1703 Communication Day: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches by HN7x079


									                   Day 1 Introduction -- ECE Classes to PDI
                      and Written/Oral Communication
                    “Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches”
Introduce Professional Development Instructors (PDI), CLEAR, Web page, office hours

Working Individually

PDI: Freewrite Exercise. Individually write down how you would make the ideal peanut
butter and jelly sandwich (PBJ) in ten steps or less.

Working in Teams

Divide into six groups: two groups each of peanut butter companies, jam companies,
bread companies.

Each group represents a company that manufactures that one product. Each company has
been commissioned to develop a process for making the ideal PBJ sandwich. Each
company is an expert in only one area.

Brainstorming to generate and share knowledge. Define the properties of your product
that might impact the process of making a sandwich, for example, spreadability,
thickness, surface texture, etc.

Share expertise orally and through note-taking

PDI: Brief description of an “Elevator Speech”: maximizing brief presentation

“1-minute speech.” Each company sends an expert over to one each of two different
companies to explain the properties of their product. (Peanut butter will send an expert to
both the jam and bread companies). In each group a recorder stays home to receive the
experts from the other companies (peanut butter will also receive jam and bread).

Brainstorm orally and draft a written document to communicate team results

PDI: Introduce things to think about when preparing a procedure description and a group

Each expert returns to the home company and listens to a 1-minute report from the
recorder at that company. This is followed by a brainstorming session drawing on the
knowledge gathered by listening to and speaking to all of the experts. Finally, the team is
ready to start drafting their process for manufacturing the ideal PBJ sandwich. Draft must
be legible so that another group can read it.
PDI (Oral): Comment on speaking to learn/brainstorming
PDI (Written): Comment on writing to learn/drafting

Oral and Written feedback/review process

Groups pass their procedure to another group to test the manufacturing process. Each
group will build the PBJ sandwich according to the procedures established by the other
group. Each group will make note of procedural inefficiencies, flaws, and other problems
in the procedure and will make suggestions as to how to improve the other groups
procedures. This may also include editing or suggesting alternative ways of writing the
procedures down.

Time-allowing: each group prepares a half-page memo recommending changes and
modifications to the procedures the group reviewed.

2-3 minute feedback speech: Each company sends a representative to the company they
reviewed to report on the review of their procedures for building a PBJ sandwich.

Nod to Next Step: Revision to final professional document and 20-minute presentation to
client. PDI (oral) makes a few points about a formal presentation. PDI (written) makes a
few comments about what makes a document professional quality.


Preview of what to expect over the next four years.

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