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					                                Heartland Connection
                                      March 30, 2009

             The Heartland Connection is made possible by your Mission Dollars

Each week you will receive the Heartland Connection. The Heartland Connection can also be
located on the home page of our web page www.heartlandpby.org listed under Heartland
Connection. The deadline for articles to be posted in the next week’s Heartland Connection is
4:00 p.m. Thursday.

Each week you will receive updates on upcoming events:
      Middle School Youth Retreat—April 24-25, 2009
      Stated Meeting of Heartland Presbytery—April 28, 2009—Pine Ridge Presbyterian
       Church, KCMO
      Stated Meeting of Heartland Presbytery—June 20, 2009—Tarkio Presbyterian Church,
       Tarkio, MO
      Stated Meeting of Heartland Presbytery—September 19, 2009—Grandview Park
       Presbyterian Church, KCK
      Stated Meeting of Heartland Presbytery—November 17, 2009—Grace Covenant
       Presbyterian Church, Overland Park, KS
      Senior High Youth Retreat—November 20-22, 2009

Links to Upcoming Events: http://www.heartlandpby.org/upcoming/events.html

A Partnership of Prayer
        Please pray for all the Honorably Retired, at-large members who are not
                   currently serving churches, all Ministers serving in
            validated ministries, and support staff of the churches each week.

March 29, 2009—Fifth Sunday in Lent
Southridge Presbyterian Church, Roeland Park KS
The Rev. Don Wilson, Interim Pastor
Communicator - Dorothy Reffitt
Ms. Dorothy Reffitt, Clerk of Session

First Presbyterian Church, Savannah MO
The Rev. Ray Grienke, Stated Supply
Ms. Gay Dittemore, Clerk of Session

April 5, 2009—Passion/Palm Sunday
Shawnee Presbyterian Church, Shawnee KS
The Rev. Chris Herring, Interim Pastor
Communicator - Wendy Nelson
Ms. Julia Morphew, Clerk of Session
Brookdale Presbyterian Church, St. Joseph MO
The Rev. Paul Gaug, Pastor
Ms. Vernalee Carter, Clerk of Session


TODAY…deadline to order is April 3, 2009. To order and pay through PayPal click here
http://www.heartlandpby.org/files%20misc/20092010Planning%20Calendar.htm. To mail your
order form and check, click here

Heartland Presbytery Middle School Retreat “R U…EveReady” April 24 & 25, 2009. For
further details and reservation form click here:
http://www.heartlandpby.org/upcoming/files/MiddleSchoolRetreat4242509.PDF (Submitted by
presbytery staff 3/30/09)

Westport Presbyterian Church is again having an AUTHENTIC PASSOVER SEDER on
Thursday, April 9 at 6:00 p.m. The leader for the Seder this year is Mr. Barry Speert, an
interfaith leader in Kansas City and adult education leader at Kol Ami synagogue. We will be
reading from the Haggadah, dancing and singing the music of Debbie Friedman. Call for
reservations. Then on Good Friday at 7:30 p.m., there will be an ILLUMINATED GOOD
FRIDAY service: The Passion of Jesus Christ told though great art--ancient and modern--and
from every realm of Planet Earth, displayed dramatically on the big Screen while the Passion
story is read(along with modern comment), hymns sung and candles extinguished. Call 931-1032
or email revscott@kc.rr.com for more information. (Submitted by Scott Myers 3/30/09)

DATES of next partnership trip to GUATEMALA: July 24-31, 2009. (Note:a shorter trip is
also possible from July 24-28.) Join us as we celebrate with our Quiché brothers and sisters the
50th anniversary of the Maya Quiché Presbytery, the first indigenous presbytery to be
established in the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala. For a brochure click
here http://www.heartlandpby.org/upcoming/files/Maya%20Quiche%20Brochure%202009.pdf
Or for a reservation form
please contact Mindy Fox at the Presbytery Office (816-924-1730). (Submitted by Ky Weekley

