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									Action Items

WG             item             Owner Action                                              Update
               CRH                                                                        tabled for
Tech WG        Requirements     Tech WG     Define CRH Peering Requirements               now
                                            Define RSP Peering requirements (since        next in line
                                Tech WG     none exist)                                   after FCH
               CRX Support                  Neal Goolia will provide White Paper and
               of Acquiring                 test results to validate that the proposed
               markets,                     solution is included in CRX Peering tests
               Legacy           Neal        performed 5 years ago. (Dave Wittekind’s      Robert will
               handsets         Goolia      request)                                      do this
                                          To facilitate implementation and increased      Robert will
                                Kirk      revenue, clarify specific steps that            work with
               LBS              Burroughs Roaming Managers should implement.              Kirk on this
                                          Clarify CDMA advances (in use of FLT
                                Kirk      and A-GPS) in delivering LBS information
                                Burroughs and services.                                   tabled
               SMS                          Survey the carriers community for SMS
Bus WG         Reconciliation               reconciliation solution consensus             Forrest
                                            Set carrier meeting in August 2010 to
                                            discuss and vote on solution                  Forrest
               Data                         Task force formulation TBS last week of
               Reconciliation               July                                          Forrest
                                            Recommend changes targeted 2nd week of
                                            Sept                                          Forrest
                                            Review targeted mid Oct                       Forrest
               CRH              Sara and    Sara to work with Forrest on updates to
               Discussion       Forrest     statistics                                    tabled
                                Forrest     Leads (Forrest and Robert) to review
               Industry         and         potential to add Data and SMS statistics to
               Statistics       Robert      this section                                  Done
                                Libby and   Work with Shawn to add some of Forrest’s
MWG            Business Case    Robert      statistics to the model.                      tabled
                                            Group requested additions to CRIET to
               Roaming                      make it easier to share a company profile
               Tools            Libby       with a partner.                               Libby
Prepaid                         Open        Work on an operational readiness checklist    TWG -
Panel          Prepaid panel    Mobile:     for prepaid roaming implementations.          Libby
                                   Review document 159 and see if it has
                                   high level prepaid roaming implementation
                                   overview and if not, create this as a
                                   training tool to be shared with teams before
                                   they embark on their first prepaid
                        TBD        implementation.                                BWG
                                   Review CDG Document #44, the roaming
                                   agreement template and see if a section
                        TBD        should be added for prepaid roaming.           BWG
                                   Let's keep the "lessons learned" panel
                                   series going for the future IRT meetings.      Libby
                                   Hold conference call to establish and
                                   review what sections need to be reviewed.
                                   Develop document or additional
Carrier                            requirements. Finalize requirements at
only      FCH Peering   Sara       IRT Bermuda.                                   Sara
                                   Hold conference call to gauge interest,
                                   discuss with IRT leads meeting, send out
          RSP Peering   Sara       follow up email to all to discuss direction.   Sara
                                   Suggestions for additional detail to be
                                   added to CDG185 include: Financial             Federico
CRH                                liability, Fraud mitigation, and               to present
discussion CRH          Federico   standardized testing procedures                in BWG

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