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Pharmacy 102


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									                  102      SCHOOL OF BIOMEDICAL & HEALTH SCIENCES

                                               Why study pharmacy at King’s?                     may choose from a range of specialist elective
stuDent PROFiLe

                                               Pharmacy is the science of medicines. It          modules (eg Chemical Mediators & Disease,
                                               involves research into chemical structures        Drug Delivery & Industrial Pharmacy, Drug
                                               and natural products of medicinal value; the      Toxicity, Emerging Therapeutics & Modern
                                               development of dosage forms; safety testing       Medicine, Applied Clinical Practice), and
                                               of the product; production; quality control;      you must complete a research project and the
                                               distribution of drugs to patients and usage.      Preparation for Practice module. Successful
                                                                                                 students are awarded the MPharm degree
                                               The pharmacy profession is self-regulating,       which allows you to apply for a pre-registration
                                               governed by the Royal Pharmaceutical              place. You must complete a four-year degree
                                               Society of Great Britain (RPSGB). Although        and successfully pass the pre-registration
                                               all UK pharmacy degrees have a similar            training before you can register and practise
                                               content approved by the RPSGB, King’s             as a pharmacist in the UK.
                                               has developed an integrated programme
                                               with contributions from other departments         Location and facilities
‘King’s has links with large                   and external experts in pharmacy practice,        The Department of Pharmacy is located on
                                               industry and hospital pharmacy.                   one floor of the purpose-designed Franklin-
pharmaceutical companies and the
                                               Research is a very strong activity in the         Wilkins Building at the Waterloo Campus,
structure of the course is specifically
                                               department, covering a range of areas             which includes an extensive library, easy
designed so that whatever career path                                                            computer access and the Olympic drug-testing
                                               including molecular biology, natural product
I decide upon, I will have a very good         chemistry, medicinal chemistry, drug analysis,    laboratory. King’s also incorporates three
understanding of the subject. Studying         pharmaceutics, biochemical toxicology and         major teaching hospitals (Guy’s, King’s and
                                               pharmacy practice. The department was rated       St Thomas’), providing a unique training
in London has also been an exciting
                                               in the top ten nationally for world-leading and   resource for our students.
experience. There is a lot to see and do
                                               internationally excellent research in the 2008
and whatever your interests, you’ll be         Research Assessment Exercise.                     Selection procedure
able to find a club or society to join.’                                                         We are looking for students with a firm
                                               Teaching style                                    commitment both to study and the pharmacy
Wajid Hussain                                                                                    profession. Work experience is preferred but
                                               King’s MPharm programme has been designed
Pharmacy MPharm                                                                                  not essential. Applicants may be interviewed
                                               to integrate the teaching of fundamental
                                               science with the practice of pharmacy,            and interviews take place throughout the year
                                               with interdisciplinary teaching from other        from December to April. Students offered
                                               departments and outside experts from industry     a place are invited to visit the department
                                               and hospital pharmacies.                          between January and March at an open day
                                                                                                 to see our facilities and meet current staff and
                                               Structure of programmes                           MPharm students.
                                               and assessment                                    Career prospects and
                                               Some of the unique features are the
                                               professional modules that run throughout all      graduate destinations
                                               four years of the degree, starting with a two-    Successful completion of the MPharm degree
                                               week overview of pharmacy as a profession.        allows the student to apply for entry to a
                                               These modules also seek to develop your           12-month pre-registration training period
                                               transferable skills from the outset. The first-   in community, hospital or industrial settings
                                               year continues with two-semester modules          or a combination of these. At the end of this
                                               which cover the principles of pharmaceutical      recognised training period you will need to
                                               science and practice. Years two and three         pass a professional competency examination
CONTACTS                                       form a four-semester theme of pharmacy and        under the auspices of the RPSGB, prior to
                                               therapeutics. The aim is to provide integrated    registration as a pharmacist. The vocational
                                               teaching across the pharmaceutical and            nature of the degree combined with the
King’s College London,
                                               scientific disciplines, with six therapeutic      permanent demand for qualified healthcare
Hodgkin Building, Guy’s Campus,
London SE1 1UL                                 themes (Endocrine System & Cancer, Nervous        professionals both in the UK and abroad,
                                               System, Respiratory & Musculoskeletal             means that there is nearly full graduate
COntaCt Student Admissions Office
                                               Systems, Infection & Pharmaceutical               employment for all MPharm graduates. The
eMaiL                                                              career and salary prospects are attractive,
                                               Microbiology, Cardiovascular & Renal
teL 020 7848 6511                              Systems, Gastrointestinal System & Skin),         as are the opportunities for part-time and
FaX 020 7848 6510                              two non-therapeutic modules (Formulation &        locum work. Almost all pharmacy graduates
                                               Analysis of Drugs and Medicines Discovery         undertake the year’s pre-registration training;
                                               & Development), which train students in           the majority in community practice (60 per
                                               the disciplines of pharmaceutics, analysis        cent) or hospitals (about 20 per cent), with the
PROFiLe                                                                                          remainder employed in industry or graduate
students admitted: 125
                                               and medicine design, and one professional
                                               module which includes law and ethics, all         studies. There are opportunities at King’s and
applicants per place: 13                                                                         other academic institutions to continue your
                                               fundamental to the profession of pharmacy. In
Teaching staff: 30                             the final year, modules are arranged around       studies at graduate level, if you are interested
                                               the theme of Pharmacy into Practice. You          in a career in research.