Maya Quiche 50th Anniversary Banner Project Update: Many hands make the work light! so
far we have 17 churches/individuals who have committed to making a banner for the anniversary
celebration, that leaves only 5 to go! Does anyone from the 17 want to do two? The deadline is
now the middle of July. This is a gift from the heart and hands of Heartland Presbytery. Call me
with any questions (913-432-7528) or email janepiper7@yahoo.com (Submitted by Jane Piper
First Presbyterian Church of Kansas City, KS has the following items to give away before
April 4: 4 sets (white, purple, red, green) of Sanctuary drapes/curtains. Each set has three
panels, with the total dimensions of approximatly 7 feet in height and 25 feet in width. Contact
Peggy at 913 342-3810 for an appointment. (Submitted by Ann Keeling 3/30/09)

Rescheduled due to weather: Estate Sale--Saturday 9 am - 5 pm, April 4, 2009. 1st
Presbyterian, 4000 Victory Drive, Kansas City, KS 66102. Pianos (including Baby Grand),
parlor furniture, drop-leaf harvest table, lamps, desks, wood cabinets, antique flag storage case,
book shelves, books, banners, paraments, choir music, larger youth choir/acolyte robes, dishes,
trays and storage rack, coat racks, and picture files (for church school classes.)
Ann J. Keeling 3/30/2009

Cherith Brook Community has been offered a 6' x 6' square in the 2nd Annual Chalk
Walk! So we are looking for an artist willing to create a piece of artwork for us during this
event. Please contact us at 816-241-8047 or cherithbrookkcmo@yahoo.com if you are
interested, or if know of an artist we should get in touch with about this opportunity. We also
need volunteers who are able to attend the event and staff a booth for Cherith Brook, passing out
our newsletters and letting folks know about what we are doing in the neighborhood. Let us
know if you are available for this opportunity, as well! When: Saturday, April 25th & Sunday,
April 26th, 2009 at the Concourse Park 9:00AM to 5:00PM each day. Where: 200 South Benton
Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri on The Concourse Park, by the Kennedy Memorial and the
historic Kansas City Museum. (Submitted by Sarah Cool 3/30/09)

Where is your treasure? One Great Hour of Sharing will be received soon. Please encourage
your congregations to give generously embracing social (and environmental) justice...around the
world. There is an excellent short video to download and share...see www.PC(USA)-OGHS-
Promotion.com. "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21) One
Great Hour of Sharing: sharing resources, changing lives. (Submitted by Diane Waddell,
Earthkeepers 3/30/09)

Please attend Clarification Meetings at Cherith Brook on the first Friday of each month,
from 7 to 8:30pm, at our storefront next door to the house. Enjoy coffee, conversation,
fellowship and deep thinking; a chance to get clear on important issues. For our April 3rd
gathering, we have chosen the topic of Addictions. Our guest speaker, Jim Bonafide, will lead a
discussion on this issue. He works with Two Rivers Hospital and also operates his own private
practice, Good Faith Therapy. We will begin with a meditation on Isaiah 43:14-21, about a
liberating God making new ways in the midst of wilderness, which you may want to review prior
to that evening. We encourage you to come prepared with other references, your questions, and
personal stories on any of the topics of discussion during our Clarification Meetings. We hope to
deepen our understanding of each issue, based on Biblical teachings as well as facts presented by
those in attendance at each gathering. For further information, please contact us at 816-241-8047
or cherithbrookkcmo@yahoo.com (Submitted by Sarah Cool 3/27/09)

Village Presbyterian Church along with Dominican Republic Medical Partnership is
holding their annual Golf Tournament along with a Silent Auction on May 18th. The mission in
the Dominican holds a long history full of deep relationships with the people. The mission
continues year after year because of the time and donations of people here. Village Presbyterian
is looking for cash donations, auction items, or simply for people to buy a ticket and come out to
enjoy this event that goes beyond just this day. For further information about donating or this
event, please contact Leslie Long at 913-671-2321 or leslie.long@villagepres.org. (Submitted
by Raegan Welsh 3/26/09)

