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									             Stealing Roses
                    A Film by Megan Clare Johnson
                        Projected Length: 110 Minutes
                             Feature-Length Film
                        Genre: Comedy/Drama Narrative

A middle-aged man, down on his luck with no medical insurance, decides to
 rob a bank to pay for his wife's critical medical treatments, and he recruits
     his eccentric friends to help, while his son, a cop, tries to stop him.

                         Megan Clare Johnson
                 Contact At: www.MeganClareJohnson
                                           Table of Contents

Introduction ......................................................................................................................... 3
Background Synopsis.......................................................................................................... 4
Treatment ............................................................................................................................ 4
Target audience ................................................................................................................. 10
Distribution/Marketing Strategy ....................................................................................... 10
Funding Plan ..................................................................................................................... 12
Current Status with Completion Timeline ........................................................................ 13
Key Personnel ................................................................................................................... 14

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                                                                        Page 2 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
Project Name: Stealing Roses
Megan Clare Johnson, Producer / Director / Writer

Stealing Roses is a feature-length narrative film about a man who struggles with the lack
of health insurance when his wife is diagnosed with cancer. Set in Portland, Oregon,
Stealing Roses is the story of Walter Domas, a middle-aged man, down on his luck with
no money, who tries to cope when his wife, Rose, develops throat cancer. Without
adequate funds for medical treatment, he resorts to drastic measures with his eccentric
friends to cover the cost of her chemotherapy sessions. In the end, Rose prepares Walter
for life without her when she decides to stop her treatments.

Stealing Roses is a love story about letting go of a loved one and a social commentary on
our current national health care crisis. It is a feature-length, comedy/drama narrative film.
According to the August 2007 US Census Bureau report there are 46 million people in
the United States without health insurance. Our national health dilemma is a current
national platform of change for the Obama Administration.

Out of the need to voice a social statement that the “working poor”, as the character
Walter typifies as a low-wage house cleaner, often fall through the cracks when they
cannot afford health insurance. Walter and Rose are too young for Medicare and too
“rich” for Medicaid as they earn just over the federal poverty level for a couple. This
important story can assist in an important social dialogue. Health care is a human right,
not just reserved for the privileged class.

The screenplay Stealing Roses has received the following screenplay accolades:

“Stealing Roses” Screenplay Contest Success:
• Finalist - 2005 Austin Film Festival - Burnt Orange Contest (for small budget films)
       • Top 7 scripts out of 1,100 scripts
• Semi-Finalist - 2005 Austin Film Festival Contest - Comedy Division
       • Top 10% out of 4,300 scripts
• Semi-Finalist - 2005 Final Draft/Big Break Contest
       • Top 20 scripts out of 3,500 scripts
• Quarterfinalist - 2006 American Screenwriter Association/Gotham Writer’s Workshop Contest
       • Top 40 scripts out of 1,200 scripts

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Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
Background Synopsis
Walter steals roses from a public garden for his wife, Rose, recently diagnosed with
throat cancer. With no health insurance and unable to qualify for Medicare or Medicaid,
Walter, in desperation, robs a bank to pay for the medical costs. Rose then decides to stop
her treatment and teaches Walter how to let go and live without her before she passes
away. Walter returns the money and erects a memorial to Rose in the garden.

At dusk, WALTER DOMAS, a sixty-year old man wearing a fisherman’s cap pulled
down low over his eyes, snips and steals roses from the Portland International Rose Test
Garden. He runs home, with half-a-dozen roses, to his apartment just a few blocks away
from the garden.

Draped in a blanket on the couch, ROSE DOMAS, a fifty-five year old, husky woman
looks as tired as the furniture in her cramped apartment, as she watches the local
wrestling show on her old television set.

Walter presents the roses to Rose wrapped up in tissue paper and pretends he just bought
them at the local florist shop. Rose, in a raspy voice, is overjoyed by the sight of her
favorite roses, double delight, and smells them deeply. She then develops a severe
coughing bout that concerns Walter but he hides his fear from her. The couple bickers as
Rose desires to be a matchmaker for their son, Johnny, and have him meet the pretty
outdoor florist stand owner, Sally.