Degree programme                                      ENTRY REqUIREMENTS
                                                      UCAS CODE
 SINGLE HONOURS                                       B230
                                                      3 A-LEVELS AND 1 AS-LEVEL
Pharmacy MPharm                                       ABB

UCAS CODE B230                                        A/AS-LEVEL COMPULSORY SUBJECTS
                                                      GCSE requirements: a minimum of five GCSE passes
STUDY MODE Full time                                  including English Language, Maths, Chemistry and Biology
DURATION Four years                                   all at grade B (or Double Science at grade B). Must include
                                                      Chemistry at A-level and either Maths, Biology or Physics
LOCATION Waterloo Campus                              plus one further A-level subject. AS-level Maths at grade
                                                      B, if not A-level, is preferred but not essential. If A-levels
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS See box                            are studied for more than two years then a higher offer           may be made. Candidates retaking A-levels will be given
                                                      a higher offer
All UK pharmacy degrees are approved by the
                                                      Access to Science (or similar) Diploma with the
RPSGB, and have a similar content: the study          maximum award of 60 credits overall and 45 at level
of chemical structures and natural products           three. Supplementary information and achievement eg
of medicinal value, the development of dosage         percentage mark/scores for certain credits/subjects will
                                                      be required
forms, safety testing of the product, production,
                                                      SCOTTISH HIGHERS AND ADVANCED HIGHERS
quality control, distribution of drugs to patients
                                                      AABBB at Highers including Chemistry, Biology
and usage. Our MPharm degree integrates the           and Maths
teaching of fundamental science with the practice
                                                      IRISH LEAVING CERTIFICATE
of pharmacy, plus interdisciplinary teaching from
                                                      A1 A1 B1 B1 B2 B2 at Higher level Including Chemistry,
other departments and outside experts in industry,    Biology and Maths
community and hospitals.                              INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE
YEAR ONE An initial two-week Pharmacy Orientation     34 points overall including 6,5,5 at HL with Chemistry
module (PO) plus four modules on the principles and   at HL6

practice of pharmaceutical science.                   USA: ADVANCED PLACEMENT TESTS
                                                      (TWO SEMESTER ONLY)
YEAR TWO Pharmacy and Therapeutics, six               Three AP subjects with 544 in Chemistry, Biology
therapeutic themes (integrated modules) and two       and Maths
non-therapeutic modules over the second and third     APTITUDE TEST
years – see year three below.                         No test required
YEAR THREE Theme for years two and three:
Nervous System, Formulation & Analysis of Drugs,      More information including requirements for
                                                      36 other countries can be found on our website
Cardiovascular & Renal Systems, Respiratory 
& Musculoskeletal Systems, Endocrine System
& Cancer, Gastrointestinal Systems & Skin,
Medicines Discovery & Development, Infections &
Pharmaceutical Microbiology.
YEAR FOUR Pharmacy into Practice theme. You will
study a Preparation for Practice module, complete
a research project and two options.
                                                                                                                       WateRLOO CaMPus

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