The local NACBA Chapter is hosting a workshop, 9:00am – 3:00pm, on April 16, entitled
“Developing Healthy Relationships: From Vision to Reality.” Dr. Ken McFayden, Ph.D,
Professor of Ministry and Leadership Development and D.Min Studies, at Union Theological
Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, will be the presenter. Bring your church staff/leadership and
learn how to improve your ministry relationships. Questions? Call Debbie Miller at the
Presbyterian Church of Stanley, 913-681-8180. Brochure with more information/registration
form attached. (Submitted by Debbie Miller 3/26/09)

The Rev. John Williams has written a response to a paper entitled "Rebuilding the
Presbyterian Establishment" by Weston, a paper being discussed across the PC(USA). John's
response is entitled "Thought Provoking, but Insufficient". You can read it at www.pcusa.org/re-
formingministry/response.htm. His response, along with Weston's original paper and responses
from four other writers, will be published this summer as a Theology and Worship Occasional
Paper. John heard about Weston's paper on Heartland Connection. (Submitted by John Williams

Second Annual Heartland Lectures for Clergy, Commissioned Lay Pastors, and Church
Leaders Monday, April 20 to Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at Heartland Presbyterian Center Dr.
Tex Sample, Former Academic Dean, St. Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, MO will be
speaking on "The Craft of Discipleship". It is not too late to sign up. If you want to attend the
Monday night lecture without spending the night at the camp just register for the Tuesday only
rate. You will be welcome to attend Monday's lecture too. For more information and
registration forms go to http://omaha-sem-found.org/education_ministersday.html (Submitted by
Jean Murphy 3/25/09)

The following items are located in previous Heartland Connections and are located at

Hot wheels—Skateboarding ministry revitalizes Cimarron Presbytery congregation
by Toya Richards Hill. Several years ago, unbeknownst to them, the members of First United
Presbyterian Church of Guthrie, OK, had the very group they desired to include in their
congregation right in their midst. Members were keenly aware that the church lacked the
presence and vitality of young people that it needed to thrive, and they voiced a concern to their
new pastor at the time, the Rev. Karen Rogers. “They kept saying, ‘Where are the youth?’”
Rogers said her parishioners asked her repeatedly after her arrival in 2002. About the same time,
Rogers said she began noticing a group of kids gathering after school in the church parking lot.
She could hear the kids outside her study window and they were skateboarding. Read entire story
here: http://www.pcusa.org/pcnews/2009/09173.htm (Submitted by presbytery staff 3/23/09)

Cherith Brook has created a Women's Only Day, on the last Wednesday of each month, when
we offer our women friends from the neighborhood the opportunity to have a shower, haircut,
pedicure, manicure, massage, lunch, and more! If you are a woman with a special talent to offer
or just simply some time to spend in conversation and fellowship with our women friends, please
get in contact with us by phone or email cherithbrookkcmo@yahoo.com so that we can give you
all the details. Our next Women's Only Day is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25th.
www.cherithbrookkc.blogspot.com (Submitted by Sarah Cool 3/20/09)

Stacy Davis, the Director of Mental Health Promotion for the Mental Health America of
the Heartland will be the guest speaker at the April meeting of Church Women United. Stacy is
responsible for the design and delivery of their professional and community education. She also
serves as a member of the Campaign for America's Mental Health and as a Constituency
Outreach and Education Partner for the National Institute of Mental Health. Stacy worked
previously as the Senior Continuing Education Program Manager at KU Medical Center
developing accredited continuing education programs for physicians, nurses and allied health
professionals, and with the UMKC School of Medicine faculty at Truman Medical Center in
continuing medical education. 10:00 a.m., April 6, 2009, Second Presbyterian Church, 55th and
Brookside, Kansas City, MO. All are welcome. (Submitted by Gail Cunningham 3/19/09)

