior Center from 1- 3 pm. For special projects or one on one assistance                    The article about Toolbars would be
 walk-in 3 - 4 pm. You can also connect to the classroom at high speed                     considered useless by most old pro
 internet through SKYPE that id is AAASCO2009.                                             computer users, but for others, who have
   Our monthly Multi-Media SIG is the Saturday before the club’s general meeting           not become familiar with all those items
 at our home from 10 am to noon. For directions contact me via e-mail above or             listed at the top and sides of their various
 phone, 365-0825.                                                                          programs, this article could be the start
   Our next SIG Meeting will be June          Maker to create movies, use Facebook’s       of a very great life of computing!
25, then we will be on summer break.          new “Features For Privacy, ”download and        I’ve heard some say they were intimi-
The weekly classroom format will              use free programs like Realplayer to         dated by the terms, or didn’t have the
change to work sessions on June 30,           capture web based videos and music, and      patience to check them all out, or simply
July 7, and July14. For those members         trouble shoot email problems with Yahoo      never pursued beyond the basics of what
needing one-on-one assistance, you can        and Live Mail. There are handouts for all    they wanted from a program.
meet with me after class and I will be        of the above mentioned and I will gladly        I’ve often said that all the features
happy to work with you. We will return        review these during class.                   offered by any program in the plethora of
to class session Sept 8, 2011.                   I want to thank Arthur Mix and his        toolbars are simply more toys to use in
   During this past season as a group we      daughter for coming to class last week.      whatever computing program you enjoy.
have discovered how to use Picasa’s           And thanks again to the following folks         It only takes a little investigation to find
People Tags, edit Picasa Web Albums           for helping our class along the way:         and use these “hidden” features. And if
using Picnik, edit, send, resize photos       Anna Horton, Dick Marx, Ed Beaulac,          you do and end up snagged by terms,
with MS Photo Live Gallery, use MS DVD        Patti Carlile, and Maureen Robinson.         use the Help feature to learn all you can
   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                             about the feature and the terms.
                                     Toolbars                                                 A tip is to highlight something in your
  by Wil Wakely, President, Seniors Computer Group, CA, Bits and Bytes, The                document or graphic (depending upon the
        Official Electronic Newsletter,,                       type of program you’re using) and then
                                                                                           click on different toolbar or dropdown
   A semi-official definition: ¯A toolbar is   special toolbar into your browser           menu features to see what the feature
a graphical presentation of commands           without your approval while others          offers. Another tip is to do this one-at-a-
optimized for efficient access.                politely ask for permission. Within your    time, then repeat to set it in your mind
   We find a toolbar at the top of almost      browser you can activate or hide            and then use the undo before you try the
every program we use. It allows a single       toolbars from the Menu bar View             next feature, so you are always working
mouse click to perform oft-repeated            dropdown menu. Click on Tool-bars and       with an original object or text item.
actions, such as File Save or Print.           check or uncheck the toolbar you               I guarantee that you will find many
Menu (word) bars perform most of the           select. Remember that each toolbar          cool features and “toys” to put to use
same actions, but with more mouse              takes up vertical space on your display     when you have your next project.
clicks. Icons (pictures) are supposedly        page which in turn reduces your viewing                                          Judi Ball
easier to recognize and interpret than         area for the Web site, so be judicious         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
words, but that is debatable. I often
                                                                                                A Crackpot!
                                               in the number of toolbars you display.
prefer lists to icon displays. The               Some toolbars have only icons; others
Windows GUI (Graphical User Inter-             have descriptive words accompanying
face) desktop filled with disorganized         when the icon’s meaning is not obvious.
icons is still distasteful and confusing       Most icons perform a single action while
to me. I prefer organized word menus.          others display a dropdown menu for
Many free or inexpensive ones are              further selection. If you hover your
available for download.                        mouse over an icon, often a description
   But back to Toolbars: Most modern           appears. There are a multitude of
programs have both menu bars and               specialty toolbars available on the Web
toolbars at the top of the page. If the        which are as close as a Google search.
Menu bar is hidden, the Alt key will           Common ones are Yahoo, Google, MSN
reveal it and the Esc key hides it again.      and Amazon. I also use the RoboForm
Many toolbars display common actions,          toolbar for rapid username and password
but also allow customization to add or         entry to Web sites that require them. For
delete your desired action icons.              more information on Toolbars, do a
   Internet browsers allow multiple            Google search on that term and find out
toolbars, each for a specific activity.        more than you ever wanted to know about
Some rogue programs will insert their          Toolbars.

