Rubric for Modern-Day Interpretation Projects

  CATEGORY               4                    3                    2                     1
Content         Covers topic in-      Includes essential   Includes essential   Content is
                depth with details    knowledge about      information about    minimal OR there
                and examples.         the topic.           the topic but        are several
                Knowledge of the      Knowledge of the     there are 1-2        factual errors.
                text is excellent.    text appears to be   factual errors.

Originality     Project shows a       Project shows        Uses other           Uses other
                large amount of       some original        people's ideas       people's ideas,
                original thought.     thought. Work        (giving them         but does not give
                Ideas are creative    shows new ideas      credit), but there   them credit.
                and inventive.        and insights.        is little evidence
                                                           of original
Sources         Source                Source               Source               Very little or no
                information           information          information          source
                collected for all     collected for all    collected for        information was
                graphics, facts       graphics, facts      graphics, facts      collected.
                and quotes. All       and quotes. Most     and quotes, but
                documented in         documented in        not documented
                desired format.       desired format.      in desired format.
Attractiveness Makes excellent        Makes good use       Makes use of font,   Use of font, color,
                use of font, color,   of font, color,      color, graphics,     graphics, effects
                graphics, effects,    graphics, effects,   effects, etc. but    etc. but these
                etc. to enhance       etc. to enhance to   occasionally these   often distract
                the presentation.     presentation.        detract from the     from the
                                                           presentation         presentation
                                                           content.             content.
Presentation    Well-rehearsed        Rehearsed with       Delivery not         Delivery not
                with smooth           fairly smooth        smooth, but able     smooth and
                delivery that         delivery that        to maintain          audience
                holds audience        holds audience       interest of the      attention often
                attention.            attention most of    audience most of     lost.
                                      the time.            the time.

Mechanics       No misspellings or Three or fewer          Four misspellings    More than 4
                grammatical        misspellings            and/or               errors in spelling
                errors.            and/or                  grammatical          or grammar.
                                   mechanical              errors.

In addition, your project should meet the requirements of the
particular format that you have chosen. For instance, a letter would
include specific features such as a greeting, closing, and signature.

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