The Missing Peace: What We’ve Missed in the New Testament Practice of Peace This four-
week course will highlight the Way of Peace envisioned by the life and teachings of Jesus and
the practices of the earliest Christian communities in the New Testament. We will consider
themes such as kingdom of God, gospel obedience, hospitality, love of enemies, Biblical
citizenship, Prince of peace, reconciliation, weapons of the Spirit and servanthood and their
implications for what it means for discipleship. We will focus on the Bible as God’s Word to us
today. Taught by Eric Garbison. Eric, along with his wife Jodi and their children, is a founding
member of Cherith Brook Catholic Worker, an intentional Christian Community in the Historic
North East. Cherith Brook is a community of hospitality for the homeless and practices
nonviolent activism in the way of Jesus. Eric also teaches Peace Studies courses at Park
University, and he is a minister-member of Heartland Presbytery. Wednesdays, March 11, 18, 25
and April 1. 6:30-8:00pm. Room 132. You may sign up for the class at
http://www.villagepres.org/web/villageu-biblestudy.html (Submitted by Sarah Cool 3/18/09)

Now Available: The Board Bulletin, Spring 2009 For important benefits and related news, read
the Spring 2009 issue of The Board Bulletin. This publication covers decisions and discussions
by the directors of the Board of Pensions. (Submitted by presbytery staff 3/18/09)

Folks will be gardening at Cherith Brook every other Friday through the summer from 2pm
on (beginning on March 13th). We also have work days planned on some Saturdays that will
include gardening. Please call us for the schedule, and join us if you are interested and available.
There is always a list of several other small projects folks could help with, if gardening is not
your primary interest. Contact Cherith Brook Community, 3308 E 12th St, Kansas City, MO
64127, 816-241-8047, cherithbrookkcmo@yahoo.com or check out their blog:
(Submitted by Sarah Cool 3/16/09)

school and senior high youth to World’s of Fun on Wednesday, July 8 from 10am-10pm.
Tickets are $27 which includes an all-you-can-eat lunch of burgers, chips, dessert and drink (2-
3pm). Tickets must be purchased through Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church for this special rate.
Please contact Carla Hilton at Chilton@pineridge.org or (816) 741-5118. (Submitted by Carla
Hilton 3/12/09)

Auburn Seminary, with the assistance of a Lilly Foundation grant, has developed the
Auburn Coaching Institute and is now accepting applications for the 2009-2010 program. The
Institute includes two visits to the Chautauqua Institute in New York, four face to face coaching
sessions with a professional coach, and 11 additional coaching sessions by phone in between the
two visits to Chautauqua. For more information, follow this link:
http://www.heartlandpby.org/upcoming/files/ComprehensiveProgram2009-2010.pdf (Submitted
by Dave Moore 3/11/09)

Dear Clerks of Sessions, Pastors, and Friends of our congregations, Committee on Ministry,
along with the Staff of Heartland Presbytery, is planning a meeting of the churches in the Central
part of the Presbytery. This meeting is for us to gather to discuss, brainstorm and consider ways
that we might help each other. The First Presbyterian Church of North Kansas City, MO has
agreed to host this event on Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 3:30 PM. The meeting will end no later
than 6:00 PM. Please plan now to have at least 1 to 3 members from your church/session to
attend so that you might participate in this very important gathering of churches. If you have any
questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at teddy@stjoelive.com. Looking forward to
meeting with you on April 19th! (Submitted by Bev Barr 3/10/09)

2009 Unassigned General Assembly Restricted Funds: Check out the website to see if your
congregation is eligible for any of the Unassigned Funds. Information and applications are
available on this web site: http://www.pcusa.org/financials/unassigned-restricted-funds.htm.
Deadline for Sessions to have their application to Heartland Presbytery is May 1, 2009.
(Submitted by presbytery staff 3/9/09)