Walter and Roses squabbling words cover-up their endearment to each other…

                           Keep me out of your matchmaking.
                           She does know her roses though.
                               (he leans over to kiss Rose)
                           And I know my roses, too.

                           You take good care of me.

                            I have to. Your family paid me to
                            take you away and marry you.

                             They did, huh?

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                                 Page 4 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
                            Unfortunately they paid me
                            in confederate currency. That’s how
                            old you are.

Walter and Rose leave their housecleaning job at MRS. RUSSEL’S mansion and drive in
their decrepit K-Car to go to a doctor’s appointment. DR. MILLER’S diagnosis of Rose
is throat cancer stage 3 and notices in their file that the couple does not have health
insurance. He prescribes a treatment of radiation and chemotherapy. Dr. Miller tells
Walter to visit a social worker to get signed up for Medicaid.

Walter and Rose walk through the Rose Garden after the appointment and run into their
son, JOHNNY, a handsome thirty-year old Portland cop who is currently on suspension
due to his drinking. He now is moonlighting as the security guard at the garden. Rose
urges Johnny to catch the “Rose City Thief” (who unbeknownst to them is Walter!) who
is stealing roses in Portland’s infamous Rose Garden and has eluded the police and
security guards for the past month. They tell Johnny about Rose’s cancer.

Walter and Rose visit their local pub for half-price sandwiches and coffee as they chat
with their old friend the owner of the Bottom of the Barrel Bar, GERRY. Walter
nervously jokes that if they don’t qualify for Medicaid then perhaps he will rob the bank
that he sees across the street for Rose’s medical expenses. Gerry and Rose chime in on
the joke and Walter asks Rose to be his “wingman” during the robbery. Rose blows off
his suggestion but Walter is semi-serious.

Walter meets JANICE, a dog-tired social worker. She tells Walter that because he is not
old enough for Medicare and because he and Rose aren’t below the poverty line (they
make over $17,000 together as a couple) they can’t receive Medicaid. Janice then
suggests that Walter and Rose could divorce and then they could qualify for Medicaid.
This sends Walter through the roof and he storms out of the social worker’s office.

At his local coffee shop, The Ugly Mug, Walter plays cards with his eccentric friends in
their sixties, CHARLIE, AL and a deaf and mute friend named MARCO. Walter is
unable to have his friends pay back any I.O.U.s from past financial loans he gave them.
They are all strapped broke but sympathize with the news about Rose who they all love
and admire. Walter leaves frustrated.

Walter goes home and at night, in bed, he lies to Rose when she asks about his
appointment with the social worker. He explains they did qualify for Medicaid and that
all her medical costs would be covered. Walter tells Rose he will take care of

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                                 Page 5 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
                            Yeah. You’re all covered. Oh, she
                             did mention one or two things that
                            aren’t covered.

                            What won’t they cover?

                            Your left nostril. They can’t save
                             it. And they can’t cover your right
                            ear lobe. Too bad, I was fond of
                            that right ear lobe. But besides
                            that, yeah, you’re covered.

Rose hits him and then warmly rubs his stomach.

Johnny stops in at the Bottom of the Barrel Bar. Jerry, the bartender, tells him that Walter
was acting funny and joking about robbing a bank to pay for Rose’s medical treatments.

Walter sits with the Rose City Bank’s loan agent, REED BRODERICK, and gets denied
for a personal loan he believes he could receive to help pay for Rose’s medical costs.
Walter leaves humiliated with a bank calendar.

At Rose’s small birthday celebration at their apartment, Walter lies to his son, Johnny,
and tells him they did qualify for Medicaid. Johnny doesn’t buy Walter’s lie and
confronts him away from his mother. Walter tells his son to be quiet and that robbing a
bank for Rose would be the only and best reason to commit such a crime. Johnny
forcefully warns his dad not to do it.

Walter has enough cash saved to pay for Rose’s first chemotherapy session. As she
receives the chemo-drip, Rose sees Walter’s worry in his face. She pats Walter’s hand
with her one free arm.

                           You’re doing great sweetie. You’re
                           going to come through this with
                           flying colors.

                            Thanks, I do feel good. I do.

Walter hangs onto Rose’s hand and they sit in silence together.