Page 6                                              THE MOTHERBOARD                                                      June 2011
                                       Updates! Updates! Updates!
      by Penny Cano, Member and Instructor for the Dumb & Dumber Workshops – Cajun Clickers Computer Club, LA
         March 2011 issue, Cajun Clickers Computer News,, ccnewsletter
   “Something popped up on my com-            iTunes on your computer? Yes, they need         download their free Up-date
puter saying I needed an update. I didn’t     updating too. Alternative browsers like         Checker which will also help
know if it was OK, so I didn’t do it.” Does   Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are on the          keep you up to date with the
this sound familiar? Updates are one of       list. Add e-mail programs like Mozilla          latest versions of that type
the most important things you can do for      Thunderbird and Incredimail. Printer soft-      of software.
your computer. So what needs updating?        ware, Support software from your com-             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The answer is almost all the software on
your computer. Updates patch security
                                              puter manufacturer like HP Advisor and
                                              Dell Support Center, and graphics pro-
                                                                                                       Don’t Panic!
holes that allow access to your computer      grams like Photoshop. The list is endless.       by Berry F. Phillips, Member of the
from outside and correct defects in soft-        So how do you determine which update           Computer Club of Oklahoma City
ware programs.                                requests to allow? One way is to open the            April 2011 issue, eMonitor,
   First and foremost is Windows itself.      Control Panel and choose “Add Remove  ,
Patches fix security vulnerabilities and      Programs” in XP or “Programs and                I can almost imagine if Sherlock
program flaws in the Operating System.        Features” in Vista and Windows 7. Become        Holmes, my favorite fictional detective,
Most people choose Automatic Updates,         familiar with the list of programs installed    had a computer in Victorian England, and
which downloads and installs these “fixes”    on the computer. (If you can’t remember         he detected evil on his system what he
for Windows without their having to worry     all of them, at least you have a preference.)   would think. He would suspect a
about it. But Windows is not the only         If one of these programs requests an            diabolical hacking by Dr. Moriarty. He
Microsoft program that needs updating.        update (a popup or notification in the lower    would not panic but say calmly to Dr.
An option you can choose in Microsoft         right hand corner of the screen), the answer    Watson, “the game is afoot.” Trouble-
Update allows it to also take care of         is “Yes, thank you for keeping me current.”     shooting your computer is just like
Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Works,         Some of the programs aren’t so accom-        playing detective. There are certain steps
Windows Live, Silverlight, and a whole        modating. Many can be manually updated          that you can take before calling a
host of other Microsoft products installed    by choosing “Check for Updates” under           computer tech and facing another horror
on your computer that also need updating.     “Help” on the program’s menu. There may         story, the repair bill!
   Of equal importance are updates for        also be a choice under “Options” (Settings,      Panic control is to develop an objective
your Virus/Spyware program or Internet        Properties, or some such wording) to            detached mind of Sherlock Holmes as
Security suite.                               automate the process.                           you begin your investigation of the evil in
   Don’t know which one you’re using?            There is a website that can help you         your computer. Sometimes breathing
It’s time you found out!! Double click on     decide. Http:// has an online        deeply helps. Sometimes getting up and
the icon in the lower right hand corner of    scanner (use “Scan now” in the upper right      doing something else and coming back
the screen and when the program opens         corner, “Start Scanner” on the next page,       to the problem helps. I find that often
look for the date of the latest definition/   and check “Enable thorough system inspec-       sleeping and coming back to the pro-
update. It should                                                                             blem helps. Avoid getting too emo-tional
be no later than                                                                              and taking a hammer or some other
yesterday. The                                                                                weapon to attack your system remem-
virus program                                                                                 bering that computers are expen-sive,
can only remove                                                                               and you do have lots of data on your
the “bad stuff” if                                                                            system. Here are some basic instructions:
it can recog-                                                                                 1. Restart your computer. Often soft-
nize it, and it                                                                                  ware problems will correct them-
gets those des-                                                                                  selves when you do that.
criptions in the                                                                              2. Check to make sure everything is
definitions                                                                                      working. If not check the connection
downloaded                                                                                       to what is not working.
from the Internet.                            tion” on the next page before you hit           3. Check the electric power by plugging
   Now what else needs updating? Java,        “Start”) that will look at your system and         a lamp into the same power outlet
Flashplayer, and Shockwave are three          list insecure programs. You can also               that is connected to your computer
programs that deal with animation on          download Secunia Personal Software                 to make sure the outlet is working.
web-sites. Adobe Reader occasionally          Inspector (PSI) free for home users.            4. Make sure the computer and monit-
has newer versions, but there are up-   is a source for many       or are plugged in.
dates for the older versions if you prefer    of the freeware and shareware programs          5. Disconnect peripheral devices and
to keep them instead of upgrading. Do         we use (Adobe Reader, iTunes, Firefox,             restart the computer.
you have RealPlayer, Quick Time, or           Open Office, AVG Anti-virus, etc). You can                         Continued on Page 9