Heartland Presbytery Presbyterian Women 2009 Spring Gathering “Celebrating
Presbyterian Women Cultures Wide and Deep.”
(Submitted by presbytery staff 3/9/09)

Heartland Presbytery Presbyterian Women March 2009 Newsletter:
http://www.heartlandpby.org/RelatedLinks/PW/files/HPPWNewsletter32009.PDF (Submitted by
presbytery staff 3/9/09)

Highlights from the March 7, 2009 Called Meeting of Heartland Presbytery:

Constitutional Amendment Voting Results from the Called Meeting of Heartland
Heifer Plans Global Celebration One of the cornerstones of Heifer International is called,
“passing on the gift.” A wealth of materials are available to help plan an event. An additional
part of the celebration will be new postings on the Heifer website each day during April. Please
plan on visiting the site each day to see what is new! For more information or for help in
planning a meaningful celebration, go to the Heifer website at www.heifer.org or contact
Missouri Representative, Carol Oliver at 474-7155 or at oliver@umocm.com. (Submitted by
Carol Oliver 3/6/09)

Lilly Endowment Announces 2009 National Clergy Renewal Program: The Lilly
Endowment seeks to strengthen Christian congregations by providing an opportunity for pastors
to step away briefly from the obligations of daily parish life and to engage in a period of renewal
and reflection. In the 2009 National Clergy Renewal Program, the endowment anticipates
awarding as many as one hundred and twenty grants of up to $50,000 each directly to Christian
congregations for the support of a renewal program for their pastor. Up to $15,000 of the grant
may be used for congregational expenses associated with the renewal program. Pastors may use
up to $2,500 of the grant for post-leave, follow-up personal counseling, spiritual direction,
continuing education, or fitness programs that might be an outgrowth of the clergy renewal
experience. The competitive grants program is open to Christian congregations that have an
ordained pastor who has an M.Div. degree from a theological seminary accredited by the
Association of Theological Schools. See the program's Web site for the complete Request for
Proposals. Link to Complete RFP (Submitted by Mari Shineman 3/5/09)

CROP HUNGER DAY AT THE “K” Saturday, May 30, 2009, 6:10 p.m. Kansas City Royals
vs the Chicago White Sox. Enjoy and evening at the “K” and help feed your neighbors next door
and around the world. Click here for more information.
(Submitted by Joyce Holly 3/4/09)

Presbyterian Church of Richmond is looking for congregations in the area that would be
interested in partnering with them to host a LOGOS training event. The event would train clergy
and lay leadership establishing a LOGOS ministry, or provide a refresher course for churches
that already have a ministry in place. Expenses for the event would be shared by participating
congregations. For more information, contact Rev. John R. Johnson at (816) 719-7673,
(816) 776-6494, or pastorjrj@sbcglobal.net (Submitted by John Johnson 3/4/09)

Fourteenth Annual Daniel W Nelson Lectures for Clergy, Commissioned Lay Pastors, and
Church Leaders, Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at the University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE. For details
please check out www.omaha-sem-found.org. (Submitted by presbytery staff 3/2/09)

Synod School: Again this year, Heartland Presbytery has been invited to partake in the Synod of
Lakes and Prairies 2009 Synod School July 26-31, 2009. For further information, please see their
web site at http://www.lakesandprairies.org/ (Submitted by presbytery staff 3/1/09)

Health Care Task Force Committee: It has been suggested that we try to get this committee
active again. We had tried meeting on the first Saturday of the month following what was the
Mission Outreach & Social Justice meeting. There were several meetings dealing with the
broken system of delivery of medical in our country. There is a great need for a committee of
this nature within our Presbytery. If you are interested in being part of this committee please let
me or Mindy in the Presbytery office know. We would like to know when you would like to
meet and where you would be willing to meet. You can contact me at wmceachen@aol.com or
at 913-649-9566 or Mindy at the Presbytery office 816-924-1730 or nurture@heartlandpby.org.
There are similar committees in the various Presbyteries in Missouri. Let's get together and be
heard. (Submitted by Wm. (Bill) McEachen, M.D 2/23/09)

