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How To Make Money By Facebook


Now you can make money on facebook

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									Why It’s so Easy to Make Money on Facebook
There are over 600,000,000 active users on Facebook and roughly 300,000
people join Facebook every day. That means 300,000 NEW potential
customers for you EVERY DAY!
If you follow the steps in this report, you can start making money in 24
hours with but a FREE Facebook™ account!
And the cool thing is:
? You don't need a product
? You don't need a website
? You don't need an email list
? You don't need any experience
You just need to FOCUS on the #1 way to get FREE traffic from social
media and that, my friend, is Facebook™.
Seriously, Facebook gets more traffic than Google and has over 600
million members who regularly log in to interact. It's a virtual GOLDMINE
for Internet marketers who know how get traffic from Facebook and then
turn all that traffic into cold hard cash!
The Secret Formula for Online Success
I'm about to let you in on a HUGE secret that most marketers completely
ignore. Most marketers talk about traffic and conversions. And it?s true,
if you send traffic to an offer that converts, you will make money!
Traffic is the number of people who visit a website. Conversion is the
percentage of visitors who buy on that website. So if 100 people visit a
website and 3 of them buy, that?s a 3% conversion rate.
But what?s more important than the conversion of an offer is the visitor
value or Earnings Per Click.
So the "secret" formula for online success is: P ÷ C = EPC
Earnings Per Click (EPC) is the average amount earned per click. So if
100 people click on your affiliate link and you make 3 sales, and the
commission for each sale is $20, then your EPC would be 60¢.
Total profit: $60
EPC: $60 ÷ 100 clicks = 0.60 or 60¢ per visitor.
So making money as an affiliate involves more than just finding places to
promote your link. What you want to do is increase your EPC so you make
more money from all the traffic you?re going to get.
If you send 80 visitors to a sales page that converts at 5% and pays you
$20 in commission, you?ll make four sales, which is $80 or $1 per visitor
(EPC). In this case, you make more money from fewer visitors because the
conversion rate is higher
And there are additional factors the affect your EPC including the
quality of the traffic, the price of the offer, and the backend
Quality or „targeted? traffic is a group of people who are specifically
interested in the topic related to your offer. You wouldn?t create a Fan
Page about baseball and then try to get people interested in video games
to like your page. And you wouldn?t try to sell them products related to
making money online.
The price of the offer can also make a huge impact on your EPC. If you
send 100 visitors to a $197 offer that converts at 2% and pays 50%,
you?ll make $197 and $1.97 per click.
Backend marketing means selling additional products to the same
customers. So if you send 100 visitors to a product with a front-end
offer priced at $37, pays 60% commission, and converts at 3%, your EPC is
67¢ from 100 visitors. But if 33% of them buy the upsell at $97, your EPC
jumps to $1.24. That?s a 185% increase in profit!
So to make money online, you need to drive targeted traffic to offers
that give you the highest earnings per click.
To make $100 per day, you just need to send 200 visitors per day to an
offer that generates 50¢ per visitor. It’s that simple!
That?s what?s so cool about Facebook. You can target your audience by
searching for keywords related to your topic and then get them into your
network. Then you can use your Facebook account, Facebook Pages, and
Facebook Events to promote your offers!
How to Make Money on Facebook
Now that you understand what it takes to make $100 a day,

Read more: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/626880_how-to-make-100-a-day-

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