June 2011                                          THE MOTHERBOARD                                                            Page 7
                    7 Little Word Annoyances and Their Easy Fixes
      by Nancy DeMarte, Columnist, Office Talk, Sarasota PCUG, Inc., FL, March 2011 issue, Sarasota PC Monitor
   Below is a collection of frustrating things   choose a line spacing size. To remove            a personal tour of the Options menus,
that can happen when using Microsoft             extra space after a paragraph, select            which resemble this Word Options window
Word. These annoyances can occur in              the paragraph before the extra space,            with the AutoCorrect box open:
any version of Word although most are            click the Line Spacing button and
geared to Word 2007 and 2010. In Word            choose “Remove Space After Para-
2003, the fix-it steps may be different.         graph.” A more permanent way to create
   Annoyance 1: You accidentally press           no extra space between paragraphs is
the Caps Lock key on your keyboard be-           to open the Paragraph group dialog box
fore typing a paragraph. When you finish,        launcher (small diagonal arrow) on the
you find everything in capital letters.          Home tab and put a checkmark in front
   The Fix: Rather than retyping the whole       of “Don’t add space between para-
paragraph, highlight the text, then click        graphs of the same style.”
the “Change Case” button (Aa), located              Annoyance 5: Every time you type an
on the Home tab in the Font group. Click         email or web address into a document, it
“Sentence case” to transform your                turns into a clickable hyperlink with
paragraph into normal sentences.                 underlined blue text even if that wasn’t
   Annoyance 2: You create a party               your intention.
invitation with a light blue background             The Fix: The quickest fix is to right click
(Page Layout tab — Page Color). But              the address and select “Remove Hyper-
when you print it, the background is white.      link.” But this is only a one time remedy.
   The Fix: Office has set Word to not           To remove this action permanently, click             Annoyance 7: You often save docu-
print full page background colors,               the Windows button, then this sequence:          ments to the same folder which is buried
probably to save users from wasting ink.         Word Options/Proofing/AutoCorrect                within other folders in My Documents. It
You can, however, make the colored               Options/AutoFormat As You Type. Remove           takes several clicks to find this folder
background print. Click the Office               the checkmark next to “Internet and Net-         each time you want to open or save a
button, then Word Options — Display.             work paths with hyperlinks” and click OK.        document to it.
Put a check mark next to “Print                     Annoyance 6: You find that as you                 Fix 1: You can find almost any folder
background colors and images,” then              type, distracting wavy red and green             on your Windows Vista or 7 computer by
click OK. Until you remove this check-           lines show up under words and phrases.           typing its name into the Start Menu
mark, all colored backgrounds will print.           The Fix: Word is set to check spelling        search box just above the Start button.
   Annoyance 3: You’re working on a              (red lines) and grammar (green lines) as         Often it takes only a letter or two before
document where you’ve set the text size          you type. This is another Proofing option        the folder appears in the search results.
to be a fairly small 10 points. But you          which comes enabled from the factory.            On the downside, you have to do this each
find that the text is too small to view          To turn off one or both of these features,       time you want to open the folder.
comfortably while you’re typing.                 go to Word Options (Office button - Word             Fix 2: A way to make any folder
   The Fix: Drag the Zoom slider located         Options) and click Proofing. Remove the          immediately available is to add it to the
in the bottom right corner of the Word           checkmarks next to “Mark grammar errors          Favorites section of the navigation pane.
window to the right to enlarge the screen        as you type” and “Check spelling as you          This pane appears on the left side of any
view of the text. When printed, the text         type.” You can always check spelling and         explorer window where you are viewing,
will be 10 points no matter how big it           grammar after your document is complete          opening or saving files and folders. To
appears on the screen.                           by clicking Spelling & Grammar at the            make a folder a Favorite, start by creating
   Annoyance 4: You find that the                left end of the Review tab.                      or opening a file, like a document, and
spaces between lines of text in your                Several of these fixes involve the            click Save As, which opens the Save As
document are wider than you want.                settings found in the Options area of the        dialog box. This reveals the navigation
   The Fix: If all the spaces are wider than     Office 2007 menu (File menu in 2010).            pane on the left, showing a list of possible
expected, you can change the line spacing        Options are available for all the Office         places to save the file. Navigate to the
for the whole document at once. On the           programs (Word Options, Excel Options,           folder you want to make a favorite so that
Home tab, in the Editing group, click            Access Options, etc.) These default              it is the last item in the history bar across
Select-All (Ctrl+A keys) to highlight all the    settings were determined by interviews           the top. Then right click the word Favorites
text. Next click the Line Spacing button         with thousands of people who use Office          in the left pane. From the drop down
in the Paragraph group and select 1.0 for        regularly in the workplace. If you find that     menu, click “Add current location to
single-spacing or one of the other choices.      the factory settings are causing you more        Favorites.” Your special folder will now
   Note: Word will not remove extra              trouble than help, changing them is a
space after paragraphs when you                  simple task. All Office users should take                            Continued on Page 9