Presbyterian Children's Services is establishing a small library at their new facility for boys
in Whiteside, Missouri. The site director has requested hard back books suitable for boys that are
biographies, auto-biographies, fiction or non-fiction BUT published recently[since 2005]. If you
have any books that meet this criteria please bring them to the next presbytery meeting at
Parkville and deliver them to the PCS representative, Bob Grant. (Submitted by Bob Grant

Has your congregation joined with Presbyterians around the country in the monthly 40-
hour fasts to help discern ways to respond to the Global Food Crisis? Last summer the
General Assembly invited all Presbyterians to join in the spiritual practice of fasting and include
discernment and reflection, which we hope will lead to meaningful and coordinated actions to
accompany those who are poor and hungry around the world. Each month the resources that
accompany the fast center around a particular country and a specific cause that has contributed to
the global food crisis. The fasts typically take place on the first weekend of every month,
beginning on Friday evening and ending with Communion or a communal meal on Sunday. It’s
a powerful way to be in community and contemplate how your life and the life of your
community can respond to this devastating situation. You can listen to an interview with
participant Carol Frame Matthews about the Global Food Crisis, courtesy of WFPL radio,
Louisville, Kentucky, sign up to participate, locate the fasting materials and more information
on this crisis at www.pcusa.org/foodcrisis. Please let Mindy Fox nurture@heartlandpby.org
know if your congregation plans to join in. I would like to keep a running total of how many
congregations are participating in this worthwhile endeavor. (Submitted by presbytery staff

Young Adult Eco-Stewards Sought: Applications are being sought for the Eco-Stewards
program of the Presbyterian Conservation Corps (PCC), a Christian community responding to
God's call through applied eco-stewardship. The PPC is looking for Eco-Steward applicants from
ages 18-24 years old who demonstrate interest in church, camp, and environmental concerns.
The application deadline is May 1, 2009. To download the application, go to
http://www.presbyterianconservationcorps.org/2009.html. (Submitted by Diane Waddell
Earthkeepers 2/11/09)

Cherith Brook house of hospitality, serving the poor and homeless, in downtown Kansas City ,
MO needs donations of dirt, good dirt for our vegetable/fruit/flower gardens. Alternatively, you
may wish to donate funds so that we can purchase good dirt from Missouri Organic. We are also
in need of perennial transplant flowers & plants to beautify our spaces. Please contact us by
phone 816-241-8047 or email cherithbrookkcmo@yahoo.com if you have something to share
with us and our friends on the streets. They have something to share with you too! We hope
you'll enjoying building relationships with the least of these. Blessings await both you and our
friends. Please check us out at www.cherithbrookkc.blogspot.com (Submitted by Sarah Cool

Village University is a “university inspired layout” of topical short-term courses for people
wanting relevant, in-depth and balanced education on a variety of topics. Enrollment in Village
University is open to everyone. There is a flat $15 enrollment fee (or $25 if you require child
care), which allows you to take as many courses as you wish in a semester. You can pay this fee
with cash, check or credit card (Visa or Master Card). There are several free courses being
offered this semester. Click here for the schedule
http://www.heartlandpby.org/upcoming/files/VillageUniversity.pdf or call Marianne, 913-671-
2333, or e-mail marianne.weber@villagepres.org for more information. We look forward to
seeing you at Village U! (Submitted by Marianne Weber 2/6/09)

Of course, every day is Earth Day; however the 'official' date is Wednesday, April 22, 2009
An excellent resource which the PC(USA) uses is from the National Council of Churches of
Christ Eco-Justice Program (Justice for God's planet and God's people).Now Available - 2009
Earth Day Resource - Celebrating and Caring For God's Creation. Now available for
download by clicking here, or click here to email the NCC office and reserve a hard copy.
(Other years' resources are available as well.) (Submitted by Diane Waddell, Earthkeepers