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                                  Page 6 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
Walter enters a local toy novelty shop and tries on a variety of masks – Abraham Lincoln,
Mr. T., Frankenstein, etc. He then finds a mask of Shrek and happily crosses off the word
“Mask” from his list of what he needs in order to rob a bank.

Johnny moves in with Walter and Rose while his apartment is getting painted. Johnny
and Walter have another heated fight as Johnny finds the Shrek mask and takes it. Rose
has no idea her husband and son were fighting as she walks weakly into the room to
watch her television wrestling match.

Walter inquires about renting a stunning red corvette for his bank robbery get-away car.
The car rental agent agrees to have Walter pay for it when he returns the car – that works
for Walter since he will have money from the bank robbery. Walter visits a gun shop but
the crazy gun shop owner, ROMAN, scares the heck out of him so he leaves without a
weapon. He then goes back to the toy novelty shop and buys a squirt gun and paints the
orange end-cap required by law on all squirt guns.

At their apartment, Rose is extremely sick due to her chemo treatment. After she goes to
bed Walter plans on watching famous bank robbery films like Dog Day Afternoon, to
pick up some tips but Johnny catches him. As Johnny falls asleep on the couch, Walter
sneaks out of the apartment.

Walter runs into a crowded 7-11wearing an Abraham Lincoln mask and holding his
squirt gun. The store clerk, JOEY, shakes his head at Walter who is the worst hold-up
thief he ever saw in his store. Instead of being scared, Joey gives Walter some advice on
robbing a store. Walter leaves the 7-11 disheartened at his feeble practice attempt.

Walter and Rose run into Sally at her flower cart outside their grocery store. They
mention Johnny to her and she says she may drop-in and meet him at the Rose Garden
when he is on duty as the security guard that night.

Walter buys a lottery scratch card and wins a hundred dollars. He asks Rose what she
wants to do with the money and she asks for a trip to Cannon Beach on the Pacific Ocean
just an hour away from Portland. At the beach, Walter flies a kite that rips away from his
hands. Rose comforts him and encourages him to get a dog from the Humane Society.
They go to the dog section and Walter picks out a big bulldog that he names Frankie who
he carries like a baby to their broken down car as they go back to their apartment.

Walter enters the Rose City Bank with a huge bag of pennies and cases the bank, looking
over every teller station, employee and the security guard. The Bank President, MR.
LOWELL, accidentally runs into Walter causing the pennies to go flying in the air and
crash on the marble floor scattering everywhere. Walter is horrified that he has made
such a commotion when trying to be inconspicuous. Everyone turns to look at Walter. He
then scurries out of the bank and Mr. Lowell, on his lunch break, follows him and sees
Frankie tied up to a nearby light post and engages Walter in conversation. Walter walks
away depressed at his bad attempt to case the bank.

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                                 Page 7 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
Rose finds Walter’s new Frankenstein mask and confronts him about the bank robbery.
Walter confesses his plans. Rose tries to tell him how tired and terrible the medical
treatments are making her feel. Johnny enters and causes a physical fight with Walter
over the robbery planning. Rose collapses from exhaustion and tells him she wants to
stop her treatments and wishes to die peacefully. She makes Walter promise her he won’t
rob the bank. Walter agrees and begs her to have one more chemotherapy session. Rose
agrees half-heartily.

Rose and Walter suspect that Mrs. Russell, their only housecleaning client, may be on the
verge of firing them. As they drive home, Rose believes that Walter is still going to rob
the bank and asks him when he is going to do it. Walter honestly replies it will be in two
days. Rose says she will be his “wingman” in the robbery as she silently knows that
Walter will be broke after she passes away if they lose their last customer.

Walter is in the Rose Garden at dusk stealing more roses when he accidentally runs into
Johnny and Sally. Walter confesses that he is the “Rose City Thief”. Sally tells him that
she will give him free roses from her flower stand. Johnny and Sally talk and kiss.