Page 8                                                THE MOTHERBOARD                                                          June 2011
                   eBook Readers Compared                                                     DON’T PANIC!
   by Constance Brown, President, Canton/Alliance/Massillon UG, OH, 2/ 2011                   Continued from Page 7
         issue, The Memory Map, www.camug.or,                             6. Listen for unusual sounds. Is the
   Technology with new capabilities and        read between devices, LendMe™                     cooling fan running? Is the hard drive
applications is constantly available. It can   technology, borrowing, and you can                making noises?
be difficult to stay focused on what will      share updates on Social sites like             7. Look inside the computer for wires
be most suitable for our requirements          Facebook® and Twitter®. It runs with              that aren’t plugged in all the way or
when we are constantly wowed by the            the Android™ Operating System. The                other faulty connections.
latest innovations. Suppose you wish to        price tag is $249. More information is         8. Start the computer from an external
read eBooks and listen to music. How           available at http://www.barnesand                 start-up disk, such as the system
many pieces of equipment will allow you Here the                software CD that hopefully came with
to do this? Here are a few: computer, web      comparison stops. Nookcolor was not               your computer.
book, a variety of phones, iPad, some          designed for Internet browsing or                 Having said all that, I must confess
mp3 players, some GPS devices and              communicating via email.                       that I have tried to save a buck being
some eBook readers.                               Apple’s IPad comes with 16 Gig to 64        quite frugal and very Scottish only to
   The cross application of many of these      Gig of internal memory. Some IPads are         make my problem even worse and of
devices is amazing and sometimes               Wi-Fi only and others are either 3G or Wi-     course more expensive for a tech (pro)
confusing. In January we heard a               Fi. The price tag varies from $499-$829.       to repair. If you do decide to call technical
presentation from the Stark County             The IPad is much more than an eBook            support, write down the exact problem
District Library about eBooks and eAudio       reader. It offers Internet access and          and what you were doing when it
books and were introduced to a variety of      applications. It is still awaiting an app to   occurred. Also note any error messages.
devices that can be used to check out          be released that will let the reader view      Try to replicate the problem if you can.
these Books. The library has a links to        eBooks full screen. You can page through       Be as specific as possible when talking
lists of compatible and incompatible           websites, write an email, flick through        to the support person. Computers can
devices at           photos, or watch a movie with just the         crash or hang when their hard disk
Resources/DRC/Default.aspx.                    touch of a finger. The 3G data plan is         become too full.
   During the presentation, I became inter-    through ATT and starts at $14.99 per              Free up space by deleting unneces-
ested in the comparison between Apple’s        month. It has many computer capabilities,      sary files and emptying the Trash or
