Microbe Wanted Poster by keralaguest


									   Microbe Wanted Poster
                        (modified from an activity at Access Exchange)


Make a wanted poster for one of the diseases listed below. Include the following

      Hand drawn picture of your microbe.
      Description of the disease it causes
      Organism's m.o. (police jargon) (How the organism attacks and spreads)
      Who is most likely to get the disease
      How you get the disease (eating, breathing, through the air, touch, etc.)
      What happens to the victim
      What are the symptoms
      Is it considered armed and dangerous? rate the degree of damage caused
      How is it treated
      Any other identifying characteristics
    Microbe Wanted Poster
This rubric covers the following 6th Grade Utah State Core requirement:

STANDARD V: Students will understand that microorganisms range from simple to
complex, are found almost everywhere, and are both helpful and harmful.

Objective 3: Identify positive and negative effects of microorganisms and how science has
developed positive uses for some microorganisms and overcome the negative effects of others.

      d. Relate several diseases caused by microorganisms to the organism causing the
         disease (e.g., athlete’s foot -fungi, streptococcus throat -bacteria, giardia –

   CATEGORY        4                  3                   2                  1
Required           The poster         All required        All but 1 of the   Several required
Elements           includes all       elements are        required           elements were
                   required           included on the     elements are       missing.
                   elements as well   poster.             included on the
                   as additional                          poster.
Knowledge          Student can        Student can         Student can        Student appears
Gained             accurately         accurately          accurately         to have
                   answer all         answer most         answer about       insufficient
                   questions          questions           75% of             knowledge about
                   related to facts   related to facts    questions          the facts or
                   in the poster      in the poster       related to facts   processes used
                   and processes      and processes       in the poster      in the poster.
                   used to create     used to create      and processes
                   the poster.        the poster.         used to create
                                                          the poster.
Content -          All facts          All but one fact    2-3 facts          Four or more
Accuracy           displayed on the   displayed on the    displayed on the   facts displayed
                   poster are         poster is           poster are         on the poster
                   correct.           correct.            incorrect.         are incorrect.

(microbe name)
Name ________________________________

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