Walter picks up the Corvette and he takes Rose and Frankie out for a test-run driving
crazily in downtown Portland. Walter parks the car in front of their apartment and it gets
stolen that night. Johnny finds out his mother, Rose, is now involved in the upcoming
bank robbery – he cries out that they are both crazy. OFFICER STANDLEY arrives to
write up the auto theft report. Officer Standley has a bone to pick with Johnny when he
was on the force – he tried to corrupt Johnny and have him be on the take like he is with
some other officers. Standley then reported Johnny was having alcohol problems to the
police department chief when he wouldn’t take any bribes. Officer Standley grills Walter
about the Corvette and knows there’s something odd happening with Walter and
threatens that he will be watching the family closely. Johnny hates Standley and realizes
how much his father loves his mother to make such a crazy robbery plan.

The morning of the planned bank robbery, Rose is deathly ill. She cannot be Walter’s
“wingman”. As Walter leaves the apartment, Johnny warns him about the dye packs that
bank tellers sneak into the moneybags during bank robberies. He tells Walter to get the
dye-pack out of the bag or all the money will be splashed with red paint dye and ruined.
Walter appreciates the tip and they reach a silent appreciation for each other.

Walter marches into the Ugly Mug Coffee Shop and recruits his three crazy friends
Charlie, Al and Marco to assist in the bank robbery. Johnny nervously watches from
across the street at the Bottom of the Barrel Bar. Walter, Charlie, Al and Marco run into
the bank with masks on and successfully rob the bank with Marco shouting sign language
with his hands.

They get $100k in a moneybag and run to a nearby alley. Just in time – Walter reaches
into the moneybag and grabs the dye pack before it explodes and ruins the money – but
as he pulls it out it explodes in his face. Walter’s entire face is now bright red. All four of

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                                     Page 8 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
them run frantically through the alleys as they elude the police and Officer Standley.
Walter runs in the back door of the bar and Gerry helps him rub the red dye off his face
but forgets its still on his eyelids. Walter pretends to sip a beer at the bar as Officer
Standley enters to search the place. Walter has to keep his eyes wide open as he talks to
Standley so that he doesn’t see the red dye on his eyelids. Johnny stands up to Standley
and chases him out of the bar. Walter has gotten away with the robbery.

Walter goes home elated to Rose and dumps the money on their bed as she rests. Rose
tells Walter she doesn’t want to go through any more cancer treatments. Walter
understands that she is serious this time and he can’t change her mind. She wants to die
on her terms. Walter takes Rose to the garden one last time. As he sits on the bench with
her and with Frankie at his feet – Rose’s image slowly fades away with the changing of
the seasons as Walter and Frankie sit still. Rose has died.

A year later, Walter walks in the Rose Garden and meets Johnny, now re-instated as a
cop. He shows Johnny the bank bag fully of money and tells him he will be dumping it
anonymously in a nearby garbage bin hinting to Johnny that he should then take it in to
the police station and give it rightfully back to the bank.

Walter has Johnny follow him to a corner in the Rose Garden where Sally is waiting.
Walter points to a beautiful wooden memorial sign that is dedicated to Rose. Sally and
Johnny run from rose bush to rose bush shouting out Rose’s favorite rose varieties as
Walter sits on the bench with Frankie at his feet…

                              Double Delight!



                              See Frankie, what were you so
                              worried about?
                              She’s all around us.

                                       THE END.

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                                 Page 9 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
Target audience
As a comedy/drama film that emphasizes a love story between a middle-aged couple with
a health care reform theme, Stealing Roses’ primary audience is targeted toward males
and females between the ages of 35 to 65 years of age. Although the primary audience is
an older age range, this does not hinder other ages from enjoying the film and its

Since the issue of health insurance is on the forefront of a national platform of debate it
would be accessible for any and all ethnic groups. The film could also be used as a
platform for discussion by organizations that support healthcare reform (e.g. used at
health care reform fundraising events and interest group dialogues).

The story relates our nation’s social and economic struggles in a down-to-earth story with
humor and poignant scenes that people, now more than ever, can relate to the “working
poor” and are more prevalent in our society. These voices should be heard.

The goal for Walter to desperately find the funding for his wife’s medical treatment is
drastic but he feels his back is against the wall and there is no other alternative left to him
in order to save his beloved wife. Rose’s final decision to stop treatment in order to have
a better quality of life during her last few months assists in creating a believable couple
that an audience can feel sympathetic for as they search for ways to cope. Their
commitment to each other and the lesson of learning to let go of a loved one – is
something that audiences will respond to regardless of economic status or age.

