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					       OSU Internet Username Instructions

1. Once your appointment is approved you will be sent an official letter
   announcing your appointment. Once you receive this letter, you will
   need to activate your OSU Internet Username. To do this you will
   need your SS# and DOB. This Username and its associated password
   will give you access to the online resources available at OSU and give
   you an OSU e-mail address in the form of

2. You will need to activate your account.

      a. Go to the OSU office of Information Technology website at
      b. Click on Account Management under Quick Links on the right
         hand side of the page.
      c. Click on the OSU Internet Username tab
      d. Click on Activate Account tab and follow instructions

3. Once you have activated your account you can access your e-mail at

4. Any time you are prompted for a username and password to access
   materials on the OSU system, use your OSU Internet Username and

5. Other names used: Internet ID, Kerberos ID, name-dot-number

6. If you have any problems contact the office of Information
   Technology at 614-688-HELP (4357);;

7. Below are some of the resources that will be available to you once
   your account is active.

      a. Libraries
      b. Carmen (Online course management system) Instructors will be
         able to allow you access to their classes so that you can view
         class materials.
      c. Free or Discounted software – OSU offers a Personal Use
         Program where some Microsoft products can be purchased at a
         discounted rate. You will also have access to anti-virus
         software and much more. Go to the OIT website for more information.

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