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					                       EDINBORO UNIVERSITY
                                M.A. Speech/Language Pathology
The Master of Arts degree in Speech/Language Pathology is accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) in
Audiology and Speech/Language Pathology. This outstanding program is dedicated to the preparation of knowledgeable and ethical
practitioners for service delivery across a wide range of professional settings and age groups. The curriculum is designed to prepare
students to meet the needs of a changing scope of practice while providing supervised clinical training experiences necessary for
ASHA certification and state licensure.

Admission Requirements: All admission materials should be sent to: School of Graduate Studies, Biggers House,148 Meadville
Street, Edinboro, PA 16444 or via email or via fax 814-732-2611.

1. Complete the online graduate application (
2. Application fee of $30 (if not former EUP student), or $7 (if former EUP student)
3. An official transcript reflecting a baccalaureate degree in "speech and hearing disorders" from an accredited   institution with an
   overall 3.0 QPA or be prepared to complete prerequisite course material.
4. An official copy of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) scores
5. Three letters of reference
6. Professional resume
7. Typed essay (1-2 pages) answering the following questions:
        a. What was the best advice you have ever been given?
        b. How have you applied it in your life choices?
        c. How has this advice influenced your approach to learning?
8. Application for Graduate Assistantship--Speech/Language Pathology

The program's admission committee reviews completed files after the March 1st deadline.

Speech/Language Pathology Curriculum
A minimum of 54 semester hours of graduate credit (non-thesis track) is required as a partial fulfillment of this degree. In addition,
either a thesis or non-credit master's project must be completed. Credits should be earned as follows:

 I. Core Courses                                                                       36 sem. hrs.
    SHLD605 AAC Assessment and Intervention                                                (3)
    SHLD611 Seminar in Clinical Methods                                                    (3)
    SHLD616 Audiology for the Speech/Language Pathology Pathologist                        (3)
    SHLD630 Fluency Disorders                                                              (3)
    SHLD635 Phonological Disorders                                                         (3)
    SHLD640 Language Disorders                                                             (3)
    SHLD650 Aphasia/Neurological Disorders                                                 (3)
    SHLD655 Swallowing Disorders                                                           (3)
    SHLD706 Professional Issues in Speech/Language Pathology/Audiology                     (3)
    SHLD740 Voice/Resonance Disorders                                                      (3)
    SHLD772 Research Methods in Communication Disorders                                    (3)
    SHLD790 Communication Disorders in the School Setting                                  (3)

II. Elective Courses                                                                   3 sem. hrs.
    SHLD675 Topics in Communication Disorder                                              (1-3)
    SHLD707 AAC in Argumentative Communication                                             (3)
    SHLD715 Seminar in Aural Rehabilitation                                                (3)
    SHLD745 Early Intervention in Speech/Language Pathology                                (3)
    SHLD793 Independent Study                                                              (3)
III. Clinical Education                                                              15 sem. hrs.
     SHLD711 Advanced Clinical Practice (on)                                              (3)
     SHLD711 Advanced Clinical Practice (on)                                              (3)
     SHLD711 Advanced Clinical Practice (off)                                             (3)
     SHLD711 Advanced Clinical Practice Pediatric                                         (3)
     SHLD711 Advanced Clinical Practice Adult                                             (3)
     Total:                                                                          54 sem. hrs.
     SHLD799 Thesis (Optional)                                                           (3-6)

*Undergraduate Prerequisite Courses and Requirements
    SHLD125 Psychology of Communication                                                  (3)
    SHLD230 Intro to Audiology                                                           (3)*
    SHLD300 Normal Communication Development across the Lifespan                         (3)+
    SHLD320 Managing Articulation and Phonological Disorders                             (3)*
   SHLD335 Foundations in Articulation and Phonological Disorders                        (3)*
    SHLD340 Managing Language Disorders                                                  (3)*
    SHLD350 Speech & Hearing Science                                                     (3)*
   SHLD355 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech/Hearing Mechanism                        (3)+
   SHLD375 Acoustical Phonetics and Phonetic Analysis                                    (3)+
    SHLD420 Clinical Observation (may be waived)                                         (3)*
    SHLD500 Neuroanatomy                                                                 (3)+
    SHLD515 Audiologic Rehabilitation                                                    (3)*
   *offered Spring semester only; +offered Fall semester only

   Minimum of 25 hours of approved clinical observation (can be achieved in SHLD420)
    At least two math courses
    At least one biological and physical science course
    At least six hours in behavioral/social sciences
    At least one English composition course
    At least one English literature course

NOTE: To be recommended for PA Instructional I Certification in Speech Language Impaired, a 15-week school-based
internship placement as well as PRAXIS testing must be satisfactorily completed. Only international students with immigrant
status, who submit a form of intent to become a citizen, are eligible to apply for Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)
Administration of Graduate Studies:

All requests for information about graduate level programming, graduate admissions, graduate academic standards, program
requirements, graduate policies, and graduate assistantships should be directed to:

                                     School of Graduate Studies and Research
                                     Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
                                     Edinboro, PA 16444
                                     (814) 732-2856
                                     (888) 845-2890 (toll free)

A member of the State System of Higher Education, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is committed to affirmative action and equal
opportunity for all persons in its educational programs, activities, and employment practices.

Financial Assistance: Additional information about other forms of financial aid is available through the Office of Financial Aid,
(814) 732-5555 or toll-free (888) 611-2680.


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