WOW WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is offering three
opportunities for you to get involved. Youth Week 2009, Family Week 2009, and Father
and Son Week 2009. This is a way for youth groups, families, fathers and sons to rebuild the
Gulf Coast together. Check it out at http://www.pcusa.org/pda/teams.htm (Submitted by
presbytery staff 1/21/09)

Presbyterian Historical Society Announces Spring 2009 Local Church History Seminar The
Presbyterian Historical Society is pleased to announce the dates for the annual Local Church
History Seminar. From April 30 through May 3, 2009, the society will hold its seminar at
William Black Lodge in Montreat, North Carolina.
http://www.history.pcusa.org/cong/lchs/index.html Or contact us at: Presbyterian Historical
Society, 425 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147, 215-627-1852 refdesk@history.pcusa.org
(Submitted by presbytery staff 1/20/09)

Free - Church Organ in good condition - Rodgers Classic Keyboards, model # C-440 - it
has the longer pedals. You will need to provide your own movers. United Christian &
Presbyterian Church - Lawson, MO For more information contact Larry Lanning 816-580-7263
(Submitted by Barbara Lanning 1/13/09)

Bill Tammeus is now writing a monthly column for The Presbyterian Outlook.
http://pres-outlook.org. (Submitted by Tammeus 1/4/09)
Bill Tammeus, will be teaching a weeklong Ghost Ranch seminar July 13-19, 2009,
www.ghostranch.org. Contact Bill at wtammeus@kc.rr.com or at 816-926-0366. (Submitted by
Bill Tammeus 1/4/09)

We invite members of your presbytery to join the Princeton Seminary community and
Christians throughout the church in reading John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian
Religion together during 2009, the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth. The daily readings will
begin on January 1, and will be available on our web site. We hope you will post the link on your
presbytery web site, and share it with the ministers and elders in your congregations Find details
here. (Submitted by presbytery staff 12/23/08)

The 2009 Per Capita was approved as $29.90 at the September 9th Presbytery meeting. The
2009 per capita will provide $20.41 to Heartland Presbytery, $3.34 to the Synod of Mid-America
and $6.15 to the General Assembly. Your faithful support of the larger church is deeply
appreciated. (Submitted by presbytery staff 12/23/08)

Brochure and registration located at www.pcusa.org/pastorsabbath. We will be gathering at the
superb Sawgrass Marriott Resort and Spa in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. (Updated by presbytery
staff 12/23/08)

Heartland Presbyterian Center’s 2009 Summer Camp schedules and registrations are now
posted on www.HeartlandCenter.org. (Submitted by Jeff Light 11/29/08)

LAPTOP COMPUTERS: GET 1/GIVE 1 Check out the details at
http://www.laptopgiving.org . (Submitted by presbytery staff 11/8/07)


Our deepest sympathy is extended to The Rev. Wallace Thurman and family in the death of
Wallace’s wife Charlotte. Charlotte died March 23, 2009. Wallace is an Honorably Retired
member of Heartland Presbytery. (Submitted by presbytery staff 3/24/09)

Our deepest sympathy is extended to The Rev. David C Moore and family. David’s mother
passed away on March 18, 2009. David is the pastor of the New Summit Presbyterian Church,
Lees Summit, MO. (Submitted by presbytery staff 3/20/09)

Please continue to be in prayer for Allison Hart, granddaughter of The Rev. John and Barbara
Hart. Allison is 14 years old and had surgeries to correct a tethered spine. (Submitted by
presbytery staff 3/17/09)

Please be in prayer for Laura Donnelly-Glover, daughter of The Rev. Art Donnelly, Interim
Pastor, Trinity, St. Joseph, MO. Laura is fighting a battle with cancer. She has finished her
treatment. (Updated by presbytery staff 3/9/09)
Please be in prayer for The Rev. Jill Burris Linn. She is experiencing significant health
issues. (Submitted by presbytery staff 3/9/09)