iPad and Barnes and Nobles Nookcolor.          especially when it comes to browsing the       Recycle Bin.
Both of them have one disadvantage             Internet and reading email.                       Don’t shock yourself or your RAM.
when compared to other readers such as            When it comes to comparing eBook            When working inside the computer, turn
other Nook products, Sony, Kobo or             readers that use E ink and E paper, it is a    the power off but leave the electrical
Kindle: the screen is not E Ink or E Paper.    bit more difficult to make a selection. The    cord plugged into the surge suppressor.
   That means the battery is being             Kindle is great, but doesn’t allow for you     Ground yourself by touching the casing
drained when it is in use and that it will     to check out eBooks from the library at        of the power supply before touching any
be more tiring to the eyes and perhaps         this time. Kobo from Borders does not          of the computer circuits. You can also
impossible to read in bright light. However,   allow you to listen to EAudio and requires     wear a grounding strap which is very
Nookcolor lets you read books and a            that books be loaded from a computer.          inexpensive. Every computer user
magazine in full color and works both in       Sony and Nook have their own trade-offs        should have a small computer tool kit.
Wi-Fi and 3G networks. It has 8 Gig of         with weight, bulkiness, and a screen that         I do not recommend the medical option
internal memory, enough to hold 6,000          is sometimes difficult to read in sunlight     of taking panic pills for computer ills. I do
books, and is expandable to 32 Gig. Over       in the case of the Sony. So if an E Reader     recommend joining the Computer Club of
2 million book titles are available, and it    is in your future, you will have to select     Oklahoma City where we share with each
has internal support for Microsoft Word,       what best meets your needs. Having an          other our positive as well a negative
Excel and PowerPoint.                          eReader certainly beats having to carry        computer experiences. Knowledge is the
   Additional features include resizable       heavy, bulky books through the airport in      real cure for panic in computing.
text and graphics with AliveTouch™,            order to satiate your reading appetite as         The motto of our computer club for
audio, Read to Me, Keep your last page,        you wait for your next flight!                 years is: “The only stupid question is
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                 the one not asked!”
7 LITTLE WORD...         folder and select Remove.                                               I wonder if I can get Sherlock Holmes
Continued on Page 7                              Using a computer should be fun as            as a guest speaker for the computer
                                               well as useful. Take a few minutes to          club. Do you think I may have become
appear in the Favorites list. It will also     think what your personal computer              a bit eccentric as a fan of the world’s
appear in the Favorites list of the other      annoyances are and try to find fixes for       greatest detective? Where did I leave
MS Office programs on your computer,           them. Customizing your programs                my smoking jacket and calabash pipe?
such as Excel and PowerPoint. To remove        makes using the computer much more             I will have to ask Dr. Watson or Mrs.
a folder from Favorites, right click the       enjoyable and efficient.                       Hudson!