Distribution/Marketing Strategy
1. The Festival Circuit: There are two primary niches within the festival circuit where
   Stealing Roses will target its entries. The first of these are festivals that promote
   films suitable for a general audience. Among these festivals are: The Chicago
   International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Austin Film
   Festival, Portland International Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Sundance Film
   Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, New Directors/New Films Film and the San
   Francisco Film Festival. Second, there are several festivals that are dedicated to
   seeking out and promoting films created by women. These festivals include The
   Rocky Mountain Women’s Festival, Madcat Women’s Film Festival, Portland
   Women’s Film Festival, Baltimore Women’s Film Festival, Women’s International
   Film Festival and LaFemme Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                                   Page 10 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
   Distribution/Marketing Strategy - Continued

2. Four-walling: The Producer will also plan for 4-walling a theater (the process of
   renting a theater out to show your film) for three days at the historic Portland
   Hollywood Theatre. The theatre is now owned by a non-profit called Film Action
   Oregon and seats up to 800 people. The Mezzanine lobby can accommodate up to
   125 comfortably for a reception. They offer substantial non-profit and independent
   filmmaker benefits for theatre rentals. The Producer will sell Stealing Roses film
   merchandise at the theater (i.e., posters, movie copies, t-shirts and such). Local
   Portland newspaper editors and film reviewers and will be contacted to promote the
   run in their paper and to write a review.

   We also will review the possibility of holding a screening in San Francisco at the
   Victoria Theatre for a three-day weekend run. The theatre seats 480 people. The
   Producer will also promote the film by contacting local newspaper editors and film
   reviewers. Ads will run in free weeklies and local newspapers. Local California film
   distributors will be contacted for attendance at one of the three-day screenings.

3. Distribution Companies: Companies that distribute films nationally and
   internationally will be pursued once the film has been in film festivals where the
   Producer may receive distributor referrals or offers. If a distributor is still needed after
   the film festival circuit then the following companies may be contacted:

   Columbia, Disney, Dream Works, Fox, MGM/UA , Miramax, Paramount, Sony,
   TriStar, Universal, TimeWarner, Viacom, Allied Entertainment Group, A Plus
   Entertainment, Artisan Entertainment, Artistic License Films, Beyond International,
   Blue Rider Pictures, Cinema Arts Entertainment, First Look Media, First Run
   Features, Gaumont, OffLine, Artist View Entertainment, Next Wave Films,, Strand Releasing, Xenix Film Distribution, Blum Group,
   United International Pictures (UIP), VCDGallery, Vision Entertainment, Zia Film

4. Netflix: Stealing Roses may be submitted for consideration to be made available for
   rent through Netflix independently by the Producer if a distributor has not been
   secured. Netflix accepts feature length programming of at least 60 minutes – Stealing
   Roses is a 110 minute film so it will pass this criteria. Netflix outlines that they may
   suggest that you work with a third-party distributor as an alternative solution – this
   will be considered if this feedback is reported back to the Producer from Netflix.

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                                   Page 11 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
Funding Plan
With the estimated fundraising of $200k, funding is expected from three different

   1. Grants: Stealing Roses has applied for fiscal sponsorship with a city film
      organization. In the continued effort to raise the remaining necessary funds,
      applications for grants may be submitted – for example: The Roy W. Dean Grant,
      Women in Film Foundation Finishing Fund, The Lyn Blumenthal Memorial Fund
      for Independent Video, The Lucius & Eva Eastman Fund, Unitarian Universalist
      Funding Program/Fund for a Just Society, Women in Film Foundation – Film
      Finishing Fund.

