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					                          ADMISSIONS POLICY

Statement of Commitment:
RCSI are committed to building an inclusive learning environment. With this in
mind applications are welcome from all suitably qualified individuals and in
particular from those who have been traditionally under-represented in third
level education.

RCSI are also committed to delivering the highest quality educational service
and as such decisions regarding admissions are made solely on individual
merit and suitability to a course (with regard to any requirements laid down by
professional bodies and legislation).

It is RCSI policy to ensure that the admissions process is fair to all applicants
and to ensure this the College adopts positive action measures in the
admissions process to increase the participation rates of those applicants who
have traditionally been under-represented in third level education.

The Admissions policy and procedures are available to all potential students
on the RCSI web site www.rcsi.ie, on Moodle (VLE) and also in the central
policies and procedures file held in the Student Services Department.

Applicants with a disability are directed to Standard Operating Procedure for
Applicants with a Disability, SOP AWD 01 which can be found on the web site
www.rcsi.ie, on Moodle (VLE) and in and in the central policies and
procedures file held in Student Services.

Legal Framework:
In the operation of this policy and accompanying standard operating
procedures the College is guided by The Equal Status Acts (2000 to 2008).
These Acts:
  Prohibit discrimination in the provision of goods and services including
     educational services
  Prohibit educational establishments from discriminating in relation to
     terms and conditions of admission, access to courses or facilities, any
     other term or condition of participation and the expulsion or other sanction
     of a student
   Require a reasonable accommodation approach to students with a
    disability. That is, the provision of special treatment or facilities without
    which, it would be impossible or unduly difficult to for the student to avail
    of an educational service.
   Allow preferential treatment, i.e. the taking of “Positive Action” measures
    to promote equality of opportunity for disadvantaged persons.
   Provide for some exemptions in particular circumstances.

RCSI are committed to applying not only the letter but also the spirit of the
legislation and wherever possible a positive action approach will be adopted.

Scope of Policy:
This policy applies to all applicants applying to join Undergraduate
Programmes in the RCSI Schools of Medicine, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy

An applicant with a disability wishing to obtain further information on applying
to RCSI, or who requires feedback in regard to an individual application, may
contact the RCSI Admissions Officer.

Monitoring and Reporting:
The Admissions Officer is responsible for monitoring the RCSI admissions
system and for ensuring that Admissions policies and procedures are
implemented, reviewed and updated on an annual basis as a minimum.

The Admissions Officer has ultimate responsibility for the interpretation and
implementation of the Admissions policy.

Each member of staff involved in the admissions process has a responsibility
to implement the standard operational procedures in relation to admissions.

Admissions routes vary depending on whether the candidate is an
Undergraduate EU, Graduate EU, Undergraduate Non-EU or Graduate
Non EU. Full information regarding RCSI admissions procedures is
available from the Admissions section of the college web site, including
information for candidates with a disabilities and/or health conditions.

Last updated: April 2010

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