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									                                                Rodeo News
                                     Newsletter for the I.H.S.R.A.
 2010-2011 Board                                                                           January 2011
   of Directors

Student Leadership
                       HAPPY NEW YEAR !!
                         Happy New Year IHSRA          have listed; with a well      actually look back upon
                       and welcome to 2011! If         balanced diet….a piece of     the past year and look for
Andrea Sutphin
                       you haven’t already done        chocolate in each hand. I     ways to change or
Vice President:
                       so…now is the time for          then exercise my arms by      improve for the next year.
TyDaniel Haller        New Years Resolutions.          alternating hand to mouth     There is just something
                       Diets…exercise…money…           activity…I always buy the     completely refreshing
Secretary:             religion….promises to be a      expensive Dove dark           about starting the New
Amy George             better person….all seem to      chocolate, expense is not     Year with a clean slate
                       be at the top of a common       an issue here… Then I         and a new set of goals.
Queen:                 resolution list. My belief      thank God for my many
Jordan McPherson       has always been, why wait       blessings and for making        With that said….I hope
                       until the New Year to           the wonderful gift of         you’ve taken a moment to
                       change your life….but as        chocolate. Together, God      reflect upon the past year,
Adult Leadership       tradition goes this is          and chocolate always          and set your goals high for
                       usually prime time for          seem to make me a better      2011. I have a feeling; it’s
National Director:     doing it!                       person!                       going to be a great year!
Terry Haller
                        I, personally, like to start    On a more serious note,
President:             off my new year just as I       however, most people
Doug Dickinson

Greg Sutphin
                         It’s official! The date set   in the mail to everyone.        The Annual Mid-Winter
Secretary/Treasurer:   for this year’s Mid-Winter      Please let Lisa know as       Meeting is also the time to
Lisa Colby             meeting is February 5 at        soon as possible if you       turn in your most current
                       the Bartholomew County          are coming so an accurate     report card, your $225
Rodeo Secretary:       Fairgrounds in Columbus,        head-count can be given       sponsorships, and sign up
Goldie Schneider       Indiana. The general            to the caterers.              for Hoosier Horse Fair.
                       membership meeting will                                       We will be doing janitorial
Rodeo Chairman:        start at 5:00 pm and              After the meeting and       duty again this year as
Bethellen George       dinner will be at 6:00 pm.      dinner there will be a        well as having another
                                                       Cowboy Prom dance for         team participating in the
District                 The meal will be catered;     the kids. The theme this      Ranch Rodeo.
  Representatives      pulled pork, green beans,       year is “Vegas Casino”
                       and desert and everyone         and dress is semi-formal /
District 1:            is being asked to bring a       cocktail.
Paul Lloyd             couple 2 liters of their
                       favorite drink. There is a       Parents, there will be an
District 2:            charge per person;              auction during the dance
Tom Rude               members $7.50, non-             for you, so don’t forget to
                       members $10.50. Formal          bring an item, or items, to
District 3:
                       invitations have been sent      donate.
Bud Schneider
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                        Tentative Rodeo Schedule for 2010-2011 Season
                                                            February 5 2011                 April 30-May 1
                            Sept 4-5, 2010                 Mid Winter Meeting              Seymour, Indiana
                             Piqua, Ohio                      ** $225 Min                   May 7-8, 2011
                                                           Sponsorship due **                 Liberty, KY
                           Sept 18-19, 2010
                          Lanesville, Indiana               April 1,2,3, 2011                  May 27-29, 2011
                                                           Hoosier Horse Fair                   Lexington, KY
                         October 9-10, 2010                 Indianapolis, IN
                         Columbus, Indiana                    (Janitorial &                June 11-12, 2011
                                                           Association Booth)                Lebanon, IN
                        October 30-31, 2010
                        Bowling Green, KY                  April 16-17, 2011               July 17-23, 2011
                                                           Joint IHSRA/IJRA                     Nationals
                                                             Edinburgh, IN                 Gillette, Wyoming
A Cowboys Toast:
“May your belly never
May your heart never
                        Horse’s New Years Resolution…..
              break…    1) I CAN walk and poop at       6) I promise to quit             human frantically
May your horse never    the same time.                  swishing my tail when my         screaming “Are you
           stumble…     2) I will NOT leave when        human is cleaning my             asleep!”
                        my rider falls off.             back feet.                       11) I will NOT chase the
May your cinch never
                                                        7) I will NOT bite my            ponies into the electric
             break…”    3) My stall is NOT my litter    farriers butt, just because      fence to see if it’s on.
                        box. When given free            it’s there.                      12) I will quit dumping the
                        access to a paddock, I will     8) I will NOT blow my            wheel barrow over while
                        not go back inside to pee.      nose on my human.                my human is mucking my
                                                        9) I will NOT try to mooch       stall.
                        4) I admit; I am neither        goodies off of every             13) I will NOT have an
                        beaver nor carpenter. I         human within a 1 mile            attitude problem this year.
                        promise I won’t eat or          radius.                          I will not…I will not….
                        remodel the barn or new         10) I will quit lying totally    14) I will NOT pull my new
                        fences.                         flat on my side with my          shoes off the very next
                        5) I will NOT leap over         eyes glazed over and my          day just to prove that I
                        non-existent obstacles          legs straight out,               can.
                        when the whim strikes.          pretending I can’t hear my          Continued on page 4….