   2. Private Funding: Non-tax deductible donations from friends, family members and
      film supporters will be sought out through publicity and marketing efforts. As
      mentioned in the marketing strategy – there will be initial publicity efforts
      through the Director/Producer’s website, Facebook page and Twitter page to
      outreach to friends, family, business associates and fans. The link to donations
      will be accessed through the Producer/Director’s website The Producer may also end up joining with
      private investors on the project

   3. Health Care Reform Supporters: Organizations that support health care reform,
      will be targeted for donations. The following organizations could be contacted:

       Single Payer Action, Americans Abroad for Single Payer, American Patients
       United, California Nurses Association, CaliforniaOneCare, Cape Care Coalition,
       Chicago Single Payer Action, Health Care for All California, Health Care for All
       Colorado, Health Care for All Pennsylvania, Health Care for All Texas,
       Health Care for All Washington, Health Care Now, Health Care Now Maryland,
       Kansas Health Care for All, Illinois Single Payer Coalition, Labor for Single
       Payer, Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care Medicare for All,
       Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition, Montanans for Single Payer, One
       Payer.Net, Our Ailing Health Care, Physicians for a National Health Plan Private
       Health Insurance Must Go! Coalition, Public Citizen, Single Payer Action
       Network Ohio, Single Payer Central, Single Payer Michigan, Single Payer New
       York, Single Payer Now, Unions for Single Payer Health Care, United for
       National Health CareVermont Health Care for All, Voting Bloc, Western Penn
       Coalition for Single Payer.

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                              Page 12 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
Current Status with Completion Timeline
As of October 1, 2009, the following schedule and target dates are expected:

High Level Timelines
      Pre-Production:        June 2009 - March 2010                       Status
                             July Script Finalized                        Complete
                             July Director of Photography Hired           Complete
                             Aug Gaffer and Sound Tech Hired              Complete
                             Aug Prop Master and Costumer Hired           Complete
                             Oct   Develop Shooting Schedule              In-Progress
                             Oct   Begin Marketing/Fundraising            In-Progress
                             Jan   Storyboard Layout                      Not Started
                             Jan   Develop Contracts & Legal Prep         Not Started
                             Jan   Audition Preparation                   Not Started
                             Jan   Publicize Cast Auditions               Not Started
                             Feb   Location Scouting                      Not Started
                             Feb   Submit Permit for Rose Garden          Not Started
                             Feb   Finalize Crew & Locations              Not Started
                             Mar Hold Cast Rehearsals                     Not Started
                             Mar Secure Schedule & Equip. Rental          Not Started
                             Apr Complete Storyboards                     Not Started
                             May Prep Meetings w/crew and cast            Not Started

       Production:            June 2010 - July 2010
                              June Finalize Original Music                Not Started
                              June Shoot Interior Scenes                  Not Started
                          June/July Shoot Exterior Scenes                 Not Started

       Post Production:      Aug 2010 - Sept 2010
                             Aug Begin Editing                            Not Started
                             Aug Develop Title Bed                        Not Started
                             Aug Sound Mix/Audio Post                     Not Started
                             Sept Final Master Completed                  Not Started
                             Sept DVD Duplication                         Not Started
                             Oct   Begin Film Festival Submittals         Not Started
                             Oct   Publicity/Marketing/Distribution       Not Started

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                              Page 13 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
Key Personnel

Megan Clare Johnson, Producer/Director/Writer
Megan Clare Johnson was born in Detroit, Michigan and received
her B.A. in Cinema and Photography with a specialization in Film
Production from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

She pursued her love of story telling by becoming a Film Editor in
Chicago and Detroit for nine years in which she worked in post-
production of national commercials for such clients as Kraft,
Kellogg’s, Ford and Sears. She also worked at a FOX television
station in Michigan as their Commercial Production Cameraperson
and Editor before relocating to Portland, Oregon to become a
Video Marketing Producer working on the Intel account. For the
past ten years, she has concentrated on her writing career and will
be producing her original screenplay Stealing Roses, a finalist at
the Austin Film Festival screenwriting contest, into a feature film
in 2010.

Exploring the pitfalls and triumphs of human nature, Megan is an
author and filmmaker who reaches out to make us think, and
experience a wide range of emotions, through her unique voice.
She especially enjoys giving us a relatable perspective on our daily
lives. Consistently creating strong characters, with a sharp ear for
dialogue found in her writing and films, Megan’s meaningful and
mirthful writing delivers stories we can savor and enjoy.