Please be in prayer for 22 year old Kate, as she visits the Mayo Clinic the week of March 16th
to receive consultation for a rare nerve disorder that is killing the nerves in the lining of her
stomach and is magnified by not being able to digest any food. Kate is a friend of Ravin Graham,
Heartland Presbytery Office Manager. (Submitted by Ravin Graham, 2/22/09)

Please be in prayer for The Rev. Bob Curtis, Member at Large, and family. Bob continues
to fight the battle of cancer. (Updated by presbytery staff 1/26/09))

Please remember the Rev. Alex Horvath, H.R. in your prayers. Alex was pastor of
Community Presbyterian Church in St. Joseph. He is recovering from surgeries in 2008 as well a
number of physical concerns. Alex continues to live in St. Joseph with his wife, Sue. (Submitted
by Diane Waddell 1/20/09)

Please be in prayer for Sammie Johnson, wife of The Rev. Bill Johnson, HR, Director of
Community Outreach Heartland Presbytery. Sammie is experiencing health issues. (Submitted
by presbytery staff 12/10/08)

Please be in prayer for the First Presbyterian Church, Holden MO as they move into
transition and seek to build their worshipping community. (Submitted by Donna Chaney

Please be in prayer for Anna Belle Walter, wife of The Rev. William Walter, HR. Anna is
confined to the Health Center at Abedeen Village under the care of Hospice. (Submitted by
William Walter 9/3/08)

Please be in prayer for all military personnel at home and abroad. (Submitted by presbytery
staff 3/14/08)

Please be in prayer for Kenya. The Neema Community Fellowship, Prairie Village, KS are
asking their ministry partners and friends to remember those suffering in Kenya. (Updated by
presbytery staff 7/11/08) For more information on Kenya click

Please be in prayer for the victims of natural disasters and all those who are so generously
offering assistance to meet the needs of these disasters.


Northminster Preschool is searching for a part-time teacher to work about 25 hours per
week. Salary is negotiable based on education and experience. Qualifications desired are an
associate’s degree or equivalent experience as well as complete resume and references. For
more info and a position description check us out on the web at www.northminsterkc.org To
apply please contact Allison Lykosh at 816-453-0650 or allison@northminsterkc.org.
Northminster Preschool is a ministry of Northminster Presbyterian Church 1441 NE Englewood
Rd. KCMO 64118 (Submitted by Seth Wheeler 2/17/09)

Youth Program: Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church is looking for a seminary student or a youth
director to work with their youth program 10 hours a week. Most of the church’s youth are junior
high school or older and the focus of the program would be orientated toward Sunday activates,
Sunday bible study and some special outings. If you are an energetic individual and have a heart
for youth please contact, Rev. Mark Braden at 816-353-2296 or revmrbraden@yahoo.com
(Submitted by Mark Braden 7/31/08)

Part-Time Youth Director Westminster Presbyterian Church: Purpose: The Youth Director
will provide leadership to the middle and senior high school youth, encourage a deepening love
for God, and foster growth in the Christian faith. The Youth Director will promote fellowship
and a sense of community among the youth and the church fellowship. Full description located at
http://www.heartlandpby.org/Job/files/Youth%20Director%20WPC.doc (Submitted by John H.
Bushman 7/18/08)

Youth Coordinator Wanted: Raymore Presbyterian Church is seeking a part time Youth
Coordinator (minimum 10 hrs per week). This position will provide guidance for the youth of all
ages each Sunday and participate in special monthly events such as programs, trips and other
fellowship opportunities. Applicant must be at least 20 years of age, have experience in working
with children of all ages and enjoy it! Must be able to communicate with church session and
pastor as well as congregation. Must be willing to participate in a background check and pass it
and have a valid drivers license and current insurance. For more information, please call the
church office at 816-331-6166 and leave a brief message on how you may be contacted.
(Submitted by Angie Hardison 4/7/08)

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