                                                       JANUARY BIRTHDAYS!!

                        Special Birthday
                        wishes go out to the            Elizabeth Watson …. 1/04
                        following IHSRA
                        members!                        Kodey Pitchford ….              1/30
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 Cowgirl Corner
 Barrel Racers Prayer                    My faith is in your will,            This day is truly a
                     By: J. Milleman     and I will make no                   cowgirls’ blessing and
                                         demands.                             each run is a gift from
 Dear Heavenly Father,                                                        you.
 To thee I pray,                         Help us to be good,                  Thank you for being in
 May you lay your loving                 honest competition, from             my heart today, Lord,
 hands on me and my                      beginning to end.                    and at the gate when my
 horse today.                            Carry us through each                run is through.
                                         turn safely, and with our
 Be with us both as we                   time be content.                     Amen.
 enter the arena and guide
 us to do our best.                      And Lord, please bless
 I do not ask for much,                  the other girls too, for
 Father, just a’listen to this           they came here just as I
 humble request.                         to compete, and if I
                                         should lose to them,
 I’ll make this run by                   Father, help me to
 putting the reins                       graciously accept my
 completely in your                      defeat.

  Cowboy Corral
                                       A Cowboy’s Guide to a Happy Life
                                        1. Never kick a fresh cow chip on a hot day.
                            2. There are 2 theories to arguin’ with a woman. Neither works.
3. Don’t worry about bitin’ off more than you can chew. Your mouth is probably a whole lot bigger than you think.
        4. If you get to thinkin’ you’re a person of some influence, try orderin’ somebody else’s dog around.
                                         5. Never ask a man the size of his spread.
 6. After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came
                  along and shot him. The moral: When you’re full of bull, keep your mouth shut!
                           7. If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin’.
                                      8. Never smack a man who’s chewin’ tobacco.
                                9. It don’t take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep.
                                  10. Never ask a barber if he thinks you need a haircut.
               11. Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.
                                         12. Always drink upstream from the herd.
                                         13. Never drop your gun to hug a grizzly.
       14. If you’re ridin’ ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there.
   15. When you give a lesson in meanness to a critter, or a person, don’t be surprised if they learn their lesson.
       16. When you’re throwin’ your weight around, be ready to have it thrown around by somebody else.
                        17. Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier ‘n puttin’ in back.
18. Always take a good look at what you’re about to eat. It’s not so important to know what it is but it’s critical to
                                                     know what is was.
             19. The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket.
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                             Horses New Years Resolution Cont…
                              15) I WILL forgive my         19) I will NOT bite the butt
                             human for the very bad         of the horse in front of me
                             haircut, even though I look    during a trail ride just to
                             like a FREAK!                  say “Hi.”
                             16) I accept that not every    20) I WILL put my ears
                             carrot is for me.              forward and cooperate
“Calling Dr. Curezall..!!                                   when it comes to photos.
                             17) I will NOT jump in the
                             air and spin 180 degrees       21) I will happily accept
How do you make sure         when a horse-a-saurus          that you tote me all over
   that a mare has that      monster breathes on me.        Gods green earth in box
                                                            on wheels for good
     beautiful, perfectly    18) I will understand that
                                                            reason….the trailer IS my
marked foal you always       deer are NOT
                wanted?      carnivorous.

