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AHRI collaborators


									                                         Networking and Partnerships
                South-South and South-North                                               Project
Nigeria                                                         4 FDC drug trial
Sudan (IED)                                                     Malaria (genotyping)
Sudan (IED) and Kenya (KEMRI)                                   Field Diagnostics for Kala Azar
                                                                VACSEL/VACSIS (Antigen Selection & marker
Madagascar, Zambia, Gambia, UK, Denmark and France
Kenya (ILRI), UK, Ireland and Switzerland                       Bovine TB (Diagnostics & Typing) [Wellcome Trust]
                                                                Post exposure vaccine development for latent tuberculosis
South Africa, Germany and the UK
Uganda, South Africa, The Gambia, Malawi, USA, Denmark, Germany Biomarkers for tuberculosis and HIV in Africa [Grand
and The Netherlands                                             Challenge]
                                                                Meningococcal meningitis (Vaccine), Serodiagnosis of TB
                                                                Worm infestations and TB, TB lymphadenitis in children,
                                                                Smear negative TB, Bovine TB, Streptococcal A serotyping
                                                                & genotyping, Malaria parasite clones, anti-TB drug
                                                                induced hepatotoxicity
                                                                Brucellosis (diagnostics) Leprosy antigens (antigen
The Netherlands
                                                                selection -diagnostics)
WHO/TDR, KI                                                     4 FDC drug trial, Meningitis Vaccine trail, PhD projects
Denmark-SSI                                                     TB-VAC
Denmark-SSI                                                     SEROTB
                                                           National partners
                                Institutions                                                                Project
Aklilu Lemma Institute of Pathobiology, Addis Ababa University                  Leishmania (Genotyping), Bovine TB
Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute                               TB, HIV, Leishmania
Southern Nations and Nationalities Health Bureau                                Meningitis (Clinical trial), TB
TB and Leprosy Control Team (Federal)                                           TB 4 FDC
Addis Ababa Region Health Bureau                                                TB drug sensitivity (MDR), TB immunology
Oromia Pastoral Commission                                                      Bovine TB, Brucellosis (Diagnostics)
Addis Ababa University, Medical Faculty (Department of Internal Medicine,       TB, streptococci, HPV (Genotyping), TB Meningitis,
Pediatrics, Microbiology, Community Health)                                     leishmaniasis, HIV, pneumocystis,
Addis Ababa University, Medical Faculty ( Department of Pathology, Obstetrics
                                                                                STI, Leishmania, HPV, TB, genetics of mental health, drug trial
and Gynecology, Psychiatry)
Gondar University                                                               Leishmania, streptococci, malaria, meningococci, HPV, TB
Defence University                                                              Leishmania (Drug trial)
Biology Department, Addis Ababa University (MSc students)                       TB, malaria, Leishmania
Amhara Regional Health Bureau                                                   Malaria, TB, streptococci
Jimma University , Oromia Region                                                TB
Debub University, SNNPR                                                         Leishmania, TB, leprosy, meningococci
Butajira Hospital , SNNPR                                                       Meningitis, TB, leishmaniasis
Hossana Hospital , SNNPR                                                        TB
Harar Hospital , Harar                                                          TB, meningococci
Haramaya University, Harar                                                      TB
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Debrezeite……….. (MSc students)
AERO/Sebeta Agricultural Reaerach Institute ………… (MSc students)
Addis Ababa Health Centers (21) and Regional Hospitals (3)                      TB

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