OCT 1 Look on the internet and find out why leaves change color

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					              OCTOBER HOMEWORK 2010
                                                      OCT 19: What is your favorite candy? Why?
OCT 1: Why do leaves change color in the fall?        Use words to describe its taste.

OCT 4: Give two meaning of the following              OCT 20: Give 2 meanings of the following
words: bob, season, squash                            words: sink, watch, light, fall

OCT 5: Give is a synonym for the following            OCT 21: Complete the following sentence:
words: scary, windy, find.                            In the fall the weather is __________ and we
                                                      have to wear a ______________.
OCT 6: What do the words “harvest” and
“migration” mean?                                     OCT 22: Draw pictures of the meaning of 2
                                                      more Wordly Wise words.
OCT 7: Add the verb to the following
sentences:                                            OCT 25: How are an owl and a crow the same?
People __________ apples from trees.                  How are they different?
Farmers __________ their crops.
Scarecrows ____________ the crops.                    OCT 26: What is a harvest moon? How does it
Squirrels ____________ nuts.                          look?

OCT 8: Draw a picture of a jack-o-lantern.            OCT 27: Name 3 food items that make you
Describe your picture using descriptive words         think of Fall.
(i.e. “My jack-o-lantern has pointy, squinty,
eyes”).                                               OCT 28: Describe your Halloween costume or
                                                      one you have seen. Give lots of detail!
OCT 11: What is a bale of hay? Where would
you find one?                                         OCT 29: Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!

OCT 12: Give the past tense of the following
words: bring, keep, tear, stand.

OCT 13: Draw a picture that will help you
remember the definition of 2 of your Wordly
Wise words.

OCT 14: Take a walk outside and list all the
things you see that remind you of Fall.

OCT 15: What does it mean if someone says “I
have butterflies in my stomach.” or “I woke up
on the wrong side of the bed.”?

OCT 18: How are Halloween and Valentine’s
Day the same? How are they different?

* Please practice your good speech sounds when talking about your homework with your speech helper.*

             **Have your speech helper initial by the days your complete your homework**

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