June 2011                                           THE MOTHERBOARD                                                             Page 9
                            Art On Your Laptop                                                    Futuristic Printer
                         Beautiful, striking designs by a
                        variety of professional artists can
                                                                                                 Design Wins $10K
                        be a part of your laptop. For ex-
                        ample, your computer can feature
         “Cathedral,” a stunning piece by painter Robert Hargrave, left,
         or famed artist Deanne Cheuk’s “Pyramid in Fall,” right.
   (NAPSA) Resourceful people all over         works from international artists like
the world are finding ways to make art         Deanne Cheuk, Maya Hayuk, Jason
accessible and part of their lives.            Holley, Tristan Eaton and urban artist
   Flash drives and cell phones were           Mike Ming. Now, the laptop is a fashion
among the first electronics to explode with    accessory that can express your                    (NAPSA) Imagine taking this paper
personalization. For years, teen-agers in      personal style. Recently, Dell expanded         in your hands, touching a spot on the
Japan have been adorning their cell            the online studio to include more than          page and, presto, the words disappear
phones in rhinestone patterns and              200 different designs, patterns and             and a whole new page of copy appears
charms, turning each text message into         colors.                                         on the same piece of paper. Touch it
a form of self-expression.                       If art awakens the soul, there’s never        again, and it happens again. And again.
   Today, Dell’s Design Studio has taken       been a better time to indulge your artistic        The theoretical technology is called the
the personalizing of consumer elec-            cravings. Dell and others recognize this        “Electronic Archive Printer,” and it’s a con-
tronics to the next level. People who          draw and are making art available to            cept that won top honors for two Syracuse
select the Dell Studio 15 or 17 laptops        everyone, truly allowing new forms of           University students in the national “Design
can choose to adorn them with unique           self-expression.                                the Business Printer of the Future” con-
    Editor’s Note:                                                                             test, sponsored by Lexmark International,
    Look online at the club’s website, under newsletters to see these cases in color           a leading developer of printing solutions.
   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                    Industrial design scholars Ryan Bednar,
                                                                                               22 and Nate Schaal, 23, were awarded
Eliminate Stress With                          While you may still
                                               have to wait for a
                                                                                               $10,000 for the futuristic device that prints
 Reduced Wait Time                             lot of things in life,
                                                                                               multiple layers of interactive copy on a
                                                                                               single sheet of unique electronic paper.
                                               your PC isn’t one of
    (NAPSA) If you are like most people,                                                          They created a theoretical device that
                                               them! For informa-
you hate waiting. Whether it’s waiting in                                                      retains the look, feel and portability of
                                               tion, visit,
line for coffee or having the phone glued                                                      traditional paper, yet can contain hun-
to our ear on hold, it’s just frustrating.                                                     dreds of pages of text. Electronic buttons
Waiting can become particularly irritating        One solution to minimizing these             printed on the page let users interact with
when your technology doesn’t keep up           stressors can be found by using a com-          the document. The pages can be stored
with the pace of life or work when you         puter powered by the new Intel® Core™           in a unique notebook that protects the
need it to. It’s when you are watching the     i5 processors, which tackle the dreaded         document and acts as a power source.
little hourglass spin while a program          hourglass head-on.These processors use             “With this design, you’re actually printing
opens and you feel like throwing your PC       Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which auto-       on paper that changes,” said Michael Miller,
or pulling your hair out that you are indeed   matically adapts to an individual’s compu-      editor-in-chief of PC Magazine and one of
suffering from “Hourglass Syndrome.”           ter performance needs, providing a boost        the nine contest judges.
    No, this isn’t a medical condition, but    when you need speed and conserving                 “Over time, this technology could have
it’s something that many people can            power when you don’t — nearly eliminat-         an amazing impact in terms of making
relate to. Intel Corporation, makers of        ing the wait for some users. In fact, the       paper that’s thin, light and changes all
processors or the “brain” inside compu-        processors are about twice as fast as           the time and that can store all sorts of
ters, commissioned Harris Interactive          those in three-year-old PCs for video, photo,   information.”
to conduct a consumer survey to see            and music-downloading experiences.                 The second place entry, submitted by
how widespread this “syndrome” really             Think the “Hourglass Syndrome” has           Bryant Griffin, of North Carolina State
is. The survey found that the average          you down? While you wait, you can try           University, was awarded $7,500 for his
computer user spends about 13 minutes          a short, fun stress test on the Intel           design of a small, mobile device that can
a day waiting for technology. That adds        Facebook page or watch an amusing               print, fax and scan documents for busi-
up to almost three days per year just          video explaining “Hourglass Syndrome”           ness users on the go.
waiting… and waiting. The study also           at                         Brigham Young University’s Jacob Hall
found that 66 percent of computer users           For more information on the Intel Core       won $5,000 for a PDA attachment that
are at least somewhat stressed when            i5 processors and Intel Turbo Boost Tech-       emits a light beam that causes infor-
waiting for their computer and watching        nology, visit       mation to appear on the page when
the hourglass spin.                            er/products/processors/core-family.htm.         certain wavelengths of light energize it.