Megan’s debut thriller novel will be released for distribution in
September 2010. This is the first novel installment of a series
based around the hard-hitting female private detective Deanna

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                          Page 14 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
Key Personnel - Continued

Corrie Graham, Co-Producer/Lead Actress
Corrie was born and raised in Chicago and is now a West Coast
transplant. Her passion for entertaining came at an early age when
she began singing Broadway show tunes at the age of eight. Over
the past twenty years, Corrie has worked with a diverse group of
theatre companies across the U.S. playing such roles as Miss
Hannigan (Annie), Golde (Fiddler on the Roof), and the Wicked
Witch (Wizard of Oz). She also spent time training and performing
at The Second City in Chicago, and continues to write and perform
stand-up and sketch comedy. Since moving to the West Coast she
has taken the leap from stage to screen performing in independent
films. Corrie believes a life filled with love and laughter is what
drives her these days. She is cast as the lead actress role of “Rose”
and is also the Co-Producer for Stealing Roses.

Jeff Streich, Director of Photography
Jeff Streich is the creative force behind First Light Films. Schooled
by some of the best in the business, Streich learned documentary
technique while on staff at National Geographic Television from
1985-1992. He won an Emmy for “Outstanding Individual
Achievement in a Craft in News and Documentary Programming”
for the documentary “Into the Volcano” aired on National
Geographic Television. He has traveled the globe for some of the
biggest names in television, including National Geographic,
Discovery Channel, PBS, BBC, MTV, Reader’s Digest, IMAX,
and even the first season of “Survivor.”

Joe Porter, Singer/Songwriter and Composer
Joe Porter’s music is reminiscent of jazz-like progressions, country
subtly and a flavor of folk, evoking musical maturation. At a
young age his passion for music escalated to learning several
instruments and excelling at piano and rhythm guitar. He
contributes his writing and composing evolution to studying with
legendary composer/musician/professor William Russo, while
attending and graduating from Columbia College, Chicago. Joseph
was first heard around the world performing with The Porter
Brothers and their debut on The Grand Ole Opry Radio Show,
Opry Star Spotlight. He has lived the past eleven years of his life in
Nashville, transforming himself from an unimposing writer and
singer to a serious artist. Joe is writing original songs and the score
for Stealing Roses.

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                             Page 15 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson
David Michael Lee, Pianist/Composer
David Michael Lee has been entertaining Northwest audiences with
his piano music for over 30 years. In 1973 David began his
professional career at the age of 14 playing jazz pipe organ in
Portland, Oregon where he was featured in a CBS Evening News
story. Three years later Lee released his first solo piano album
“David Lee” which received radio airplay in the Northwest and
Great Britain. Lee continued in bands and then went solo producing
numerous CDs. He currently hosts the #1 Internet Radio Station for
piano music on Live365 called “Piano Pop Music”. David will be
providing additional music to the film Stealing Roses. Learn more
about David at www.

Ian Jennings, Gaffer
Ian has twenty years experience in film and video production.
That time has been spent in the grip and set lighting departments.
For the last eight years Ian has been concentrating on Gaffing and
Set Lighting. Projects over the last two decades include small
corporate shoots, commercials, documentaries, television dramas
and feature films. He has spent the majority of that time in the
Pacific Northwest. A list of credits can be reviewed on IMDB

Jesse Nordhaussen, Production Sound Mixer
Jesse has been sound recording for ten years on television dramas,
feature films, short films, corporate video and film documentaries.
Credits include Frontline, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, My
Name is Bruce, and Follow The Prophet. A list of credits can be
reviewed on IMDB.

West Coast Film Productions, Props/Special Effects
R.J. Maguire-Rust founded West Coast Film Productions in 1999.
With over twelve years experience in all departments of studio
financed features, such as Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal,
United Artists, Castle Rock Films, and 20th Century Fox, RJ
gained knowledge in all departments of big budget productions.
Using this knowledge and the deep passion he had for the industry,
RJ launched West Coast Film Productions. With the contacts he
made through these features and the I.A.T.S.E. (International
Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees) Film/ Studio
Mechanics Union, WCFP has created an extensive network of
talented film and studio technicians to draw from for any type of

Project Title: Stealing Roses                                         Page 16 of 16
Producer / Writer / Director: Megan Clare Johnson

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