    Sell her before she
                             DATES TO REMEMBER:
                                    Professional’s Choice Student of the Month and
                                     Equine Athlete of the Month applications are both
                                     due by: May 1, 2011
                                    AQHA Horse of the Year applications due by:
                                     March 1, 2011
                                    If you have not made your camping reservations for the
                                     Lexington rodeo in May…you need to do that ASAP.

                             Please make sure you do
                             your part to help sell 50/50
                             tickets at our in state
                             rodeos. The 50/50
 “Money is like manure;      proceeds go towards your
    it’s not worth a thing   IHSRA scholarships.
        unless it’s spread   So get gussied up, put on
    around encouraging       your best smile and sell
  young things to grow.”     those tickets!! Parents
                             are welcome to help as
                             Please see Theresa
                             Mussleman and she will
                             get you set up!
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Up Coming Horse Expo’s
Just in case any of you        April 1,2,3
are like me…a horse
                               33rd Annual Hoosier
expo junky…I thought
                               Horse Fair and Expo
I’d pass along the
following list of up-          Indiana State
coming horse expo’s.           Fairgrounds,
                               Indianapolis, Indiana
                               For More info, go to:
March 11,12,13
28th Annual MHC Horse
Expo, International
Stallion Exhibition, and       April 7-10
Trade Show.
                               Equine Affaire
MSU Pavillion, Lansing,
Michigan                       Ohio Expo Center,
                               Columbus, Ohio
For more info, go to:
                               Fore more info, go to:

Average Pulse Rate             Appetite

Normal at rest _____ BPM       Is it something to be
(BPM = Beats Per Minute)       concerned about?              ** Answers and
                                      Yes / No               suggestions on page 6.
Average Respiration
                               Behavior                      *** Please note these are
Normal at rest _____BPM                                      only averages and
(BPM = Breaths Per Minute)
                               Sudden changes in a           suggestions and if you
Temperature                    horses behavior could         are ever in question
                               mean a lot of things. If      about your horse’s
Normal Temperature Rate        you notice a sudden           health, contact your
  _____ degrees                change, what should you       veterinarian***
Mucous Membranes
(Eye lids and Gums)            _____________________
What color should healthy      _____________________
horses membranes be?           _____________________
   ___________                 _____________________

What should the capillary
refill time be? _________
  Indiana High School     Temperature- A horse's normal body temperature is 99 - 101 F.
   Rodeo Association      Pulse- The normal pulse rate, most often taken by listening to the heart on the left side of the chest just behind the
                          left elbow, is 36 to 42 beats per minute.
                          Young stock and ponies tend to be a bit faster.
           E-MAIL:        Respiration-The normal rate for horses is between 8-12 breaths per minute.
                          Capillary refill time (time it takes for color to return to gum tissue adjacent to teeth after pressing and releasing
        JENNI LEPLEY      with your thumb): 2 seconds.   Every horse owner needs to know what is "normal" for their horse. Knowing how your horse acts and reacts
                          when he is feeling good will help you to faster realize when there is something "not right" with him.
                          Reporting all of the signs before veterinary help arrives can often give a much clearer picture on the level of
Answers to “Who’s Who     concern and the response rate.

