Black Ops over Modern Warfare 2

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					Rommel De La Cruz



                                    Black Ops over Modern Warfare 2

         Call of Duty has created a great selection of games for various consoles, but the most recent

debate is between Infinity ward’s Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Treyarch’s Call Of Duty: Black

Ops. Although Black Ops is the most recent Call Of Duty game many players still enjoy the experience

that is offered through the Modern Warfare 2. I personally believe that Black Ops is much better than

Modern Warfare 2, but there are those who think otherwise.

         Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came out on November 18, 2009 a year older than the newer

Call of Duty: Black Ops which was released on November 9, 2010. As you probably already know the

older the game; the crapier the graphics. There are those who believe that Modern Warfare has better

graphics than Black Ops, but Black Ops is more up to date due to the extra year and experience in past

year games such as Modern Warfare 2.

         Call Of Duty: Black Ops incorporated a very special way for the player to personalize their guns,

this is something that Modern Warfare 2 lacked. Black Ops has a way for the player to customize their

own emblem. Modern Warfare 2 only had a list of emblems from which the player could choose from.

Black Ops also created a very sophisticated form of currency which you can use to purchase everywhere

from guns and attachments to emblems and backgrounds. The player has the power to be unique. Also

once the player passes all the prestige you can purchase gold camo for your gun!

         Another great aspect of Black Ops is the simplicity of the actual game. I personally find Modern

Warfare 2 to be difficult to the gameplay action. Black Ops on the other hand is easier and there are
noobs (in other words people who don’t know how to play) and the Black Ops player can beat them

during the intense gameplay action.

        Kill-Streaks play a big role in this game because it is something to show off to your friends. Kill-

streaks are acquired by getting kills without dying. You get to buy and choose three kill-streaks from the

list provided. The kill-streaks are: for three kills are RC-XD and spy plane; for four kills are counter-

spyplanes and SAM-turrets; for five kills are Care Package and Napalm Strike; for six kills are sentry gun

and mortar team; for seven kills are Attack Helicopter and Valkyrie Rockets; for eight kills Black Bird and

Rolling Thunder; for nine kills are Chopper Gunner, for eleven kills are Attack Dogs and Gunship. It really

says something about yourself when you show your friends that you have acquired Attack Dogs.

        Sniping is very intense in Black Ops, yet it is also simple. Sniping in Modern Warfare 2 is a big

pain due to the reason that most of the Sniper rifles are not that powerful. One has to use perks which

affect the player in positive ways, but also removes the stealthy feeling behind sniping because you are

not immune to radars when using these perks. Black Ops has very sophisticated Sniper rifles and allow

the player to use a perk which intensifies the sniping experience and allows him to be stealthy because

of the perk that makes the player immune to any enemy spy-planes (radar).

        Black Ops also introduced the Wager Matches. This is were a player is able to gamble their

money they have earned in intense games like Sticks and Stones, Gun Game, One in the Chamber, and

Sharpshooter. These games are very entertaining especially when you are playing your friends for each

others money.

        Call Of Duty: Black Ops also has a great Zombie mode gameplay. Zombies has been a great thing

that Treyarch incorporates in their Call Of Duty Games. Zombie mode is basically a survival mode were

you survive waves of zombies in the most creepiest places ever. You can play this mode with four of

your friends which increases the gameplay experience greatly and it also intensifies it.
       Call Of Duty: Black Ops is the best gameplay action than that of Modern Warfare 2. Next time

you are asked if Modern Warfare 2 is better than Black Ops you should answer, “NO way Black Ops is

way better!”

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