Page 10                                             THE MOTHERBOARD                                                          June 2011
                        Crown Camera
                              Imaging Experts

                               Digital Cameras
 M-F 8:30 - 5:30    Photo & Printer Supplies
 Sat. 9 - 5
                                                                         Greg Rogers & Gale Vaughn, Owners
 530-243-8333 or 800-655-4256              1365 Market Street
 FAX: 530-243-4978                         Redding, CA 96001
                                                                  4432 Shasta Dam Blvd.           Shasta Lake, CA 96019

                                                                  Here is an area for your favorite business!
    “Northern California’s Finest and First Internet Provider”
                  Starting at $15/month!                                     Call Judi Ball for details.
            DSL & Wireless Access, Web Design                                       275-4632
                    & Hosting Services
             (530) 245-4698 / (530) 926-6888

Stop throwing away your inkjet cartridges!
   Let us refill them and save up to 60%
     We also offer services for toner cartridges

2521 Hilltop Drive (Across from Big 5) Redding, CA 96002
               Phone 530-222-INKS (4657)                         1730 Pleasant St., Redding, CA            (530) 241- 8646

                                     IBMPC Users Group Of Redding
                                        Membership Application
  Name(s): _____________________________________________________   $25.00
  Address: _____________________________________________________ PER
  City:________________________________ State: _________ Zip: _______YEAR
  Home Phone: __________________ Business Phone: ______________ ___ New
  E-mail Address: ________________________________________ _____ __ Renewal
  Date: __________                                                    Check

                    MAIL TO: IBM/PC Users Group of Redding,
                        P.O. Box 494778, Redding, CA 96049
       (For general information call any Officer or Director listed on Page 2)
                                                 Not A Renewal Reminder

June 2011                                                THE MOTHERBOARD                                        Page 11
    Multi-Media SIG                                 IBM/PC Users Group
          Learn about Digital Devices,              of Redding
  usage of free software for Movie Creation,        P.O. Box 494778
  Photo Projects, Music Projects, and Social        Redding, CA
  Networking. Includes Windows 7 Basic
  Instruction. Thursday 1-3pm at the
  Anderson Senior Center. You can also
  connect to the classroom via high speed
  internet to the SKYPE ID AAASCO2009.
     Walk-in 3pm to 4pm for tutoring or
  special projects.

 Saturday — 10 AM, June 25
 At Jane Quinn’s Home, contact
 following for information:

 Jane Quinn, 365-0825
                                                    4th Tuesday Monthly Meetings Are At
                     DTP and
             Graphics Art SIG                                   Redding
                                                            The Redding Library
 Do you have an interest in creating DeskTop
 Publishing projects, such as flyers, business
 cards, logos, newsletters, etc., or art and
 photo editing and manipulation? We have an
 informal forum, so bring a question, problem,
 project and we’ll all work together to solve it.
    Basic Windows knowledge of copy and
 paste is a must.
 Wednesday — 2:10 PM - 4 PM
 See map below for meeting
                                                             1100 Parkview Ave.,
 place.                                                   off Cypress and to the right of City Hall.
 Judi Ball 275-4632                                                               Room,
                                                    We will be in the Community Room, which is to the left
                                                    of the main library door.
                           &                                                              Why Join A
                         More                                                           Computer Group?
                          SIG                                                  1. Benefit from a common interest in a personal
                                                                                  (and costly) investment: Your business or
                                                                                  personal computer.
 Wednesday — 11:30 AM - 1PM                                                    2. Enjoy more of that investment by learning
 Dates                                                                            more about it.
                                                                               3. Share tips and tricks, as well as new and
                                                                                  old ideas.
                                                                               4. Become exposed to a variety of new
                                                                                  hardware and software without sales
                                                                               5. Receive an informative monthly newsletter.
                                                                               6. Have access to various club func-tions and
                                                                                  all Special Interest Groups (SIGs).
 Bill Ball 275-4632                                                            7. Find out that no one needs to be alone and                                                               helpless with today’s computer technology.

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