West Linton Primary School PTA Meeting by gegeshandong


									                 West Linton Primary School PTA Meeting

                          16 March 2009 at 7.15pm


Present:       Alison Graham, Katrina Culshaw, Gerry McLachlan, Robert
Ferrier, Hilary Elliot, Aileen Burns.

Apologies: Christine Berthelsen, Julie Jackson, Morna Morrison,Stephanie
Downie, Anita Thomas, David Drummond,Tom Davidson,Catherine Bissett.

Minutes of last Meeting held on 17th November 2008
Accepted as written

   1. Treasurers Report
PTA account currently stands at £3807. Mrs Elliot confirmed that the school
has already purchased 2 laptops (including s/w licences) at a total of

The balance after these purchases stands at £1600. From this will be funding
towards various school trips planned to the end of June 2009
             Dance Festival in Peebles 25th March - 2 coaches
             P6 trip in May to Craigmiller castle
             P2 trip and P4 Summer Term Trips

A further two laptops will be purchased at some time in the future once the
balance has increased again.

   2. Events

       Rugby 6 Nations - Curry
Planned for Scotland/ England game Saturday 21 March, 3.30pm Kick off

Gerry to liaise with janitor to arrange access to set up etc/ Need big screen
and Projector
Lunch tables to be down in dinner hall / chairs out in Gym hall
Face painting for children
Gordon Arms Hotel to produce 50 portions of Lamb/ Chicken curry @ £70
Organised with Threshers for Sale and Return of cans
Mrs Reilly has confirmed she is available to make the rice.
Action: Mrs Burns agreed to laminate posters for event
Action: KC to give copy of licence for event to AG
       Beetle Drive
Date proposed - Thursday 30th April 2009 between 7-9pm @ the school.
There will be a mtg @ AG house on 2nd April to discuss set up.
Charge £1/person
Require access to kitchen for Teas/ coffees
Require paper/pens/dice. Mrs Elliot suggested cups for shakers
Classroom desks/ chairs to be set up in Gym hall
Action: Mrs Elliot to work out capacity for hall once tables/ chairs in

       Eco Day
Date proposed - Saturday 23rd of May. Sally Bowie is the Chair of the Eco
Committee and is organising this event but will require PTA help nearer the

        Health Week
Mrs Elliot confirmed that that this event will not be held in 2009.

        Bacon Butties/ Playground Equipment
The PTA have had a standing arrangement that a donation of £50 a term or
£200 a session will be made available to the school to replace/ upgrade
playground equipment. This arrangement hasn’t been used recently.
Action: CB to ascertain when the last time this money was allocated, but
generally agreed to continue this practice.

PTA Committee agreed it would be a good idea to use the Saturday Bacon
Butty event to raise money for more equipment and to advertise to parents
what the money from the event will be put towards.

Gerry mentioned that football teams from Penicuik were coming to the football
so this would hopefully help boost numbers at the bacon butty stall.

Date proposed Saturday 28th March 2009.

         Dance
Action: MM to ask friend if he could provide live music/ Disco
Action: KC to investigate cost/ possibility of holding event at bowling club as
it has suitable space.

Date Proposed September 2009

        Whipman Week

              Balloon Race
Discussion took place on whether to hold a Balloon race. Traditionally the
balloons have been released after Whipman Sports Day. On a previous
occasion, the balloons were gold/ burgundy and filled on the day with helium.
The balloons also had contact details of the school on them.
Mrs Burns had a map in her classroom and recorded where the balloons went
over a couple of months. She has offered to do that again this year. A prize
for the furthest travelled balloon.

Action: PTA would need to contact Traffic Control to inform them when the
balloons would be released and if there was clearance for such a release.AG
to liase with Whipman committee and Air traffic control.

               Whipman Disco
The disco is a good fundraising event
PTA provides – sweets/ drinks and requires a licence for the event.AG to

   3. Misc. Items

        School Web Site
Miss Crow, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Dick have all been involved with developing
the school web site and it is now on line .Parent Council already have a web
page on it so it was agreed the PTA should also have one. AG to contact
Miss Crow.

Should any change to the PTA web page be required it would need to be
given to Debbie Whyte to administer.

        PTA/ School Notice Board
All agreed that 2 weather proof/lockable notice boards, either side of the
school gates, would be advantageous, and could be used to advertise school
and relevant community events.
Actions: AG to investigate costs/ designs/ sizes etc and then advise Mrs
Elliot who will then contact Scottish Borders Council Clerk of works to have
them installed

        P7 T-Shirts
PTA has offered to organise “end of year t-shirts” for P7 leavers. Each pupil
would purchase a t-shirt and then create a design for the front of their t-shirt.
The class can then sign it on the back. It would be a nice memento of their
time at West Linton Primary.
Action: Mrs Elliot to ask Miss Crow to investigate the t-shirt idea.

        Window Boxes
Action: KC to speak to Tommy Davidson/ Sally Bowie re helping with
updating window boxes and to approach WL Hort. Society to see if they could
provide plants at a good rate. Pam MacRae has donated Pansies which
require planting.

       School Gardens
Require volunteers to help with ongoing maintenance of school gardens

        Gardening Scotland
KC asked if the school would be putting together a pallet garden this year for
Gardening Scotland. http://www.gardeningscotland.com/
Friday, 29th May - Sunday, 31st May @ Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh
Action: KC to give Mrs Thomas details of Gardening Scotland and what
requirements are for a pallet garden.
   4. Ongoing PTA fundraising items
         Northbrook
         Prêt a Portrait – felt it was still sustainable as only small
           numbers are required to raise funding.
         Bulb Man
         Christmas Cards
         Book Week
         Bacon Butties

   5. Update from Mrs Elliot.

        Various staff changes
Alec is the current Lollipop man and cleaner. He is on contract to June 2009
Mrs Pappas leaving end of March
Janitor position to be re-advertised to December 2009

        Nursery
A report of the Care Commission Inspection of the Nursery on 8th January will
to be sent to all parents with children in the Nursery.

The Nursery have requested a new television set, it was agreed PTA would
fund this, Mrs Elliot to ascertain size of set required/desired.

         P7 & P2/3 Enterprise
Continue to be involved in their project to support Mrs Cameron’s work with
the Lake Victoria Disability Centre in Tanzania.
Activity/Fundraising day to be 1st April 2009

        Centenary Plans
Mrs Elliot discussed the plans that the Centenary Committee have made for
the school.

School Open days will be held on Wednesday 10th (for parents) & Friday 12th
June (for the community). PTA help has been requested for teas/ coffees and
to supply tents as there will be no room in the school to provide refreshments.
It was agreed we would do this.

    6. PTA Quorum
Mrs Elliot mentioned that a certain quorum was required for a PTA meeting in
light of the fact that the numbers attending the current meeting were low.
Action: AG to investigate.

Date of next official PTA Meeting
Monday 11th May @ 7.15pm at the School.

All welcome

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