In IHSRA” word puzzle     Below are the normal vital signs for adult horses. If you can determine the normal parameters of your horse that
                          can be essential in your assessment of his health. Even horses with what might appear to be only a mild
                          depression may be in critical condition. Knowing your horses normal vital signs, and comparing those numbers to
                          times when one might suspect that he is ill, can be a VERY helpful aid in determining how quickly he needs
2. Andrea
                          veterinarian assistance.
4. Tony
5. Greg
                           Temperature: Take your horse's temperature when he is healthy so you can get a normal reading for him.
8. TyDaniel
                          The normal temperature for the horse is 100.0 degrees. However, a horse's temperature can vary somewhat
10. Beth Ellen George
                          with the season. During the winter, it is not uncommon for the temperature to drop to as low as 97. But usually,
                          we are not concerned with temperature that are low, but rather, trying to determine if he is running a fever from an
Down:                     infection.
1. Terry                  During the winter, any temperature above about 100.5 should be suspect, with average fevers normally running
2. Amy                    from 101.5 up to 104. The summer heat, as well as any exercise, can often raise the core temperature upward
3. Doug                   even without a fever. This must be taken into account when the assessment is made.
6. Goldie                 A race or show horse, after intense competition, can have a core temperature up to 105. Even at rest, in the
7. Jordan                 summer heat under a tree, a temperature of 101 would not be considered abnormal. So events preceding the
8. Theresa                acquisition of the temperature must be taken into account before it is interpreted. A high fever doesn't always
9. Dawn                   indicate a severe condition, but if his temperature is over 102 F, you should call your veterinarian.
11. Lisa
                          Pulse: The normal pulse rate, most often taken by listening to the heart on the left side of the chest
                          just behind the left elbow, is 40 beats per minute. Horses that are fit may have rates as low as 28, and this is not
                          considered abnormal.
                          However, ANY rate above 40, even 44, should be looked in the context of how the horse is feeling.
    We’re on the Web!     Rates between 40-60 are considered "serious", but may be explained by an elevated
             See us at:   temperature. However, rates above 80 are considered "critical" and indicate a very serious problem.   Of course, these rates apply to a horse at rest, and any exercise just before taking the pulse should be taken into
                          consideration. Also, if the horse is suddenly excited, it may be elevated on a very temporary basis.
                          Listen to the rate for at least a minute, checking to see if it comes down, before recording the final rate.

                          Respiration: The normal rate for horses is between 8-12 breaths per minute.
                          However, many things can effect this that must be taken into consideration before considering whether it is
                          abnormal. One common factor is his temperature. Other characteristics of breathing, rather than just the rate, may
                          be more of an overall indicator of problems.
                          Deep heavy breathing, or breathing with an extra abdominal effort, abnormal noise, labored breathing, or gasping
                          are all indications of a very serious problem. Report any observations that are anything but quiet and easy

                          Mucus Membrane Color: The normal color is pink. Gums that are pale, deep red, purple, overly yellow, or
                          with the appearance of small broken blood vessels are abnormal and should be recorded. Some of the causes for
                          abnormal appearance are listed below:
                          Pale: Low perfusion of blood indicating a "shock" condition.
                          Deep red: Congested membranes, also a shock type condition with toxicity.
                          Purple or blue: Low oxygen levels or serious toxicosis.
                          Overly yellow: Gums are normally slightly yellow, but very yellow may be a liver problem.

                          Capillary Refill Time: After depressing the gums, the color should return within 1-2 seconds. Delayed return of
                          color, 3 seconds or more, is an indication of poor blood perfusion, often brought on by serious dehydration, shock,
                          or other toxicosis.
                                                                     Equine Veterinary Service
                                                            4025 Coleman Cut Road Paducah, KY. 42001

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